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kanashiro pushed a change to branch master
in repository libcpanplus-dist-build-perl.

      from  77b6798   update changelog
       new  7c4c6cb   Add debian/upstream/metadata
       new  a0bc789   Update debian/changelog
      adds  1261c00   Initial checkin of Jos' code
      adds  95800c2   Uninstalling should work (but doesn't)
      adds  06b4f4c   Update two 'KNOWN ISSUES' in the docs and add me to the 
author text
      adds  eac2034   Start working on proper prereq checking
      adds  bef1f79   Add a CPANPLUS workaround that gets uninstall() almost 
      adds  674ae85   Get the uninstallation tests working with a zillion 
      adds  4eb0509   Add some commentage
      adds  1d84d69   Don't re-declare this variable
      adds  3178c15   Get rid of a bunch of warnings.  A couple types we just 
mask, because one is a fault of CPANPLUS itself, and another is a 'redefined' 
warning about some subroutines we're purposefully overriding.  We also get rid 
of some 'undef' warnings that were caused by setting 'sudo' to undef - now we 
use the empty string.  Would be better if instead we could set a "use sudo" 
option to false or something.
      adds  06f8ec4   *** empty log message ***
      adds  ba53a99   Honor build_requires as well as just requires
      adds  4e0a2c9   Correct a couple inaccuracies in the POD
      adds  db3e174   A patch from Jos to allow the caller to filter the prereq 
      adds  d8fba14   Add the real function where I was using a stub
      adds  075d102   Move the actual prereq checking to a new prereq_satisfied 
      adds  c5584e5   This issue isn't an issue anymore
      adds  c63d611   Don't send a 'pass' report just because --force is in 
      adds  b543965   Apply Jos' cleanup patch for my last bungling
      adds  e872ade   Maybe fix these files?
      adds  eb5adbe   Set to binary
      adds  3322ccb    r27@rimmer:  kane | 2006-08-12 22:47:24 +0200  * fix 
age-old typo
      adds  a33c865    r28@rimmer:  kane | 2006-08-12 22:48:03 +0200  * up 
version to 0.04
      adds  c45cd36    r29@rimmer:  kane | 2006-08-12 23:10:34 +0200  * update 
dependencies  * add changes entry for 0.04
      adds  7ed200b    r33@rimmer:  kane | 2006-08-16 19:57:38 +0200  * skip 
signature checks during test
      adds  db44dde   Update author
      adds  2fb1e20   Standardize formatting, add timestamp
      adds  f60bf58   Ignore .releaserc
      adds  0e4647e   Get MANIFEST up to date
      adds  4b05283    r2733@rimmer:  kane | 2006-10-18 16:15:22 +0200  * up 
dependency to 0.28 of Module::Build, since we use 
Module::Build->_mb_feature('C_support') in our tests
      adds  9c21351    r3837@rimmer:  kane | 2007-02-25 17:11:04 +0100  * add 
$ENV{PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_EXECUTING} when executing M::B->new_from_context;    
upon request of Adam Kennedy    * add docs    * add tests
      adds  18f5660    r3838@rimmer:  kane | 2007-02-25 17:11:29 +0100  * up 
the version to 0.05
      adds  6f2d1c7    r3841@rimmer:  kane | 2007-02-25 17:19:49 +0100  * add 
extra test to be sure ENV var is unset after execution
      adds  cc7a7cc   Need to quote strings.
