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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libcatalyst-controller-html-formfu-perl.

      from  a07f20d   update changelog
       new  cfd6115   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  f9a742b   Update debian/changelog
      adds  73742db   new directories for repos layout change
      adds  7a7a916   importing Catalyst-Controller-HTML-FormFu, 
DBIx-Class-FormFu, HTML-FormFu-Dojo from other repositories
      adds  a5a501c   extended default_action concept - option to let FormFu 
set a default action based on action name or action path - see pod
      adds  ee1624c   patch from Michael Peterson to allow both application 
config AND controller config, so globals can be set at the application level, 
but the controller specific config can amend or override those globals.
      adds  ca821d9   use HTML::FormFu::Preload
      adds  88c1d2a   extended localisation: formfu is trying to find a 
localisation in an array of localisation objects
      adds  5d87992   fixed bug in Form() action. wasn't getting as far as 
saving the $form to the stash
      adds  3c026e2   Create directory if it doesn't exist
      adds  0ec393e   new 'config_file_path' option for FormConfig action
      adds  2279807   fixed bug in Config action with config_file_path
      adds  7a5cc78   make INCLUDE_PATH an array-ref (required for 
      adds  db9fb8f   make TT INCLUDE_PATH an arrayref, not a scalar. make 
catalyst->log->debug() calls only if catalyst->debug() is true
      adds  ff125f0   added config_callback support for parsing __uri_for()__ 
with config files. bumped version no. for cpan release
      adds  e597ffc   adding Changes and MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  150b607   adding basic use() testfile
      adds  c957300   need to weaken context, as config_callback sub references 
      adds  7f88c4b   no longer load HTML::FormFu::Preload
      adds  9d8a96c   bump version no. for cpan release. update Changes file
      adds  ac30dad   documentation improvements, suggested by Marcus Ramberg
      adds  3e8e144   documented config_file_path setting
      adds  c4805e9   change INCLUDE_PATH behaviour to match new formfu / 
File::ShareDir feature
      adds  5bd6a7a   added notice to docs
      adds  ad0ed88   tiny pod fix
      adds  a264f7d   added support for __path_to()__ in config callback
      adds  efa6730   change render_class_args to tt_args
      adds  d439bd2   updated Changes. bumped version no. for cpan release
      adds  768624d   update Makefile.PL
      adds  1a5faf6   updated docs
      adds  988c619   new actions: MultiForm, MultiFormConfig, MultiFormMethod
      adds  ad44ae5   some multiform fixes
      adds  3247de0   new model_stash setting to put Cat models on the form 
      adds  7714600   new 'multiform_constructor' option, added to the 
multiform after 'constructor'
      adds  d447321   fix fatal bug - only just tested it under builtin server
      adds  2de2b58   made a start on some proper 
Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst tests. updated prereqs
      adds  5febae4   test 2 page multiform submission
      adds  4dfbd26   renamed tests, to guarantee run order
      adds  dcbb60f   add id attribute to form, to ensure we're using FormConfig
      adds  a7d2460   test MultiFormMethod
      adds  82dcfc3   test multiform file uploads
      adds  6ba0551   more details tests on multiform file-upload objects
      adds  5ad1c26    r22964@andreas-marienborgs-computer:  andreas | 
2008-02-13 14:34:46 +0100  Add test_requires for Test::WWW::Mechanize, we need 
1.16 or higher for post_ok
      adds  2d90006   added missing prereqs
      adds  2919a7e   improved docs, as suggested by Andeas (email 11/02/2008)
      adds  244a561   don't fail if HTML::FormFu::MultiForm is missing - it's 
not being included with HTML-FormFu-0.03000. bump version no. for cpan release. 
document 'model_stash' option. bump prereq version of HTML-FormFu. update 
Changes file. add multiform tests to MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  ea8deff   Config callback
      adds  214d9bf   ensure forms from $c->form() get the query set. remove 
'config_file_ext' config setting - warn if it's used. switch to using 
Config::Any's load_stems(), which searches for supported file extensions. 
support stems in attributes - FormConfig('filestem')
      adds  206bf5f   no longer ignore errors loading HTML::FormFu::MultiForm
      adds  1ae84ba   Switched from ACCEPT_CONTEXT to using 
Catalyst::Component::InstancePerContext. Rename $c to $app in _setup(). both 
changes recommended by mst.
