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in repository libanyevent-xmpp-perl.

      from  5331b86   Prepare for release: Update changelog, control file and 
copyright hints.
       new  8b39771   Bump to standards-version 3.9.5.
       new  0d58d69   Update copyright info: Extend coverage of packaging.
       new  585168e   Update watch file to use URL.
       new  3871e54   Tidy package relations resolving in rules file.
       new  65602f1   Fix use (not for 
get-orig-source target.
       new  cb2e7df   Update changelog, control file and copyright info.
      adds  8e61ff3   initial checkin.
      adds  628cfc4   implemented TLS!
      adds  7c0cf2c   more testing, fixed typo :-)
      adds  8f5ae0e   extended send_presence and send_message, untested. wrote 
some documentation to and and
      adds  d15b4c3   further detail work and implemented extension enabling 
and extensions xep-0086 along with xml stanza error generation. implemented 
also first parts of Net::XMPP2::IM::Connection.
      adds  19ade0b   lots of changes. added roster retrival
      adds  7c349b3   marked low level events with an _xml. changed 
documentation a bit.
      adds  e9c3564   implemented firts parts of roster handling. added jid 
handling functions.
      adds  40a7eeb   implemented roster and message sending mostly. along with 
presence handling.
      adds  5a4d12c   removed unneccessary documentation and added neglected 
      adds  03677f9   some minor cleanups.
      adds  8c02430   removed requirement for a patched version of Net::SSLeay, 
as it doesn't seem to be released anytime soon :-( ========== MARKER NEW 
Net::SSLeay SSL_read_nb SSL_write_nb removed ========
      adds  d6b5569   implemented Implemented error objects which 
simplyfied the error reporting.
      adds  4f0a032   implemented the (hopefully) last bits of important error 
reporting. Net::XMPP was released at the beginngin of this month - damn, i was 
too slow. But i've taken a look at their code. 17000 lines of code vs. my ~4500 
LoC. Also their Java-API is really a mess...
      adds  eb7f695   implemented addition/removal/update of roster items and 
first functionality for subscription.
      adds  b27ef7f   minor document addition
      adds  91819d7   further subscription code and in-band-stuff is going to 
be implemented next
      adds  09b04a3   fixed a minor bug in binding error handling and further 
work on the in-band-registration stuff
      adds  a39a091   removed extension mechanisms which don't seem neccessary 
to me anymore. noone wants XMPP without the XEPs (at least not me).
      adds  4ca9842   add todo item to add timesouts to IQs
      adds  03d354a   added Disco support!
      adds  b098e9a   implemented service discovery mostly completly.
      adds  775262b   implemented IQ timeouts.
      adds  e2a6463   some minor changes and bugfixes
      adds  5fa3c63   renamed some files
      adds  4d46c6f   fixed roster bug
      adds  b532315   fixed type defaulting for messages
      adds  8f06945   finished subscription implementation and also added the 
possibility of forwarding all events of an object to some other object and 
forwarded all events from a IM::Connection to the Client.
      adds  9b967d9   fixed some issues and rounded up the client for usage in 
      adds  9c02950   sime fixes and changes
      adds  9763e16   fixed stream error
      adds  2c6c7f9   implemented utility function for client and found out 
that iq-auth is missing
      adds  f12ddd6   more utility functions for Client, set_presence etc.
      adds  32962ce   fixed some bugs with subscription
      adds  f5fc8e9   added todo item, presence erros are not caught
      adds  e82a0b9   added xml parser error callback
      adds  64de911   minor changes
      adds  abdbf8f   added some error handling for EOF ... err... disconnects 
from SSL
      adds  a12c670   implemented stanza errors
      adds  a7a9400   major documentation refresh. preparing for release
      adds  78f154d   further documentation
      adds  be5a5d9   Fixed an error wrt. to IQ error handling conformance
      adds  2dc0628   added aknowledment
      adds  d102b3f   todo file updates
      adds  9594817   fixed some broken links in the documentation and moved 
errors to seperate files.
      adds  6059d3a   last changes and now it's uploaded to CPAN!