      adds  5fe1b88   we're not in CVS anymore, Toto
      adds  33d8fae   More stuff to ignore
      adds  ecf2fc0   Don't put META.yml in repo
      adds  076b24b   Module::Release will add the date
      adds  4540716   Ignore t/dummy-cpanplus
      adds  df17774   Add release header
      adds  634cca7    r1911@coke:  josboum | 2007-05-04 14:13:42 +0200  * test 
changes to make C::D::Build play nicely with perl core
      adds  207c4c7    r1913@coke:  josboum | 2007-05-04 14:14:46 +0200  * 
update manifest
      adds  138bf9c    r1933@coke:  josboum | 2007-05-09 11:00:16 +0200  * add 
callback routine to allow to continue testing/installing after a failed test  * 
update Makefile.PL to reflect dependency on cpanplus 0.80
      adds  6721fd1    r4006@rimmer:  kane | 2007-05-22 13:40:30 +0200  * more 
test compliancy with perl core
      adds  1851fb7    r4007@rimmer:  kane | 2007-05-22 13:42:56 +0200  * 
update manifest  * skip directory cleaning if the dir doesn't exist
      adds  55ebf17    r4024@rimmer:  kane | 2007-05-28 14:54:02 +0200  * add 
the '/nologo' patch for nmake that we already did for CPANPLUS    on dmq's 
suggestion. This makes test output on win32 a lot more quiet
      adds  17df465    r2244@coke:  josboum | 2007-10-02 10:58:24 +0200  * 
apply patches from John Malmberg, slightly reworked from his mail    to P5P 
from 3rd of Sep 2007: [patch@31780] fixes for cpanplus on VMS
      adds  7db53e9    r2266@coke:  josboum | 2007-10-03 14:24:23 +0200  * 
update from ti's CPANPLUS counterpart
      adds  8f7b18e    r4582@coke:  josboum | 2007-11-06 13:03:18 +0100  * with 
cpanplus 0.83_08, dslip information is being retrieved from any    module 
defined in the package. Missing dslip info therefor uses the    module tree, 
which we are trying to avoid in the test suite.    So, we define the dslip info 
explicitly and no module trees are being    used.
      adds  891e280    r4586@coke:  josboum | 2007-11-09 12:51:44 +0100  * use 
unix dirs on 'use lib' on VMS
      adds  37433b1    r4587@coke:  josboum | 2007-11-09 13:02:28 +0100  * use 
config{path_sep} to join PERL5LIB, ':' isn't portablE
      adds  d8b84cb    r4453@rimmer:  kane | 2007-11-14 10:02:44 +0100  * 
integrate changes from CPANPLUS' t/inc/ for VMS
      adds  e90ecaa    r4467@rimmer:  kane | 2007-11-14 13:06:01 +0100  * 
update from cpanplus' t/inc/
      adds  9c89557    r4469@rimmer:  kane | 2007-11-14 13:07:47 +0100  * up 
version to match perl core
      adds  819edc9   Fix some CPAN Tester output issues
      adds  3a76577   git-svn-id: 
      adds  f8dfba5   Add .svn
      adds  6a05f29   Added capturing the output during Build.PL, removed 
prereq_satisfied() method so we use inherited method instead, which fixes a 
problem with perl-5.6
      adds  65e8ea1   Added tee type functionality to the capturing. Tested 
across all my smokeboxen. Have not tried on MSWin32
      adds  e45eb1a   add current version to Changes (and see if I have a 
commit bit)
      adds  f328eb5   Changed all the mb->dispatch() calls to IPC::Cmd instead, 
just like CP::D::MM does
      adds  2c09ad5   . - add to the ignores property
      adds  636f422   Process separation using IPC::Cmd. Get prereqs from Build 
prereq_data or _build/prereqs
      adds  c59ccd1   bumped CPANPLUS prereq to 0.84
      adds  dbd2cf6   Test fixes, detect C_support more cleanly. Changed to 
M::I in Makefile.PL
      adds  adeef72   suppress [ERROR] messages in tests
      adds  ba69fb0   bump Test::Harness prereq to 3.16
      adds  36916d1   Bump version for another dev release
      adds  cb6a1cd   bump version to 0.06_06; bump Module::Build prereq to 
0.32; detab Makefile.PL
      adds  78b9477   Various stuff see Changes file for details
      adds  885ed2a   Bumped version to an even number for a stable release
