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      from  5fc709e   update changelog
      adds  a395965   Initial revision
      adds  ea38338   * these files were from some other universe.  they have 
since returned there.
      adds  a32f0b9   * removed tarballs.
      adds  52b13e0   * this file was from something else, which has claimed it.
      adds  a70a53a   * syncing this version number with the one from my local 
CVS repository. this is the version number that is now on CPAN.
      adds  f56118b   Sorted all the country data down at the bottom to make it 
easier to pick through it all
      adds  4fab7dd   Added missing commas to revised data format
      adds  69dd9ce   * This is the first stab at separating the ISBN data from 
the code so that the data (or the code) can be updated separately.  eventually 
this should allow users to specify a data source, including things that are not 
necessarily text files.  volunteers? ;)
      adds  b52b7f7   * This is the new data from  There are some 
minor differences from the previous data.  Some changes look like keying errors 
while others appear to be added data since I got the original data.
      adds  f7ab174   * there were ^M line endings.  the file was uploaded via 
maccvs and created in BBEdit, so i gotta look into that.
      adds  11e7428   * a list of ISBNs from Andy Lester that we can use for 
      adds  2d9f105   * added a test to check a long list of ISBNs
      adds  e374821   * removed a bunch of bad and malformed ISBNs
      adds  6f44286   * removed data from this module (it's now in
      adds  d480472   Fixed a quoting problem with group code 986 - China 
wasn't quoted so any attempts to look that up should fail big time.
      adds  8304714   * added isbns.txt which needs
      adds  e6163b3   * a script to pull down ISBN data and partially munge it.
      adds  e6b3400   * removed the isbns.txt file to make the distribution 
smaller.  i'll leave it in the CVS source, and i'll still be able to complete 
that test, but other users shouldn't need it.
      adds  a518723   * only performs the isbn file test if isbns.txt is 
readable.  otherwise it skips this test.  now i don't have to distribute the 
huge isbns.txt file. :)
      adds  754f906   * added a mehtod to produce an EAN13 barcode, in PNG 
format, from the ISBN
      adds  f58232e   * more German ISBNs from  Christian Kirsch 
      adds  710b589   * removed hyphens
      adds  1e7048c   * removed a couple of lines that tried to short-circuit 
checking all publisher codes.  in, the publisher code ranges are listed 
in roughly the ASCII-betical order, but i was looking at their lengths.
      adds  8d330e8   * changed _common_format so that it untaints the data
      adds  6b8bcfe   * added Pod stubs
      adds  3bea189   * added new EAN prefix 979 support * fixed some pod 
      adds  27368e6   * converted tests to Test::More
      adds  7665bf7   * skip gzip files
      adds  102cbb4   * POD fixes - use items rather than head2s
      adds  cb542b0   * added back isbns.txt
      adds  ad6ca11   * got rid of trial_publisher_code_length
      adds  5cb6860   * added Test::Pod dependency
      adds  81eda7b   * changes up to 1.70
      adds  175dacf   * added release config file
      adds  6b77767   * MakeMaker artifacts
      adds  f49911f   * first version for xisbn tests
      adds  d93be98   * Test::Pod is now optional
      adds  f3db5b1   * added xisbn test
      adds  6898af6   * hard code class names to get rid of File::Find::Rule
      adds  fa5f9fe   * made some lines a bit more pretty
      adds  4f1eb53   * removed File::Find::Rule and some test dependencies
      adds  28d82ae   * added support for OCLC's xIBSN project
      adds  2960423   * i'm getting uninitialized value warnings, so i'll turn 
off warnings until i can figure it out.  it is just temporary
      adds  3bf5a24   * removed the no warnings statement since the warnings 
are from Test::More
      adds  0ffacec   * added dist pattern
      adds  2e5e341   * added release cookie file artifact
      adds  8953d52   * for version 1.71
      adds  4a898f9   * get rid of File::Find::Rule
      adds  bc2a7d9   * cheack for required modules in png_barcode, and warn if 
they aren't there * previous behaviour is a fatal error
      adds  99bb0d1   * added META.yml
      adds  ea15c36   * for version 1.72
      adds  f5bb51b   * this is only a distribution fix, not a bug fix
      adds  c78559f   * Makemaker will automatically create META.yml for us
      adds  cec32e0   * for version 1.73
      adds  e08b58b   * do not put these files in the MANIFEST
      adds  751bdcc   * updated from current POD, 1.73
      adds  c9d2752   * added note about LightningSource's ISBN bar code 
generator * added note about Ed Summers helping out * cleaned-up email 
addresses to use C<< >>
      adds  50ccd69   * ignore left over temporary files
      adds  ce8f252   * created with make maifest, so now they are in order
      adds  573eca6   * for version 1.74
      adds  cd0c2d9   * added SourceForge address to SOURCE note * updated 
email address
      adds  ffd050d   * added note about 13 digit ISBNs * no feature changes
      adds  1f612ca   * for version 1.76
      adds  1df0650   * removed Business::ISBN::Data from the distribution.  
