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 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Fri Jul 8 11:25:00 2016 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging package libffi-platypus-perl version debian/0.43-1
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Bakkiaraj M (1):
      Added GNOME based example to get system uptime

Dylan Cali (4):
      add test for checking ffi function in bool context
      implement FFI::Platypus::Function bool overload
      add test for implicit void return type on attach
      use void return type for attach if not specified

Fitz Elliott (3):
      Fix typo in Type.pod
      Fix more typos in Type.pod
      Fix typos in code example in

Graham Ollis (664):
      Initial commit
      update diagnostic
      update release tests
      include Test::Vars in travis
      use XS instead of XS_INTERNAL for older versions of Perl
      that should be a hash
      basic types
      travis needs Exporter::Tidy
      simple library interface
      initial code to create a sub
      rm old proof of concepts stuff
      better interface for ffi_sub
      basics of ffi_pl_call
      some initial simple compiler checks
      make travis happy again
      start of standard testing lib
      test for alloca
      void not allowed as argument
      support for non-pointer argument types other than int
      fix refcount bug
      signature can be passed in as a array ref
      save some memory by not having each type have its own name
      some 64bit fixes, and use Math::Int64
      include PkgConfig as part of release
      use (public?) https interface
      try various versions of pkg-config if -libffi does not work
      documentation (environment)
      update doco
      add method for disabling alloca
      add libffi
      use bundled version of libffi if system libffi is not available
      don't ever bother to build dynamic version of libffi
      cygwin support
      fixes for linux from last commit
      use alloca in calling ffi functions (if available)
      detect endian-ness
      use Math::Int64 for arguments
      more types
      support any integer or floating point return type
      pointer arguments in, pointer return values
      bug in test
      helper for debugging in c
      environment for specifiying extra build flags
      code to debug ffi call arguments
      less casting
      rebuild testlib when one of its sources has changed
      this turns out to be a bug somewhere in libff + clang land
      check for bug with a wierd combination of clang libffi and debian
      call it ffi instead of none
      fix silly misunderstanding of croak in xs
      rm memory leak when no alloca available
      lets call it scratch1 instead of scratch
      pointers out
      return pointer types
      break some code out of FFI/Platypus.xs into refcount.c
      basic closures
      string to ptr test
      return non pointer types from closure/callback
      rename member
      fix scope test
      closure call was mucking up the stack
      do not need this scope test anymore
      closure: other return types
      fix order problem
      use CvXSUBANY(cv).any_ptr instead of a hash
      revert some
      closure with arguments
      skip long double test until it can be fixed
      remove old crufty stuff
      remove dupe
      option to strip optimize flags from build
      meta info for ffi_sub
      anonymous ffi_sub
      add examples
      latest PkgConfig
      latest version of PkgConfig
      reduce duplication
      update release tests
      update travis, release tests and diagnostic
      update release tests
      rm unused var
      update release tests
      start over
      unworking prototype
      update release tests
      add ability to build from git
      do not include META.json in git repo
      automatically build distclean before build, iff Build exists
      nice idea, but not really doable without lots of innerds in Perl
      basics of creating a testlib
      add find_symbol method
      some basic autoconfiguring
      stubs for windows that will need to be filled in
      size detection
      build with or without dzil
      clean resets stuff
      in my never ending quest to come up with the right config
      find symbols in the main exe
      basics of a type
      complete set of ffi types plus strings
      ppport.h needs to be checked in for this to work.
      start of something that might one day work as a call :P
      the basics of a method
      sign detection
      type and types methods
      add function method
      spelling and other house keeping
      declare it
      rm debug
      type names as perl constants
      unused var
      attach functions
      start of non-basic types
      spelling and doco
      the basics of pointers eh?
      start with version 0.02 since 0.01 was the previous prototype
      tests for signed eight byte integers
      add some array support
      only need Math::Int64 if IVs are 32 bits
      functions that return arrays
      optional Math::Int64 c API
      trigger rebuild when ffi_platypus_call.h is modified
      move include to .xs since .c files will not have perl guts
      do not checkin .tmp files
      rename test library to match system convention on cygwin
      travis on all versions of perl
      return fixed length array
      pointer tests
      use singular in test name
      all integer types (64 bit is borked)
      fixes previous breakage on 64 bit only
      minor stuff
