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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.4900

Guillermo O. Freschi (1):
      Minor spelling corrections.

H.Merijn Brand (181):
      Let's take over step by step
      Remove most of Adabas & pNET, MySQL and mSQL
      Code cleanup (perlcritic, style, layout)
      conversion stuff. just for keeps
      Last nit before push to git
      get rid of static global variables $dbdriver and $mdriver
      renumber tests, so first 2 chars are unique
      Next step in test cleanup.
      Two more to Test::More
      one more Test::More
      Use latest versions in the Bundle
      More Test::More
      more Test::More
      bind_params () fixed in DBD::File
      cleanup and rename t/ak-dbd.t
      New tests, removed duplicate or useless tests
      Added TODO to documentation
      Raised minimum perl version to 5.005_03
      All is Test::More now. Only t/70_csv to be finished
      more TODO
      required version dynamic
      do all tests in development environment
      All tests now strict and fully Test::More :)
      PRECISION is documented in DBD::File to be unsupported
      Allow Text::CSV_XS options in connect ()
      Support TYPE, PRECISION and NULLABLE statement attributes
      more tests. needed changes in DBD::File too
      I'm dirty, lets confess that
      RT#33764: $! is not an indicator of failure
      Done and tested
      Bundle update now DBI-1.608 is close
      New tests for f_ext
      Added f_schema
      fix pod
      Add test case for 43010 (John Bazik)
      f_schema changes
      Add csv_null
      NULL tests require NULL enabled
      More NULL tests
      Case sensitivity tests
      Add rt20550
      Basic driver setup, perl version requirement same as meta, todo
      Only fetch when handle is defined
      Pod nits
      Update changes to require Text::CSV_XS 0.43 (0.65 recommended)
      more tests
      Test for RT#46627
      temp fix for DBD::File requires the sth to be re-prepared for check
      Update Bundle
      Closed RT tickets
      Implemented raw_header (RT#44583)
      SQL::Statement is not enough
      getpwuid has not yet been implemented on Win32
      CASE tests for now TODO
      META.yml does not overrule Makefile.PL for cpansmokers
      Oops, of course I meant a literal dot
      Now that SQL::Statement is out, release and profit!
      test stuff
      Go 0.25!
      tidy Changelog
      Adjustments for windows (RT#50544)
      *all* \W chars are illegal (also #, diacriticals etc)
      Fix field types after execute (RT#51090, vgdoqd)
      Fix for NULL joins. Requires SQL::Statement 1.23 (RT#43010, JBAZIK)
      RT test files
      Doc-fix typo in link (Detlef Pilzecker)
      Doc-fix small typo's
      Check for latest/installed/recommended module versions
      No three-arg-open in 5.6.0
      no locks
      Upped copyright to 2010
      Move t/00_minimumversion.t to xt/
      Update bundle versions
      Make SQL creation statements more ANSI compliant
      Dropped YAML spec to 1.0
      Sync up with SQL::Statement 1.25
      more diag
      0.28 is out since 16 Mar 2010
      Test case for UTF-8 field names in sandbox
      The git URL in META.yml was mine, not the clonable one
      Add empty CLONE method to prevent warning when cloning threads
      Minimum perl 5.8.1
      Support for f_encoding
      charnames used in test
      Update bundle
      Document f_encoding
      No decode needed
      Documentation updates
      Text-CSV_XS 0.73 released
      Add Jens as source of help :)
      DBD::File 0.38 was included in DBI-1.610_90 f_encoding was added later
