* Michael Stapelberg <stapelb...@debian.org>, 2012-12-03, 23:19:
imposm/cache/kc.c was generated by Cython from a file named "imposm/cache/kc.pyx". This file is nowhere to be found in the upstream tarball.
What’s even more interesting:

The file is not actually used. Removing it does not make the package build fail and seems not to impact the resulting package. Looking at the list of files which are currently installed with python-imposm, kc.so is not amongst them.

kc.c is also not present in the upstream hg repository at

I suppose this issue can be solved by simply deleting imposm/cache/kc.c. What do you think?

Indeed, it looks like removing the file from .orig.tar is the way to go.

Jakub Wilk

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