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      from  5e923de   update changelog
      adds  d1325b7   initial import of DBD::CSV 0.1001 from CPAN
      adds  643dc28   import DBD::CSV 0.1002 from CPAN
      adds  3ec96d0   import DBD::CSV 0.1010 from CPAN
      adds  71fa151   import DBD::CSV 0.1012 from CPAN
      adds  c63fcb7   import DBD::CSV 0.1013 from CPAN
      adds  10a443a   import DBD::CSV 0.1014 from CPAN
      adds  81fa2b6   import DBD::CSV 0.1015 from CPAN
      adds  313d3ef   import DBD::CSV 0.1016 from CPAN
      adds  df2c128   import DBD::CSV 0.1019 from CPAN
      adds  df84180   import DBD::CSV 0.1020 from CPAN
      adds  29efb36   import DBD::CSV 0.1021 from CPAN
      adds  20569a4   import DBD::CSV 0.1022 from CPAN
      adds  88ee62c   import DBD::CSV 0.1023 from CPAN
      adds  6e12b40   import DBD::CSV 0.1024 from CPAN
      adds  ea569f3   import DBD::CSV 0.1025 from CPAN
      adds  b5744ba   import DBD::CSV 0.1027 from CPAN
      adds  bd71f9f   import DBD::CSV 0.1028 from CPAN
      adds  4e4218d   import DBD::CSV 0.1029 from CPAN
      adds  dbfa120   import DBD::CSV 0.1030 from CPAN
      adds  5daa003   import DBD::CSV 0.2001 from CPAN
      adds  bb3f574   import DBD::CSV 0.2002 from CPAN
      adds  53203b0   import DBD::CSV 0.21 from CPAN
      adds  9c8d08e   import DBD::CSV 0.22 from CPAN
      adds  6ccc1ca   version 0.23
      adds  c9c43ff   new docs for 0.23
      adds  2871d8a   Let's take over step by step
      adds  77b4681   Remove most of Adabas & pNET, MySQL and mSQL
      adds  56e3ab8   Code cleanup (perlcritic, style, layout) Split csv 
handles for input (no eol default) and output (default "\r\n") Updated info 
URL's Implement f_exp Cleaned up tests (next step of many) Some tests now use 
Test::More (they will use it all eventually) Cut down README. No need to be a 
duplicate module pod Pod check and coverage META generation and check 
MinimumVersion check example/ file modes
      adds  ff60592   conversion stuff. just for keeps
      adds  e06ede5   Last nit before push to git
      adds  053e3f1   get rid of static global variables $dbdriver and $mdriver
      adds  44109cc   renumber tests, so first 2 chars are unique add/modify 
comment line (where possible right now) to tell what is tested
      adds  7e7d8ac   Next step in test cleanup. Some are now Test::More 
->connect (...) centralized, so I don't need the globals
      adds  e78ee53   Two more to Test::More $::COL_ now subs: two more globals 
      adds  ae841cf   one more Test::More note that this conversion revealed an 
error in the original test suite that did hide a flaw in DBD::File
      adds  b7a1c44   Use latest versions in the Bundle
      adds  242a389   More Test::More
      adds  7d52d30   more Test::More
      adds  1c32c22   bind_params () fixed in DBD::File more Test::More
      adds  bd6e18a   cleanup and rename t/ak-dbd.t more Test::More rename 
      adds  d414e61   New tests, removed duplicate or useless tests
      adds  8284492   Added TODO to documentation Renames example to examples 
Added clean to Makefile.PL
      adds  d40316c   Raised minimum perl version to 5.005_03
      adds  75f02fc   All is Test::More now. Only t/70_csv to be finished Hah, 
big cleanup time for t/
      adds  ceac237   more TODO
      adds  e9e1c08   required version dynamic
      adds  eca7c49   do all tests in development environment
      adds  ec32062   All tests now strict and fully Test::More :)
      adds  02b43ec   PRECISION is documented in DBD::File to be unsupported 
and it is quite useless in CSV
      adds  5b47a21   Allow Text::CSV_XS options in connect () Use 
Text::CSV_XS::error_diag () for failing connects
      adds  e8b67dc   Support TYPE, PRECISION and NULLABLE statement attributes 
TYPE still ha to be converted to ANSI types
      adds  58c0f8a   more tests. needed changes in DBD::File too
      adds  676ff69   I'm dirty, lets confess that
      adds  efef4a4   RT#33764: $! is not an indicator of failure
      adds  76bfe11   Done and tested
      adds  f41b72a   Bundle update now DBI-1.608 is close Release will have to 
wait for SQL::Statement agreement
      adds  7260393   New tests for f_ext
      adds  2f6a323   Added f_schema
      adds  de6f97e   fix pod
      adds  dc4be6a   Add test case for 43010 (John Bazik)
      adds  4d4847d   f_schema changes
      adds  365d524   Add csv_null Add csv_* to pass to the parser
      adds  9d5c9dd   NULL tests require NULL enabled (not that it now works, 
