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> wrote:
>>> I don't think it's a bug. If source is distributed as GPL-2+, you're 
>>> free to take it as either GPL-2, or any later version. As GPL-2 and 
>>> GPL-3 are incompatible, to link against GPL-2 sources, you must take 
>>> GPL-2+ sources under GPL-2 or you violate the license.
>>> That said, I think GPL-2 is the best choice here.
>> debian/copyright is not only about stating the licensing we choose 
>> for our work (the source of packaging and the binary compiled code), 
>> but also about documenting the licensing of upstream parts.
> The upstream distributes their sources under ‘GPL version 2 or later’, 
> which means that it is either under GPL-2, or GPL-3, or GPL-2+ when it 
> comes to actually using the source. It is therefore correct to state 
> that the license of upstream's code is GPL-2, as it is one of the 
> options upstream gives.

No, it is incorrect to state that upstream released the code as GPL-2 
when in fact they released it as GPL-2+, even if GPL-2+ implies that 
redisistribution under GPL-2 is permitted by them.

> Furthermore, if there are other parts of the code are still GPL-2, and 
> they link against code under src/, it'd not be legal to take that 
> source under GPL-3.

The fact that other parts of a redistribution requires that 
redistribution to change licensing as permitted by upstream does not 
change the fact that upstream did release their part as GPL-2+.

>> Please document upstream licensing.

> My opinion that this is more a nitpicking, under which I mean this is 
> a change that's better to be done, but it definitely doesn't qualify 
> as an RC bug. Closer to wishlist severity, actually.

Bugreporter didn't reference specific reason for choice of severity, but 
if e.g. packaging lists facts wrong, and Debian Policy lists the 
inclusion of those facts as a "should" or "must", then it is truly an 
RC-grade severity - despite your personal feeling.  It sure isn't only a 
wishlist bug!

 - Jonas

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