It's a separate module now, so installs it first, and the version in 
this dist overwrote it with old data.  Bad, bad, bad!
      adds  cf2300f   * for version 1.77
      adds  b43bcd4   * stripped some whitespace
      adds  4bf3448   * require the latest version of Business::ISBN::Data, 
which you need to pass the tests
      adds  c2b8861   * for version 1.78
      adds  4b1cb88   * Updated tests reflect the latest changes to the ISBN 
prefixes and publisher codes (ISBNs that were invalid before are valid now).
      adds  a83dc09   Ignore Schwern's new artifacts
      adds  23bd01e   * for version 1.79
      adds  da20ff6   * added a POD coverage test, and added docs for the 
uncovered methods
      adds  adb61cf   * for version 1.80
      adds  752d695   * add pod_coverage.t to MANIFEST!  Oops!
      adds  1fd54d7   * The data file is now in a separate distribution
      adds  b3a4a69   * expose the "country" group name as the country method. 
It should have been done earlier but I overlooked it.
      adds  d5d9ee2   * for version 1.81
      adds  9225713   * Fixed a small problem in the validating code. It turns 
out that 0 is a valid publisher code (why god? why?) so when I check the 
publisher code I need to check for definedness, not value.
      adds  d799064   * for version 1.82
      adds  66b6f06   * updated for copyright and license
      adds  5ba6367   * for version 1.83
      adds  dd991b7   * updated for copyright and license
      adds  d85cccc   * updated for copyright and license
      adds  4bf2386   * for version 1.83
      adds  95fbc35   * for version 1.84
      adds  062825e   add examples directory
      adds  eaef7a1   Start of refactoring to support ISBN13
      adds  d2c6e01   * rewrote most of the code and moved the common parts 
into for
      adds  c255714   * test for exportable constants * list of bad ISBNs to 
      adds  f062146   Consolidating the documentation and filling out the 
tests. Almost there :)
      adds  0e52973   Add author to Makefile.PL and tag version as dev release
      adds  1dfa6a1   * for version 2.00
      adds  19de76e   * let's promote this to a full fledged release
      adds  7828728   * some developer files
      adds  99e53e9   * add rt/27107.t to the distro and tests
      adds  d681d62   * for version 2.01
      adds  0da5ef9   * fix RT # 28843: _parse_prefix in accepted 
anything that was 13 characters and started with three digits, causing 
_set_prefix to croak when it tried to set an invalid prefix. I updated 
_parse_prefix to be stricter.
      adds  875e5d8   bump version
      adds  7757760   * for version 2.02
      adds  bb1f95f   * Fix Exporter import. It seems there are still some 
people using MacOS 9. They have ancient perls with ancient Exporters.
      adds  f5da1ba   * for version 2.02
      adds  7d12031   * added a valid_isbn_checksum exportable routine to just 
return the answer without the object stuff at the user level.
      adds  aefe235   * added test file for valid_isbn_checksum function
      adds  3e16195   * for version 2.02
      adds  82ba00f   * RT #29089 - _max_length in still says 10. Now 
      adds  62f7c1c   * add ISBN13 test files to manifest
      adds  0dd7257   shut up pod coverage
      adds  a93231e   * for version 2.02
      adds  b63f491   * ISBN13::group should return the same group ISBN10 
would. I had a method in there for testing and it always returned "Bookland". 
That's the wrong behavior though.
      adds  d906c17   * bump version numbers
      adds  efa3bbc   * for version 2.02
      adds  39cc202   * test for RT 29292: ensure ISBN 13 has hypens in the 
right place
      adds  95c8a9b   * update version and MANIFEST for new test file * This is 
another dev release before pushing 2.03 out the door
      adds  dcda93f   * for version 2.02
      adds  3bf1063   * Workaround odd bug about modifying non-lvalue 
      adds  447ea22   * Disable Test::Pod::Coverage because Pod::Coverage is 
      adds  66682dc   * for version 2.03
      adds  66c1f14   * make png_barcode test work, skip everything if no 
      adds  8bae606   * for version 2.03
      adds  1a0f766   * added dropbox directory to hold various docs I find
      adds  9bee24a   * Adjustment to example in synopsis
      adds  4b771b1   * The ISBN Agency added a prefix for Gabon (99902), so my 
test data for a bad prefix is now failing. I'll use 99970 instead.