but without it, it surely would not)
      adds  915880b   More NULL tests
      adds  c699ebd   Case sensitivity tests
      adds  58b9c8c   Add rt20550
      adds  3d117c2   Basic driver setup, perl version requirement same as 
meta, todo
      adds  97351b7   tidy
      adds  9527284   Only fetch when handle is defined Catch errors a nicer 
way Table case sensitiveness now works
      adds  53aa609   Changes
      adds  6dbaf17   Pod nits
      adds  fdc070c   Update changes to require Text::CSV_XS 0.43 (0.65 
recommended) Requiring alternatives like Text::CSV comes later
      adds  e02d6ed   more tests
      adds  52139c4   Test for RT#46627
      adds  4ca8d1c   temp fix for DBD::File requires the sth to be re-prepared 
for check
      adds  14a41b0   Update Bundle
      adds  50b8f5b   Closed RT tickets
      adds  21347dc   Implemented raw_header (RT#44583)
      adds  229d4b8   SQL::Statement is not enough See
      adds  32c8271   getpwuid has not yet been implemented on Win32
      adds  151a7f2   CASE tests for now TODO
      adds  487fda4   META.yml does not overrule Makefile.PL for cpansmokers 
prereqs should be updated in both
      adds  1ad2d2e   Oops, of course I meant a literal dot
      adds  c633c4c   Now that SQL::Statement is out, release and profit!
      adds  930beb2   test stuff
      adds  ba5e82d   Go 0.25!
      adds  e2417c4   tidy Changelog
      adds  80152ef   Adjustments for windows (RT#50544)
      adds  f715585   *all* \W chars are illegal (also #, diacriticals etc)
      adds  71ec382   Fix field types after execute (RT#51090, vgdoqd)
      adds  3cea77a   Fix for NULL joins. Requires SQL::Statement 1.23 
(RT#43010, JBAZIK)
      adds  4cac3d3   RT test files
      adds  c285ce6   Doc-fix typo in link (Detlef Pilzecker)
      adds  8dd503b   Doc-fix small typo's
      adds  d0b64c9   Check for latest/installed/recommended module versions
      adds  4460d38   No three-arg-open in 5.6.0
      adds  cfea871   no locks
      adds  82455fc   Upped copyright to 2010
      adds  9156e31   Move t/00_minimumversion.t to xt/
      adds  9ef2a04   Update bundle versions
      adds  37c962d   Make SQL creation statements more ANSI compliant
      adds  0fe53cb   Dropped YAML spec to 1.0
      adds  fd5d238   Sync up with SQL::Statement 1.25 SQL::Statement 1.25 is 
now also minimal requirement
      adds  9d0c379   more diag
      adds  9f72b16   0.28 is out since 16 Mar 2010
      adds  4812d64   Test case for UTF-8 field names in sandbox
      adds  68f8ed8   The git URL in META.yml was mine, not the clonable one
      adds  4384e6e   Add empty CLONE method to prevent warning when cloning 
      adds  91f2f80   Minimum perl 5.8.1
      adds  7b6e64f   Support for f_encoding
      adds  5ea84fb   charnames used in test
      adds  ff15b26   Update bundle
      adds  353c92b   Document f_encoding
      adds  40d62ef   No decode needed
      adds  de0e64a   Documentation updates
      adds  1766aae   Text-CSV_XS 0.73 released
      adds  540ab60   Add Jens as source of help :)
      adds  a7fdfd6   DBD::File 0.38 was included in DBI-1.610_90 f_encoding 
was added later
      adds  24280ee   Fix some quotation
      adds  f1bb3ae   command is an attribute, not a method
      adds  c9ff051   More insert tests
      adds  a818fda   Add note about $DBI_SQL_NANO
      adds  9231701   First step in preparation to DBD::File-0.39
      adds  754336b   Next step towards DBD::File-0.39
      adds  f8d278b   Show relevant versions as diag () in test output
      adds  ee77551   Force cleanup of data-folder in test
      adds  d22240f   Additional changes for DBD::File-0.39 from Jens
      adds  7eed2e1   Changes from Jens for DBD::File-0.39
      adds  98ce357   Start each test clean
      adds  a5049b5   Sandbox files checked in
      adds  bf9fe13   for testing with DBI and S::S from repo
      adds  2b60d66   much more perl-ish and flexible blead-repo test-settings
      adds  81c66c7   It is ok for f_dir to return fully qualified path
      adds  b950dec   Should not open THE SAME table twice with different 
      adds  005aef4   It is totally acceptable for DBD::File to store tables in 
lc file names
      adds  00368cd   csv_tables is an alias for f_meta
      adds  3f29a87   All tests pass for DBD::File-0.38 AND for 0.39
      adds  ff0e3b2   We're ready for DBD::File-0.39
      adds  bd5ca35   testcase (modified) for RT#58039
      adds  f122f58   Removed csv_cache_sql_parser_object.
