On Mon, 2013-07-29 at 11:00 +0300, Timo Juhani Lindfors wrote: 
> Hi,
> Salvo Tomaselli <tipos...@tiscali.it> writes:
> > I have experience in packaging C and Python software, but as for 
> > programming I 
> > also have experience in Java, so I am hoping that getting up to speed with 
> > Java packaging shouldn't take too long.
> Great. Maybe you can prepare the new upstream version in git and then we
> can take a look at it together? If git-buildpackage -S produces a
> package that builds with pbuilder and passes lintian we just need to
> worry about bugs (triaging existing ones, checking for new ones). Also
> reducing the number of patches would be nice but doesn't seem to be
> easy.

I would like to help in josm packaging! Have you done any progress on

I've been trying to package the new upstream version and everything
seems to be fine. If you agree I can commit the first steps and start
working from there. Is it ok for you if I push my commits? I wouldn't
want to overlap your work if you've already started. I'll be happy to
work with you :-)

> David, I'd really like to get some sort of an ACK from you before we
> upload new josm versions.

David: if Salvo and Timo agree, is it ok for you if I add myself in
uploaders field of josm and josm-plugins? (I hope you can come back
soon :-) )


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