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+# How to contribute #
+## Ask questions ##
+Yes, asking a question is a form of contribution that helps the author
+to improve documentation.
+This package is used a lot by Debian Perl team, so you can ask
+question on
+[debian-perl mailing list]( or on 
`#debian-perl` (IRC)
+## Log a bug ##
+Please report issue on Debian BTS: run `reportbug libconfig-model-dpkg-perl`
+## Source code structure ##
+This package delivers 2 main tools:
+* a `scan-copyrights` command which parse a source files for copyright and 
license information and provides `Files` section of a `debian/copyright` file. 
+* The Dpkg plugin for `cme`
+The main parts of this package are:
+* `scan-copyright` files:
+** `bin/scan-copyright`
+** `lib/Dpkg/Copyright/`: library used by `scan-copyrights`. This 
class coalesces the information found by `licensecheck` and provides a set of 
`Files` entries that can be copied in `debian/copyright`
+* Model of the package files:
+** `lib/Config/Model/application.d`: declares the applications that `cme` can 
configure with this package 
+** `lib/Config/Model/models/**.pl`: the models of the package files. These 
files can be modified with `cme meta edit` command. Their structure can be 
viewed with `cme meta gen-dot` and `dot -Tps >`
+** `lib/Config/Model/models/**.pod`: the doc of the above models. Can be 
re-generated with `cme gen_class_pod`
+* Specialized class to perform tasks not done by `Config::Model`:
+** `lib/Config/Model/Dpkg/`: class that merges the result of 
`Dpkg::Copyright::Scanner` in the existing `debian/copyright`. Not for the 
faint of heart.
+** `lib/Config/Model/Dpkg/`: class that parses and validates and 
fix the dependency fields of `debian/control`. Dependency specification and its 
validation rules are quite complex. This class is rather hairy.
+* The backends: classes used to read and write package files when the backends 
provided by libconfig-model-perl are not enough
+** `lib/Config/Model/Backend/`: helper functions to read and 
write files based on `debian/control` syntax.
+** `lib/Config/Model/Backend/Dpkg/`: R/W backend for 
+** `lib/Config/Model/Backend/Dpkg/`: R/W backend for debian patch 
+** `lib/Config/Model/Backend/Dpkg/`: R/W backend for `debian/control`
+** `lib/Config/Model/Backend/`: R/W backend for some simple package 
files (like `compat`)
+* Non-regression tests:
+** `t`: test files. Run the tests with `prove -l t`
+** `t/model_tests.d` model test based on 
 Use `prove -l t/model_test.t` command to run only model tests.
+## Edit source code from git ##
+You can clone the repo from Alioth:
+* run `git clone`
+* edit files
+* run `prove -l t` to run non-regression tests
+* run `gbp buildpackage` to build the package
+## Edit source code from Debian source package  ##
+You can also prepare a patch using Debian source package:
+For instance:
+* download and unpack `apt-get source libconfig-model-dpkg-perl`
+* jump in `cd`
+* useful to create a patch later: `git init`
+* commit all files: `git add -A ; git commit -m"committed all"`
+* edit files
+* run `prove -l t` to run non-regression tests
+* run `git diff` and send the output on [debian-perl mailing 

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