      adds  1b7d73d   Some spelling fixes
      adds  fb5ed81   Add spell checker.
      adds  05bd607   Allow DBD::CSV to work with the $dbh->{csv_tables} 
      adds  6d75624   aspell not depending on global files
      adds  81172db   don't rely on unused Data::Peek
      adds  03195b9   don't ship dot files
      adds  81a828e   Developer release 0.29_01
      adds  d1631c7   Just following the DBD::File & SQL::Statement progress.
      adds  fba7269   Test if ->{ChopBlanks} only strips spaces
      adds  eac7728   Need to include ourselves for testing elsewhere
      adds  57fb054   Take care that invalid class names in $meta->{csv_class} 
don't generate exceptions
      adds  fc6d1d5   Fix wrong information shown when DBD::CSV has syntax error
      adds  6d3c115   Kick out DBD::CSV::st::FETCH for current DBI releases - 
it'll be handled better there ...
      adds  443ea0d   Fix Jens' breakage of old field attributes
      adds  f95b203   Summarize changes
      adds  af3379e   Add null test from DBDc talk
      adds  40a562a   Remove debug
      adds  54017fa   add a list of valid attributes
      adds  77cddec   Make Text::CSV_XS spew info on errors using auto_diag
      adds  3d2514b   easier/clearer XS attr handling
      adds  19d3847   Release 0.30
      adds  2e5e64d   teenie weenie typo
      adds  2ab3c3b   Require 5.8.1 (effectively already doing so by requiring 
      adds  f5f0858   Update tests to use warnings and done_testing ()
      adds  b14f4dd   Add delete tests
      adds  0ed8365   Spell check before dist
      adds  f1c870b   Better diagnostics for empty files
      adds  e70ebcc   Prepare for release (when DBI-1.164 is out)
      adds  51e4398   Allow late setting of attributes (RT#61168)
      adds  4147765   Add test case for RT61168 (Jens)
      adds  a22febc   3-arg open
      adds  5232906   sync to new DBI for attr changes related to RT#61168
      adds  a62da12   requirements for next release
      adds  0d49be9   test files
      adds  ebc4218   check minimumversion always in xt
      adds  39cf9c7   DBI-1.614 is out. Release and profit!
      adds  f066f41   Test case for RT#61513
      adds  524cc17   Version updates
      adds  57e1256   Backport OpenSUSE's only patch
      adds  8d93b56   TYPE should be numeric
      adds  59ee755   Version updates
      adds  3890e57   Note changes
      adds  523712a   Added tests for return count of delete statements in do
      adds  b53335c   Ignore generated (new) files
      adds  714ece2   Update versions and copyright
      adds  31ea976   Extended the delete tests for prepare/execute (ribasushi)
      adds  2e60129   mention public repository in META (not the private)
      adds  c2737d6   Test update () conformity to DBI spec
      adds  a5d24ed   Try to catch (more) usernames on Windows as schema names
      adds  4c32270   Bring required versions in sync
      adds  db5a546   More cross-checks for META data
      adds  ef945b5   Make minimal version checks subtests
      adds  383da81   NAME / DISTNAME in Makefile.PL
      adds  9951600   Make all my ChangeLog's look more or less the same
      adds  bdc566e   Updated copyright to 2012
      adds  573a295   Require 5.8.1, as DBI does
      adds  c663656   Tested against perl-5.16.0-RC0 + DBI-1.620
      adds  fc72a78   Improve the docs for raw_header
      adds  7cf0328   meta-spec in json is an integer
      adds  0b2c9a0   Documentation fixes (mje)
      adds  afff2b6   Got Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee working under 5.16.0.
