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        at  eb27327   (tag)
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  replaces  upstream/0.016
 tagged by  Jonas Smedegaard
        on  Wed Apr 30 02:45:09 2014 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.042
Version: GnuPG v1


David Steinbrunner (2):
      typo fix
      typo fix

Graham Knop (3):
      fix |ing parameterized types together on old perl
      find op method using correct type
      remove note about unions requiring parens on old perl

Jonas Smedegaard (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.042

Mark Stosberg (1):
      fix typo "regular exception"

Toby Inkster (470):
      Added tag 0.016 for changeset 4d0ef8880a7e
      Merge pull request #4 from markstos/master
      lexical sub support, cribbed from Eval::Closure
      simpler pattern for custom error messages
      note default error message
      bump version; changelog
      improve message example in manual too
      merge from github
      Perl 5.6 is missing B::perlstring() function
      check to make sure B::perlstring has not already found its way in there
      fix syntax error
      hack tests to pass under 5.19.x; need to puzzle out this Data::Dumper 
issue soon
      stop using because it's actually pretty heavy (drags in 
      document dependencies
      documentation for Devel::TypeTiny::Perl56Compat
      only apply whitespace tests to lib, t and xt
      these are no longer really current
      Added tag 0.017_01 for changeset 046f9466f196
      Term::ANSIColor is a core module it seems; who woulda thunk it?
      use Class::Accessor::Grouped's implementation of B::perlstring 
      bump version; changelog
      this test requires Encode, which might not be available on Perl 5.6
      make sure perlstring stringifies its argument
      support older versions of B::Deparse without the ambient_pragmas method
      Role::Tiny doesn't work with old versions of Exporter
      make Data::Dumper more like B::perlstring()
      more 5.6 compat fixes
      syntax fix for 5.6.x
      regexps that cause problesm on Perl 5.6
      yay; it all seems to be working now
      Added tag 0.017_02 for changeset f5db523eb3c9
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.018 for changeset 6176f1b4f8af
      improve B::perlstring implementation behaviour in global destruction
      d'oh - the one place I forgot
      failing test case for Eval::TypeTiny
      make closures really really really work
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.019_01 for changeset 16f64a6ac19f
      remove boring entries from NEWS
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.020 for changeset bd71c97aa7ee
      document that is_subtype_of does DWIMmery
      add strict versions of type comparison functions
      bump version; changelog
      remove warning
      use lexical variables for Eval::TypeTiny
      document usage of Devel::LexAlias
      test for tied variables being closed over
      make tied($foo) behave slightly better in closures
      getting better at making the tie process transparent
      fix error messages
      tests for untie, retie
      fix can for tied variables in closures
      tidy tests
      Added tag 0.021_01 for changeset cbc000a9ab61
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.021_02 for changeset 86e07671980a
      Eval::TypeTiny should support alias=>0|1 like Eval::Closure hopefully will
      fix Enum regexps
      actuallly it looks like these tests passed anyway
      compat with Moose attribute traits
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.021_03 for changeset eabef55ac04a
      tests for dicts containing Maybe and Bool (some fails)
      fixes for Dict distinguishing between undef and not exists
      need newer version of Exporter if perl < 5.9.1
      Type::Parser improvements
      bump version; changelog
      freshen up dependency metadata
      I'm still getting used to this new RDF schema
      Added tag 0.021_04 for changeset 6222440d8933
      use strict; use warnings
      bump version; changelog
      better implementations of is_subtype_of/is_strictly_subtype_of, more 
      Added tag 0.022 for changeset e1766c0bc059
      Fix for mattp's issue, though this seems to trigger another issue
      don't know what that was about
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.023_01 for changeset 5c622cee72c1
      add suggestions
      Type::Registry add_type method
      Type::Registry can now import MooseX::Types type constraint libraries
      document adding MooseX::Types libraries to registries
      support MouseX::Types::Base too
      crazy jumping through hoops to be able to extend MooseX::Types and 
MouseX::Types libraries (and Types::TypeTiny while we're at it)
      pod coverage; whitespace
      improve support for MooseX::Types/MouseX::Types importing into registries 
using the technique lifted from Type::Utils::extends
      friendlier error messages (RT#87999)
      fix news
      fix for RT#87846
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.023_02 for changeset e3f49cedd266
      the empty string is not a class name nor a role name
      should be able to pass a hashref to the constructor
      Moose RegexpRef type constraint mysteriously accepts blessed Regexps; do 
the same
      nix a few warnings
      tests pilfered from Moose
      fix RegexpRef stuff for pre-5.12
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.023_03 for changeset 281583140d18
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.024 for changeset e3366752feb4
      fix for RT#88277
      make it easier to do generators
      allow tag generators too
      respect inheritance when looking for sub to export
