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  replaces  upstream/0.77
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Mon Jul 18 22:39:39 2016 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.78

Brian Fraser (1):
      On Android, set TMPDIR before calling configure

Florian Ragwitz (16):
      Allow us to ship dev releases without version mismatches.
      defined %hash will be deprecated in 5.12.
      Fix another case of defined %hash.
      Version 0.71.
      Apply patch from RT#57697
      Passing wide char's down to FCGI is deprecated
      Stop abusing EUMM too much
      Update changes
      Version 0.72
      Add repository to meta resources
      Stop claiming we ship a file called -e
      Stop relying on echo being available
      Version 0.73
      Stop leaking information across requests
      Version 0.74
      Merge my 0.74 release with catagits/master

Jonathan Yu (1):
      Fix a spelling mistake in the docs.

Karen Etheridge (23):
      add a standard MANIFEST.SKIP file
      ignore dist dirs and MYMETA.*
      declare MIN_PERL_VERSION in Makefile.PL
      prepare for release of 0.75
      add a breadcrumb for maintainers
      tighter entries
      commit MANIFEST changes
      prepare for release of 0.76
      sort this list to weed out duplicates
      remove dupes; ignore MANIFEST artifacts
      DO NOT PACKAGE build artifacts!!!
      ensure all build artifacts can be cleaned up
      commit new generated MANIFEST
      prepare for 0.77 release
      upgrade metadata to v2, and include more resources
      fix file permissions
      canonicalize contributors
      change repository metadata to reference the github mirror
      rename this file so it is visible by metacpan et al
      add copyright information to main pod
      fix copyright information in these files
      prepare for 0.78 release
      ignore config.log

Tomas Doran (28):
      add a .gitignore for the perl stuff.
      Add more things to .gitignore
      Add a .gitignore.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Chop tabs for spaces in the changelog
      Add additional ignores
      Avoid quoting error with newer automake
      Bump versions for dev release pending
      Add yet more generated files to .gitignore
      More .gitignore
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Fix UTF-8 double encoding issues (RT#52400)
      Make the PRINT method return the number of bytes written.
      Force signal handler installation so we can catch SIGPIPE. RT#5100
      Bump version
      PRINT patch take 3 after diving the perl source
      Bump versions for another dev release
      Bump version
      Version 0.71_01
      Take the patch from FCGI::ProcManager Pod.
      Version 0.71_02
      Merge remote branch 'shadowcat/master'
      Update ChangeLog
      Version 0.71_03
      Cleanup Makefile.PL
      Update .gitignore for MYMETA.yml
      Swap tabs for spaces
      Re-indent code to be sane

Tomas Doran (t0m) (7):
      Add more generated files to .gitignore
      Bump versions for 0.68
      IO:: PRINT returns a bool, not no of bytes written, pointed out by chansen
      Another .gitignore fix
      Switch PRINT back to void and use XSRETURN_UNDEF/XSRETURN_YES - chansen
      Merge commit 'github/master'
      Changelog and bump versions for 0.70

chansen (25):
      Added a LIMITATIONS section to POD
      print() and write() now warn() instead of croak() incase of wide 
character output
      s/\t/    /
      Fixed indent style and braces to be consistent
      Removed support for SFIO
      FCGI::Stream::READ() should warn() instead of croak() incase of wide 
      discard any remaining data in input stream which otherwise ends up in 
next request
      warn in case of implicit discarding of input stream
      remove "implicit discarding of input stream" warning. RFC 3875 is pretty 
clear that a script is not obliged to read any of the data.
      Only discard input stream if FCGI_KEEP_CONN is set in 
FCGI_BeginRequestBody flags.
      Remove deprecated API
      Removed broken PP implementation.
      Removed genereating of FCGI.xs
      Removed genereating of
      Removed POD file documenting removed API
      Removed unused file
      Moved examples to eg/
      Require Perl 5.6 and use XSLoader
      Correct mutual exclusion with ithreads
      Port eg/ to ithreads
      Correct POD paragraph
      Attempts to perform OPEN, SEEK, TELL or TIEHANDLE operations throws an 
      Implemented support for EOF operation on FCGI::Stream handle
      Corrected FILENO implementation to return undef if stream is closed 
otherwise -1.

