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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
libcache-memcached-fast-perl Debian release 0.22-1
Version: GnuPG v1


David Steinbrunner (1):
      Added repository cpan metadata

Jonas Smedegaard (15):
      Update README.source to emphasize file as *not* a show-stopper 
for contributions.
      Install benchmarking scripts as examples.
      Update changelog and copyright hints.
      Bump to standards-version 3.9.5.
      Fix use canonical Vcs-Git URL.
      Update copyright info: Extend coverage of packaging, and bump its 
licensing to GPL-3+.
      Update watch file to use URL.
      Tidy package relations resolving in rules file.
      Add git URL as alternate source.
      Stop track tarball checksum: Check against upstrem git instead.
      Update changelog, control file and copyright info.
      Imported Upstream version 0.22
      Merge tag 'upstream/0.22'
      Update copyright info: Extend coverage for main ppport.h author.
      Prepare for release: Update changelog and copyright info.

Tomash Brechko (472):
      Add result of h2xs -O --omit-autoload --compat-version=5.6.0 \
      Add config parser.
      WIP: is almost ready.
      WIP: framework is ready.
      Fix genparser_state initialization.
      Move genparser_state to protocol.c, where it belongs.
      Add prototypes.
      Add swallow_eol() and read_reply() functions.
      Rename client_set() to protocol_set().
      Add parse_set_reply().
      Add parse_key().
      Add parse_get_reply().
      Add protocol_get().
      Add Cache::Memcached1::set().
      set() test case (fails).
      Fix progress bug.
      Add client_mark_failed().
      Use typedefs for flags and exptime.
      Add close_on_error flag.
      Add Cache::Memcached1::get() (doesn't work).
      Fix Cache::Memcached1::get().
      Small cleanup.
      Pass flags to the Perl layer.
      Use TAGR.
      Framework for mget().
      Do not access state->get_result.value directly.
      Small cleanup: C indexes should be of type int.
      Move request stuff to client.c.
      client_mget() (doesn't work).
      Fix access to Perl stack.
      Merge protocol.[ch] into client.c.
      Code reorganization.
      Fix get_multi().
      Fix bug causing connection close on second get.
      Release the result if it may be invalid.
      Add set() and _xs_set().
      Add delete().
      Add add(), replace(), append(), prepend().
      Add flush_all().
      Remove annoying assert.
      Add namespace aka prefix support.
      Correct email address.
      Rename Cache::Memcached1 to Cache::MemcachedFast.
      Add typemap to the MANIFEST.
      Small update of README.
      Fix some compilation warnings.
      Move 'pos' and 'end' from genparser_state to command_state.
      Update comments.
      Fix bug in process_command(): do not modify iov.
      Increase buf size, just so :).
      Optimize parse_keyword().
      Add new entry.
      Rename module from Cache::MemcachedFast to Cache::Memcached::Fast.
      Add FIXME entry.
      Add Changes entry.
      Increase version number to 0.02.
      Fix typo.
      Remove Exporter stuff, we do not export anything.
      FindBin::Dir in Perl 5.8.8 doesn't end in '/'.
      Add support for 'noreply'-enabled memcached.
      Update to Perl 5.8.8: use new ppport.h.
      Rename server::request_buf to server::cmd_state, and assign type to it.
      Make the loop more optimal.
      Make read value state part of the command state.
      Make digits_seen part of the state.
      Make remaining_prefix_len part of the state.
      Make parse_key() restartable.
      Make client code restartable.
      Add TODO comment.
      Fix bug with restartable write.
      Add value invalidation mechanism.
      Add select machine.
      Use blocking I/O on the fast path (one server query).
      Add cmd_state_extend() and iov_push().
      Revert "Use blocking I/O on the fast path (one server query)."
      Fixed nasty editing bug.
      Use classic receive buffer approach.
      Suppress warning about unused key_index.
      Add TODO entry.
      Remove stale genparser.h.
      Add loose_match mode to
      Small cleanup: move enabling of close_on_error into client_set_noreply().
      Include struct command_state into struct server.
      Use named constants for return values.
      Add support for multiple servers (doesn't work).
      Add pointer to struct client into struct command_state.
      Some renames.
      Introduce struct value_object with methods to work on value.
      Make clean client interface and remove server.h.
      Call command_state_reset() earlier for convenience.
      Fix bug with calling FD_ISSET(-1, ...).
      Fix bug when one key is a prefix for another.
      Add support for several servers.
      Add generation counter to track active commands.
      Remove server.h from MANIFEST.
      Add benchmark script.
      Add script/ to MANIFEST.
      Add incr and decr commands.
      Add CRC32 hash.
      script/ add support for multiple servers.
      Use random keys.
      Make number of keys dependent on total number of requests.