      adds  23c14c8   fixed some typos and such
      adds  b5530a3   fixed some more typos
      adds  d6561ad   added first real example
      adds  5ec8913   fixed documentation broken link
      adds  c25d14b   added simxml() function for simpler xml writing and made 
writing of data segmented.
      adds  94afc75   added limit_searcher
      adds  7a4e056   fixed some bugs in max write length and limit searcher
      adds  fe8c029   implemented dataforms - phew! that was a bullet of work
      adds  67478b7   fixed some bugs, redesigned disco mechanism, probably 
added some bugs, added samples/disco_test example.
      adds  daebf8b   fixed some bugs in the error handling
      adds  4c63adf   added room listing sample
      adds  beb521e   added some more examples  ... err.. utilities
      adds  6717c5a   fixed error in bind iq handling
      adds  fee5979   some changes...
      adds  77069a8   added development client example
      adds  48bff65   further improved devcl and added iq_xml
      adds  4c4a22f   added some documentation for the examples.
      adds  770c52d   finished up the next release.
      adds  bc40f35   added send_*_hook event hooks
      adds  e6a8166   removed some todo items
      adds  76bf67e   minor doc fixes and i should put some stuff in the 
synopsises sometime
      adds  68ab9b3   added disco_version example
      adds  60d82ba   fixed minor issue with disco
      adds  22cf02c   added initial_presence argument to the IM::Connection and 
the Client. added and upgraded some examples. further work on the registration 
      adds  09f0a0d   lots of changes. added as_string to Net::XMPP2::Node to 
restore the original xml document part of a stanza or subtree. also implemented 
the jabber component protocol.
      adds  c3fdd34   added sax event generator for Net::XMPP2::Node. now other 
people got the serious ability to interface nicely with Net::XMPP2 by either 
generating the original stanza string and parsing it or let 
$node->to_sax_events () generate their DOM tree.
      adds  94ee723   documentation update
      adds  3d1384a   changed some events to reflect the new meaning of event 
callback return values.
      adds  6a5962e   changed subscription semantics
      adds  26434a9   added pubsub file
      adds  9173c17   Release of version 0.03
      adds  34d2f2b   changed example a bit before the release
      adds  9436be6   changed wording a bit for the release
      adds  67c0c08   implemented OOB and fixed bugs in Disco and further 
developed in band registration.
      adds  2452737   fixed small thing in register form
      adds  bebe1b9   removed a bogus todo item
      adds  90df551   Finally implemented the last parts of in band 
registration. Let me call it 'in band frustration'!
      adds  965ff1b   Added registration example which I used for testing.
      adds  1ebb36a   Fixed some bugs in OOB and registration.
      adds  488a99c   fixed some small bugs in the room lister
      adds  1c909b5   fixed some other bugs....
      adds  a8f3149   added example for registration to documentation
      adds  ec383fc   added send_stanza_data callback which i missed to 
      adds  bcf52e7   added changes entry for last commit
      adds  54749c6   added script for load test
      adds  6f95a77   fixed it
      adds  6d9a110   updated load test
      adds  bbf28c3   fixing up for release of 0.04
      adds  d8702ba   this is version 0.04 finally
      adds  ece3ff2   the README has now also changed
      adds  dc7635f   typo
      adds  c30eaa0   fixed some documentation errors
      adds  9178911   fixed other things in documentation
      adds  3bdc551   added some nice documentation for OOB
      adds  9a787c4   fixed documentation bug
      adds  b2fc0f0   improved the documentation of the registration 
considerably, also fixed some minor detail.
      adds  56e8b96   bumped version and added first changes
      adds  477e32b   fixed bug with enable_feature
      adds  37fdc1e   reformatted a bit
      adds  3a3a6fa   fixed a bug in submit_form, i wonder how this worked?
      adds  92234fe   added testing-framework and already fixed some bugs
      adds  01ae11d   fixed up the message test
      adds  8823abd   added discovery test and added multiple identites support 
to disco
      adds  3eb3190   further enhancements of the tests and minor improvements 
in the module
      adds  8e40167   release of version 0.05
      adds  e7a99e0   forgot to put in a date for the release
      adds  61346a0   finally commit iq auth
      adds  d34a838   updated todo a bit
      adds  5b5129d   interception of events implemented
      adds  a12ee10   cleaned up a bit the stringprep in some places so that we 
can preserve case of the JIDs in places we want to.
