On 16/03/12 13:09, David Paleino wrote:
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> thanks


> On Thu, 15 Mar 2012 19:59:47 +0100, colliar wrote:
>> I have downloaded the plugin list and installed utilsplugin2
> How? From inside JOSM?


>> but the plugin is not downloaded as the path has changed. Instead attached
>> file is saved under ~/.josm/plugins/ .

> Changed since when? I always remember plugins downloaded by josm to be in
> ~/.josm/plugins/, and plugins from the josm-plugins package to be
> in /usr/share/josm/plugins/ .

Yes, that is how it should work and did until lately.
Plugins changed with r5036.
I have the same problems with older version from josm.openstreetmap.de

>> Might be related with
>> https://josm.openstreetmap.de/ticket/7483

That is the part that is broken within josm as it downloads to
~/$DHome/plugins but still is using only /usr/share/josm/plugins.

> Are you using latest.jar from the website, and have josm-plugins installed?
> That kind of setup is not really supported, and there's not much I can do to
> avoid it (unless ask upstream not to scan /usr/share/josm/plugins/).

Yes, but I have a separate start script for josm-latest and set the
preference path to ~/.josm-latest.

I also did delete ~/.josm before testing, e.g. clean start.

Probably updating to r5045 will solve the problem for plugins which are
not in the josm-plugins package.

cu Colliar

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