      Add TODO entry.
      Fix memory grows bug.
      Eliminate value copying in Perl.
      Make src/ executable.
      Fix possible problem with signed char to unsigned int cast.
      Add timeouts.
      Add gets, gets_multi and cas methods.
      For speed replace sscanf() with custom parse_ull().
      Call select() only after I/O has returned EAGAIN.
      Add Unix socket support.
      Ignore SIGPIPE on socket send.
      Fix bug in gets_multi: store array reference into array, not AV* itself.
      Add support for serialization.
      Prepare Cache::Memcached::Fast for new fields.
      Add compression support.
      Avoid value copying by passing around a reference to it.
      Add rget() that returns reference to the value.
      Faster return from gets.
      Use Carp::carp() instead of warn().
      Issue a warning and disable compression on unknown compression algorithm.
      Fix typo.
      Add max_failure and failure_timeout parameters.
      Fix typo, use upprecase constants.
      Revert "Add rget() that returns reference to the value."
      Handle EINTR fron select() in connect.c.
      Change default for failure_timeout to 10 seconds.
      Add 'remove' alias to 'delete'.
      Add module documentation.
      Infect source files with copyright statement.
      Rename to
      Update Changes and README files.
      Rename to, part 2.
      Better wording in license statement.
      Fix some typos in the docs.
      Fix Michael's company name.
      Mention the effect of zero timeouts.
      Return nothing when key was not found.
      Add server weight support.
      Replace integer server weights with rational.
      Add the Ketama consistent hashing algorithm.
      Update TODO file.
      Improve ketama_points docs wording.
      Fix bug with uninitialized generation counter reported by valgrind.
      Add forgotten dispatch_destroy() (bug found by valgrind).
      Remove dependency on host byte order.
      Fix Cache::Memcached-compatible key distribution.
      Fix pointer arithmetic and unnamed union, which are not supported by C89.
      Remove dev/null which was committed by mistake.
      Remove 'by' from copyright statement.
      Mention limit of weight sum for the old module.
      Make documentation look more like what Module::Starter produces.
      Remove some autogenerated stub text.
      Add default tests from Module::Starter.
      Add TODO entry.
      Add, which is simply a stripped down version of
      Set ketama_points in
      First public release.
      Increase version number to 0.03.
      Fix internal documentation references.
      Add missing docs for incr and decr.
      Add server_versions command.
      Disable cas/gets/append/prepend in the test for memcached < 1.2.4.
      Spell server names differently to get different Ketama hashes.
      Fix race in test.
      Update Changes and README for release.
      Increase version number to 0.04.
      Perl 5.6.2 doesn't have const char * in its typemap.
      Some systems do not have AI_ADDRCONFIG.
      Fix docs copy-paste bug.
      Disable the test with possible race.
      Increase version number to 0.05.
      Use custom Ref_SV instead of SVREF, which has another meaning.
      Change test slightly to avoid lengthy "x" x 1_000_000 output on error.
      Add TODO entry.
      Use AUTOLOAD only for undocumented commands.
      Add incr and decr to script/ and script/
      Docs update: decr returns nothing on underflow.
      Split the test case.
      Rename sun to s_unix, because former is reserved on Sun systems.
      Update README: we do not compile on Windows.
      Use 'local' directly to restore old value of $SIG{__WARN__}.
      Distribute key misses across all servers.
      Simplify client_server_versions().
      Better wording in Changes.
      decr below zero returns 0.
      Remove bogus t/derived.t from MANIFEST.
      Do not use localhost.localdomain, which isn't resolved on FreeBSD.
      Add docs section "UTF-8 and tainted data".
      Update Changes.
      Prepare class for inheritance.
      Increase version number to 0.06.
      Add TODO entry.
      Use longer timeouts for not to fail on a busy host.
      Implement simultaneous reading and writing.
      Update TODO.
      Implement nowait (no way to enable it).
      Introduce named stubs for command tokens.
      Make 'noreply' setting per-server.
      Merge commit 'nowait^'
      Add 'nowait' mode.
      cas command may return NOT_FOUND.
      Fix 'nowait' bug: do not clear partial reply in receive buffer.
      Minor syntax change.
      Fix for subtle race bug.
      Fix for possible memory leak.
      Add t/nowait.t.
      Add "Changes since 0.05" line.
      Update TODO.
      Disable noreply that was enabled by mistake.
      Update Changes.
      Increase version number to 0.07.
      Remove t/03-flush_all.t.
      Follow interface conventions and call both alloc and store for embedded.
      More optimial execution flow.
      Better execution flow.
      Keep server addresses in one place.
      Test result of malloc().
      Fix docs wording.
      Add TODO entries.
      Add nowait_push method.
      Add struct array.
      Add array_each().
      Add invalid keys to the end too.
