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  replaces  upstream/1.922
 tagged by  Jonas Smedegaard
        on  Sat May 10 17:51:59 2014 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.926
Version: GnuPG v1


Jonas Smedegaard (2):
      Imported Upstream version 1.923
      Imported Upstream version 1.926

Toby Inkster (117):
      initial commit
      add todo list
      $id->get() now uses objects_for_predicate_list, and returns results in 
alphabetical order
      this can theoretically use rfc822Address SANs for WebId, but this is not 
an area where we have achieved a great level of interop.
      some placky experimentation
      also works with CGI
      plan on using auth::basic as a template for auth::webid middleware
      mini bugfix
      working Auth::WebId
      update todo
      type library - yay!
      update todo
      document Web::Id::Certificate
      Add fingerprint method to Web::Id::Certificate
      update todo
      correct method name in example script
      Model cannot coerce right now.
      add a rudimentary test suite
      add deps
      Make dependency list less scary.
      explicit skip_all if Moose is not available
      certificate generator: kinda ugly, but does the job
      P:M:Apache2::ModSSL - this should probably be split out into a different 
distribution as it has a dodgy dependency
      note dep on Apache2::ModSSL
      Web::Id::Certificate doesn't need to consume Generator role by default.
      Note Generator's habit of spewing crap upon STDERR.
      improve SYNOPSIS
      Update docs to reflect that Certificate class no longer consumes 
Generator role by default
      document Utils
      plan for refactoring RSA stuff
      refactor rsa key stuff, document it, rename public_exponent method to 
      ::Email was using old attribute name for exponent. Get with the times!
      document type lib
      yay! everything is documented!
      testing plans
      fix RDF output to match datatypes
      more datatypey stuff
      live in the face of dire errors
      tests of webid itself
      rename t/01basic.t; update TODO list
      expired certificates are not valid
      Add caching mechanism to plack middleware
      Pull List::MoreUtils stuff in via Web::Id::Utils.
      namespace::clean; misc tidying
      add n:c dep
      split ModSSL middleware to another repo
      s/Web::Id/Web::ID/gg; minor documentation improvements
      add FAQ
      POD coverage
      last remnants of s/WebId/WebID/ I hope
      Use Path::Class to open the openssl.cnf file. It will die automatically, 
so I dont need to.
      split out notes on Apache, and add notes on Gepok
      doc polishing
      bump version to 1.910_01
      Added tag 1.910_01 for changeset bb94aefba5c3
      add introductory blurb to DESCRIPTION
      remove erroneous colons
      moosey deps
      bump version
      update changelog
      Added tag 1.910_02 for changeset e7d3eae64bdd
      improve hooks for subclassing
      update changelog; bump version
      Added tag 1.910_03 for changeset bf1e6f339312
      drop dep on Class::Load
      clean up t/04webid.t
      bump version
      Added tag 1.910_04 for changeset ef2b53a62470
      bump version
      add more acks
      metadata updates
      Added tag 1.920 for changeset 5a8ceecbea9c
      add version to MouseX::Types dep; bump version
      Added tag 1.921 for changeset 4676d9d6127b
      switch from Any::Moose to plain Moose (RDF::Trine uses Moose now, so 
there is no point in not using Moose)
      bump version
      update info about WebID in Gepok
      revise documentation that mentioned Any::Moose/Mouse
      document and tidy test suite
      Added tag 1.922 for changeset 076e7b813586
      changed repo to
      MooseX::Types -> Types::Standard
      Sub::Exporter -> Exporter::TypeTiny
      smartmatch -> match::smart
      avoid method calls on bareword class names
      Path::Class -> Path::Tiny
      do a better job finding OpenSSL
      attempt to locate openssl at install time, and if not require 
      bump version; changelog
      fix test case
      Added tag 1.923 for changeset 0c34ba051623
      remove usage of Path::Class from test case
      add maintainer
      bump version; changelog
      Type::Utils fix
      Added tag 1.924_01 for changeset 80fe23121021
      move dynamic config to meta/DYNAMIC_CONFIG.PL
      update deps
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 1.924_02 for changeset 57c41355a0c1
      add configure_requires File::ShareDir
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 1.924_03 for changeset 60c523e30ceb
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 1.925 for changeset 2ae48da5c203
      use Exporter::Tiny instead of Exporter::TypeTiny
      bump version; changelog
      no longer refer to Exporter::TypeTiny in docs


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