gregor herrmann (1):
      Imported Upstream version 0.78

roberts (79):
      Handle fflush(NULL).  Contributed by Michael Driscoll 
      Add tmpfile() support.  Contributed by Michael Driscoll 
      Correct for loop syntax for Bourne shell.  Rob Saccoccio 
      Important IsFcgi() and Accept() fixes
      Update IsFcgi() so that it detects the CGI envrionment
      Remove unneccesary cast to caddr_t.
      Disable Nagle algorithm for TCP based connections because
      A patch for 1.1 support provided by Bill Burke.
      Correct converting from bytes which are unsigned to int
      Add $Id$ string and beautify.
      Misc. updates to get a clean make on Linux.  A bit of
      Misc. updates to get a clean make on Linux.  A bit of
      Misc. updates to get a clean make on Linux.  A bit of
      There's no reason we need to maintain compiled classes in a devkit.
      Moved the source files up a directory.
      Files moved up from the old src directory.
      A workaround for a problem on (at least) Linux 2.0.x and UnixWare.
      Moved the workaround from the last patch out from under the
      Don't need these..
      Update mailing list links ->
      Removed a handful of wild (DOS) carriage returns.
      Wrap write()s in a loop to make sure the entire buffer is written.
      Rename Perl -> perl (gotta move all the files).
      - Remove the parenthesis in the ASSERT macro definition.
      Flush FastCGI buffers at application exit.  <>
      Remove the static initialization of _fcgi_sF[] because on glibc 2.x based
      Remove them dang DOS CRs.
      Remove the printf() and #include of stdio.h from examples/echo2.c.
      *) Add multithread support to the fcgiapp lib and an example multithreaded
      Remove some debugging code and clean up some gcc warnings in cgi-fcgi.c.
      A little more tweeking to eliminate warnings..
      Removed examples/tiny-cgi.c (it wasn't a FastCGI application?!).
      Fix warnigs - mostly main() complaints.
      Remove unneeded include file <sys/time.h>
      #include <stdio.h>  -  for environ
      exit() -> return() to eliminate a warning on win32
      Use FCGX_InitRequest() to initialize the static FCGX_Request
      put back environ declaration for Unix
      put back <sys/time.h>  for Unix
      use ANSI style function definitions
      eliminate C++ void* implicit cast warnings
      Remove Open Market's sample config file.
      get the power of fcgi_config.h
      don't need this - it doesn't work
      This should be replaced with Tom Poindexter's TCL lib or a
      some more #include juggling
      prevent a C++ compiler error
      more header juggling
      header juggling & C++ warnings
      ANSI function definitions
      header juggling & print thread id
      header juggling
      Add $(LIBS) to threaded.c
      env bug, header juggling, C++ warnings
      Move sample-store to SampleStore
      Move sample-store to SampleStore
      Move sample-store to SampleStore
      Move sample-store to SampleStore
      Fix a bug in "int read()"
      *) Fixed an unintentional sign extension during promotion  in Java's
      Use pthread_mutexes for locking the accept() and data.
      Comment about accept serialization
      Remove an OM Secure Server specific comment.
      Linux needs <sys/types.h>
      Initial shot at supporting initializing FastCGI socket on our own.
      Fix FCGX_Accept()
      Update based on the FCGX_Accept_r() API change
      Remove a couple of warnings
      Fix OS_Accept arg on Win32.
      Fix a silly change I made back w/ the multi-thread changes
      Eliminate a warning
      C++ support - provided by Michael Richards 
<>n(Apollo Software) and George Feinberg
      Remove unnecessary .dfc files.
      Missed a couple..
      Recover from header juggling - (Solaris)
      Remove Win #include
      Couple of minor WIN32  tweaks suggested by
      Write an empty STDIN PDU to indicate stdin EOF.
      Remove the Perl and TCL examples; examples exist in their respective 