      Use prefix with leading space.
      Remove key_count parameter to command_state_reset().
      Use a single per-client buffer for strings.
      Rename client_get_server() to init_state() and return command_state.
      Add get_state() and init_state().
      Rename key_index to plain index.
      Call push_index() from init_state().
      Remove dead variables.
      Fix index progress when continue is being used.
      Extract client_reset() and client_execute() from client_get()
      Remove client_mget().
      Add test for get_multi with empty key list.
      Remove mget XS binding.
      Use embedded_state instead of arith_state.
      Make server_versions command public.
      Remove redundant PHASE_INIT.
      Fix comment.
      Simplify the code.
      Add test for incr no-such-key.
      Make nowait_count and command_count consistent.
      Rename command_count to reply_count.
      Add non-existend keys to the test.
      Update TODO.
      Increase receive buffer size to possibly hold full Ethernet packet.
      Do not shift over cmd name, prefix and key for flush_all, which doesn't 
have them.
      Add a comment on why rehashing is a bad idea.
      Replace appears -> appeared.
      Rename value_object to result_object.
      Add struct meta_object.
      Explicitly store the result value from every command.
      Simplify the code.
      Return defined value for incr NOT_FOUND.  Return "0E0" for zero value.
      Document ternary return values.
      Explicitly increment key_count in every command.
      Add "prepare" to the name of multi methods, move reset and execute 
      Add cas_multi command.
      Add set_multi command.
      Add add_multi, replace_multi, append_multi, prepend_multi commands.
      Add incr_multi and decr_multi commands.
      Add delete_multi command.
      Update documentation examples.
      Update AUTOLOAD method.
      Add test case for remove and delete_multi commands.
      Allow incr_multi, decr_multi, delete_multi to take just @keys.
      Add the check that servers are up.
      Update for new multi methods.
      Add benchmarks for @list context.
      Make the example copy-paste friendly.
      Call nowait_push.  Use per-command-type key prefixes.
      Declare $res and @res locally.
      Better wording in docs.
      Try to delete the key istead of assuming it is not there.
      Remove AUTOLOAD method since it turned out to be not generic enough.
      Merge into
      Use single scale for all benchmarks.
      Minor example update.
      Remove wrong TODO item.
      Update TODO file.
      Add utf8 constructor parameter.
      Increase timeouts, we don't want to lose any results.
      Account nowait_push time in nowait command benchmarks.
      Value may be set but undefined.
      Update Changes file.
      Update TODO file.
      Remove now unused Ref_SV.
      Check the presence of compression module earlier.
      Make Cache_Memcached_Fast a structure containing the pointer to the 
      Check that *ps is defined.
      Move compression stuff to XS.
      Move storable and UTF-8 stuff into XS.
      Call sv_len() only when needed.
      Remove _pack_value().  Do not use reference to data.
      Remove _unpack_value().  Do not use references for data.
      Move list of servers into XS.
      Process get commands inside XS.
      Move update commands processing into XS.
      Move incr/decr processing into XS.
      Move delete processing into XS.
      For all methods use XS implementations directly.
      Split get and get_multi.
      Avoid copying the value.
      Fix key access in incr_multi and delete_multi.
      Disable the derived check.
      Remove now irrelevant comment.
      Add client_noreply_push().
      Add test for "use encoding '...';".
      Add serialize_methods constructor parameter.
      Rename bins to buckets.
      Clean gcc 4.2.2 warnings about discard qualifier.
      Remove references to Storable.
      Update Changes file.
      Fix namespace bug.
      Apply changes suggested by 'perl ppport.h --compat-version=5.6.0'.
      Add more test hosts.
      Add OPTIMIZE => '-g -O3' to make files.
      Add a comment about data rate artifact.
      Better wording in Changes file.
      $memd is no longer a hash.
      Do not assume the save version for all servers.
      Add test for incr_multi.
      Add pointer
      Update Changes file.
      Increase version number to 0.08.
      Forbid breaking of proper names.
      Do not use Newx() macro since it is not portable across Perl versions.
      Not all hosts resolve 127.x.y.z other than
      Remove obsolete entries from TODO.
      Update to the latest version of ppport.h.
      Replace compress_algo with compress_methods.
      Add one more lisk to project home.
      Add comment explaining why default compression functions are correct.
      Add check_args condtructor parameter.
      Add bench_finalize() subroutine.
      Push noreply requests.
      Fix server list.
      Pass noreply flag to client_reset().
      Replace reference to Storable with reference to serialize_methods.
      Fix typo.
      We use plain malloc() to allocate memd, let's use plain free() to free it.
      Fix bug with descending into servers => [ ].
      Use better Perl version syntax.
      Pass callback object to client_reset().
      Cast to long before casting to void* to suppress warning about diff width.
