I've been working in josm and pushed some commits [0]. The package is
working for me. I've not taken a look to all BTS bugs, if someone wants
to help on this and review the package it'd be great.

On the other hand, I see josm-plugins package has been always uploaded
along with josm package. I tried to build it but there is an issue with
cadastre-fr plugin: the new version depends on geotools library [1].
Since this library is not in Debian yet [2], I think this plugin should
be removed from josm-plugins package. But before doing this, I would
like to hear more opinions...


[0] http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-osm/josm.git
[1] http://www.geotools.org/
[2] http://bugs.debian.org/594859

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