robs (256):
      Put the classes in the com.fastcgi package
      Put the RCS keyword '$Id: $' in each of the classes.
      Don't close stdout/stderr on init & check for null pointer.
      Hi folks,
      fix the #include fcgio.h
      Set in,out,err,parmsPtr to NULL in FCGX_FClose(FCGX_Stream *)
      assert -> ASSERT
      Reset in,parmsPtr to NULL when reading the request fails
      Delete not needed M$ VC++ file.
      Fix bug in OS_Close() (when accept returns fds >8).
      Note potential bug when accept returns fds >32.
      *** empty log message ***
      Fix a problem with ClientAddressList handling -
      tweak for gcc 2.96 (RH7) []
      Eliminate String methods and constructor deprecation warnings under 1.3
      Handle malloc failures in FCGI_OpenFromFILE() properly.  Suggested by 
'ZIGLIO Frediano' <>.
      Provide FCGX_Free().
      Set ipcFd = -1 when an error occurs and ipcFd is closed
      set ipcFd = -1 in FCGX_InitRequest()
      Add support the shutdown Event.
      Cleaned up OS_CreateLocalIpcFd() and OS_FcgiConnect().
      Clear errno before calling getpeername() to determine if the app is 
running as a FastCGI application.
      no message
      Remove page breaks.
      Protect write access to the fdTable.  Wolfgang Meisl []
      Clean up and remove some useless code.
      Fix some broken links.
      Minor cleanup (more needed).
      Check for NULL args.  Eric Sit []
      Try and find an open slot in the fdTable if the fd is >WIN32_OPEN_MAX.  
Suggested by Eric Sit []
      Remove unneeded include of <io.h>
      Header file juggling.
      Remove FALSE/TRUE defines - they're picked up in fcgimisc.h if needed.
      Need <limits.h>
      Remove a bunch of includes that don't belong here.
      Add windows.h to pickup GetLastError, etc.
      Remove references in the comments to fcgio2.h.
      Add WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN  to WIN defines
      no message
      These don't serve any purpose.  The echo examples are sufficient.
      Rename echo2 -> echo-x
      These are clutter and with the "self-start" feature somewhat obsolete.  
The examples should be documented instead in the cgi-fcgi docs.
      tiny-authorizer renamed authorizer
      no message
      no message
      Add the examples
      renamed libfcgi.dsp
      Add editor backup files.
      Add configure related status files.
      Add fcgiappmisc.h back in.
      Fix includes.
      Fix includes.
      This is a generated file and shouldn't be under source control.
      These don't build (yet) under Win so exclude them.
      header fiddling.
      Remove a bogus check in last commit.
      Remove page breaks.
      Revert isFCGI() to its original form - ignoring the sock arg.
      A little header juggling.
      Header play
      Eliminate const on buffersize to eliminate a compiler warning.
      Touch args to avoid compiler warnings.
      casts and initializers to prevent warnings.
      type changes, casts, and arg touching to prevent warnings.
      Add exe dependencies on lib.
      Fix build settings.
      casts and arg touching to prevent warnings.
      Don't remove SHUTDOWN_EVENT from initial env.
      Make str_dup static.
      Remove DLLAPI define.
      Change the ordering on DLLAPI define, only define if not defined (unix 
      Move fcgiappmisc.h into fcgiapp.h
      More bloody header/define juggling.
      Rename FreeStream -> FCGX_FreeStream and CreateWriter ->FCGX_CreateWriter 
(they're exported).
      Remove unneeded header includes.
      Add DLLAPI define for win
      header juggling
      Remove #undef DLLAPI - not needed anymore
      Functionally equivelent - remove "/GX-" (exception handling)  from 
compile options.
      Functionally equivelent compile options.
      Move the <io.h> inside a _WIN32 define.
      Remove fcgiappmisc.h
      cleanup and remove obsolete files
      check to see if the SampleStore dirs exist before trying to create them
      Remove references to files that have been removed from the kit.
      Fix a broken declaration.
      Win32 lib makefile update (based on the latest project file).
      Fix the return type on FCGI_Flush from int to void.
      Support building from the devkit on Win32 when the libfcgi was built into 
Release/Debug directories.
      Ignore editor files and the blib directory
      Ignore Debug and Release directories.
      Ignore FcgiBin directory
      Ignore fcgi_config.h
      Add a check for limits.h
      Update to autoconf 2.52.
      autoconf 2.52 update and check for limits.h
      When building under devkit, copy needed devkit files down instead of 
using lib built from above.
      Update to the provided with autoconf 2.52
      Remove obsolete files.
      Remove dependency on OMI_CONFIG (unavailable) by reverse engineering 
configure.  Hopefully I got everything.
      Remove obsolete lines (refering to examples/perl and examples/tclsh 
      Remove reference to obsolete file - acconfig.h.
      Remove uneccesary checks.
      Put back a revised version - its used by autoheader.
      Update based on a new autoheader run against
      Revert last commit - put acconfig.h back into the dist target.
      Put the name of the file in the comment because autoheader copies it into 
fcgi_config.h (and would otherwise be confusing).
      Added check for ssize_t.
      no message
      configure and are now copied down from above.
      Add configure and to the distribution fileset.
      Make configure capable of being used here or from inside the perl 
      Win makefiles don't need to be built by configure.
      Changes that are the result of the OMI_CONFIG being removed from
      New run of autoheader.
      New run of autoheader - really this time.
      Remove uneeded code that was causing gcc to warn
      Repace the build batch files with an nmake Makefile.
      no message
      Rename and rewrite  echo2 -> echox
      Rewrite based on latest project file.
      Remove SampleStore from distribution.  I don't know that its really added 
much WRT helping folks, it doesn't build on Win and it depends on a chunk of 
TCL library code.
      Remove SampleStore from distribution.  I don't know that its really added 
much WRT helping folks, it doesn't build on Win and it depends on a chunk of 
TCL library code.
      Remove obsolete file - the use of accconfig is deprecated in favour of 
the 3 argument version of AC_DEFINE (and others).