      document generators and internal methods available for override
      convert to Dist-Inkt
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.025_01 for changeset 030a1f7d255a
      tidy up old thingies
      multisig() function for RT#88291
      skip functionparameters.t if Moo/Moose not available
      bump version; changelog
      ws; pod coverage; speling
      Added tag 0.025_02 for changeset 96914908fcc5
      improvements to changelog
      better multisig documentation
      bump version; changelog
      add Dist::Inkt as a devel suggestion
      Added tag 0.025_03 for changeset 0c2136025041
      update news file
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.026 for changeset 1df25e78cd10
      fork Exporter::TypeTiny into Exporter::Tiny
      Added tag Exporter-Tiny-0.026 for changeset 6f5c9a94e411
      coercible method
      futile attempt to plug memory leaks
      fix some leaks
      bump version; changelog
      better test
      Added tag 0.027_01 for changeset 22a3dda2a61b
      stuff broken by shaking stuff up
      Added tag 0.027_01 for changeset a927a7ef50c4
      no need to weaken Moose->Type::Tiny ref; it is unlikely to cause leaks
      no need to check version; test suite is only likely to be run against 
current version
      bump version; changelog
      document coercion chaining in Type::Tiny::Manual::Coercions
      Added tag 0.027_02 for changeset 8db4af37d914
      prevent leaks from Eval::TypeTiny
      Moose has ditched these methods
      bump version; changelog
      broken this
      better solution to leaky Eval::TypeTiny
      that allows us to simplify and fix exception crawly code
      Added tag 0.027_03 for changeset 692a890cbba9
      Moose 2.1100 test failure
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.027_04 for changeset 02405afbde15
      improved exception messages (RT#88655)
      a little todo list
      note on future of Exporter::TypeTiny
      refactor some of the explanation stuff; make validate_explain part of the 
Type::Tiny public API
      document the second argument to the validate_explain method
      Dist::Inkt is now capable of using non-lead module for source of README
      add Perl 5.8 to .travis.yml
      xt/04eol.t has become ridiculously slow; I think it was recursing into 
.hg; stop that
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.027_05 for changeset 7dfe4795466f
      fix dist.ini syntax
      no need to close over type constraints; can close over compiled checks 
      find_type_for implementation
      override validate_explain a couple of places
      override validate_explain in Type::Tiny::Duck
      an english_list() function like Moose::Util
      better explanations from Type::Tiny::Class
      improved explanations using english_list
      nicer explanations for Type::Tiny::Role
      to_TypeTiny should cache results because it allows reuse of compiled 
checks, etc
      stability policy
      nice explanations for Enum
      nice explanations for Enum
      bump version; changelog
      factor out get_message/display_var stuff to earlier in sub
      allow type constraint names to have one or two leading underscores
      pick up coercions from Moose
      don't use
      Added tag 0.027_06 for changeset 643d7449cd14
      coercions from mouse
      bump version; changelog
      change version numbers displayed by 00-begin.t
      don't report version number either
      Added tag 0.027_07 for changeset f969b69ae36f
      fix reference to Moose when I meant Mouse in changelog for previous 
      fix documentation typo; RT#88798
      explicitly overload bool in Type::Exception; see if that makes a 
      bump version; changelog
      new multi-line exceptions only on Perl 5.8+ now
      more 00-begin.t changes
      Added tag 0.027_08 for changeset d85729f0d2bb
      fix whitespace in error message
      skip leak check on Perl 5.10.0
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.027_09 for changeset ddae4c3fb602
      docs for RT#88655
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.028 for changeset 13a363530e28
      include more pod from Exporter::TypeTiny into Exporter::Tiny
      pod cleanups
      move Exporter::Tiny to its own repository
      make Exporter::TypeTiny into a stub
      replace references to Exporter::TypeTiny with Exporter::Tiny
      include explicit dependency in documentation and metadata
      ok, we need this now
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.029_01 for changeset 2c808e4d10df
      Enum should be a subclass of Str (as it is already documented); not 
      oops; forgot to check this change in
      fix travis config
      make Item a subtype of Any
      fix documentation typos for package variables
      pluggable dumping
      rename Type::Exception -> Error::TypeTiny
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.029_02 for changeset a00070b7c80e
      this seems to cause a segfault on Perl 5.8.1 to 5.8.3
      this is a hack; needs a fix in Exporter::Tiny to properly handle "-into" 
instead of using the hashref
      less hacky; still needs a fix in Exporter::Tiny
      older versions of looks_like_number thought undef looked like a number
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.029_03 for changeset fc7bda71c4a9
      fix validate_explain messages for unions (RT#89279)
      Allow $DD to be set numerically
      fix inlining of type checks in Moo
      cut out unneccessary ternary operator
      improved messages in Moo
      expand on changelogs
      bump version; changelog
      this error message became slightly more accurate
      Added tag 0.029_04 for changeset 6dfa7004b1d3
      Skip leak.t on Perl 5.6/5.8 too. Improve leak.t documentation.