      Fix some quotation
      command is an attribute, not a method
      More insert tests
      Add note about $DBI_SQL_NANO
      First step in preparation to DBD::File-0.39
      Next step towards DBD::File-0.39
      Show relevant versions as diag () in test output
      Force cleanup of data-folder in test
      Additional changes for DBD::File-0.39 from Jens
      Changes from Jens for DBD::File-0.39
      Start each test clean
      Sandbox files checked in
      for testing with DBI and S::S from repo
      much more perl-ish and flexible blead-repo test-settings
      It is ok for f_dir to return fully qualified path
      Should not open THE SAME table twice with different encoding
      It is totally acceptable for DBD::File to store tables in lc file names
      csv_tables is an alias for f_meta
      All tests pass for DBD::File-0.38 AND for 0.39
      We're ready for DBD::File-0.39
      testcase (modified) for RT#58039
      Removed csv_cache_sql_parser_object.
      Some spelling fixes
      Add spell checker.
      Allow DBD::CSV to work with the $dbh->{csv_tables} attribute.
      aspell not depending on global files
      don't rely on unused Data::Peek
      don't ship dot files
      Developer release 0.29_01
      Just following the DBD::File & SQL::Statement progress.
      Test if ->{ChopBlanks} only strips spaces
      Need to include ourselves for testing elsewhere
      Fix wrong information shown when DBD::CSV has syntax error
      Fix Jens' breakage of old field attributes
      Summarize changes
      Add null test from DBDc talk
      Remove debug
      add a list of valid attributes
      Make Text::CSV_XS spew info on errors using auto_diag
      easier/clearer XS attr handling
      Release 0.30
      teenie weenie typo
      Require 5.8.1 (effectively already doing so by requiring DBI-1.1611)
      Update tests to use warnings and done_testing ()
      Add delete tests
      Spell check before dist
      Better diagnostics for empty files
      Prepare for release (when DBI-1.164 is out)
      Allow late setting of attributes (RT#61168)
      Add test case for RT61168 (Jens)
      3-arg open
      sync to new DBI for attr changes related to RT#61168
      requirements for next release
      test files
      check minimumversion always in xt
      DBI-1.614 is out. Release and profit!
      Test case for RT#61513
      Version updates
      Backport OpenSUSE's only patch
      TYPE should be numeric
      Version updates
      Note changes
      Added tests for return count of delete statements in do
      Ignore generated (new) files
      Update versions and copyright
      Extended the delete tests for prepare/execute (ribasushi)
      mention public repository in META (not the private)
      Test update () conformity to DBI spec
      Try to catch (more) usernames on Windows as schema names
      Bring required versions in sync
      More cross-checks for META data
      Make minimal version checks subtests
      NAME / DISTNAME in Makefile.PL
      Make all my ChangeLog's look more or less the same
      Updated copyright to 2012
      Require 5.8.1, as DBI does
      Tested against perl-5.16.0-RC0 + DBI-1.620
      Improve the docs for raw_header
      meta-spec in json is an integer
      Documentation fixes (mje)
      Got Module::CPANTS::Kwalitee working under 5.16.0.
      Tested under 5.16.0 (installed)
      Amend error messages and test them
      Other versions
      Unknown values in diag on error replaced with '?'
      Save sandbox toys and stuff
      Try testing with 50 perl versions
      Merge pull request #3 from Tordek/spelling

