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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Fri Jul 1 16:14:00 2016 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.01

Aran Deltac (1):
      Silence MooseX::Attribute::Chained warnings with HTML::FormFu 2.0+.

Damyan Ivanov (1):
      Import original source of Catalyst-Controller-HTML-FormFu 1.00

Moritz Onken (13):
      RequestToken files
      RequestToken update
      removed c->log->debug from element::RequestToken
      + RequestToken was not a Hidden field, doh
      added tests_recursive to pick up RequestToken test on "make test"
      fixes problems with moosified controllers wrt to parent
      Added some tweaks to RequestToken for better form handling and error 
      fixed problem with build_per_context_instance
      fixes #67404 and #67571
      fixes 539965f0-7b0f-11e0-b729-7181c0b02281
      depend on HTML::FormFu 0.09

Nigel Metheringham (10):
      Merge pull request #3 from bluefeet/master
      Packaging and build tweaks
      Fixed the EOL test failures
      Fix up intermittent test error on aggregate tests
      Fix up complaints from Perl Critic
      Release of version 2.00
      Do version number updates by dzil/git
      Change example code to Moose based
      Converted modules to use Moose base syntax

bricas (2):
      tiny pod fix
      add description to pod (RT #41568). bump ver.

dandv (1):
      Fixed small POD typo

fireartist (95):
      new directories for repos layout change
      importing Catalyst-Controller-HTML-FormFu, DBIx-Class-FormFu, 
      patch from Michael Peterson to allow both application config AND 
      use HTML::FormFu::Preload
      fixed bug in Form() action.
      new 'config_file_path' option for FormConfig action
      fixed bug in Config action with config_file_path
      make INCLUDE_PATH an array-ref (required for Template::Alloy)
      make TT INCLUDE_PATH an arrayref, not a scalar.
      added config_callback support for parsing __uri_for()__ with config files.
      adding Changes and MANIFEST.SKIP
      adding basic use() testfile
      need to weaken context, as config_callback sub references it
      no longer load HTML::FormFu::Preload
      bump version no. for cpan release.
      documentation improvements, suggested by Marcus Ramberg
      documented config_file_path setting
      change INCLUDE_PATH behaviour to match new formfu / File::ShareDir feature
      added notice to docs
      change render_class_args to tt_args
      updated Changes.
      update Makefile.PL
      updated docs
      new actions: MultiForm, MultiFormConfig, MultiFormMethod
      some multiform fixes
      new model_stash setting to put Cat models on the form stash
      new 'multiform_constructor' option, added to the multiform after 
      fix fatal bug - only just tested it under builtin server
      made a start on some proper Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst tests.
      test 2 page multiform submission
      renamed tests, to guarantee run order
      add id attribute to form, to ensure we're using FormConfig
      test MultiFormMethod
      test multiform file uploads
      more details tests on multiform file-upload objects
      added missing prereqs
      improved docs, as suggested by Andeas (email 11/02/2008)
      don't fail if HTML::FormFu::MultiForm is missing - it's not being 
included with HTML-FormFu-0.03000.
      ensure forms from $c->form() get the query set.
      no longer ignore errors loading HTML::FormFu::MultiForm
      Switched from ACCEPT_CONTEXT to using 
      changed config examples to Config::General, to match Catalyst's core docs
      need to ignore errors loading MultiForm, after all - it isn't yet 
included in the HTML-FormFu dist
      bumped version no. + updated Changes file
      added Moose to prereqs
      switched to using HTML::FormFu's new config_file_path() method.
      bumped prereq version needed for HTML-FormFu - need 0.03004 for 
      bumped version no. for cpan release.
      only skip file upload test - not other MultiForm tests
      remove auto_install()
      fix deps
      bump version no. for cpan release.
      stop weaken() 'already weak' warnings
      run all files through perltidy
      provide custom Element/RequestToken value/default method(), as we can't 
set default() during new().
      remove debugging statements
      Constraint::RequestToken was calling $field->verify_token(), was gets the 
field value from $form->param_value,
      make more consistent with project code style.
      bump version no. for cpan release.
      bump version no. for cpan release.
      bumped version no. for cpan release
      bump prereq version no. of Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader
      fix missing prereqs.
      bump version no. for cpan release.
      new method-suffixes, so extra methods get run under different 
      update Changes file + fix typo
      bumped version no. for cpan release.
      test setting __uri_for(x)__ in a config file
      fix tests
      bumped version no. + updated Changes file for cpan release.
      In config_callback(), only run s/X/Y/ if m/X/
      fix POD link (RT #54836).
      added 'repository' to Makefile.PL
      remove length() from multiform/file-upload test - it currently giving me 
an off-by-1 error (encoding issue?)
      oops - edit missing from last commit!
      Incompatible Change: removed all previously deprecated methods
      bumped version no. and updated Changes for cpan release
      bumped version no. after failed pause upload
      bumped version no. after failed pause upload
      fix RequestToken classes to work with new Moosified HTML-FormFu
      resolve RT#55780
      fix mem leak by weakening ref to context
      add .git to MANIFEST.SKIP
      bump version no. for cpan release and update Changes file
      update repo to github
      switch from MooseX::ChainedAccessors to MooseX::Attribute::Chained
      update .gitignore
      update Changes file + version no. for cpan release
      updated .gitignore
      switch to Dist::Zilla
      remove need for Config::General
      only require MultiForm at runtime if needed
      remove MRO::Compat
      update Changes
      speed up tests with Test::Aggregate::Nested

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 2.01

lestrrat (1):
      Create directory if it doesn't exist

marcusramberg (2):
      Config callback
      Switch HTML-FormFu controller to use MRO::Compat

mariominati (3):
      extended default_action concept - option to let FormFu set a default 
action based on action name or action path - see pod
      extended localisation: formfu is trying to find a localisation in an 
array of localisation objects
      added support for __path_to()__ in config callback

omega (1):
      r22964@andreas-marienborgs-computer:  andreas | 2008-02-13 14:34:46 +0100


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