      update NEWS
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.030 for changeset 7f6c14ca6dcb
      header for NEWS file
      drop old NEWS
      cope with Moose changes re respecting %inc
      improved Types::TypeTiny docs
      update tests to support Moose 2.11xx exception objects
      differentiate between Dict[] and Dict; Tuple[] and Tuple; etc (RT#89696)
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.031_01 for changeset c694de1c7d87
      add Perl version requirement metadata
      fix parsing comma-delimited list of types
      fix distinction between Tuple[] and Tuple in Type::Parser
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.031_02 for changeset cc321fd01cf7
      deep coercions for Maybe
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.031_03 for changeset 09772bc4b931
      checked definedness instead of existence because of a pre-5.8 bug where 
unlocalizing a hash element would leave an undef remaining in the hash
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.031_04 for changeset b2505613b1d3
      initial work on RT#89352
      deep explain for RT#89352
      optimize the very simple case for slurpies
      optimize simple parameterized slurpy HashRef and Map
      include slurpy bit in determining whether this is all inlineable
      I changed the order in which checks are conducted within validate_explain 
for Dict
      deep coercions for slurpies within Dict[] - glad this worked first time 
because it would have been a hell of a pain to debug
      Merge pull request #6 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      conflict info
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.031_05 for changeset 0247cd08c3c7
      eliminate a warning under Perl 5.6
      bump version; changelog
      syntax fix
      oops; wrong version number
      Added tag 0.032 for changeset 91225634564b
      failing test (RT#90096)
      localize $_
      fix version numbers
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.033_01 for changeset a22290319511
      note that MAD causes t/leak.t to fail
      experiments with XS - seems to shave about 12% off the test suite run 
time for now
      proof of concept for lazy-loading parts of Types::Standard
      lazy load parameterized ArrayRef, HashRef and ScalarRef stuff
      bump version; changelog
      satisfy Pod::Coverage
      Added tag 0.033_02 for changeset 461de1d54729
      test for the workaround
      travis, please test Perl 5.19
      merge Types::Standard optimization branch
      bump version; changelog
      recommend Sub::Name
      Added tag 0.033_03 for changeset 225209780c41
      additional test for RT#90096
      make Types::TypeTiny more like  real Type::Library library - this should 
allow Travis to start passing again
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.033_04 for changeset 1ba3dfa795b1
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.034 for changeset f31d5da16462
      get Hash trait working in Moose
      moar travis
      travis should skip F:P
      don't use ->can to grab types from a MooseX::Types library
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.035_01 for changeset 80334de8e001
      fix up release date
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.036 for changeset 01ed0a421ff1
      fix for Perl 5.6.x
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.037_01 for changeset 5f951c738765
      improve Eval::TypeTiny description in pod
      stability policy documentation
      link to stability policy
      bump version; changelog
      new strictures stuff for travis
      Added tag 0.037_02 for changeset 0b42c5eba8d2
      attempt to test threaded Perl on travis
      another try
      more travis experiments
      fix for Moo 1.004+
      fixes for Moo 1.4.x on threaded Perl
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.037_03 for changeset 564af924354f
      port Perl 5.6.2 build stuff from travis-experiments branch
      copyright 2014
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.038 for changeset 01401289ee22
      IRC notification
      IRC support channel
      remove obsolete Exporter::TypeTiny
      beginning to rearrange t director
      more rearranging
      tell travis to run prove with -r option
      script for figuring out what modules need test cases
      README for test suite
      more readme
      more testing reorg
      metadata about test cases
      syntax fixes for test metadata
      use an older version of Scalar::Util