H.Merijn Brand - Tux (146):
      As the minimal DBD::File already is 0.40, we don't need dead code
      More flexible in detecting versions in modules
      Only one thing let tests fail ...
      Fixed RT#80078, resulting in getline calls on undef (Benjamin Booth)
      Syntax, Tidy, and requirements
      SQL::Statement 1.401 is released
      Updated copyright to 2013
      5.16.2 is most recent stable perl
      Notes for Jens' change
      Add Jens' e-mail to META
      META.jsn version 2, META.yml version 1.4
      Release 0.37
      prepare for the next release
      the tar paxheaders hit again (
      Update META checker
      The Lancaster Consensus changes the META-2.0 to 1.4 conversion
      Use f_file in docs. file is deprecated
      Move to github
      Require SQL::Statement 1.403
      versions and testable perls
      Make sure partial inserts create complete lines
      Using git now for DBI
      Do NANO tests when in developer mode
      keep the all_column test case
      We need to wait for DBI-1.628 for Full-Row fix
      Text::CSV_XS-0.98 fixes a possible segmentation fault
      Text::CSV_XS is allowed to return encoded data if valid UTF-8
      Easier way to create a blob
      Test new f_dir_search, requires DBD::File-0.42
      Text::CSV_XS fixes a more or less serious UTF8 issue
      Account for spell-check fixes in DBI
      versions. 0.38 is out a long time already
      With f_dir_search tested in DBI, move to production
      DBI fixed a nano-problem
      spell-checks prefer does not over doesn't
      Bundle current
      Don't want to distribute tmp/ or sandbox files
      Note all relevant changes since 0.38
      fix version references in doc
      Tests modified for Windows
      DBD::File-0.42 is now a requirement, no need to test for its availability
      abs_path () fails under MSWin32 for non-existing files!
      Realease 0.40
      Cwd::abs_path () on Cygwin works like on Window :(
      C:\Temp is not guaranteed to exist :(
      File::Spec->tmpdir () should work on all OS
      File::Spec->tmpdir () should work on all OS
      Use File::Spec::rel2abs () instead of abs_path and hoops
      Guard against parallel testing, which is unsupported
      Move to use output$$ instead of blocking
      Note for future tests
      Skip ScalarIO tests completely on DBD::File <= 0.42
      Streams work :)
      Run Kwalitee tests if available
      Prepare for 0.41
      no x bits on test files
      Start on 0.42
      Start the move to DBI::Test support
      Make all tests pass or todo under SQL::Nano
      Add DBI::Test basics following the docs
      TypeInfo and GetInfo
      when fields are created "CHAR" we expect "CHAR" as type, not VARCHAR
      No more TODO's in attr tests
      include DBI::Test in bleading-edge-development
      Just add the required tests
      Optionally skip tests using File::Spec->tempdir ()
      And document the use of $TMPDIR in README
      Make the SYNOPSIS more reflect real-world usage
      Next step in getting DBI::Test integration
      done_testing is more happy when at least one test was executed
      skip this debugging for now, this part works
      Convert the base test
      Better base test under DBI::Test, and skip Mock
      Polish up 10_base.t => test conversion
      So we now actually test the use of Text::CSV
      Convert t/11
      prepare parent for all the other tests
      convert t/20_createdrop.t
      Convert t85_error.t
      Convert to do_ok () and execute_ok ()
      Updated copyright to 2014
      Unquote schema's in test for cygwin
      Remove unused declaration
      remove_tree was only available as of File::Path-2.07
      Text::CSV_XS-1.07 is out (and 1.08 is getting close)
      Guard Makefile.PL against standalone run with unmet dependencies
      Windows still doesn't understand the concept of file-names and casing
      Release 0.43
      Cygwin also has a case-insensitive FS
      Doc for defaults was wrong
      Fix typo in SYNOPSIS (RT#97313)
      Workaround eof bug in Text::CSV_XS
      Generic detect unreliable-case FS's
      Recommend latest Text::CSV_XS (even if it has an eof bug)
      Test unauthorized folder access (RT#99508). Requires DBD::File-0.43
      Make DBI a configure requirement
      Disable DBI::Test warning while that project is stalled
      Allow release without DBD::File fix
      Release 0.45
      Column type CHAR should return 1
      Remind me of ScalarIO for the *next* iteration of DBD::File
      Streaming will not be supported yet in DBD::File-0.43
      Release 0.46
      type checks
      DBI-1.632 was released (without the TYPE fix)
      DBD::File-0.43 was for f_dir_search, not for TYPE
      Not all EUMM skip this question when AUTOMATED_TESTING is set
      Just test latest of older perl releases
      Updated copyright to 2015
      Make test-tablename unique for parallel testing
      Remove perl recommendation from META as it breaks cpan clients
      perl != vi
      No dist checks in non-procuction perl. I already check enough
      Update list of valid Text::CSV_XS attributes
      Enable Travis
      Project cleanup/administration
      New meta chacks (QAH 2105)
      simplify test tablename generation
      sync META stuff from post-Berlin
      note change
      No more DBI::Test files for now
      versions revisited
      prefer quote_empty over quote_always/always_quote
      SQL::Statement 1.407 released and tested
      disable travis OSX while it is still broken
      merge META work
      Add 5.22 to travis
      It's 2016
      Added docs to warn for reserved words (RT#106529)
      Ehre wem Ehre geb├╝hrt
      Test with perl 5.24.0 and newest deps

Jeff Zucker (6):
      import DBD::CSV 0.2001 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.2002 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.21 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.22 from CPAN
      version 0.23
      new docs for 0.23

Jens Rehsack (12):
      Take care that invalid class names in $meta->{csv_class} don't generate 
      Kick out DBD::CSV::st::FETCH for current DBI releases - it'll be handled 
better there ...
      some fixes / new test for DBD::CSV
      To dig down on #80605
      don't ask for filepos when not needed
      DBI 1.611 is past since ages
      make DBD::CSV::Table ready for DBI 1.623, but keep backward compat for 2 
      eliminate 'once' related warnings
      bump SQL::Statement version to 1.403
      improve documentation for csv_class attribute
      add DSN::Provider for CSV
      comment (out) stuff which should be somewhere else

Jochen Wiedmann (19):
      initial import of DBD::CSV 0.1001 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1002 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1010 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1012 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1013 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1014 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1015 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1016 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1019 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1020 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1021 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1022 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1023 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1024 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1025 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1027 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1028 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1029 from CPAN
      import DBD::CSV 0.1030 from CPAN

Theo van Hoesel (3):
      package DBI::Test::Case::DBD::CSV::t31_delete;
      package DBI::Test::Case::DBD::CSV::t32_update;

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.4900


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