      adds  a88f7cf   * bump and sanitize version
      adds  e334382   * Require the latest versions of Test::Manifest and 
      adds  0c7df8b   * Remove the GD prereq. Everyone seems to be having a 
problem with borked GD installs.
      adds  63bdd35   Whitespace fixes
      adds  97513fc   * Need to make this a developer release"
      adds  107bbb6   * Changes clean-ups. No big whoop
      adds  95d722b   * Updated version to 2.05, now that I know 2.04_01 works. 
That change makes the PNG tests optional.
      adds  bb4bf83   * Update prereqs, copyright date
      adds  bf757e0   * Update the copyright date on everything
      adds  a90f526   * Guard against invalid ISBN formats in 
valid_isbn_checksum. Remove SVN keywords
      adds  64ed5b6   * Update the XISBN URL
      adds  4d895dd   * don't use defined with a hash. That's deprecated
      adds  fc85280   Update xisbn test for right URL
      adds  ca6c05a   Ignore generated file MYMETA.yml
      adds  e933a4f   Remove CVS keywords
      adds  18272ac   Add missing 2.05 message
      adds  bd4f6a1   Move lib files to conventional location
      adds  35edd7e   Update host. Again. *shrug*
      adds  7449875   Merge branch 'cvstags' into xisbn
      adds  2c53d03   Merge branch 'xisbn'
      adds  21faf0b   Make this a dev release
      adds  251c7be   Ignore dropbox folder
      adds  4c37255   Fix RT#52430
      adds  bbd5367   Update copyright dates
      adds  3e413c7   Changes from the previous release, 2.05_01
      adds  e64d8cd   Remove the * for the non-list of bugs
      adds  a184a9d   Bump versions
      adds  4f5e588   Require latest ISBN data
      adds  926238f   Bump version
      adds  c4d3962   99970 is now a valid group code (for Haiti)
      adds  e59e763   Changes to fix test for Haiti group code
      adds  b41840a   Update to Github address
      adds  d2fef00   Format and whitespace
      adds  fd307cc   Remove CVS header line
      adds  0d25bd1   Github #3: Don't set GOOD_ISBN at the end of 
      adds  930bcbf   Bump to 2.05_04
      adds  068ee17   Bump to stable release
      adds  c81d160   Update MANIFEST, add test for Github issue #3
      adds  f7de94a   Changes for 2.06
      adds  8604bf4   Use default MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  88649eb   Update version and copyright date
      adds  9862b3f   Added cpan repository metadata
      adds  15a5951   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  6c80833   Release for 2.07
      adds  e51286b   Update bad isbns to use a bad group code
      adds  5560595   Use the latest ISBN data
      adds  792f7b1   Use TEST_REQUIRES
      adds  96e2841   Add stuff to increment and decrement articles
      adds  bb5ecdd   Add the first steps for testing increments
      adds  46e7fae   Return ARTICLE_CODE_OUT_OF_RANGE for increment errors
      adds  4b0eadf   Bump version
      adds  1088cf6   Add stepping test
      adds  162aa99   Credit Markus Spann for increment and decrement
      adds  be56407   Get rid of Test::ISBN circular dependency
      adds  9337587   Bump version
      adds  64f7ed1   () after call to constant
      adds  50212f6   Get rid of circular dependency
      adds  4e5c3dc   Clean up Changes
      adds  fb71437   Remove .cvsignore
      adds  49ea68f   Expand .travis.yml for coveralls, 5.20, helpers
      adds  68fab74   ignore these files
      adds  e35dafd   Update copyright statement
      adds  fb986f6   Remove HTML version of the docs
      adds  b3ef029   normalize Changes header line according to 
      adds  cbd1753   Add author test for Changes file
      adds  2b7bdd5   Fix changes.t for missing interpolated variable
      adds  326c344   Normalize Changes, more so
      adds  b5fd233   Date format for CPAN::Changes::Spec
      adds  d5b0847   Modulino-ize Makefile.PL, Phase 1
      adds  98f0c59   Die if we cannot load correct ExtUtils::MakeMaker
      adds  58a7e6f   More modernization of Makefile.PL
      adds  c4eb05a   Most of the modernization of Makefile.PL
      adds  088d6e0   Update LICENSE file to include full license
      adds  f5bcc9f   "Depend on File::Spec::Functions"
      adds  b37c054   "5.008 does not have // !"