      adds  8b711f5   changed config examples to Config::General, to match 
Catalyst's core docs
      adds  bbcf9a4   need to ignore errors loading MultiForm, after all - it 
isn't yet included in the HTML-FormFu dist
      adds  ad8e41d   bumped version no. + updated Changes file
      adds  e70d27a   added Moose to prereqs
      adds  4c87c79   switched to using HTML::FormFu's new config_file_path() 
method. deprecated $config->{config_file_path} use 
$config->{constructor}{config_file_path} instead
      adds  d62d60f   bumped prereq version needed for HTML-FormFu - need 
0.03004 for load_config_filestem
      adds  aff83d2   bumped version no. for cpan release. updated Changes file.
      adds  2660d78   only skip file upload test - not other MultiForm tests
      adds  79bfe93   remove auto_install()
      adds  5d479e1   fix deps - require HTML-FormFu 0.03006 - tests require 
      adds  d5b4718   bump version no. for cpan release. require html-formfu 
0.03007. update Changes file
      adds  6031996   add description to pod (RT #41568). bump ver.
      adds  509f53e   stop weaken() 'already weak' warnings
      adds  25a0a46   RequestToken files
      adds  e464e66   RequestToken update
      adds  fdf0c08   removed c->log->debug from element::RequestToken
      adds  7ee3e73   run all files through perltidy
      adds  700b0cd   C::C::H::F: Added $c->log->debug statements
      adds  ffa09fd   provide custom Element/RequestToken value/default 
method(), as we can't set default() during new(). all tests pass
      adds  8c66a4c   remove debugging statements
      adds  19756f5   Constraint::RequestToken was calling 
$field->verify_token(), was gets the field value from $form->param_value, which 
shouldn't be called /during/ $form->process. Instead call remove_token($value). 
Also make verify_token() check it's not being called during $form->process()
      adds  8fa0a6e   make more consistent with project code style. remove some 
unused variables
      adds  3e53be1   bump version no. for cpan release. move token docs out of 
'deprecated' section :) add basic description of RequestToken. update Changes + 
      adds  a678316   bump version no. for cpan release. bump HTML-FormFu 
prereq version. fix date in Changes file
      adds  c064907   Switch HTML-FormFu controller to use MRO::Compat
      adds  39fee2b   bumped version no. for cpan release
      adds  5887154   bump prereq version no. of Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader
      adds  26c266b   fix missing prereqs. bump version no. for cpan release. 
update Changes
      adds  ce93d5f   + RequestToken was not a Hidden field, doh + Tests for 
      adds  5a85af6   added tests_recursive to pick up RequestToken test on 
"make test"
      adds  7715257   fixes problems with moosified controllers wrt to parent 
increased version number to 0.04004 patch by t0m
      adds  07b935f   bump version no. for cpan release. update Changes file
      adds  f5a9c6c   new method-suffixes, so extra methods get run under 
different circumstances. multiforms now do $c->stash->{form} = 
      adds  7251030   update Changes file + fix typo
      adds  307ae1c   Fixed small POD typo
      adds  af87b2c   bumped version no. for cpan release. updated Changes 
file. change 'eval use HTML::FormFu::MultiForm' to 'use' - now that we require 
a version of HTML-FormFu that includes MultiForm, we don't want to ignore errors
      adds  3b123e8   test setting __uri_for(x)__ in a config file
      adds  61ea095   fix tests
      adds  5a7bc1b   bumped version no. + updated Changes file for cpan 
release. running Makefile.PL as author now generated README
      adds  20d9e64   In config_callback(), only run s/X/Y/ if m/X/ This stops 
"Modification of a read-only value" error
      adds  1304f44   fix POD link (RT #54836). wrap all POD lines to 80 cols
      adds  84c73d6   Added some tweaks to RequestToken for better form 
handling and error messages
      adds  d4783c0   added 'repository' to Makefile.PL
      adds  11e51e9   remove length() from multiform/file-upload test - it 
currently giving me an off-by-1 error (encoding issue?)
      adds  ff20e13   oops - edit missing from last commit!