      adds  33606ce   changes documented
      adds  3789429   added presence subscription test and fixed subscription 
events a bit.
      adds  e370209   added first MUC skeleton
      adds  77a92ce   first prototype of MUC implementation finished.
      adds  43499d2   Further work on the multi user chat support. It's gonna 
be a long way...
      adds  3dd0e2c   decided that i don't need to do this:    - rename 
$acc->bare_jid to $acc->prep_bare_jid makes sense enough to have bare_jid and 
that it's prepped, unprepped it doens't make sense and there is also ->jid for 
other purposes
      adds  c21585f   added todo items
      adds  59a899a   implemented XEP-0082 (and made test for it). added some 
features to MUC implementation.
      adds  a3a00d1   added support for delayed stanzas (untested) and XEP-0091 
and XEP-0203.
      adds  fda6c90   added todo item for delayed delivery
      adds  c535ab3   implemented first version of messaging in MUC
      adds  2cb2927   Implemented and improved private message API and added 
test for that.
      adds  b371d4d   renamed file
      adds  01bc0a3   implemented software version requests (XEP-0092).
      adds  d1fd546   fixed some minor problem with test error reporting.
      adds  4554fc0   Documented the test suite a bit more.
      adds  7250ab7   release 0.06
      adds  8d1486a   added minor todo item and updated disco_version to use 
the new extension, YAY!
      adds  2bf1b85   changed things
      adds  8210255   Added version information to the documentation of the 
extensions for the XEPs. Added no warnings to and changed timeout in 
      adds  8ca47f3   additions to MUC and fixed encoding decl in writer and 
changed simxml semantics.
      adds  5f3e98a   implemented nickchanges and fixed a bug in the old test.
      adds  c66d1bc   added note about digest::sha1 being also for oldstyle iq 
      adds  0e61ea3   added some files of not much value to repository
      adds  4380248   fixed pod errors, kind of.
      adds  3ccbec0   fixed small typo
      adds  e77c090   minor enhancement in add_account and connection handling.
      adds  421537b   minor change in Net::XMPP2::Event
      adds  5858d2d   small improvements in Net::XMPP2::Event
      adds  8ce085b   implemented XEP-0199 and added tests for it.
      adds  8125a4a   implemented whitespace ping and added note to ping 
      adds  ba36dd4   release 0.07
      adds  90bac70   set project site
      adds  b4a78ff   fixed glitches in tests
      adds  882f035   removed debugging code from z_05_muc2 and added 
setup_testenv_openfire script
      adds  30a8bfa   added disco_info example
      adds  1ae4d48   updated disco_info example
      adds  73055a9   fixed small bug in disco_info
      adds  0235c1f   fixed bug in whitespace ping and added data form 
retrieval in disco_info
      adds  b4d01ba   added character filter functions
      adds  bcf5169   added documentation for the filter xml chars feature.
      adds  584ad57   fixed typo in documentation
      adds  267ab7a   fixed also potential bug in ping extension
      adds  1412fd3   added a sample bot
      adds  c457ad2   fixed small issue in and added new samples
      adds  706746f   added plain talkbot
      adds  95c4acd   readied up everything for a release
      adds  0150231   added release notes
      adds  8fedb2a   fixed documentation bug about registration extension
      adds  23aad6c   added roster retrieval example
      adds  2fe43b8   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  e8b072a   fixed a bug in and added files to MANIFEST
      adds  eac096d   fixed an important bug with namespace handling and 
readied up for release 0.09
      adds  e32b033   fixed a bug in the is_room function
      adds  fae826b   fixed cpan bug #29724: Problems with OS X
      adds  f74c40d   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  f4746b7   mixed up the changes
      adds  c217cb1   fixed a bug in MUC::RoomInfo
      adds  43a093f   added documentation to request_configuration and 
      adds  80ab2f5   implemented subject changing for rooms and made it easier 
to write MUC tests.