      tests and fixes for strings
      check the opposite of is_null
      start of windows implementation for libdl
      figured out the deal with psapi.h (at least a work around for the issue)
      build libtest on strawberry !
      use EXTERN macro for extern in libtest functions
      libtest also depends on ac
      floats for libtest
      documentation fixes
      mb needs to be dynamic
      no wonder that did not work
      synopsis and see also
      make sure the indexer sees these
      api for creating closure
      make it so you do not have to declare int and such
      check for header to decide if ac needs to be redone rather than using 
      add a little smartness to the build process
      avoid warning
      get meta data for types
      that needed to be a string eval
      closure types
      the basics of closures are here
      other integer types for closures
      drain the leak
      this is why we can't have nice things
      on free bsd apparently the optimize flag is just -O
      some 64 bit fixes for 32 bit Perls
      some examples stolen from FFI::Raw
      rm space
      some basic memory functions
      add cast function
      progress of a sort
      export memory functions by default
      newer version of FFI::CheckLib
      update meta
      float support
      support for double
      better examples
      call them opaque instead of pointer
      beware duplicate symbols bearing gifts
      opaque arrays
      add test for opaque types
      make configure require perl 5.8.1 explicit
      pointer to opaque
      works a little differently in pre 5.20
      closures and pointers
      passing strings into closures
      add perl implementation of strdup for platforms that do not provide it
      doco for memory functions
      environment variable for forcing the use of Math::Int64
      doco again
      new abstract (maybe?)
      custom types for arguments in
      finish port of examples
      float custom test (broken)
      fix for when YAML not installed
      remove userdata
      refactor but still broken
      custom opaque type
      fix bug with cif related to custom types :P
      make some dies into warns
      unable to create a closure becomes warning instead of die
      start to break up some large files
      return; from a custom type callback should not set an argument
      warn on die inside of a closure (#12)
      allow argument count mismatch (#14)
      fix for perls without warn_sv
      fix for Perl 5.8.8 (#3)
      fix for (#6)
      fix for #2
      use unions instead of casting for return value
      interface change, callbacks should be in a hash ref
      output custom type
      if no sub ref is provided then pass through
      perl_to_ffi_post hook
      rm accdiental dep on yaml
      lets call them native types
      start new type documentation
      better see also
      proper for for 5.8.8 (#3)
      do not allocate massive amounts of memory on the stack (#8)
      clean up cruft from windows libdl implementation (#13)
      fix memory leak
      fix for #9
      doco for sticky
      specify lib at new time
      attach should return $self
      forgot we do support strings as closure argument types
      for now increment the ref count.  may have to think of something else
      little closer but still wrong
      more debug
      progress on memory leak (#4)
      operating directly on @_ in the cast function seems to
      rm FIXME that has been fixeded
      closure type checking
      another todo that has been todun
      include buffer functions from FFI::Util
      make cast and sizeof instance methods
      rename FFI::Platypus::Declare#function -> attach
      update examples for API changes
      ffi_to_perl and perl_to_ffi become native_to_perl and perl_to_native
      update changes
      more contributing tips
      native_type as part of the hash now
      string pointer implementation #10
      pure perl version of StringPointer
      define custom types in declare import
      start of buffer support
      extra files
      fixes for arguments api
      Remove the OO from the custom types API
      use "opaque" instead of "pointer" in examples
      fix test bug when not using alloca()
      no warnings on ref to undef (there is a legitimate use for returning 
native type as a pointer)
      yet another broken zmq example :P
      ...and finally a working example yay
      more doco tweaks
      tweaking abstract yet again
      make unthreaded perl with Alien::FFI->install_type = 'system'
      be defensive of c++
      80 characters
      fix some borked links
      add ignore_not_found attribute
      tag new features with the version in which they were introduced
      new line
      merge Module::Build::FFI into this dist
      needs Text::ParseWords
      strawberry and the short bus
      do not include internal release in changes
      package method
      declare interface uses bundled C if available
      u prefix shortforms
      do not include internal revision in changes
      forgotten update
      MB::FFI exit when compiler required and not there
      hide the warning eh?
      remove internal release from changes file
      remove FFI::Util from example where it is not needed
      more diagnostics
      reverse the polarity
      pointer to ::StringArray
      "5.21" on travis is really "5.21.0" which is virutally identical to 5.20 
so not really worth testing
      travis add version
      travis maybe make it a bit faster
