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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libdancer-plugin-database-perl.

      from  2125d31   update changelog
      adds  da4298b   Initial development of Dancer::Plugin::Database.
      adds  17c1e64   Documentation improvements.
      adds  07a957d   Don't use warnings; don't include version in POD.
      adds  6b41845   get_connection / check_connection are private and should 
not be called directly.
      adds  354f534   Implement _check_connection.
      adds  1afce28   Update Changes and README.
      adds  7cb39e2   Correct email address in docs.
      adds  242fa9f   Correct dependencies.
      adds  6dfb090   Fix muppetry.
      adds  7a0866c   Missing underscore.
      adds  e365309   Better description in name.
      adds  49eb047   Config example doc fixes thanks to mrpants
      adds  8240044   Set $last_connection_check upon connection.
      adds  582ad17   Implement our own connection check when needed.
      adds  21ce251   If we need to reconnect, call disconnect on old handle 
      adds  4c2586f   Implement our own check on database connection where 
      adds  2b83b15   Accept DBI connection params, and support on-connect 
      adds  42e12bc   Stupid typo in documentation for features added in 0.05.
      adds  a0f82c1   Separate extra DSN params with semi-colons.
      adds  cc794d8   Translate database to dbname for SQLite users.
      adds  f308f37   Preparing 0.07 for release
      adds  ee772cf   Another changelog entry for 0.07 which I forgot to add 
before releasing
      adds  8fde2cc   Make the SQLite DWIMmery from 0.07 actually work.
      adds  0982fb6   Handle multiple named database connections.
      adds  3e18ee0   Don't attempt to call Dancer::Loggger as a class method.
      adds  a2880bb   Preparing version 0.09 for release.
      adds  e7dff3d   load settings when needed, else I can't test
      adds  1a78c89   add tests:
      adds  6f0854c   require DBD::SQLite or skip
      adds  6fe8fb4   in-memory db
      adds  da9fdcc   Prepare to release 0.09_1 with Franck's added tests.
      adds  bb191f3   Adding t/01-basic.t to MANIFEST.
      adds  3f8e508   Of course, shipping the new tests witout t/lib/ 
won't work.
      adds  56f3727   Preparing to release 0.10 with Franck's added tests.
      adds  c8d8475   Bugfix: pass settings when reconnecting, too.
      adds  3f047fe   Preparing 0.11 for release.
      adds  233b384   Silly typo in test output message.
      adds  9dcf476   Updated README (generated from POD with pod2readme).
      adds  69a38c1   Writing everywhere correct param name
      adds  d6a492b   Support connectivity-check-threshold as an alias.
      adds  fd7a045   Update Changes
      adds  8001d2f   Looks like I forgot to commit this after bumping version.
      adds  cdced34   Adding new handle class implementing covenience methods.
      adds  d501fbd   Refactor - DRY.
      adds  b51a847   Add quick_delete.
      adds  f95ced4   Document new convenience features in main plugin POD.
      adds  fef168c   Tests to exercise new extended features.
      adds  c3689be   Make test for quick_update pass.
      adds  48beaa8   We'll probably want to ship D::P::Database::Handle.
      adds  d458356   Add a $VERSION and note about SQL injection mitigation.
      adds  79c5cc7   Updated README (pod2readme automatic update)
      adds  6ae9c52   Don't try to link to docs for DBI::db.
      adds  9c1fc94   Correct URL for
      adds  dc37186   Dirty bodge to work around problems on Windows systems.
      adds  851e5a1   MANIFEST needs filenames, not dir names.
      adds  f47970a   Preparing to release 0.90.
      adds  a2952ce   Add a use strict to Dancer::Plugin::Database::Handle.
      adds  5d7dc7c   It's a subclass of DBI::db, not DBI::st.
      adds  d528320   update settings from configuration file with those from 
      adds  83b322d   forgot to declare variable $handle
      adds  25e75cb   fixed loop: loop over keys of hash
      adds  68120ba   Docs and tests for Alan's runtime config patch.
      adds  cc236b7   Update README (auto-generated with pod2readme)
      adds  bb4b4f8   Releasing version 1.00!
      adds  20a6339   Refactor to fix GH 5 - horrid named connections bug.
      adds  22aeb72   Add quick_select; re-work documentation.
      adds  64081d1   Stupid mistake.  (Fix where clause validation.)
      adds  e6d2ed3   Fix bug with quick_insert() on MySQL/Postgres.
