While thanking you for the attention you give to my dearest wish, I want you 
to know that Im not wrong sending you this message. My ardent wish has always 
been to meet an anonymous individual so that he will lead social actions 
through a foundation.

 My name is Brigitte MEYER, born 27 March 1944 nationality French but currently 
in a medical observation in a hospital located in the United Kingdom. I had to 
contact you in this way because I want to take you to donate a sum of 
$2.000.000 in order to help people in need, make happy poor families, orphans, 
helping young entrepreneurs looking for financing to grow their sectors by the 
means of some acquaintances.

My professional life has been a real tourism as much as I have always lived 
away from my country. First to Kuwait, where I worked in the oil industry for 
two years. Then I was in the Republic of Benin (year 2001) where I implemented 
several companies (real estate, engineer). It is in this country so welcoming 
that I have experienced true happiness, that of marriage with a Belgian who 
also worked in this country. Unfortunately we did not have the chance to have 
children. After five (05) years of common life, my husband lost his life 
following a long illness. So I stayed again alone with a Butler at my disposal 
and a dog until this cancer came to limit my life. It will be almost four years 
now that I have been fighting this disease and medicine can no longer anything. 
following the results of the medical examinations that my days are numbered 
according to the investigation of my treating doctor. I had blocked this 
important sum in one of the banks of BENIN for a construction project. I
  will be rigged given to you this money to ensure that my donation projectwill 
geta positive resulte. I want you to accept this because it is a gift from a 
dying woman and this without asking anything in return. Please answer me quiqly 
to my email address as follows:

 Ms Brigitte MEYER

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