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js pushed a change to annotated tag Marpa-R2-2.079_013
in repository libmarpa-r2-perl.

        at  7152602   (tag)
   tagging  f22464ec4ef85b3a008a3046bfc8fe0e18e05500 (commit)
  replaces  Marpa-R2-2.079_012
 tagged by  Jeffrey Kegler
        on  Tue Jan 28 09:11:22 2014 -0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
CPAN Marpa-R2-2.079_013

Jean-Damien Durand (1):
      Silent inline redefinition warning

Jeffrey Kegler (34):
      Merge pull request #95 from jddurand/master
      Merge pull request #90 from rns/correct_sub_name
      Merge pull request #92 from rns/add_Makefile_targets
      Merge pull request #94 from rns/speedup_sl_json.t
      Remote unneeded #ifdef's
      Rename self variables
      Github issue #96; silence warning: t+
      Merge pull request #89 from rns/allow_spaces_in_array_descriptors
      Time stamp change: t+
      Github issue #98: eliminate misuse of C reserved name: t+
      Merge pull request #97 from rns/add_lhs_to_POD
      Merge pull request #99 from rns/add_sl_json_ast.t
      Touch up displays for github issue #97
      Update copyright date
      Cleanups and copyright date update
      Merge pull request #93: rh_values()
      Reverting t/sl_null_example.t from Github pull request #93
      Gitub pull request #89 and #93: t+
      Copyright date
      Merge pull request #103 from rns/rename_self_variables
      Merge pull request #107 from rns/Update_ASF.pod
      Merge pull request #108 from rns/note_about_glade->next()
      Fix display name per mention in github issue #97
      Remove displays from panda1
      Merge pull request #105 from rns/gcc_win64_warnings
      Github issue #105: fix causes GCC warnings -- reverted
      Merge pull request #106 from 
      Revert "Merge pull request #106 from 
      Merge pull request #111 from rns/test_for_spaces_in_array_descriptors
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      Github issue #112: Fix spurious error message
      Fix error messages
      Bump version to 2.079_013

rns (37):
      allow spaces in array descriptors
      use correct sub name in comment
      add rebuild target
      add log file for rebuild target
      add single_test target and its output file
      add rh_values() method and test for it
      update MANIFEST
      avoid repeated grammar creation
      move test to sl_panda.t and remove sl_panda1.t
      Revert "move test to sl_panda.t and remove sl_panda1.t"
      added closures needed to test rule_closure() with ASF traverser
      add lhs array descriptor to the POD
      separate example lines
      eliminate double of
      refactor registrations initialization code to init_registrations()
      first cut at rule_closure()
      Work on rule_closure(): t+
      First implementation and test of rule_closure(): t+
      using rule_closure() in pruning_traverser(): t+
      add json test for AST's based on lhs and value array descriptors
      rh_values() used in full traverser: t+
      closure call touchup
      full_traverser() now uses rule_closure() and rh_values(): t+
      remove Data::Dumper
      remove unneeded references to penn_tag()
      remove located_traverser() test duplicated in sl_panda.t
      remove penn_tag() altogether: traversers use rule closures instead now:t+
      comments and touchups
      remove unneeded dTHX's
      refactor code taking Cartesian product of results to a sub
      add a note about glade->next() method
      Revert "remove unneeded dTHX's"
      use PERL_UNUSED_ARG(my_perl) to silence gcc warning under Win7/x64
      add tests for grammars with spaces in array descriptor actions


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