      adds  318a840   Incompatible Change: removed all previously deprecated 
      adds  0b43cdd   bumped version no. and updated Changes for cpan release
      adds  6d1439b   bumped version no. after failed pause upload
      adds  616e28f   bumped version no. after failed pause upload
      adds  b6e01f7   fix RequestToken classes to work with new Moosified 
      adds  8cf4bcb   resolve RT#55780
      adds  1853233   fix mem leak by weakening ref to context
      adds  7e791a2   add .git to MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  c2e55a7   bump version no. for cpan release and update Changes file
      adds  8034e7a   update repo to github
      adds  cb45e95   fixed problem with build_per_context_instance
      adds  5ba12b1   gitignore
      adds  a491846   fixes #67404 and #67571
      adds  1f9f9e4   fixes 539965f0-7b0f-11e0-b729-7181c0b02281
      adds  c4f5faa   depend on HTML::FormFu 0.09
      adds  e767d69   switch from MooseX::ChainedAccessors to 
      adds  f446c7b   update .gitignore
      adds  27e154d   update Changes file + version no. for cpan release
      adds  be4c148   updated .gitignore
      adds  76145cb   switch to Dist::Zilla
      adds  e144534   remove need for Config::General
      adds  93792d6   only require MultiForm at runtime if needed
      adds  b26ad74   remove MRO::Compat
      adds  097a1fd   update Changes
      adds  fdbbff1   speed up tests with Test::Aggregate::Nested
      adds  fc218e1   Silence MooseX::Attribute::Chained warnings with 
HTML::FormFu 2.0+.
      adds  529d9cf   Merge pull request #3 from bluefeet/master
      adds  56bc666   Packaging and build tweaks
      adds  d1ba0b8   Fixed the EOL test failures
      adds  e21591b   Fix up intermittent test error on aggregate tests
      adds  3cf1ff2   Fix up complaints from Perl Critic
      adds  ec9efbd   Release of version 2.00
      adds  db901aa   Do version number updates by dzil/git
      adds  ef9f164   Change example code to Moose based
      adds  e39e211   Converted modules to use Moose base syntax
      adds  9ea6659   v2.01
      adds  372fbb9   Imported Upstream version 2.01
       new  3ecf3ca   Merge tag 'upstream/2.01'
       new  3573a29   Update debian/changelog
       new  8302023   Update years of upstream copyright.
       new  eb2f111   Update (build) dependencies.
       new  7c1a4fd   Reformat debian/control with cme
       new  600b4cb   Mark package as autopkgtest-able.
       new  c52acd6   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.8.
       new  67f5aa6   Bump debhelper compatibility level to 9.
       new  97f671d   releasing package libcatalyst-controller-html-formfu-perl 
version 2.01-1

The 11 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                                            |  11 ++
 LICENSE                                            |   8 +-
 MANIFEST                                           |   8 +
 META.json                                          |  79 +++++++++
 META.yml                                           |  55 +++---
 Makefile.PL                                        |  21 +--
 README                                             |   6 +-
 debian/changelog                                   |  15 +-
 debian/compat                                      |   2 +-
 debian/control                                     |  68 ++++----
 debian/copyright                                   |   2 +-
 debian/tests/pkg-perl/smoke-files                  |   3 +
 debian/upstream/metadata                           |   5 +
 dist.ini                                           |  41 ++++-
 lib/Catalyst/Controller/HTML/             | 187 +++++++++++----------
 lib/Catalyst/Controller/HTML/FormFu/Action/ |  11 +-
 .../Controller/HTML/FormFu/Action/    |  11 +-
 .../Controller/HTML/FormFu/Action/    |  11 +-
 .../Controller/HTML/FormFu/Action/     |  11 +-
 .../HTML/FormFu/Action/          |  11 +-
 .../HTML/FormFu/Action/          |  11 +-
 .../Controller/HTML/FormFu/ActionBase/      |  83 ++++-----
 lib/Catalyst/Helper/HTML/                 |  17 +-
 lib/HTML/FormFu/Constraint/         |   8 +-
 lib/HTML/FormFu/Element/            |  80 +++++----
 lib/HTML/FormFu/Plugin/             |  24 +--
 t-aggregate/02multiform-token.t                    |   4 +-
 t/author-critic.t                                  |  20 +++
 t/author-eol.t                                     |  33 ++++
 t/author-pod-syntax.t                              |  15 ++
 t/lib/TestApp/Controller/                  |  10 +-
 t/lib/TestApp/Controller/              |   4 +-
 t/release-distmeta.t                               |  14 ++
 t/release-kwalitee.t                               |  17 ++
 t/release-pause-permissions.t                      |  21 +++
 t/root/forms/basic/formconfig.yml                  |   2 +-
 t/root/forms/multiform/file_upload.yml             |   2 +-
 t/root/forms/multiform/formconfig.yml              |   2 +-
 38 files changed, 613 insertions(+), 320 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 META.json
 create mode 100644 debian/tests/pkg-perl/smoke-files
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata
 create mode 100644 t/author-critic.t
 create mode 100644 t/author-eol.t
 create mode 100644 t/author-pod-syntax.t
 create mode 100644 t/release-distmeta.t
 create mode 100644 t/release-kwalitee.t
 create mode 100644 t/release-pause-permissions.t

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