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      from  d9f5c23   releasing package libfile-next-perl version 1.14-1
       new  3bf19eb   Update debian/upstream/metadata.
       new  81c362f   update changelog
      adds  2fd9fbe   First version in Google Code
      adds  3f2ebaf   Releasing 0.01
      adds  3300503    r16509@mel:  andy | 2006-08-13 19:41:47 -0500  Added 
Perl::Critic target
      adds  a90129b    r16514@mel:  andy | 2006-08-13 22:06:06 -0500  hushed 
the perlcritic
      adds  7780ab2    r16532@mel:  andy | 2006-08-14 14:58:41 -0500  Didn't 
have a test on the single file fetch
      adds  c3ba11e    r16533@mel:  andy | 2006-08-14 15:04:48 -0500  Got the 
bulk of the changes working where we pass an arrayref.  Now I have two tests to 
      adds  b99c0f0    r16534@mel:  andy | 2006-08-14 15:06:48 -0500  Added 
labels for the is_deeply() calls
      adds  e1e68cb    r16535@mel:  andy | 2006-08-14 15:23:03 -0500  
t/errors.t is just a dumpe of t./bas9c.t
      adds  c592ee4    r16536@mel:  andy | 2006-08-14 15:24:11 -0500  
t/filters.t was missing
      adds  3832020    r16544@mel:  andy | 2006-08-14 19:20:23 -0500  Fixed the 
descent bug
      adds  30ce662    r16545@mel:  andy | 2006-08-14 19:47:32 -0500  We don't 
want the makefile'
      adds  d358822    r16546@mel:  andy | 2006-08-14 20:09:47 -0500  Added 
t/parms.t to check errors
      adds  40f4617    r16547@mel:  andy | 2006-08-14 20:33:53 -0500  Teeny 
      adds  2dd3dd6    r16548@mel:  andy | 2006-08-14 20:43:06 -0500  bumping 
to 0.20
      adds  752ed8d    r16558@mel:  andy | 2006-08-15 02:29:08 -0500  Cutting 
      adds  92619fa    r16571@mel:  andy | 2006-08-16 13:30:33 -0500  Added an 
API checker
      adds  6227a05    r16572@mel:  andy | 2006-08-16 14:12:39 -0500  Fixed up 
the API, now releasing 0.22
      adds  3c78eb8    r17179@mel:  andy | 2006-08-31 15:39:57 -0500  Added 
Subversion repo
      adds  ae6fef0    r17181@mel:  andy | 2006-08-31 19:28:03 -0500  Switched 
to new _sets_match function, and removed t/filters.t
      adds  a7426fe    r17182@mel:  andy | 2006-08-31 19:30:18 -0500  removed 
tags target, and fixed some Critic stuff
      adds  1fdf482    r17185@mel:  andy | 2006-08-31 20:14:31 -0500  fixed it 
so we actually recreate separators
      adds  aad9d5c    r17187@mel:  andy | 2006-08-31 21:55:41 -0500  Now all 
paths get tweaked
      adds  05dc430    r17189@mel:  andy | 2006-08-31 22:40:37 -0500  added 
      adds  33b7183    r17190@mel:  andy | 2006-08-31 22:46:22 -0500  Using the 
      adds  750d608    r17193@mel:  andy | 2006-09-01 23:40:10 -0500  Releasing 
      adds  96ff7fa    r17194@mel:  andy | 2006-09-02 00:50:58 -0500  Use the 
File::Spec funcs for updir and curdir
      adds  8c64d7d    r17195@mel:  andy | 2006-09-02 00:58:53 -0500  Uses 
catdir instead of catfile before calling the descend_filter
      adds  508626b    r17196@mel:  andy | 2006-09-02 01:01:00 -0500  Inlined 
      adds  088efd3    r17197@mel:  andy | 2006-09-02 01:04:38 -0500  quiet 
some complaints from P::C
      adds  7ef484e    r17203@mel:  andy | 2006-09-02 01:12:11 -0500  Moved 
_reslash into File::Next, and removed
      adds  1c27962    r17205@mel:  andy | 2006-09-02 10:09:09 -0500  gotta 
skip the .svn dirs
      adds  647dd30    r17206@mel:  andy | 2006-09-02 10:12:16 -0500  releasing 
      adds  4d55b04    r17209@mel:  andy | 2006-09-04 00:09:51 -0500  Use 
proper File::Spec function for getting the list of special directories
      adds  0bb963b    r17373@mel:  andy | 2006-09-05 22:32:05 -0500  Added the 
die for unhandled error_handler, and added a test
      adds  f1d0bc9    r17376@mel:  andy | 2006-09-05 23:52:45 -0500  Releasing 
      adds  85d693f    r17936@mel:  andy | 2006-10-06 12:48:35 -0500  
explicitly declare ::name and ::dir
      adds  494cddd    r18275@mel:  andy | 2006-11-04 22:14:05 -0600  Working 
on the sort
      adds  0f295fa   Made updir/curdir into a hash
      adds  a492f93   Fixed the %ups again
      adds  9eab11d   Added new sort function
      adds  51745d4   Added the _lists_match function