      Remove acconfig from the distribution file list - the use of accconfig.h 
is deprecated in favour of the 3 argument version of AC_DEFINE (and others).
      Break out the clean target and establish a dependency on fcgi_config.h
      Use 3 arg version of AC_DEFINE.
      Add the .exe extension when appropriate to the clean target.
      Add the .exe extension when appropriate to the clean target.
      Rename the PP conditional for the fileno() prototype to HAVE_FILENO_PROTO.
      Remove the recursive behaviour that caused an nmake on the library.
      Remove #define of NULL
      New autoconf/autoheader run.
      Updates as a result of updates.
      rerun... to remove bloody carriage returns
      copy the dist1 files down when building from under the devkit.
      Remove the /Y option to copy - its not in/on NT4
      Prevent MakeMaker from searching for the winsock2 library - it was found 
by the linker anyway.  Gerald Richter []
      Fix TCP socket accept handling that I broke in a previous commit.
      no message
      Add shutdown flags and install signal handlers at lib init  if there are 
not already handlers installed.
      no message
      If shutdownPending is set, fail out of AquireLock().
      no message
      Only expose the shutdown functions.
      Only expose the shutdown functions.
      handle int to pointer conversion properly
      Remove FCGX_Shutdown and OS_Shutdown() - there is no immediate need so no 
point in exposing them.
      Move the ./index.html to ./doc/overview.html
      fix links
      initialize tcp_ia and port to prevent compile warning.
      initialize port in OS_FcgiConnect to prevent compiler warning
      Added  "int FCGX_Peek(FCGX_Stream *)"  (needed by fcgio.cpp).
      Rewrite of the C++ lib
      Add the C++ API to the lib.
      no message
      add the lstdc++ dependency
      exit -> return to prevent a warning
      define DLLAPI for non win platforms
      fix typo: setb -> setp
      pickup unistd.h and environ
      fix C++ build handling
      fix shell compatibility (bash)
      change const qualifier on extern environ
      Fix buffered reads.
      Add some comments/notes
      remove bloody CRs and fix bufsize initialization
      revert last commit (i.e. remove FCGX_Peek)
      revert last commit (i.e. remove FCGX_Peek)
      remove bloody CRs
      Replace the application/path specific echo.html and echo2.html with the 
more flexible test.html that allows the POST destination to be specified.
      fix to allow the c++ lib to be built and installed as a shared library
      use gcount() instead of eof() because ignore() doesn't set the eof bit in 
some versions of glibc++
      implement uflow()
      move all the virtual protected member functions back to protected (from 
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      this doesn't say antyihg useful - so begone
      fix validation, organization, and links
      fix validation, organization, and links
      fix mailing list links/refs
      prep for 2.2.2
      add some CHANGES history, update the build procedure.
      change compiler options consistent with other projects
      Add LIBFCGI_EXPORTS to defines
      Add echo-cpp project to workspace
      no message
      remove unneeded comment
      Add echo-cpp
      no message
      Add LIBFCGI_EXPORTS to defines
      update obsolete syntax
      Refer to the documentation and eliminate all of the erroneous 
      add perl, java, doc, win32 to the DIST files
      add .mak files to DIST
      add size to PROGRAMS
      (WIN32) Fixed initialization of the accept mutex when OpenSocket() was 
used.  Niklas Bergh []
      change version to 2.2.3
      Change references to NULL to 0.
      test for iostreams that support a streambuf assignment operator
      use real function names when looking for libraries to prevent breakage 
under Solaris Workshop's compiler
      Fix a bug a that caused the lib to crash under certain circumstances when 
an error occured on a read
      more lib crash fixes on err'd read
      Modified Files: fcgios.h
      Modified Files: os_win32.c
      Modified Files: libfcgi/ examples/ 
      Modified Files:
      Modified Files: libfcgi/ examples/ 
      Modified Files:
      add automake required file - compile
      remove <CR>
      Add a mini project to copy the fcgi_config.h file from fcgi_config_x86.h
      Add a mini project to copy the fcgi_config.h file from fcgi_config_x86.h
      Update the echo-cpp example to show the restoral of the original
      [WIN] Use _beginthread instead of CreateThread because we use the clib.
      Fix a bug that caused an assert to pop when an async file descriptor
      [WIN32] Eliminate the (partial and broken) use of OverlappedIO - this
      disable the 4127 warning caused by FD_SET
      ignore *.tar.gz
      add check for char_type in the context of C++'s streambuf and some misc 
changes to how C++ related checks are performed
      add 'using namespace std' because fcgio.h doesn't do that anymore
      use streamsize and char_type, export the C++ API via the class not its 
      remove dos eols
      use #if instead of #ifdef
      enable synchonous exception handling in the release target
      build fcgio.cpp at warning level 3 instead of 4 (because windows headers 
throw piles of warnings)
      updates based on the latest
      changes to match recent .dsp changes
      missed a couple of streamsize changes
      cleanup to avoid warnings under borland complier
      [WIN32] force an exit from the ShutdownRequestThread when a shutdown
      [WIN32] shutdown only the send side of a TCP socket to prevent a TCP
      shutdown() the send side and then read() from client until EOF
      same change as in os_win.c - on connection close, shutdown() the send 
side and read until EOF or timeout
      fix typo in example code, re prime number
      set version to 2.4.0
      tabs -> spaces
      add attach()/detach() support
      call the fcgi lib's attach/detach
      Fix fcgi_streambuf::underflow() such that when there is no buffer
      migrate OS_Close() calls to new signiature
      bump version to 2.4.1
      add Win32/config_h.dsp
      change uses of 'cp' to 'copy'
      remove '/GX-' from the compiler flags - there C++ exception handling is 
off on extern 'C' fns anyway
      remove '/D LIBFCGI_EXPORTS'
      remove '/GX-' - C++ exceptions are presumed disabled for extern 'C' fns
      [WIN32] Raise SIGTERM from the ShutdownRequestThread to emulate