      adds  143ef46   revert the last change to talkbot_channel
      adds  dfb0312   fixed a small bug in set_xmpp_ns_alias
      adds  f0d81ba   implemented a very old style authentication method for 
backward compatibility
      adds  68738e6   cleared the quesion about the to attribute of outgoing 
      adds  9e44a96   fixed some race condition in the client abstraction
      adds  c248532   added changes entry
      adds  5abcfe8   fixed serious bug that the last fix in 
      adds  3959cc8   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  bf0832d   added changes entry
      adds  23b896c   fixed bare_jid problem
      adds  a1c4caf   fixed a bug where subscription didn't work anymore, 
thanks to my regressions tests
      adds  ad026af   added tutorial in german for the german perl workshop
      adds  402ace6   reverted the bare_jid crazyness and implemented some kind 
of chat session tracking
      adds  a3f0c7a   release version + typo fix in Net::XMPP2::Event
      adds  27ede64   added sendmsg example and checked in further work on the 
      adds  078608e   minor interface changes
      adds  97dac63   further work on the tutorial
      adds  1dea66f   added documentation hints about override_host and 
override_port and made override_port work if no override_host is provided.
      adds  72bc091   rechtschreibkorrektur
      adds  460756c   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  8b2da33   fixed a bug w.r.t. init method
      adds  a2a18f1   improved thedocumentation a bit
      adds  196e2da   checked in slides for the GPW
      adds  714127b   further work on the slides
      adds  b6661b1   slides ready
      adds  931eb1d   fixes
      adds  cf2092c   added nickcollision callback, fixed some errors in the 
documentation and added a xmpp_datetime_as_timestamp utility function.
      adds  4ee06fd   made the changes entries for the last commit
      adds  972c82d   next version of the slides
      adds  99960d0   tagungsband
      adds  249c556   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  141d8ef   added get_users
      adds  3fe9e6f   pointed out a rough edge in the documentation
      adds  4ec76b0   added 'use strict' for better kwalitee score after next 
      adds  e0b3b22   tweaked tests a bit, and added use strict, and fixed some 
small bug in Ext::Version, and updated the pod-coverage test.
      adds  9cbbda8   updated changes
      adds  aadb316   removed the events test and updated the documentation for 
the new release
      adds  cac8f36   removed Event from 00-load test
      adds  da3dcc9   added description to the skeleton
      adds  fcbcce7   fixed connection error issues
      adds  1d26e24   added vcard extension
      adds  2dd28ed   added two items of high concern
      adds  1be2d82   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  6b22757   fixed a serious bug in split_jid and added socket_timeout
      adds  24669e9   fixed a bug with disconnect event propagation by 
      adds  26782bc   rewrote parts of the MUC test suite. and removed some 
TODO items.
      adds  38c43da   implemented VCard extension.
      adds  259572c   added simple avatar storage script and removed Event 
usage from simple_register_example
      adds  d311f35   improved send_iq documentation a bit
      adds  9d5aaca   extended documentation w.r.t. event callbacks and 
BS::Event usage.
      adds  fa465a8   changed connect api from blocking to non-blocking
      adds  fd8ab3f   made connects non-blocking
      adds  dd790bf   released version 0.12
      adds  830478a   fixed as_string of Net::XMPP2::Node.
      adds  a5af98e   removed some todo items
      adds  1916439   updated pod coverage because i'm a kwalitee whore
      adds  2fbd73e   implemented waiting for empty send buffers and custom 
create_cb for Net::XMPP2::IM::Message
      adds  38963a6   removed the buggy write-waiting and implemented drain 
      adds  a5554ba   using Object::Event instead of BS::Event.
      adds  4ed8ade   released 0.13
      adds  fdbbd21   added release date
      adds  ed6b73d   fixed typos
      adds  19a2425   added example for simxml
      adds  b6970ca   updated changes
      adds  d5eff2b   fixed a bug in debugging
      adds  3e0f917   added preliminary pubsub code
      adds  7e36b1e   fixed a bug in simple_component
      adds  1c545cb   connect isn't blocking anymore
      adds  0eafa40   applied git:// 
      adds  c303748   added pubsub contributions
      adds  f4e3764   last release as Net::XMPP2, version 0.14
      adds  363ac86   some minor additions to pubsub
      adds  f17f660   fixed some typos
      adds  1121a82   minor typo
      adds  bd44454   renamed Net::XMPP2 to AnyEvent::XMPP.