      travis: UUID::FFI and FFI::Util
      fortran programmers are people too
      new bzip2 example
      sans warning
      rust example (#20)
      doco: I wish I had known I could do this earlier...
      more rust examples (#20)
      rearrange the deck chairs
      allow sizeof custom types
      faster sizeof
      start working on records (#22)
      a record type can be a class record(My::Foo)
      record implementation argument input (#21,#22)
      remove debug
      record as a return type (#21,#22)
      record doco
      for pack and unpack refer to the tutorial
      simple struct example
      round trip
      record examples in the Type.pod (#21,#22)
      and the oo example ...
      instructions for how to help
      even simpler
      compare and contrast records with opaque pointers
      rework getSystemTime example to use new record type
      give windows example a win32 prefix
      add a thanks section to dist.ini
      add bool as a primitive type
      Check that the size of the record is correct
      add better support for C++ in Module::Build::FFI
      support for alt foreign languages
      rename 'with' to 'lang'
      add foreign language support for declarative interface
      rust examples are moving to FFI::Platypus::Lang::Rust
      generate contrib and support doco
      make m::b::ffi subclassable
      version number
      support for mangled languages
      have to pass in the libs to the mangler
      add FFI_PLATYPUS_DLERROR as an env var
      Module::Build::FFI#ffi_include_dir can now be a array reference
      ffi_{libtest,ffi}_dir can now be an array reference
      unused var fix
      build assembly
      for the future
      accept other extensions in addition to $Config{dlext} (#29)
      update changes
      next version will require latest Alien::FFI
      do not need this anymore
      attach wrapper
      colot class
      correct assembly specific doco
      menton FFI in the abstract itself
      use house style
      forgot to mention the version when #package was added
      example improvements
      shortcut for FFI::CheckLib::find_lib (#30)
      doco and meta (#30)
      another pointer to #find_lib
      wrapper example with commentary
      add alignof method
      forgot the test
      workaround for unable to detect alignment with gcc (#21)
      record members for integer and float types
      looks weird to have this commented out.
      opaque accessor
      use check_default_headers before check_alignof_type (#21)
      support for arrays in records but needs to be unborked
      This unborks my last commit
      Do not allow two members of the same name in a record
      test for array alignment
      use : for members that you don't want accessors for
      keep track of alignment for records
      record ro string
      support for fixed length strings
      fixed length strings
      read/write string.  use with care.  (#21)
      allow hash initializer for records
      simplify uuid example using records and fixed length strings
      optimize for 80 cols
      fix typo and simplify
      links for fortran and pascal
      Add Caveats section, working with non C languages (#20)
      probe for size and alignment of exotic floats (#32)
      bump Config::AutoConf version (#33)
      Java example, via gcj
      move examples to the bottom
      this is a crazy Java example for the heck of it
      var length array
      update changes
      more changes
      test with Lang::Fortra
      travis: test acme::ford::prefect::ffi and lang::pascal
      fp compiler for precise (i think)
      travis test more packages
      should not have included this yet
      travis test exampls
      fix package name
      example test has to come after TinyCC
      test example needs Convert::Binary::C
      travis add libgtop2
      travis re-enable old versions of perl; other build configs
      rm comment
      travis fix yaml error
      travis need recent Time::Seconds for examples
      start of exotic float support
      this variable was not assigned!
      strings are types too
      long double as argument and return type (#32)
      keep a separate argument_pointers pointer
      add G_EVAL seems to fix 5.12 and earlier
      cleanup for longdouble support (#32)
      this includes partial support for complex types
      some big endian fixes
      rm accidnetal binary checkin
      closure big endian fixes
      final big endian fixes
      update changes
      complex eg
      probe for complex support (#32)
      if a probe compile fails do not die
      update changes
      support Math::Complex as an argument (#32)
      move the set exotic logic out of call.h
      document limited complex support
      better new type doco
      should return 2 on failure
      fix windows issues
      refix ppport.h
      add probe for longdouble
      this makes longdouble a probe failure for cygwin, which seems to be the 
right thing
      more long double fixes
      update changes
      pointer to long double support
      only test types we can test
      properly skip tests on tests that arent there
      single element accessors for arrays
      tied array interface
      save guard against bad array index
      programmers note
      array of long double
      use debug flags for libtest
      array of long double return
      add notes about Alt::Alien::FFI::System
      more work arounds for Strawberry
      we do actually need the extra compiler/linker flags for the libtest step
