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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libx11-xcb-perl.

      from  7745562   update changelog
      adds  0c62573   Initial commit
      adds  0e23def   Add more files to git
      adds  8401774   Replace enums in lib/X11/ before building, 
      adds  56e79b8   Fix path issues
      adds  c98d74b   Remove auto-generated file XCB.xs from git
      adds  81126cd   bindings: Process constants for message types, add EWMH 
      adds  3be2889   lib: Correctly send a client message instead of just 
changing the property
      adds  308dd0f   Add modeline, retab! and reformat
      adds  17a9daf   Add modeline, retab! files
      adds  1c7691b   Bugfix: return X11::XCB::Rect instead of a hash if the 
window has no parents
      adds  f12b990   lib: Do not create atom if it does not exist, die on 
accessing the id
      adds  9e5d483   add modeline, retab!
      adds  52c7057   add testcase for X11::XCB::Atom
      adds  6587b46   lib: Add support for window type
      adds  2fd3392   retab!, use char* instead of void*
      adds  1c60ddd   lib: apply window type if it was set before creating
      adds  2b6d8fe   lib: add exists() to ::Atom, return geometry of the top 
window in rect() in list context
      adds  59ab55f   Implement unmap, attributes, mapped. Fix fullscreen hint 
when mapping window
      adds  6743c5a   Implement coercion from ArrayRef to X11::XCB::Rect
      adds  ec42318   Implement support for the Xinerama protocol part
      adds  0a4f80f   Implement screens method in X11::XCB::Connection
      adds  aecd89c   Add missing use
      adds  ccdb66f   Implement X11::XCB::Color, add ::Screen to git
      adds  029f62e   Add testcase for ::Color
      adds  930dbd6   simplify getting the color pixel
      adds  fedbbbf   Use X11::XCB::Color in ::Window, add coercion rule
      adds  44d2c7f   Add test for ::Screen
      adds  87e33e9   *doh*
      adds  c434783   Use iterators, not all lists are directly accessible
      adds  a0fb82f   add build requirements to Makefile.PL
      adds  b473349   wrap maincode of into a function
      adds  2747fda   cleanup here-docs
      adds  736e1f1   libified, use EU'PkgConfig
      adds  c1e78ed   renamed:    X11-XCB-XS/ -> 
      adds  7b0890f   Remove debugging output
      adds  e5aa0c7   Use more pkg-config
      adds  e998d53   Move X11-XCB-XS/* to top folder
      adds  077c94f   Rescue dependencies for building the XS part
      adds  202a833   t/01-atom.t: avoid the use of TryCatch and use 
      adds  a1c2807   Fix suffering from buffering: close output handles
      adds  4aa8384   Makefile.PL: avoid IO::All
      adds  e56be04   Refactoring: X11::XCB::Connection is no longer a singleton
      adds  1006cae   t/04-window.t: use coerced rect, sleep shorter
      adds  9ba837a   Correctly initialize display
      adds  d30715d   Update perldoc for X11::XCB
      adds  56f9b2e   Remove the need to call ->create on X11::XCB::Window, it 
will be called implicitly now
      adds  41be3d4   Increase pod coverage
      adds  6906e0c   Update manifest, use version number _001 for development 
      adds  e983e46   Correctly typecast intArray, this eliminates nearly all 
      adds  c75576c   Use Module::Install
      adds  613d7ba   Remove obsolete X11-XCB-XS/
      adds  f9a23e5   Load version info from in Makefile.PL
      adds  9f8d646   Link against -lxcb and -lxcb-xinerama
      adds  e5e7e4b   Update dependencies
      adds  f1a3585   Switch from TryCatch to Try::Tiny (less dependencies)
      adds  2a81367   Add wrapper for xcb_connection_has_error
      adds  e64bf0a   die() if the connection could not be established
      adds  f2bf513   Skip tests if we have no X connection
      adds  6cc0a05   Bugfix: Pass $self instead of $self->conn
      adds  1e4582e   Bugfix: Directly use $self instead of ->conn
      adds  bcf7950   Bugfix: Use $self->_conn instead of singletons
      adds  6376a5c   Release new development version
      adds  6d0f545   Implement setting hints (only the urgency hint atm)
      adds  d0330e4   Hints need -lxcb-icccm
      adds  93a84d1   Add support for setting the rect of a window (resizes the 
      adds  fcd79c8   Fix generating XS with newer versions of xcb-proto
      adds  7e03604   Implement WM_TRANSIENT_FOR, WM_CLIENT_LEADER, fix 
      adds  0255f7e   Bugfix: typo
      adds  c980db5   bump version to _003 (new CPAN upload)
      adds  255d83d   bugfix: WM_CLIENT_LEADER has to contain the id of the 
window, not a pointer to it
      adds  980b3ca   Remove use_test_base, we don’t actually use Test::Base
