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intrigeri pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/2.002003
in repository libmoo-perl.

        at  69d374b   (tag)
   tagging  89c2a494ebeedfd497817302dec1dff98823e1f8 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/2.001001
 tagged by  intrigeri
        on  Sat Jun 25 08:00:15 2016 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.002003

Graham Knop (132):
      fix test for long identifiers in Sub::Quote
      generate deferred subs via eval
      t::lib::INCModule -> InlineModule
      stop using confusing t:: names in tests
      inline test modules in tests
      use Moo::_strictures consistently in tests
      set @ISA at BEGIN time
      test error from defer_sub with unqualified name
      remove unused _in_global_destruction function
      clean up trailing newlines in tests
      names for coerce from type tests
      prevent using HandleMoose when disabled, even if it is loaded
      make sure we are fully bootstrapped before injecting into Moose
      refactor constructor generate_method into single assignment
      keep numbers numeric in quotify
      don't load C::M::M until modifiers are actually applied
      only use eval in Sub::Defer when required
      add no_defer option to Sub::Quote::quote_sub
      don't use deferred subs for attributes
      comment about numeric detection
      refactor Moo::Role::import
      re-add missing role meta method
      make fake naming subs in test return correct value
      stop using FindBin in test
      move global destruction test back into separate file
      allow blocking modules via InlineModule
      test Sub::Defer without Sub::Name or Sub::Util
      test populate with no test or default
      test all method overwrite cases
      test changing @ISA without interfering with new
      test _cap_call with no captures
      test _maybe_load_module with nonexistent module
      test inheriting from non-Moo class with deferred new
      test unquote_sub with unknown sub
      test capture_unroll erroring on bad variable types
      test SUB_QUOTE_DEBUG
      test quote_sub no_install and no_defer options
      test perlstring fallback
      test _subname without Sub::Name or Sub::Util
      test modifying non-existent method
      test extending from Moo class with overridden new
      test some Moo::Role errors
      test Moo::Object::does without Moo::Role
      better naming for <5.8.3 weaken check
      don't allow overwriting with an asserter
      move variable declaration for clarity
      show origin line of generated deferred subs
      use _load_module for loading roles as handles declarations
      load Moo::_mro where used rather than via _Utils
      _concrete_methods_of now excludes undef methods
      test passing a class name to handles
      test passing non class to apply_single_role_to_package
      test missing attribute specs in apply_roles_to_package
      test applying role with attributes to non Moo class
      refactor not-both test and check for non-class with empty MAKERS
      make ordering more obvious when checking missing perlstring
      test Moose inflation of Mouse duplicate attribute data
      test that does will not inflate Moose metaclass
      test attribute inflation with isa and no coerce
      fix reversed weaken readonly check
      restore accidentally removed jenga tests
      follow passed in quote_opts for accessors
      make all $] checks consistent
      remove Method::Inliner
      fix test for around on missing method
      test with strictures on win32
      enable fatal warnings in prove runs
      croak rather than die
      fix croak location for inlined BUILDARGS
      generate accessor subs in package skipped by carp
      clean up setting defaults when applying role to object
      make inhaled isa checks inlineable
      todo test for inhaled isa error location
      croak changelog
      Merge branch 'croak'
      tweak to Changes
      Bumping version to 2.002_000
      Release commit for 2.002_000
      test MGA::_sanitize_name
      move MGA::_sanitize_name -> SQ::sanitize_identifer
      use sanitize_identifier for Moose type inhale
      make defer_info exportable
      document exports from Sub::Quote
      improve docs for quote_sub
      test quote opts on MGA::generate_method
      make fulltest work on win32
      META shouldn't exist in repo
      fix test_no_xs target when run from release
      allow testing jenga-gd against non-lib
      test quotify preserving numeric
      always use quote context options if given
      testing for preserving context in quote_sub
      protect quote_sub warning tests from SUB_QUOTE_DEBUG
      imports should be before "use Moo"
      test preserving hints in when code is inlined
      don't install quoted subs with no_install+no_defer
      fix hints arg to quote_sub
      extra protection on ref id inflation
      report location where constructor was generated in @ISA change error
      pass original invoker to parent non-Moo new
      make quoted internals a hashref
      refactor unquote_sub
      delay context generation
      take sub definition package from context
      todo tests for refs in hintshash
      appveyor config
      add appveyor badge
      Sub::Defer attributes
      Sub::Quote attributes
      attributes changelog
      add fake lvalue return to deferred wrapper
      skip Mouse tests on perl < 5.8.9
      Bumping version to 2.002_001
      use short_error_log from Carp to avoid arg stringification
      handle nonconforming errors in tests
      Release commit for 2.002_001
      load Carp::Heavy to ensure its internals are available
      Bumping version to 2.002002
      Release commit for 2.002002
      protect tests against random foreign hints (cperl)
      skip hints from context test on perl < 5.8
      better badge url for appveyor
      avoid passing slash in first parameter in makefile
      prevent local functions from interfering with generated code
      work around nmake bug
      Bumping version to 2.002003
      avoid fatal warnings in demolish error
      Release commit for 2.002003

Karen Etheridge (1):
      fix unescaped braces in regex (RT#114338)

Lucas Kanashiro (1):
      fix typo in Sub::Defer docs

intrigeri (1):
      Imported Upstream version 2.002003


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