      adds  a301719   some documentation fixes and fixed from attributes in 
      adds  4b59301   fixed from fix.
      adds  ac039ae   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  d3f5464   some changes on ::Client and ::Account
      adds  e5d1969   typo fix, thanks @ Johansson Olle E
      adds  9eb6a33   small fix with missing importet symbol.
      adds  1599d6d   minor changes.
      adds  c83bec6   implemented AnyEvent::Handle/Socket support.
      adds  c64c885   muc history implemented
      adds  f0182a4   removed some todos, added patch from ky6uk.
      adds  5c1675e   release notes for 0.2.
      adds  2f88e31   more documentation cleanups.
      adds  c42fd88   bumped copyright, and added note about CONTRIBUTORS file.
      adds  e417a72   added release date.
      adds  a5a6321   minor renames.
      adds  3814207   log message fixes.
      adds  972c041   fixed bad parameter passing.
      adds  a98b86a   more fixes with parameter passing.
      adds  63a9863   hopefully fixed RT #42194.
      adds  b6b6294   replaced service name 'xmpp' with 'xmpp-client'.
      adds  a1989e9   further clarification w.r.t. RT #42194.
      adds  d90be5c   forgot some debugging output.
      adds  595bbc1   reversed sasl host vs. domain madness.
      adds  ec871a9   fixed bad service name.
      adds  ba0577d   added todo item and minor reformat.
      adds  21703ae   clarified the documentation a bit.
      adds  34463fb   pass the hostname to SASL for now.
      adds  eaa8b4b   added todo item.
      adds  fd23f39   improved documentation of show.
      adds  2fbaaa6   fixed bug in set_account/remove_account.
      adds  308cdae   removed some IO::Socket uses, to prevent warnings.
      adds  97b31b9   removed more warnings.
      adds  a7e5996   bumped version, release preparation.
      adds  1097e26   updating README.
      adds  1899cf1   added date to version. this is release_0.3
      adds  82339ac   added todo item.
      adds  c058128   added note about TCP to connect/disconnect.
      adds  799d57b   added todo item w.r.t. vcard.
      adds  eebc469   added $dont_retrieve_vcard.
      adds  085f979   added another item.
      adds  f4cf577   added support for old-style SSL connections.
      adds  8bdc92d   removed unneccessary note about TLS.
      adds  6ad3d2f   changed irc contact.
      adds  e6b7e0b   added status presence subscription event arguments
      adds  f69fa89   added 'own contact' functionality.
      adds  02e6be1   fixed get_contact w.r.t. own contact.
      adds  f48c3f7   minor fixes in ::Ext::MUC.
      adds  2c58357   add stream_version_override for fixed iq auth test
      adds  90e5954   bumped version to 0.4.
      adds  fda28db   typo fix.
      adds  ef8508e   working on new muc.
      adds  b655100   added note about connect().
      adds  b629b03   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  d1b01a3   sasl domain vs. hostname 'fix' reversal.
      adds  c5c6a14   Merge branch 'master' into newmuc
      adds  be17487   rewrote MUC extension to a more sane API.
      adds  99469ef   rewrote MUC a bit more, and fixed tests.
      adds  e2ae2c1   updated talkbot_channel to new MUC API.
      adds  1a72058   added more disco_feature infos.
      adds  9395c32   added get_rooms to ::Ext::MUC.
      adds  65ab7dc   added leave argument.
      adds  6d27260   added connection method for ::Ext::MUC::Room.
      adds  c0241ee   added from_nick and is_private to ::MUC::Message.
      adds  9997dd7   Allow the definition of the current default namespace to 
change per conn.
      adds  690149e   xmpp_datetime_as_timestamp to return always UTC.
      adds  571e712   xmpp_datetime_as_timestamp finally really fixed.
      adds  6baf235   rooms are now also properly removed from ::Ext::MUC on 
      adds  c790256   let the connection stay with the room object...