      adds  2460397   we need Module::Install::XSUtil
      adds  80617a1   screens: fall back to X root screen dimensions if 
Xinerama is not available
      adds  bdb50fa   remove debug message
      adds  04d7f65   don’t always toggle fullscreen state, use add/remove 
      adds  69333de   Add warp_pointer method to X11::XCB::Window
      adds  5f8ba13   bump version for new cpan upload
      adds  102944b   Rename 'type' to 'window_type' because 'type' seems to be 
reserved in newer Moose versions (Thanks Lourens)
      adds  9c10a77   Add author_requires for Module::Install::XSUtil (Thanks 
      adds  0322db7   Bump version to _005
      adds  c09b66a   s/cc_append_to_libs/cc_libs for newer 
      adds  e901fe5   add MANIFEST.SKIP to git
      adds  5b123e6   remove MANIFEST from git
      adds  11f446a   add .gitignore
      adds  52f8a4a   update MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  bf11181   bump version to 0.01_006
      adds  2f55ee9   add pm_to_blib
      adds  4a404e6   Add support for setting size hints
      adds  bbaa4f6   bugfix: use ->id instead of scalar when setting 
      adds  e5b2fc3   add INSTALL.SKIP to not install and 
      adds  8007b04   remove pm_to_blib from repo
      adds  2fba35d   add more perldoc to *.pm
      adds  db71da9   t/01-atom.t: use a more well-known atom (PRIMARY instead 
      adds  f244db0   bump version
      adds  987970c   Provide the void value for get_property_reply as SV
      adds  3ac7acc   add Test::Exception as dependency (Thanks fernandotcl)
      adds  18706bb   Bugfix: Don’t use undef as default value but use 
predicate. Fixes compat with Moose 1.23 (Thanks fernandotcl)
      adds  3b4ac5f   Add border property to X11::XCB::Window
      adds  fb7ad22   Bugfix: _mapped needs to be set to 0 when unmapping
      adds  e8b4284   Implement destroy() for X11::XCB::Window
      adds  73ada5b   fix X11 error by creating the window before changing the 
      adds  25bb31d   Implement wait_for_event, poll_for_event, 
      adds  98f76fb   implement event_mask property for X11::XCB::Window
      adds  555d828   implement 'protocols' property for X11::XCB::Window
      adds  f927e12   Make X11::XCB compatible with the latest and greatest 
      adds  a8be5ac   also update XCB_util to use the new xcb_icccm_ function 
      adds  66d1745   Bump version to 0.02
      adds  4b0728b   add ICCCM constants for WM_STATE, generate constants only 
      adds  2ba00b2   Implement X11::XCB::Window#state to get WM_STATE
      adds  9499927   Bugfix: Don’t overwrite $state
      adds  4d3be0f   ExtUtils::PkgConfig already checks for pkg-config
      adds  62ab750   move &spit from Makefile.PL to
      adds  35b5eb0   document additional M:I modules, don't author_require them
      adds  0d9ff33   Let M:I::XSUtil provide the autogenerated ppport.h
      adds  b51cf97   check with EU:PkgConfig if needed xcb packages are 
      adds  7071434   let the author generate the XS
      adds  8935bd9   let XS add the constants to $EXPORT_TAGS{all}
      adds  a03ce57   generated *.typedefs need to be included into the MANIFEST
      adds  df8ce04   move handwritten XS from to XCB.xs
      adds  c10a086   Use Mouse instead of Moose
      adds  46aa711   Correctly indent variable definitions in generated XS
      adds  9ac95b3   autobeautify my code:
      adds  ccbf2c7   make argument popping the first statement everywhere
      adds  1640200   requests always return a cookie
      adds  08dc2fe   requests might return NULL replies, if so, croak
      adds  11cb73f   get namespace from xml instead of generating it
      adds  d50a2c4   reorder code: parse the xml only once
      adds  afd3208   11cb73fe failed to append an underscore to the prefix
      adds  06a5305   extract template code from do_struct
      adds  9e02ff2   rename &mangle to xcb_name
      adds  651f008   extract template code from do_requests
      adds  551b62d   introduce XML::Descent, convert do_enums to the 
data-driven API
      adds  d9638ed   convert do_typedefs to the data-driven API
      adds  d55e672   convert do_structs to the data-driven API
      adds  e3487e3   fix $prefix once more
      adds  d298870   make selfcontained and directly 
      adds  58652af   use &spit to write
      adds  d2772ba   convert do_requests to the data-driven API
      adds  10dec47   prune dead lua-code
      adds  d88bbce   check if <field /> already supplied a value-mask-name
      adds  312bf80   let tmpl_* push their result; don't do it manually
      adds  8a2fda6   factor out decamelize from xcb_name; 