      adds  a465fb9   Tested under 5.16.0 (installed)
      adds  dfb7920   Amend error messages and test them
      adds  23a73b6   Other versions
      adds  30a4938   Unknown values in diag on error replaced with '?'
      adds  fd59fef   Save sandbox toys and stuff
      adds  8d7f428   Try testing with 50 perl versions
      adds  e9837ac   As the minimal DBD::File already is 0.40, we don't need 
dead code
      adds  6576fbd   More flexible in detecting versions in modules
      adds  2fd6801   Only one thing let tests fail ...
      adds  5d5ff2c   Fixed RT#80078, resulting in getline calls on undef 
(Benjamin Booth)
      adds  a2b01b2   some fixes / new test for DBD::CSV
      adds  f3e2677   Syntax, Tidy, and requirements
      adds  50430b3   SQL::Statement 1.401 is released
      adds  d1eb695   To dig down on #80605
      adds  8de17eb   Versions
      adds  7d8d0f0   Updated copyright to 2013
      adds  a145bc1   5.16.2 is most recent stable perl
      adds  52f6a35   don't ask for filepos when not needed
      adds  6f600b1   DBI 1.611 is past since ages
      adds  d3efdb7   Notes for Jens' change
      adds  25ee09b   make DBD::CSV::Table ready for DBI 1.623, but keep 
backward compat for 2 years
      adds  aa3ac13   eliminate 'once' related warnings
      adds  3744ac2   Add Jens' e-mail to META
      adds  e7e5ef0   META.jsn version 2, META.yml version 1.4
      adds  120e134   Release 0.37
      adds  eb9950e   prepare for the next release
      adds  374959a   the tar paxheaders hit again 
      adds  0e72933   Update META checker
      adds  dea0d64   The Lancaster Consensus changes the META-2.0 to 1.4 
      adds  ffb2c8f   Versions
      adds  2a09310   Use f_file in docs. file is deprecated
      adds  44c6f21   Move to github
      adds  2424608   bump SQL::Statement version to 1.403
      adds  b401d52   Require SQL::Statement 1.403
      adds  83546ba   versions and testable perls
      adds  49bd3f4   Make sure partial inserts create complete lines
      adds  6f40414   Using git now for DBI
      adds  9102d7a   Do NANO tests when in developer mode
      adds  1f38019   keep the all_column test case
      adds  1109e87   We need to wait for DBI-1.628 for Full-Row fix
      adds  642ef05   Text::CSV_XS-0.98 fixes a possible segmentation fault
      adds  c88436e   Text::CSV_XS is allowed to return encoded data if valid 
      adds  438ab30   Easier way to create a blob
      adds  bd55561   Test new f_dir_search, requires DBD::File-0.42
      adds  a781e86   Text::CSV_XS fixes a more or less serious UTF8 issue
      adds  d8d6621   Account for spell-check fixes in DBI
      adds  a9986f8   versions. 0.38 is out a long time already
      adds  062c31e   improve documentation for csv_class attribute
      adds  e6ec3c4   With f_dir_search tested in DBI, move to production
      adds  283a8b3   DBI fixed a nano-problem
      adds  0cddea8   spell-checks prefer does not over doesn't
      adds  112bfd7   Bundle current
      adds  0408ad0   Don't want to distribute tmp/ or sandbox files
      adds  a3c9a7b   Note all relevant changes since 0.38
      adds  39c5557   fix version references in doc
      adds  55dd589   Tests modified for Windows
      adds  f50ae07   DBD::File-0.42 is now a requirement, no need to test for 
its availability
      adds  ce74458   abs_path () fails under MSWin32 for non-existing files!
