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 tagged by  Jonas Smedegaard
        on  Mon Jun 2 10:22:19 2014 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.017
Version: GnuPG v1


Jonas Smedegaard (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.017

Toby Inkster (136):
      initial version
      output Changes file
      proof of concept for DOAP processing
      print out log messages before doing whatever is being done
      remove roles from the base class
      factor RDF stuff out of the base Dist::Inkt package, so you could 
theoretically use it for non-RDF purposes
      manifest generation; tarball
      more tweaking
      copying of the bulk of a distribution's files
      Dist::Inkt ought to be self-hosting
      more doap processintg
      only process files that look like RDF, because I want to be able to stuff 
some Perl into meta too
      write out a preliminary Makefile.PL; todo EXE_FILES, dynamic_config
      will handle authors as part of CREDITS generating
      dependency declaration
      debian-style COPYRIGHT file
      CREDITS file, and fill in more of META.json/META.yml
      LICENSE file
      make it unnecessary to include an explicit version number in Maint.PL 
(which will be scrapped in favour of a proper command line app soon anyway)
      cuter output with Data::Dump
      META.json provides field
      README from pod
      prioritize copying of files
      refuse to overwrite existing files
      dist signing
      dynamic config
      wipe away old dir first
      EXE_FILES support
      some docs; don't expect much more than that :-)
      get rid of Maint.PL
      clear working directory when finished building tarball
      support File::ShareDir
      copy boilerplate documents
      magically handle "inc" directories when running tests
      if DYNAMIC_CONFIG.PL exists, then set dynamic_config=>1 in META.yml/json
      add Module::Signature to deps
      include eg/examples in `no_index` (even though we have a provide 
`provides` so `no_index` ought to be ignored anyway)
      pod coverage
      Added tag 0.001 for changeset dd77e51bd513
      add shebang
      avoid empty x_contributors
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.002 for changeset ee61db333b34
      older ExtUtils::MakeMaker doesn't support multiple authors
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.003 for changeset 1a88390734a3
      on pre-TEST_REQUIRES versions of MakeMaker, throw testing deps in with 
build deps, not configure deps
      attempt to support ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.17
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.004 for changeset e9b974b806d4
      use RDF::DOAP::Project instead of RDF::DOAP::ChangeSets, thus removing 
our dependency on Module::Install
      use RDF::DOAP to build the maintainter/contributor/thanks lists too
      force stringification of credits
      don't forget the 'author' key too
      use RDF::DOAP to prepare data for META.yml/json when possible
      support x_help_wanted
      bump version; changelog
      depend on newer version of RDF::DOAP
      Added tag 0.005 for changeset 508b5ad018e6
      guess some copyrights
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.006 for changeset 78d64f46602c
      rename META.ttl -> doap.ttl
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.007 for changeset e2bcf328be15
      Makefile.PL conflicts checking
      support version ranges properly; fix conflicts checking logic
      bail out if there's a build or configure time conflict
      x_breaks in META.json
      don't add x_provides_scripts if it's not needed
      allow source_for_readme to be set in dist.ini
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.008 for changeset 5b763b38314c
      Makefile.PL fixes
      bump version; changelog
      another bugfix
      Added tag 0.009 for changeset fb05b9129b5d
      some useful env vars for debugging
      optional features
      add prereqs for optional features using dynamic config
      bump version; changelog
      output an INSTALL file, including details about optional features
      make optional feature selection available to dynamic_config stuff
      Added tag 0.010 for changeset 0e2ce0861d19
      output license codes that conform to CPAN::Meta::Spec
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.011 for changeset 04e8e28a534c
      note crappiness
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.012 for changeset 1b6076b6936b
      better minimum perl detection in Makefile.PL
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.013 for changeset 621e156efe37
      bundle a script that generates a .travis.yml file
      add explicit list of tests to Makefile.PL
      newer Path::Tiny includes its own roughly compatible subsumes method
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.014 for changeset 3e413e296ed0
      use github conventions to fill out more repo info
      bump version; changelog
      Added tag 0.015 for changeset e915e3d2fc92
      these two roles do not seem to require RDFModel
      split out RDF/TOBYINK-specific stuff into separate class (eventually 
separate dist)
      rationalize Dist::Inkt::Role::WriteCOPYRIGHT
      rename Core->Simple; other profiles should probably not extend it
      Simple should do a bit more by default
      default, somewhat sane way to read some metadata
      example using simple profile
      can write LICENSE file without needing to handle RDF
      complain if missing key fields
      cpanfile support
      use RDF::DOAP::Lite
      split quite a lot of stuff out into separate distributions
      should not need this conditional any more
      update docs
      more SEE ALSO
      Added tag 0.016 for changeset 6e7767ec4eec
      make Simple profile simpler to use
      bump version; changelog


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