      adds  37a19c0   hoisted the swamp listing
      adds  ece96d3   Both sets have to call _lists_match
      adds  6974a36   Added sort_forward and sort_reverse
      adds  d20d5d5   Adjust for new sort orders
      adds  c424998   Added sort_standard
      adds  bd9b0d2   handle the sorting functions correctly
      adds  a93b0ca   ready to release 0.30
      adds  cb9226a   Added perl::critic stuff
      adds  1bfdab2   Fixed actual/expected
      adds  d0748da   Added failing test for top-level tests, and fixed up the 
      adds  9cc1b52   Removed the current directory test
      adds  614297a   Releasing 0.32
      adds  a17551f   Teeny speedup when no file_filter or descend_filter
      adds  428a0f4   reslash is now a real function
      adds  5ee6c41   Skip directories are now built once at module load
      adds  f81b786   More speedups if descend_filter is not specified
      adds  ef08203   releasing 0.34
      adds  920b837   notes for speedups
      adds  11e09ed   no need to ship stress
      adds  6681d9d   [ENHANCEMENTS] I sped up the internals of passing around 
the queue and building paths, and it should now be 20% faster than 0.34 in the 
simplest case.
      adds  01e4e78   Releasing 0.36
      adds  cdaac97   Moved the sort_files checker to the constructor
      adds  cfd57a5   Test to eliminate the .
      adds  cc91cd9   Added follow_symlinks parm
      adds  9faf61c   Adding taint checks
      adds  9e50e98   Adding taint checks
      adds  c2a5273   adding barebones follow.t
      adds  fb5711d   Now works for default symlink behavior
      adds  96d78c7   Added notes about follow_symlinks
      adds  f6174d8   Added the NO_FOLLOW tests
      adds  fe15bb1   Fixed test count
      adds  5e771e9   Fixed the parm passing into the constructor so we now 
actually handle follow_symlinks OK
      adds  347d946   refactored the guts to make it easier to cut-and-paste 
for dirs
      adds  3537a7b   Added t/dirs.t for supporting dirs() method
      adds  0023459   Added dirs()
      adds  ce04887   Added test for when we start with a symlink
      adds  8e570b4   Put the follow_symlinks check in _candidate_files where 
it belongs
      adds  43a3d03   Refactored all the setup stuff into _setup()
      adds  267dfa0   Reorganizing some docs
      adds  b4b9262   more reorg
      adds  3dc3370   Releasing 0.38
      adds  90cd2e6   releasing 0.38
      adds  504597d   updated examples
      adds  e64a8d8   New testing files
      adds  5bf5d82   Added Test::Differences code
      adds  8890bc8   Use the
      adds  f5e3e21   Check for the 0 file, and use
      adds  c1ba706   Added zeroes.t
      adds  71f8882   Update to use
      adds  cf8874f   First draft of a zero-checking test
      adds  f295af9   Updated the file list
      adds  d07c04a   Updated docs
      adds  06e4b1d   Reversed the sense of the test
      adds  d1e07a4   Renamed t/zeroes.t to t/zero.t
      adds  5d0c01c   Fixed the constructor example
      adds  c635944   Added a prof target
      adds  e0bbdf9   Removed two scalars and explicitly closed the dir handle
      adds  ff62903   Hoisted a repeated lookup for $parms->{file_filter}
      adds  f87fcc0   Improved the critic target
      adds  71190a7   Reusing the stat call
      adds  6e94dae   Showing error message on chdir
      adds  5771cef   explicit package
      adds  6f40f13   releasing 0.40
      adds  d2ea293   Added File::Next::everything
      adds  b1302ef   results direcotries can get filtered too
      adds  a038820   Releasing 1.00
      adds  3d98f52   doc fixes from GAAL
      adds  1f3ed9e   add more dirs
      adds  01e0850   hoisted the descend_filter
      adds  ed85e9b   show a count
      adds  ac106d3   fixing parens
      adds  0350546   updating the dprofpp
      adds  a2ff12d   Added smallprof target
      adds  a97a626   updating profiling target
      adds  3305f7c   updating profiling target
      adds  a456d06   stress has to do sorting
      adds  ba9f9b6   Don't follow symlinks
      adds  1765b69   +    Don't do a directory stat call if we've already done 
one to +    check for a symlink.