      adds  e1f0c48   Realease 0.40
      adds  f450b4b   Cwd::abs_path () on Cygwin works like on Window :(
      adds  f05ba0c   C:\Temp is not guaranteed to exist :(
      adds  cd18006   File::Spec->tmpdir () should work on all OS
      adds  c04d35d   File::Spec->tmpdir () should work on all OS
      adds  e2d933d   Use File::Spec::rel2abs () instead of abs_path and hoops
      adds  7144f02   Guard against parallel testing, which is unsupported
      adds  cb456f4   Move to use output$$ instead of blocking
      adds  63e33a4   tidy
      adds  c4cff06   Note for future tests
      adds  0f5d58e   Skip ScalarIO tests completely on DBD::File <= 0.42
      adds  8da847b   Streams work :)
      adds  2678c25   Run Kwalitee tests if available
      adds  3a868da   Prepare for 0.41
      adds  5ede23a   no x bits on test files
      adds  b1fa031   Start on 0.42
      adds  ce1770e   Start the move to DBI::Test support
      adds  6d17353   Make all tests pass or todo under SQL::Nano
      adds  686c479   Add DBI::Test basics following the docs
      adds  f35a0b1   Housekeeping
      adds  efd80d7   TypeInfo and GetInfo
      adds  aab5365   when fields are created "CHAR" we expect "CHAR" as type, 
      adds  d290ca7   No more TODO's in attr tests
      adds  9d58c09   include DBI::Test in bleading-edge-development
      adds  de4ad3c   Just add the required tests
      adds  dafa218   Optionally skip tests using File::Spec->tempdir ()
      adds  dd7d28e   And document the use of $TMPDIR in README
      adds  a2bb2b5   Make the SYNOPSIS more reflect real-world usage
      adds  b129736   Next step in getting DBI::Test integration
      adds  cb61c76   done_testing is more happy when at least one test was 
      adds  948c0b0   skip this debugging for now, this part works
      adds  f219dd9   Convert the base test
      adds  a3a04bf   Better base test under DBI::Test, and skip Mock
      adds  9833248   Polish up 10_base.t => test conversion
      adds  5d1ba96   So we now actually test the use of Text::CSV
      adds  5a24e4a   Convert t/11
      adds  512cda5   prepare parent for all the other tests
      adds  73475c3   convert t/20_createdrop.t
      adds  5c8925d   Convert t85_error.t
      adds  e652c1d   t30_insertfetch;
      adds  ef7d383   package DBI::Test::Case::DBD::CSV::t31_delete;
      adds  92543ae   package DBI::Test::Case::DBD::CSV::t32_update;
      adds  dd719a4   Convert to do_ok () and execute_ok ()
      adds  7b4dbb4   add DSN::Provider for CSV
      adds  8d18720   comment (out) stuff which should be somewhere else
      adds  d15bf69   Updated copyright to 2014
      adds  58ab642   Versions
      adds  2ef0458   Unquote schema's in test for cygwin
      adds  c510751   Versions
      adds  9d30f5f   Remove unused declaration
      adds  40eeeae   remove_tree was only available as of File::Path-2.07
      adds  83e9403   Text::CSV_XS-1.07 is out (and 1.08 is getting close)
      adds  4992465   Guard Makefile.PL against standalone run with unmet 
      adds  3f23cd0   Windows still doesn't understand the concept of 
file-names and casing
      adds  0c2f028   Release 0.43
      adds  be8ee2c   Cygwin also has a case-insensitive FS
      adds  3dbdd82   Doc for defaults was wrong
      adds  793cc4c   Fix typo in SYNOPSIS (RT#97313)
      adds  49e2fab   Workaround eof bug in Text::CSV_XS
      adds  774af9c   Generic detect unreliable-case FS's
      adds  d28dc18   Recommend latest Text::CSV_XS (even if it has an eof bug)
      adds  034bc43   Test unauthorized folder access (RT#99508). Requires 
      adds  f6c35f1   Make DBI a configure requirement
      adds  77d42b0   Disable DBI::Test warning while that project is stalled
      adds  1578de9   Allow release without DBD::File fix
      adds  373c906   Release 0.45
      adds  0faa402   Column type CHAR should return 1
      adds  3314e17   Remind me of ScalarIO for the *next* iteration of 
      adds  d886970   Streaming will not be supported yet in DBD::File-0.43
      adds  1c51e10   Release 0.46
      adds  d67dc2a   type checks
      adds  4bf8a78   DBI-1.632 was released (without the TYPE fix)
      adds  42d1adb   DBD::File-0.43 was for f_dir_search, not for TYPE