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.039_01 for changeset 8835ece4bcb2
      add tests for Test::TypeTiny
      bump version; changelog
      add Test::Tester as a test recommendation dep
      todo for test cases
      Added tag 0.039_02 for changeset 4edea9578916
      fix for RT#92571
      correct description for test case
      fix the other part of RT#92571
      make declare_coercion work outside type libraries (RT#92591)
      bump version; changelog
      update metadata
      Added tag 0.039_03 for changeset 06dc3075902f
      Merge pull request #8 from haarg/overload-precedence
      rename Type::Tiny::HalfOp to Type::Tiny::_HalfOp
      be a bit more ambitious with syntax.t
      don't use
      fix HAARG's name
      bump version; changelog
      make a private constant
      add missing $AUTHORITY and $VERSION
      Added tag 0.039_04 for changeset d37bf1e73b8b
      apply _HalfOf stuff to coercion addition
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.039_05 for changeset c4a046f18bef
      It looks like this test has started passing.
      ok, seems this test doesn't pass everywhere, but should at least pass in 
Perl 5.19.4+
      integration tests for Type::Tie; yay; found and fixed a bug
      integration tests with Return::Type
      tests for using Type::Tiny with smartmatch operator, and match::simple; 
fixed bug in SUPPORT_SMARTMATCH constant
      these tests can be safely enabled now
      bump version; changelog
      fix test
      update test manifest
      Added tag 0.039_06 for changeset af3192190a25
      fix hash ordering bug
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.039_07 for changeset 406f86513e5f
      integration tests for Kavorka
      bump version; changelog
      update NEWS preparing for 0.040
      Added tag 0.039_08 for changeset 0eaf83ca80e2
      rewrite much of the signature stuff in the manual; mention Kavorka
      Switcheroo integration tests
      Moops integration tests
      test for borrowing coercions from Moose
      update test manifest
      test cases for Devel::TypeTiny::*
      bump version; changelog
      this might be nice
      Added tag 0.039_09 for changeset 7cbf947bdb94
      document coercion zen; make plus_coercions etc more zen
      Added tag 0.039_10 for changeset 256fc9bc9296
      skip tests based on Data::Dumper version, not Perl version
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.039_11 for changeset e83f1cb84170
      need a newish Moops for this test
      fix Can't use an undefined value as a .... reference errors in 
Type::Utils (thanks mattp)
      s/:://g (thanks mattp)
      documentation for s/:://
      document s/:://
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.039_12 for changeset 2cc0771dfcaa
      thread-related test from haarg
      bump version; changelog
      haarg's proposed fix for problems on threaded perls
      oops... my bad
      run tests with match::simple too
      Added tag 0.039_13 for changeset d37e19c17a9e
      link to type libraries via wiki so that is becomes a "living list"
      update NEWS file
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.040 for changeset e9b7e0048ed0
      clear out cruft from NEWS file
      ditch the "+" notation for adding coercions
      when a parameterized coercion is added to a type constraint, it is 
reparameterized so that the coercion generator can be made aware of the target 
type constraint
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.041_01 for changeset 459ac31fac10
      update links into test suite from manual
      this test requires MXTC 0.1.4+
      Fix for RT#94196 (conflicting uses of $_ in Type::Tiny::Duck), reported 
      NEWS update
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.041_02 for changeset 0371bb980026
      warn about following my example
      massively rearrange Type::Tiny atttribute/method documentation
      slightly improve documentation in some Type::Tiny subclasses
      apply same documentation layout to Type::Coercion
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.041_03 for changeset fd630e74e939
      given/when test (todo)
      another given/when test (this one should actually pass)
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.041_04 for changeset 8549f90f6460
      bump version; changelog
      fix heading in documentation
      List currently unstable/experimental parts of the distribution in 
      update benchmark results


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