      adds  9c6c4af   Dist name from module
      adds  58e4af3   clean up distdir
      adds  aee97de   set a package
      adds  a213885   It's not bugtraker with no c
      adds  494a518   The new README.pod, fit for GitHub
      adds  b224b83   Remove the old README (now README.pod)
      adds  0f90d37   Update MANIFEST
      adds  ba8c566   Add MIN_PERL_VERSION
      adds  d7a7b67   Add MIN_PERL_VERSION
      adds  bafcf5e   Add Pod to all the Makefile.PLs
      adds  a4ec779   typo
      adds  bd9c760   Add INSTALL.SKIP
      adds  92a9bfd   Add INSTALL.SKIP
      adds  ecd627f   Escape metachar in skip pattern
      adds  c63cc61   Update MANIFEST for INSTALL.SKIP
      adds  9c9c9b8   Use Mojo to fetch and parse xISBN.
      adds  ad29eae   Use an environment variable to set debug.
      adds  fe60c35   Whitespace
      adds  8f5f2d6   Bump version
      adds  c0c7eba   Add Pod encoding
      adds  69617c3   Remove debugging statement
      adds  06ea955   Brace reformatting
      adds  ce62e21   * for version 2.09_01
      adds  f8ac323   Remove old test file
      adds  39bc6c2   Fix a bullet point in the changes
      adds  98fee5c   Require a later Test::More
      adds  336f440   Have a fallback if Mojo::DOM isn't there.
      adds  d53b83c   Bump version
      adds  8ee3a58   * for version 2.09_02
      adds  ca6efb4   Git rid of tabs in YAML
      adds  6ab600d   Update MANIFEST for inadverent additions
      adds  280306b   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  2801d8a   Add v5.22 to Travis, and run in container by turning off 
      adds  e2e0006   Add v5.22 to Travis, and run in container by turning off 
      adds  46d2b08   Fix repository location
      adds  c0c6a60   Note what this module does
      adds  b6e9af9   Whitespace
      adds  303f053   Sync dependency on *::Data to the latest
      adds  8e44f98   Bump version
      adds  eeb6dc2   * for version 2.010
      adds  cd7266a   These subs are in the main package
      adds  589ead9   Bump version
      adds  8a2c717   Example of setting unassigned group code
      adds  afe8511   Add the error_* methods to get the error text
      adds  5b930a3   Access the argument list directly
      adds  960ff3b   Deprecate xisbn
      adds  9f5ee4b   The error codes are the ones less than 1
      adds  39bf4ed   remove the xisbn tests from the manifest
      adds  b11194b   Add a test file for the error_* methods
      adds  edd635b   Test the errors
      adds  9fcd601   Update MANIFEST
      adds  e08f42b   * for version 2.010_01
      adds  ac5c137   Fix Changes to note that 2.010 is a stable release
      adds  c680bf9   Bump to stable version
      adds  01916cc   * for version 2.011
      adds  f4f622c   Imported Upstream version 2.011
       new  9ea881f   Merge tag 'upstream/2.011'
       new  c0c288d   Update debian/changelog
       new  41e76d0   Update years of packaging copyright.
       new  441d005   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.8.
       new  2fa55ba   Use HTTPS for Homepage in debian/control.
       new  02104b6   Skip tests which tries to connect to the internet
       new  8ea6091   Install new example script.
       new  02bdd9f   releasing package libbusiness-isbn-perl version 2.011-1

The 8 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                               | 13 +++++-
 MANIFEST                              |  2 +
 META.json                             |  2 +-
 META.yml                              |  2 +-
 debian/changelog                      | 13 ++++--
 debian/control                        |  5 +--
 debian/copyright                      |  2 +-
 debian/libbusiness-isbn-perl.examples |  1 +
 debian/rules                          | 15 +++++++
 debian/tests/pkg-perl/smoke-skip      |  2 +
 examples/        | 83 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 lib/Business/                  | 54 ++++++++++++++++++++---
 lib/Business/                | 11 +----
 lib/Business/                | 10 +----
 t/errors.t                            | 45 +++++++++++++++++++
 t/test_manifest                       |  2 +-
 t/xisbn10.t                           | 26 ++++++-----
 17 files changed, 242 insertions(+), 46 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/libbusiness-isbn-perl.examples
 create mode 100644 debian/tests/pkg-perl/smoke-skip
 create mode 100755 examples/
 create mode 100644 t/errors.t

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