On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 11:49:23AM +0200, Giovanni Mascellani wrote:
> Hi Iustin.
> I'm a comaintainer of osmpbf, a package that depends on
> libprotobuf-java, that you maintain.
> We noticed that the name of jarball in libprotobuf-java is a bit unstable:
> http://dde.debian.net/dde/q/aptfile/bypackage/all/libprotobuf-java
> Apparently the name is protobuf.jar in sid and squeeze, but
> protobuf-java.jar in wheezy. This is requiring us to continuously change
> the file name in our package.

I am sorry for this.

> Is there any motivation for this? Is there any plan to stabilize the naming?

Oh, there was no motivation - but there was #648850, which is why wheezy
is currently broken.

I plan to make an upload soon (hopefully this weekend) to fix the
remaining RC bug in protobuf, after which hopefully we'll have the same
jar name again across all suites.


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