      adds  8d2327f   only groupchat messages can be echoes.
      adds  d96c3c6   added forwarding inhibition.
      adds  2f6770e   documented ejabberd bug.
      adds  317360e   Removed extra .DS_Store files
      adds  d958210   added iq_xml override possibility and doc.
      adds  01f2388   Fix: Component was still using override_host, start using 
      adds  8ed8e6e   Backwards compatible: allow for use of 'server' as a 
alias to 'host'
      adds  b4d8fad   Merge commit 'melo/component_fixes'
      adds  2b41937   added test for connecting a component.
      adds  8dd2687   integrated component test into my test setup.
      adds  a71848a   release 0.4 preparations.
      adds  8558612   forgot two files in manifest.
      adds  22fbcf0   reformats and typo fixes.
      adds  37b39c8   added todo item w.r.t. documentation of MUC.
      adds  6dc51b0   Added code to break circular references
      adds  1467a2d   Merge branch 'master'; commit 'melo/fix_connection_leaks'
      adds  acc4fb6   free expat structures correctly.
      adds  e7c642d   With ->release(), we don't need to reset our handlers
      adds  fcc5b3b   added changes entry about fixed memleaks.t
      adds  bcb79a3   Handle XMPP URIs in PubSub Extension.
      adds  c3244b2   added backward compat notes.
      adds  2e09104   adjusted test setup.
      adds  57ff297   fixed tests a bit.
      adds  d22eb70   last changes.
      adds  05508b6   updated README.
      adds  faa01d2   fixed small bug w.r.t. cleanup.
      adds  71d0a08   added changed entry.
      adds  59d4dc6   preparing maintenance release 0.51.
      adds  c79ac6f   added's patches.
      adds  d7e79df   fixed a problem with xmpp_datetime_as_timestamp.
      adds  a373002   forgot to change date in changes.
      adds  2bfc739   Fix send_iq_hook, send_message_hook, send_presence_hook
      adds  6939fe2   Enable create_cbs for MUC::Message as well
      adds  7a7a291   switch from Digest::SHA1 to Digest::SHA which is in core
      adds  9a2d74b   fix wrong date in Changes file
      adds  034f9d7   kill upcoming API change note
      adds  d1ea586   Fix parser error on auth failure
      adds  417ca8d   Bugfix: properly set $handled = 1 in IQ handlers (Thanks 
      adds  3ad6586   bump version to 0.53, update Changes
      adds  50ea1b6   add latest releases to perldoc
      adds  ca5f08f   update README
      adds  468b5b2   makefile: depend on Net::SSLeay
      adds  c006e67   Bugfix: don’t call ->release on destroyed object
      adds  4e8eaa8   add AnyEvent::XMPP::Ext::Receipts for XEP-0184 message 
receipt support
      adds  6e8a602   bump version to 0.54
      adds  6eed428   update Changes file
      adds  bfe2e1c   Receipts: skip re-send if this jabber account is offline
      adds  721b2ab   add repository information to META file
      adds  5255013   Bugfix: properly clear the disconnected callback
      adds  dbaa0fd   bump version to 0.55, update Changes file
      adds  d94e757   Imported Upstream version 0.55
       new  237588d   Merge tag 'upstream/0.55'
       new  e2e002b   Prepare for release: Update changelog and copyright info.

The 8 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                           |  5 ++++
 MANIFEST                          |  3 ++-
 META.json                         | 31 +++++++++++++++++++++++++
 META.yml                          | 48 ++++++++++++++-------------------------
 Makefile.PL                       | 10 ++++++++
 README                            |  6 ++++-
 debian/changelog                  | 18 +++++++++++++++
 debian/control                    |  2 +-
 debian/                 |  2 +-
 debian/copyright                  |  2 +-
 debian/copyright_hints            |  3 ++-
 debian/rules                      |  8 +++----
 debian/watch                      |  2 +-
 lib/AnyEvent/              |  8 +++++--
 lib/AnyEvent/XMPP/   |  2 +-
 lib/AnyEvent/XMPP/Ext/ |  4 ++++
 16 files changed, 109 insertions(+), 45 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 META.json

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