On 22/06/12 02:02, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Package: libjs-leaflet
> Version: 0.3-1
> Severity: minor
> As subject says, please update to newer upstream release or snapshot.
> The list of bugfixes is long, expecially for the snapshot:
> https://github.com/CloudMade/Leaflet/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md
> 0.3.1 has been out since February.  Any reason not to update?

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for the bug.

I packaged 0.3.1 last month at


On the 26/05/2012 I sent an email to David Paleino asking if he could
upload it (since I don't have upload permissions, and he did it last
time). But I haven't heard back.

What I realise now is I should have emailed the pkg-osm-maint list with
this request to keep the whole process in the open.

If you can upload this, that would be great.

On 22/06/12 02:32, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> ...or if interested I could join you as co-maintainer and update myself.

I'm fine with that. Although I do try to keep on top of this package as
it helps me get my Debian packaging experience up. But a co-maintainer
can always fix up my mistakes or pick up the work if I disappear, or
take over if I don't do a good enough job.

> I see that you already package it "my" style, so should be easy to
> follow up on ;-)

Because I copied most of it from one of your existing packages ;-)

> I am currently preparing an unofficial test of a 0.4 snapshot now, and
> if that goes well I would choose to release that if you are ok with it.

I'm not sure what the Debian policy is on that (i.e. unstable software
releases in Debian stable)? That would cause the unstable 0.4 snapshot
to go into Debian stable, I'm not sure if that is a good idea with the
freeze so soon. Your wisdom on this is appreciated though, and
personally I don't generally mind which way it's done.

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