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commit ac35fa52ae61337121de2b2033ee7b385c733bb1
Author: Damyan Ivanov <>
Date:   Thu May 8 14:40:37 2014 +0000

    update README.source
 debian/README.source | 34 +++++++++-------------------------
 1 file changed, 9 insertions(+), 25 deletions(-)

diff --git a/debian/README.source b/debian/README.source
index 3a2da3e..176d159 100644
--- a/debian/README.source
+++ b/debian/README.source
@@ -1,32 +1,17 @@
 This package is a bundle of several upstream distributions, so it cannot
 be updated in the usual manner (using uscan, uupdate, git-import-orig, etc.)
-Instead, you must check which versions have been updated using:
-  cd tarballs
-  ./check-upstream-versions
- (you must be in the tarballs directory to read packages.cfg)
+Instead, you update it in the following way:
+ $ git status   # make sure the source is clean
+ $ debian/fetch
-When new versions are detected, download them into the appropriate tarball
-directories using an appropriate tool, such as wget. Directory numbers
-refer to the build sequence, so modules in 01 arebuilt first, then 02, and
-so forth). Remove the old version (using git rm) and add the new version
-(using git add). Adding new packages is similar, except there is obviously
-no removal of old versions.
+Then 'git add' and commit individual directories under sources/ explaining
+about the upgrade.
-Lastly, you must update the control metadata files. If adding new modules,
-you must corresponding data to packages.cfg or the tarball will not be
-recognized. The format of the file should be self-explanatory and should
-be updated when copyright information changes, when the upstream package
-URL changes, or when the short description should be different.
-By running the command:
-  cd tarballs
-  ./check-upstream-versions control
-the debian/control and debian/copyright files will be updated as needed.
-This means any new packages will have their names and descriptions added
-to debian/control, and the filenames and/or copyright data in d/copyright
-will be updated accordingly.
+Adding new distribution to the bundle is done by:
+ $ debian/fetch Dist-Name
+ $ ln -s ../../sources/Dist-Name bundle/*/
+ $ git add sources/Dist-Name
@@ -46,4 +31,3 @@ You can now use quilt as usual.
   make -f debian/rules unpatch
 to remove all applied patches.

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