      Update Changes file.
      Increment version number to 0.09.
      Fix warning about cast from ptr to int on 64-bit.
      Document noreply mode.
      Fix typo in example.
      Change formatter for constructor to match other methods.
      Add destructors for serialization methods.
      Add 'namespace' method.
      Fix 'namespace' method description.
      Remove t/encoding.t from distribution.
      Add hash_namespace parameter.
      'noreply' is official starting from memcached 1.2.5.
      Simplify serialize_methods code, make it the same as for compress_methods.
      Clean TODO file.
      Enable 'noreply' automatically if servers support it.
      Add benchmark for latency issues.
      Control latency-throughput with TCP_NODELAY.
      Add t/noreply.t.
      Add NOREPLY switch.
      Add noreply => 1 example.
      Update Changes file.
      Increment version number to 0.10.
      Minor documentation fixes.
      Sponsorship is in the past already.
      Among several equal points, choose first.
      Fix comment wording.
      In the case of collision, add new servers to the end of equal run.
      Remove unused heade.
      Remove redundant parenthesis.
      Fix hash_namespace: it should be enabled before we set the namespace.
      Make compute_crc32_add() more optimal.
      Change dispatch_set_prefix_crc32() to dispatch_set_prefix().
      Rename prefix_crc32 to prefix_hash.
      Optimize single server case for Ketama.
      Remove explicit OPTIMIZE setting from the makefiles.
      Clean the generated files.
      Fix PASSTHRU -> PASTHRU spelling.
      Add U unsigned suffix to the constant.
      Fix key distribution bug in compatible mode.
      Minor code reorganization.
      Update Changes file.
      Increment version number to 0.11.
      Older versions of ExtUtils::MakeMaker don't handle newline.
      Add max_size parameter.
      Do not use size_t/%zu, because some systems do not recognize this format.
      Update Changes file.
      Increment version number to 0.12.
      Fix compilation with Perl 5.11 on Solaris 10.
      Update Changes file.
      Increment version number to 0.13.
      Prepare the code for Win32 support.
      Add Win32 support.
      Use poll() instead of select().  Implement it where not available.
      Simplify the code.
      Remove dead code.  There are no plans to use UDP for now.
      Fix comment: the problem was in descriptor exhaustion.
      Add bench make target ('make bench').
      Fix 'make bench' target.
      Add cast to void* that may be necessary to suppress a warning.
      Include socket_posix.h before other headers that may depend on it.
      Prevent installation of libclient.a.
      Move can_poll_fd() to header, and make it no-op on Win32.
      Fix compilation warning on Win32.
      Update Changes file.
      Increment version number to 0.14.
      Clarify flush_all documentation.
      Better distribution of ketama points.
      Fix RT#41077: implement disconnect_all().
      Add scripts to MANIFEST.
      Update Changes file.
      Increment version number to 0.15.
      Update copyright date.
      Do not use invalid file descriptor.
      Set ai_family explicitly.
      On systems lacking getaddrinfo() implement it with gethostbyname().
      Remove files committed by accident.
      Describe Ketama transition as suggested by Masahiro Nagano.
      Starting with memcached 1.3.3 incr/decr commands require a number.
      Update documentation for incr/decr that require a numeric value now.
      Update Changes file.
      Increment version number to 0.16.
      Add missing files.
      Update Changes file.
      Increment version number to 0.17.
      Remove delay (aka expiration) parameter for delete() and delete_multi().
      Update Changes file.
      Increment version number to 0.18.
      Fix typos after 0.17 release.
      Make module thread-safe: implement CLONE().
      Update TODO file.
      Fix t/command.t on some Solaris systems where it fails.
      Fix SIGPIPE ignoring.
      Describe SIGPIPE change.
      Fix RT#56142: handle Perl magic.
      Include <string.h> for memcpy().
      use -> require, because we check for module presence at runtime.
      Readonly may be absent.
      Update copyright year.
      Update Changes file.
      Increment version number to 0.19.
      Revert "Describe SIGPIPE change."
      Revert "Fix SIGPIPE ignoring."
      Update Changes file.
      Increment version number to 0.20.
      Fix RT#81782: Unnecessary string eval in constructor.
      Fix RT#77254: typo in POD documentation.
      Fix typo hols -> holds.
      Fix magic handling (RT#57150, RT#67106).
      Remove outdated TODO file.
      Update Changes file.
      Increment version number to 0.21.
      Update Changes file.
      Merge pull request #1 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      When utf8 is disabled downgrade UTF-8 strings or croak (RT#92678).
      Update ppport.h.
      Remove outdated encoding.t.
      UTF-8 is no longer experimental in Perl.
      Update project source URL.
      Increment version to 0.22 and update Changes file.


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