      mark it as experimental
      simplify win32 probe
      have to use the fullly qualified name
      probe for ABIs
      onyl do it once
      probe order fix
      use the right ffitarget.h
      different type of configure
      interface to the list of ABIs
      new non-default ABI interface
      windows types
      line numbers for eval
      fix scoping issue in Perl 5.8.8
      fix #39
      update changes
      lang Win32 defaults to stdcall on 32 bit windows
      fix for #35
      fix Win32::ErrorMode prereq
      workaround for openbsd64 issue
      solaris is apparently picky about this sort of thing
      more coplaints from solaris cc
      rm mental helth reference
      see also P5NCI
      delay loading of Win32::ErrorMode
      more diagnostics
      and the version number
      pass opaque in place of a closure
      expand tabs into spaces
      note the gh issues in Changes
      use house style
      fix for #5
      allow multiple CUSTOM_PERL arguments with argument counts > 1 
      reduce the number of add operations that we need to do
      cleanup build.bat on cygwin
      win32 beep example
      skip test requiring snprintf on platforms that do not provide it
      ... and i forgot the conditional
      remove overly aggressive skip on test for snprintf
      C++ free zone
      use win32 types
      remove generated file include/ppport.h
      travis: make sure Devel::PPPort is installed
      try this but skeptical
      more stops words for hunspell
      put -L flags from Alien::FFI in front
      fixes for MS Visual C++ (#16)
      ints are usually 4.  longs are usually the word size.  in modern times at 
      ms version of alloca is _malloca
      accdiental checkin
      _malloc may allocate on the heap
      alter dignostic as does not necessary relate to strawberry anymore
      update contribs
      travis to test ZMQ::FFI
      internally, longdouble cannot be the same as double for us
      support for system perl on OS X
      remove dup cases
      check for global destruction
      rm debug
      update changes
      update contributors
      some cleanup
      forgot to add this file
      use constant to avoid warnings in Perl 5.22
      constant was being removed because it was in core.  but we require a more 
recent version.
      rm xt/release/unused_vars.t
      require plugin version 1.74 for recent fixes
      yet another constant fix
      add a simple thread test
      also test forks
      alter thread tests so that the FFI object gets destroyed
      rm explicit dep on constant
      more perls
      convert::binary::c can be recommended now
      for now we need sudo on travis :(
      bump version up to latest
      improve thread safety
      more threading safety improvements
      require more recent version of constant
      clone on creating new thread
      also update travis for new constant
      older Perls need MY_CXT_KEY apparently
      check for stdc headers
      croak helpful here for diagnostics
      travis status
      forgot this one
      squish dev releases in the change log
      see also for c::blocks
      fix unhelpful warning
      spacing parser fix for function pointers
      Update .gitattributes
      does this make linguist work?
      test against 5.22
      update changes
      updates for recent [@Author::Plicease]
      try gfortran-4.6
      update contributors
      update diag
      include libffi version in diagnostic
      tweak diagnostic
      catch a execute fail on the ABI probe (#64)
      do not test abi in /tmp (#64)
      support for msys2
      update release tests
      add see also to NativeCall
      start to discourage the declarative interface
      migrate more doco to oo interface
      fix spelling mistakes (gh#66)
      update readme
      include probe data in standard diagnostic.
      make build a little bit faster
      big endian 64 specific conversions
      rm trailing space
      more big endian 64 fixes
      fix checking endianness on wrong wordsize
      spelling fix
      update contributors
      add appveyor
      also need this
      additional windows deps
      need newer constant after all

Philip (9):
      allow integers to be passed as function pointers
      test new behaviour
      document the ability to cast closures to opaque and use them as function 
      Cache and reuse FFI closures generated for a FFI::Platypus::Closure
      test case which fails with v0.30
      C file for testing multiple custom arguments
      add another test case which is slightly more realistic
      fix: allow multiple CUSTOM_PERL arguments with argument counts > 1 
      fix compiler warning

Vickenty Fesunov (1):
      Avoid unnecessary downgrade on when NV==longdouble

bakkiaraj (1):
      Add in to examples

gregor herrmann (7):
      Imported Upstream version 0.42.01
      Merge tag 'upstream/0.42.01'
      Imported Upstream version 0.43
      Merge tag 'upstream/0.43'
      Update debian/changelog
      debian/rules: remove debugging output.
      releasing package libffi-platypus-perl version 0.43-1


This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

       new  c8c3635   Merge tag 'upstream/0.42.01'
       new  08c76a7   Merge tag 'upstream/0.43'
       new  b5d5957   Update debian/changelog
       new  65e5c44   debian/rules: remove debugging output.
       new  7c0fb29   releasing package libffi-platypus-perl version 0.43-1

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