skimo (96):
      Change reference to INSTALL to configure.readme
      ActivePerl compatibility
      Partial threadification.
      Further threadification
      Finish off thread support (fingers crossed)
      Fix sfio support
      some cleanups
      move PRINTF into correct package
      Check for socklen_t
      and actually use the HAVE_SOCKLEN define
      Small clean ups
      handle NULLs in VFPrintf
      new API changes
      0.48 release
      die handler
      move <sys/types.h> include in os_unix.c
      Document new interface.
      Minor fixups
      0.53 release (fixes sfio)
      Version 0.54 changes
      o small documentation fix
      0.55 release
      GetHandle and GetEnvironment
      add warning when in devkit and library hasn't been compiled yet
      warn handler fix; 0.56 release
      use FCGX_Free
      document backlog and warn on incorrect use of accept
      0.57 release
      do close when not bound;0.58 release
      copy win32 configuration file instead of moving it
      echo.fpl was still using the old interface
      forgot to add remote.PL to the repository
      pure perl implementation
      0.59 release
      add BINMODE method and comment on socket perms
      Don't try to compile anything on pure perl build
      bind to non-INADDR_ANY for TCP/IP
      attempt at better explaining OpenSocket
      work around problem in earlier MakeMakers
      fix length calculation in pure perl version
      allow pecification of purity on command line
      Don't keep connection on failure.
      extra argument for FCGX_Free
      allow file handle Request socket argument
      revert socket option patch
      use standard T_PTROBJ typemaps
      Remove configure{,.in} from MANIFEST.
      use Config{sh}
      The socket thing again.
      fix reference counting
      bump version
      add LastCall method
      assume non pure build
      document changes
      move topdir to automake
      Move version number to separate file.
      remove use File::Copy just added
      add libtool "support"
      copy additional files
      update changelog
      use libtool
      add config.*
      Use common checks but different configure scripts for
      remove useless calls
      install not needed for perl module
      remove copying
      fix AM_CONFIG_HEADER call
      convert to automake
      don't install example programs
      install include files
      detect installed fcgi lib
      respect CFLAGS
      move fcgi_config.h
      install move fcgi_config.h
      bump version
      version thing again
      copy x86.h from correct place
      another attempt
      avoid warning under strict
      mention pure named pipes thing and useinstalled option
      add $(EXEEXT) to threaded
      define INT2PTR if needed
      prepare for 0.65
      perl 5.8.0 compatibility fix by Autrijus
      bump version
      Upgrade FCGI_UndoBinding to perlio
      comment on a possible FILENO method
      Remove extraneous "/".
      Write out in 32KiB chunks since FastCGI protocol support
      Comment out calls to close in Finish based on a report
      add minimal test
      bump version in anticipation of new release
      update to 0.67

stanleyg (1):
      Initial revision

t0m (4):
      Trim trailing whitespace
      Add FILENO method to to comply with IO:: interface
      Trim trailing whitespace
      Add FILENO method to to comply with IO:: interface


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