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js pushed a change to branch master
in repository libstring-copyright-perl.

      from  32b50b3   Prepare for release: Update changelog and copyright hints.
      adds  014d59a   Tidy parser: Reorder and compact regexes above subs.
      adds  5b3ce7b   Tidy parser: Strip subsequent copyright signs in initial 
capture re (not separately).
      adds  ffd92ed   Tidy parser: Eliminate superfluous $copyright variable.
      adds  187cdc2   Tidy parser: Return immediately (not at end of if-else 
loop) if sign was bogus.
      adds  401a2d8   Tidy parser: Define $match only when needed.
      adds  c8bf030   Tidy parser: Dissolve needless else block.
      adds  b78f3f5   Tidy parser: Strip ancient commented out debug code.
      adds  d52b230   Add initial context tests.
      adds  07a7be1   Rename regex $not_before_sign_re → $bogus_sign_re, and 
include in $sign_with_capture_re (not separately).
      adds  aea0e54   Fix stop include next line based on it starting with 
digits (only on previous line ending with digits).
      adds  b2432e7   Tidy parser: Drop unused in-block tracking.
      adds  63cd2ef   Tidy parser: Chomp in initial capture re (not separately).
      adds  5199b7a   Tidy parser: Separate regex $years_owners_re.
      adds  27e7fa5   Improve parser: Separate regexes $years_re $owners_re. 
Adapt tests.
      adds  dd7a9c4   Tidy parser: Rename regex $not_owner_re → 
$bogus_owner_re, and improve comment.
      adds  058ba4c   Tidy parser: Detect and avoid bogus owner in initial 
capture re (not separately).
      adds  20250f4   Tidy parser: Rename regex $sign_with_capture_re → 
      adds  82b29e2   Tidy tests: Simplify to not use newline where (soon) 
      adds  072583d   Fix extend block into next line(s) only when purely years 
detected (not on any - possibly owner - string ending in digits). Adapt range 
tests to match.
      adds  87f0e49   Tidy parser: Return immediately (not at end of if-else 
loop) if no match.
      adds  cc6172b   Merge sub parse_line() into parse_string().
      adds  2f696f1   Tidy a comment.
      adds  faefb72   Fix silence closure warnings for regex variable.
      adds  3bbd367   Tidy parser: Separate regex $comma_re.
      adds  f7e4558   Tidy parser: Separate regex $year_re.
      adds  bd2db90   Tighten parser slightly regarding years matching of 
subsequent lines. Adapt tests.
      adds  deebcad   Tidy parser: Separate regex $comma_tidy_re.
      adds  1fff102   Improve parsing of year-like strings: Now treated as 
owner in more corner cases.
      adds  644e471   Tidy parser: slightly simplify $sign_re.
      adds  1503239   Tighten parsing to consider only space and tab (not other 
whitespace) where appropriate.
      adds  2e6f6a4   Add a few tests for year-like owner field.
      adds  f06f43b   Update changes, and bump version.
      adds  3f916e4   Fix use re 'eval'.
      adds  e3149f1   Update changes, and bump version.
      adds  252d835   Tidy parser: Rename regex $hspace_re → $blank_re 
(equivalent to POSIX [[:blank:]] but perl \h may include additional Unicode 
      adds  a2d2336   Tighten owner detection to require non-punctuation as 
initial character. Improve testsuite.
      adds  7010d6e   Fix stop exclude define's (misses statements embedded in 
e.g. "banner" define); instead tighten sign detection to require space around 
pseudo-sign (c). Adjust testsuite.
      adds  7a025db   Relax years detection to tolerate initial commas. Improve 
      adds  6526fd0   Tidy parser: Stop needlesly avoid years initially in 
$owners_re (core regex logic is for the previous $years_re to match more 
      adds  0a194b4   Tidy parser: Move capture group for years to $years_re.
      adds  b0aaf0a   Tidy parser: Rename regex $bogus_owner_re → $chatter_re.
      adds  38da627   Add tests for nonsign.
      adds  9102a1e   Limit chatter detection to non-email-like strings 
generally (not only for info/information).
      adds  9405791   Tidy parser: Sort and simplify regex $chatter_re.
      adds  abb93ab   Tidy parser: Rephrase if( not(...) ) → unless(...).
      adds  2d5f229   Detect chatter before signs or owners.
      adds  a1c8975   Tidy parser: Avoid tracking beyond match in regex 
      adds  732ab3d   Detect comma before years. Adjust testsuite.
      adds  1f2e112   Extend testsuite with (not yet handled) sloppy year 
ranges and multiple statements on same line.
      adds  7659b12   Update changes, and bump version.
      adds  7b455d3   Detect "copyright law(s)" and "copyright on" as chatter.
      adds  642d1d5   Improve chatter detection to less likely catch false 
positives. Extend comment on how to test at
      adds  5b4c9d2   Detect chatter involving "and".
      adds  6bde3d6   Extend testsuite.
      adds  9394ce9   Use Exporter::Tiny.
      adds  df67465   Implement threshold options, with none by default (was 
hardcoded threshold_after=5).
      adds  7c4fe71   Slight optimization: Tidy comma only once.
      adds  53cbeab   Slight optimization: Limit $comma_re to non-empty string.
      adds  4be216a   Slight optimization: Limit $comma_re and $owners_re to at 
most one newline.
      adds  8b5274a   Slight optimization: Limit $signs_re to blank (not other 
      adds  e598833   Parse multiple lines at a time; Now detects year range 
with newline after hyphen, and avoids misdetecting year-only statements as tied 
to text sebarated by blank line. Update testsuite.
      adds  a984309   Tidy parser: Drop regex $years_owners_re (now used only 
      adds  ac25941   Tighten detection to either comma or colon after signs 
(not both).
      adds  cb1145e   Extend testsuite with (yet unsupported) corner cases 
related to signs on separate line.
      adds  66e9f30   Tighten parser: Explude comma as initial owner character.
      adds  f0420e3   Tidy parser: Restructure loop breaks to (soon) be 
optimized away based on configuration.
      adds  e31e56f   Merge sub parse_string into _generate_copyright, enabling 
optimizing away loop breaks when not enabled by config.
      adds  56f0ba4   Update changes, and bump version.
      adds  0cc7b4f   Update and sort spell list.
      adds  ccf9e50   Imported Upstream version 0.002001
       new  49887e3   Merge tag 'upstream/0.002001'
       new  f88b514   (Build-)depend on libexporter-tiny-perl.
       new  64fd19e   Prepare for release: Update changelog, control file and 
copyright hints.

The 3 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 COPYRIGHT               |   1 +
 CREDITS                 |   3 +
 Changes                 |  64 +++++++++++
 MANIFEST                |   1 +
 META.json               |   5 +-
 META.yml                |   5 +-
 Makefile.PL             |   8 +-
 README                  |  21 +++-
 SIGNATURE               |  53 ++++-----
 debian/changelog        |  14 +++
 debian/control          |   3 +-
 debian/copyright_hints  |  41 +++++--
 debian/rules            |   8 ++
 doap.ttl                | 141 ++++++++++++++++++++++-
 lib/String/ | 291 +++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------------
 t/20_parse.t            |  59 ++++++----
 t/50_context.t          |  66 ++++++++++-
 t/50_owner.t            |  32 ++++++
 t/50_range.t            |  45 ++++++--
 19 files changed, 619 insertions(+), 242 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 t/50_owner.t

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