      adds  dff69a9   be smart about stuff we have to sort
      adds  3521be8   getting ready for 1.02
      adds  6cf8ef0   ready to release 1.02
      adds  78d1200   releasing 1.02
      adds  d140413   require 5.6.1
      adds  5744aff   Added nytprof target
      adds  5af00e5   Added a .gitignore
      adds  4ec3e15   no need for tmon.out
      adds  7688eec   Add tag support
      adds  9574d71   ignore Makefile.old
      adds  c288101   getting ready to release 1.04
      adds  18ecb56   more nytprof support
      adds  edbbb04   removed .svn handling since we are now in git
      adds  e84a237   critic cleanups
      adds  565f412   more critic warnings turned off
      adds  662943d   doc updates
      adds  fcc7e7c   removed some defaults, added a .git check, and removed 
all output
      adds  d4890d2   more profiling on follow_symlinks
      adds  7d6ad21   teeny directory speedups
      adds  5566c33   releasing 1.04
      adds  c3221c6   update boilerplate in the README.
      adds  c7f03d7   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  cdcc298   fixed closing =cut
      adds  5973d6a   releasing 1.06
      adds  ae6ed00   docs: add diagnostics, workaround for invocation 
      adds  c6a5a58   updated copyright to 2010
      adds  5a85674   following symlinks is OK
      adds  9a5c4e0   Add test for bash process substitution
      adds  c37ef73   Add new files to existing tests
      adds  84d9eb8   Allow named pipes/FIFOs as valid arguments to 
      adds  7f37389   Merge pull request #6 from hoelzro/master
      adds  dbaf3b7   note about named pipes
      adds  ff6f851   update coopyright
      adds  ddb24b8   convert ot Markdown
      adds  89e57fe   Make module-checking more Perl::Critic-happy
      adds  6d0b0a8   remove unnecessary Perl::Critic notation
      adds  78f3372   I'm OK with L<> doing its own formatting
      adds  69ced52   Use a different file for catting, just to be less 
      adds  d48a021   We have a package variable $dir, so do not shadow it with 
lexical $dir
      adds  e83b236   renamed README to
      adds  3b18694   ignore temprorary files
      adds  4c10fe3   rebuilt tags
      adds  5cbaddc   We don't use Carp in here
      adds  226823e   Check the return from eval correctly
      adds  aedd1a8   update the copyright
      adds  851b873   Stop using use_ok()
      adds  18c6484   more critic exceptions
      adds  f0e2cc6   add tests for misused constructors
      adds  a2b8282   make the error message more specfiic that we check for
      adds  3cc44d2   Remove cut & paste error messages
      adds  2aca26a   Added from_file() function.  Still need a test on reading 
from STDIN
      adds  9458860   update missing files in the MANIFEST
      adds  50f1861   remove Carp which I was only using for debugging
      adds  9b0b528   fix double slashing
      adds  ccb32d1   Added tests for STDIN, and fix the STDIN reading along 
the way
      adds  c0ee16a   added missing files
      adds  f0dd0f9   releasing 1.08
      adds  0311946   fix a typo
      adds  b1c86e2   Fixed test failures in t/process-substitution.t
      adds  249ae41   Prove that we are actually reading from the process pipe
      adds  1326077   rename test program to be more accurate
      adds  2e15c02   releasing 1.09_01
      adds  9b6abe0   Check that we get 2 lines back
      adds  96e36d5   Add error checking for bad invocations of from_file()
      adds  059e4ea   bumping up to 1.09_02
      adds  437f6c1   use mkfifo, not bash