      adds  b111a13   move utility functions out of the way
      adds  e074301   use uint(8|16|32)_t throughout instead of plain int
      adds  90caa07   blacklist 'items' as a parametername, already in use by XS
      adds  aff3797   typeglob-assign @EXPORT_OK, save some memory
      adds  2b00ecc   migrate XCBConnectionPtr into X11::XCB namespace, use 
      adds  8d47c86   check if all author dependencies are met, provide helpful 
error msgs
      adds  62c1251   X11::XCB::Connection: require dependencies only when 
      adds  b2fce9f   remove Changes file, it wasn’t up-to-date anyways
      adds  90128c9   Makefile: add repository URL
      adds  ed179d6   Add Maik to authors/copyright
      adds  2a8bba1   Bump version
      adds  536a11a   manifest.skip: add bundled-libs tarballs
      adds  1ee47b8   include bundled copy of libxcb and xcb-proto
      adds  d2de207   avoid using xcb-util by copying the few lines of code we 
actually use
      adds  77bdc2f   GenerateMyXS: use bundled xcb-proto
      adds  237715a   makefile: compile and statically link in bundled libxcb
      adds  48dffab   bump version
      adds  6423f99   remove the check for python2.6 since python2.7 is also 
okay (Thanks SardemFF7)
      adds  ac5def3   bump version to 0.05
      adds  b736315   bump version to 0.06, disable automated testing
      adds  2a7a483   add missing X11::XCB::Event::PropertyNotify to git
      adds  7348eff   add xcb_get_conn: returns a pointer to the 
xcb_connection_t data structure
      adds  e902b5d   bump the version to 0.07
      adds  7dd701d   ::Window: fix add_hint by not using smartmatch (wrong)
      adds  e62cb0b   bump version to 0.08
      adds  011db82   support the wm_class/instance ::Window properties
      adds  dcc849e   bump version to 0.09
      adds  220707a   Revert "GenerateMyXS: use bundled xcb-proto"
      adds  b9c3f16   _GenerateMyXS: skip <doc> blocks in xcb-proto
      adds  ca017ce   run _GenerateMyXS at build time
      adds  e7d49eb   remove bundled-libs, they are not used anymore
      adds  dc8dd6b   bump version to 0.10
      adds  1dae347   use $(PERL) instead of hard-coded perl
      adds  83691c8   bump version to 0.11
      adds  c82733a   support the 'input' hint
      adds  71b25dc   bugfix: explicitly initialize hints with 0
      adds  bd12958   bump version to 0.12
      adds  6752140   add MYMETA.{yml,json} to .gitignore and MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  7d111a7   bump version to 0.13
      adds  1dfc5d1   don’t ship files generated by
      adds  b6a3ab8   bump version to 0.14
      adds  4af8c2a   ignore files created by perl, make, and vip 
swp files
      adds  fbc2975   improved dependency tracking on auto generated code
      adds  c1d9bb1   have make follow all inc files and catch changes to inc 
when xcb.c is modified
      adds  1e655fd   Gracefully fall back when Xinerama is not available
      adds  fbb3162   bump version to 0.15
      adds  2fe7a05   pod: specify =encoding utf-8
      adds  367dc92   Add ExtUtils::PkgConfig to configure_requires
      adds  ca512f6   Implement support for switch
      adds  12d4379   Bump version to 0.16
      adds  6d6ea2a   Imported Upstream version 0.16
       new  194fd93   Merge tag 'upstream/0.16'
       new  aa711dc   Update debian/changelog
       new  6e8bce7   Drop pod-encoding.patch, included upstream.
       new  6939d6a   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.8.
       new  8c89b38   Set bindnow linker flag in debian/rules.
       new  b113c53   Add a patch to fix a typo in the POD.
       new  a93df7c   releasing package libx11-xcb-perl version 0.16-1

The 7 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 MANIFEST                          |  1 +
 META.yml                          |  3 ++-
 Makefile.PL                       |  1 +                  | 16 ++++++++++++++++
 debian/changelog                  | 11 +++++++++--
 debian/control                    |  2 +-
 debian/patches/pod-encoding.patch | 19 -------------------
 debian/patches/series             |  2 +-
 debian/patches/spelling.patch     | 18 ++++++++++++++++++
 debian/rules                      |  2 ++
 lib/X11/                    |  2 +-
 lib/X11/XCB/             |  2 ++
 pm_to_blib                        |  0
 ppport.h                          |  8 ++++----
 14 files changed, 58 insertions(+), 29 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 debian/patches/pod-encoding.patch
 create mode 100644 debian/patches/spelling.patch
 create mode 100644 pm_to_blib

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