      adds  098b7ca   last minute cosmetic enhancements
      adds  3b1b95f   Added installdirs directive to Makefile.PL to resolve RT 
      adds  d72e768   Updated Changes
      adds  045ce36   Finalise CPAN release
      adds  87f857a   Fixed the version number in ::Constants
      adds  cd798e8   Fixed a small bug where _find_prereqs() returning undef 
caused a barf further up in CPANPLUS::Module
      adds  3e119f4   Bail-out with undef earlier in _find_prereqs() in we have 
no content to evaluate
      adds  5dd2601   Ported the configure_requires functionality from CP::D::MM
      adds  db87212   Resolved some issues on MSWin32 due to capturing of 
      adds  fba06af   Bump versions for stable release
      adds  1eb2dc7   Applied patch from Vincent Pit [RT #44426]
      adds  4fadd02   Update Changes ready to punt to CPAN
      adds  926ae09   Amendments for the new save_state in dev CPANPLUS. Added 
M::I::Repository functionality to Makefile.PL
      adds  740d2f6   Prepare for CPAN release 0.18
      adds  72f8f93   Make the auto_set_repository author only feature
      adds  ad0df7d   Update changes for CPAN release
      adds  343014e   Fix the installdirs in Makefile.PL
      adds  993e06b   Removed CPANPLUS::inc from the code as CPANPLUS-0.86 does 
not include this now.
      adds  2479dd0   Updated tests to use and dummy-CPAN structure 
from CPANPLUS to resolve an issue with running under core
      adds  fd12156   Added the dummy-CPAN
      adds  58709cd   Prime for CPAN release
      adds  255b1c2   Add the CPANPLUS bin/ dir to {PATH} if we are running 
under PERL_CORE. This fixes warnings during 'make test' in the core
      adds  19d3376   [RT #46176] Skip XS tests when perl compiled without 
dynamic loading. Reported by Andy Dougherty
      adds  b9dfc7c   Removed generation of .output files
      adds  97e7856   Forgot to remove the close of the output handle in END 
      adds  524b817   Added auto_provides to Makefile.PL
      adds  4c583eb   Removed a comment.
      adds  1c0fc13   Fixed the setting of PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_EXECUTING env var 
in prepare. Spotted by Matt Trout
      adds  8be4109   Added 'perlwrapper' to all perl calls. Spotted by Matt 
      adds  1280ed8   Updated Changes
      adds  cd42191   Test
      adds  b2288b2   Fixed the 02packages.details.txt.gz file in our fake CPAN 
CPANPLUS-0.87_01 now checks this file for sanity. Ours was not sane >:) Spotted 
by the ever vigilant Vincent Pit.
      adds  e6d1bb9   Fix to _find_prereqs() for VMS when running prereq_data 
Build target, reported by Craig Berry.
      adds  c3a0b50   Integrated patch from Craig Berry to not use perlwrapper 
when on VMS. Skip the env test on VMS as well.
      adds  c7555e2   Rolled in last changes for the core.
      adds  5a368c7   Document changes
      adds  5d1aa13   Missed a semicolon.
      adds  c4df152   Make install() honour the buildflags directive, absence 
spotted by Matt Trout
      adds  7f67ecc   Prepare for CPAN Release
      adds  9780310   Cosmetic changes to test output message, so it matches 
      adds  1d9c680   Changes required for a CPAN release
      adds  d1fd64a   Change the location of the CPANPLUS bin directory when 
running under core
      adds  32e0002   Added MYMETA support. It will use MYMETA.yml if the 
parent class has support.
      adds  7130982   Bump to a dev release 0.41_01
      adds  197f17e   Bump to a stable release
      adds  340ca8b   Make the prereq resolving fallback to _build/ querying if 
the 'prereq_data' action fails.
      adds  37f3291   Update Changes
      adds  79a864b   Make the prereq resolving *actually* fallback to _build/ 
querying if the 'prereq_data' action fails.