      adds  191a72c   renamed process-substitution.t to named-pipe.t
      adds  f0ea864   check the return value of the open
      adds  fa92b85   ready for release of 1.09_02
      adds  3e7b3dd   add warnings on from_file()
      adds  0bfd105   Require Test::More 0.88
      adds  5b3627c   Check for /dev/fd for non-regular files
      adds  94e3b21   Merge pull request #12 from hoelzro/master
      adds  746269e   updating to 1.10
      adds  943c6e1   starting on 1.12 notes
      adds  de70483   Releasing 1.12
      adds  a49c822   fixed license
      adds  3f231db   Optimized -f/-p calls in files() to not repeat the 
      adds  db737cd   critic cleanup
      adds  3f51d09   add a -T for tainting
      adds  c4f862b   Move the $filter inside the sub that gets returned
      adds  2df07bc   Moved incorrectly-placed comment
      adds  4323bcc   differnt big dir
      adds  bcf7093   CHanging from an elsif makes nytprof give more distinct 
      adds  12a2922   benchmark tool
      adds  a29ff9e   quieting noise
      adds  f7d3aac   Simplified the testing of the output
      adds  09c0c7b   use File::Temp, not POSIX, for temp directories
      adds  f7bd23c   Use warn_handler for warnings
      adds  53e436a   Pass error code as second argument to error_handler
      adds  c447e19   Merge pull request #21 from hoelzro/dev
      adds  330d240   Fix minor typos
      adds  6b51888   Merge pull request #25 from gpoul/fix-minor-typos
      adds  9c7a84a   Move bench out of the root
      adds  548b638   Fix shebang
      adds  2f283bc   Notes about pull request
      adds  16b7a5b   Adding names to the thanks
      adds  5025be6   Reeady to release 2.13_01
      adds  0f2d2dc   [FIXES] t/follow.t would cause failures in other tests 
when running in parallel.  Now it correctly uses a temp directory.
      adds  a86ee88   Releasing 1.13_02
      adds  8b20487   Releasing 1.14
      adds  99767cc   Add license meta name to the Makefile.PL script.
      adds  3f5b613   Merge pull request #27 from Manwar/add-license-meta-name
      adds  055066e   Add a travis file so we get builds.  Stolen from 
test-www-mechanize, plus a 5.8
      adds  6f27348   Add status badge
      adds  04215e1   Add the dev perl and turn off sudo for speed
      adds  325ca2b   Add a test for from_file when a listed file is not present
      adds  6dfcdc4   Add test for warning_handler getting called
      adds  8e7e58e   Use warning_handler, not warn_handler, for warning handler
      adds  9715697   Merge pull request #28 from hoelzro/dev
      adds  0e3a25b   Getting ready to release 1.16
      adds  f0b1e70   Imported Upstream version 1.16
       new  9ca1ee0   Merge tag 'upstream/1.16'
       new  f5a3b7f   Update debian/changelog
       new  00ab5d0   debian/control: remove unused and unneeded 
${shlibs:Depends} from Depends.
       new  14c0558   releasing package libfile-next-perl version 1.16-1

The 6 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                  |  6 ++++++
 META.json                |  7 +++----
 META.yml                 |  7 +++----
 Makefile.PL              |  1 +                  |  6 +++---                |  5 +++--
 debian/changelog         |  9 +++++++++
 debian/control           |  1 -
 debian/upstream/metadata |  2 +-
 t/from_file.t            | 45 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 10 files changed, 73 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)

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