      adds  098a2e9   Not all EUMM skip this question when AUTOMATED_TESTING is 
      adds  7edbc6d   Just test latest of older perl releases
      adds  fbf97ad   Updated copyright to 2015
      adds  133116f   versions
      adds  8ce3b23   Make test-tablename unique for parallel testing
      adds  5e4da30   versions
      adds  126d66b   versions
      adds  abd8b51   Remove perl recommendation from META as it breaks cpan 
      adds  f790007   perl != vi
      adds  99ffed8   No dist checks in non-procuction perl. I already check 
      adds  c07c070   Update list of valid Text::CSV_XS attributes
      adds  8eb375d   Versions
      adds  3e16415   Enable Travis
      adds  a1518d4   Project cleanup/administration
      adds  16f062d   New meta chacks (QAH 2105)
      adds  cdcf9ab   simplify test tablename generation
      adds  dc39e51   sync META stuff from post-Berlin
      adds  b370f7d   versions
      adds  46789ae   note change
      adds  1211f80   No more DBI::Test files for now
      adds  545ffd1   versions revisited
      adds  474a490   prefer quote_empty over quote_always/always_quote
      adds  54b6870   SQL::Statement 1.407 released and tested
      adds  23c9ff5   versions
      adds  1954190   disable travis OSX while it is still broken
      adds  e77d646   Add
      adds  87f6c93   versions
      adds  e9ce458   merge META work
      adds  5dec78a   Add 5.22 to travis
      adds  55209c7   It's 2016
      adds  21f9cdf   Minor spelling corrections.
      adds  3f023a7   Merge pull request #3 from Tordek/spelling
      adds  b67d757   Added docs to warn for reserved words (RT#106529)
      adds  7fbf7a9   versions
      adds  2803597   Ehre wem Ehre geb├╝hrt
      adds  c12ed4a   Test with perl 5.24.0 and newest deps
      adds  2b9decd   Imported Upstream version 0.4900
       new  846034f   Merge tag 'upstream/0.4900'
       new  c80f9e6   Update debian/changelog
       new  d5c7244   Update years of upstream and packaging copyright.
       new  3f573ac   Install new upstream CONTRIBUTING document.
       new  404aafc   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.8.
       new  4720b28   Bump debhelper compatibility level to 9.
       new  5fa7090   releasing package libdbd-csv-perl version 0.4900-1

The 7 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:                             | 27 +++++++++
 ChangeLog                                   | 10 ++++
 MANIFEST                                    |  7 +--
 MANIFEST.SKIP                               |  2 +
 META.json                                   | 93 +++++++++++++++--------------
 META.yml                                    | 13 ++--
 Makefile.PL                                 |  2 +-
 README                                      |  2 +-
 debian/changelog                            |  9 ++-
 debian/compat                               |  2 +-
 debian/control                              |  4 +-
 debian/copyright                            |  4 +-
 debian/                 |  1 +
 lib/Bundle/DBD/                       | 12 ++--
 lib/DBD/                              | 22 +++++--
 lib/DBI/Test/Case/DBD/CSV/       | 56 -----------------
 lib/DBI/Test/Case/DBD/CSV/    | 64 --------------------
 lib/DBI/Test/Case/DBD/CSV/ | 68 ---------------------
 lib/DBI/Test/Case/DBD/CSV/      | 83 -------------------------
 lib/DBI/Test/DBD/CSV/                |  9 ---
 lib/DBI/Test/DBD/CSV/                | 16 -----
 t/42_bindparam.t                            |  2 +-
 t/51_commit.t                               |  2 +-
 t/80_rt.t                                   |  2 +-
 t/85_error.t                                |  2 +-
 t/                                    | 34 ++---------
 26 files changed, 143 insertions(+), 405 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644
 create mode 100644 debian/
 delete mode 100644 lib/DBI/Test/Case/DBD/CSV/
 delete mode 100644 lib/DBI/Test/Case/DBD/CSV/
 delete mode 100644 lib/DBI/Test/Case/DBD/CSV/
 delete mode 100644 lib/DBI/Test/Case/DBD/CSV/
 delete mode 100644 lib/DBI/Test/DBD/CSV/
 delete mode 100644 lib/DBI/Test/DBD/CSV/

Alioth's /usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice on 

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