      adds  a956c53   Explicitly set the location of cpanp-run-perl when under 
PERL_CORE in t/inc/
      adds  d368678   Make sure we find cpanp-run-perl in ../../utils when 
      adds  5e6187c   Correct spelling in POD, pointed out by H.Merijn Brand
      adds  63645fb   Bump version
      adds  9c088ef   Clear M::B relevant env vars during the install test
      adds  c986946   Update Changes and bump version
      adds  28c7f22   Fix typos (spelling errors) in cpan/CPANPLUS-Dist-Build/*.
      adds  63585ab   Bump version and update CHANGES
      adds  ebcf9f9   Only delete 'perl' as a prereq if CPANPLUS version is 
less than 0.9102
      adds  3e0aa34   Bump version to 0.54 and update Changes
      adds  f4ae05c   Remove trailing whitespace
      adds  2c6cf9e   Update Changes and bump version to 0.56
      adds  3a0bcc9   Added local::lib type behaviour detection to disable use 
of 'sudo'
      adds  ce2779d   Update Changes and bump version to 0.58
      adds  5af4d56   Add new constant for the perl wrapper.
      adds  f406062   Replace 'perlwrapper' use with an equivalent one-liner
      adds  ba072f9   Update to use githubmeta() extension
      adds  1fafc7f   Update Changes and bump to version 0.60
      adds  8977fbc   Test reporting enhancements
      adds  68caf74   Bump to version 0.62
      adds  5c42ecc   Update Module::Install, no functional changes.
      adds  99eb628   Resolve issue where Build.PL does not generate Build 
      adds  89300ed   Revert change to wrapper command-line
      adds  40e0ac0   Core deprecation warnings added, prior to de-coring with 
      adds  8035fa5 is being retired. Switch over to git and 
      adds  275b48e   typo fix
      adds  0cb4931   Merge pull request #1 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1
      adds  6396a7b   Actually resolve issue where Build.PL does not generate 
Build script
      adds  14dcae8   Update Changes and bump to version 0.72
      adds  1d05112   Remove Module::Pluggable prereq
      adds  f52daed   Don't send test reports during prepare() phase
      adds  5d7aa07   Release engineering for 0.76
      adds  a0a9bb9   Shield tests from PERL_INSTALL_QUIET env var
      adds  e8ad0a7   Include test_requires when falling back on old shizz
      adds  f27ca1f   Imported Upstream version 0.80
       new  e3c5ae5   Merge tag 'upstream/0.80'
       new  03f601f   Update debian/changelog
       new  c13c5da   Update years of upstream copyright
       new  4dd7da8   Update Debian packaging copyright
       new  95e6584   Bump debhelper compatibility level to 9
       new  aab8cb6   Declare compliance with Debian policy 3.9.8
       new  9ceb4dd   debian/control: remove dependency on liblog-message-perl, 
referenced nowhere in code
       new  3d00791   d/u/metadata: fix email format in Contact field
       new  fa789cf   Releasing libcpanplus-dist-build-perl version 0.80-1

The 11 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                              |  4 ++++
 LICENSE                              |  6 +++---
 META.yml                             | 10 +++++-----
 debian/changelog                     | 17 +++++++++++++++--
 debian/compat                        |  2 +-
 debian/control                       |  8 +++-----
 debian/copyright                     |  9 +++++----
 debian/upstream/metadata             |  5 +++++
 inc/Module/                | 22 +++++++++++++---------
 inc/Module/Install/           |  2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/            |  2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/          |  2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/     |  4 ++--
 inc/Module/Install/       |  4 ++--
 inc/Module/Install/       |  6 +++---
 inc/Module/Install/          |  2 +-
 inc/Module/Install/       |  2 +-
 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/           |  4 ++--
 lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Build/ |  2 +-
 19 files changed, 69 insertions(+), 44 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 debian/upstream/metadata

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