      adds  bb2370f   Test quick_select
      adds  b3198b0   Document new quick_select() briefly in main docs
      adds  8d20dd5   Update acknowledgements section
      adds  067f4a1   Preparing to release 1.10.
      adds  1b6732a   Include quick_select example in synopsis.
      adds  11fc33e   Mispaste in docs.
      adds  e59949b   Another minor typo in docs.
      adds  dabc2ea   Documentation fix.
      adds  e437d37   Add where clause when using quick_select.
      adds  4570e46   More fixes for quick_select.
      adds  b3ed644   Extend test suite - better testing of quick_select.
      adds  9ae3b02   Bump version to 1.11 ready for release.
      adds  16d2fad   Add new auto UTF-8 support feature.
      adds  d08a1bd   Bugfix fetching charset setting, POD fix.
      adds  8cec9d9   It's ":memory:" not ":memory".
      adds  862bd11   Update README (automatically with pod2readme)
      adds  6aa0047   Preparing 1.20 for release.
      adds  bed4db0   Return undef if DB connection fails.
      adds  e34abd6   Bump version to 1.21
      adds  6f9be5b   Don't log non-ASCII data or long data in debug.
      adds  60616f6   Remove use of to_json() from test.
      adds  38381b5   Removing t/boilerplate.t
      adds  e516fc4   Bump version to 1.22 and update changelog.
      adds  f75d915   Only log queries if log_queries is enabled in config.
      adds  87535b6   Remove test app log.
      adds  d485fd0   Stash away log_queries setting correctly.
      adds  57ef019   Avoid warning for undef params when logging.
      adds  d204cb6   Preparing to release 1.24.
      adds  36eba08   Allow e.g. quick_select($table, {}) for all rows.
      adds  e25f520   Preparing to release 1.30 with change for gnusosa.
      adds  6a6877c   Be fork/thread-safe.
      adds  aa8e9be   test that handles are cached.
      adds  0996877   Acknowledge mst, who pointed out the fork/thread safety 
      adds  ec63bd8   Bumping version to 1.30_01; preparing a dev release.
      adds  856af3c   Extract driver from DSN so we can still do auto utf8.
      adds  194f68d   Update Changes; add acknowledgement.
      adds  8d960b1   Mention thread safety in docs.
      adds  b3faff9   Refactor fail - leaving the sigil there would help.
      adds  14ca205   Preparing to release 1.40.
      adds  a083d32   Include 'port' in config example.
      adds  22b11e2   Acknowledgement for Christian Walde (Mithaldu).
      adds  ebb9c01   Link to watch repo on GitHub.
      adds  8987222   Include description in name.
      adds  1762c54   support IS NULL where clause
      adds  a809dee   Docs, Changes, Release
      adds  e921899   I know I didn't do much.. but
      adds  7f3faa6   Refer SimpleCRUD
      adds  827a235   Don't warn that we're adding UTF-8 support if we've 
already set it ourselves
      adds  5e90921   Merge pull request #9 from LoonyPandora/patch-1
      adds  032ceba   Preparing to release 1.42.
      adds  63c09ba   Bumping version to do a test release with @mrallen1's 
      adds  57c25d7   Now we can do to disconnect for $dbh 
(database->disconnect) successfully
      adds  c56e923   Added Makefile.old to .gitignore
      adds  a9a69cb   Merge pull request #11 from Perlover/master
      adds  47b319a   Fetch specific columns using quick_select by passing 
      adds  ed5f9e9   Add quick_lookup syntactic sugar method
      adds  87050ee   Make WHERE more configurable - no test cases yet
      adds  1dec5d5   Implement where clause operators as hashref keys
      adds  b465056   Merge pull request #12 from mrallen1/master
      adds  db2e63d   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  e79325e   Preparing to release 1.50 with @mrallen1's changes.
      adds  87bcfc9   Fixed doc about 'dbi_params'
      adds  62c7674   Merge pull request #14 from Perlover/patch/doc-1
      adds  7046f2a   Use =encoding utf8 in POD.
      adds  477f0d3   Link to ACKNOWLEDGMENTS in main D::P::Database docs.
      adds  8e9b72d   Typo fix.
      adds  d5e2f6e   Handle "is" operator in where clauses properly - Issue 15.
      adds  ba51e5e   Preparing to release 1.51
      adds  75237a5   Acknowledgement for @bor.
      adds  e6817b4   Avoid errors under strict subs
      adds  9d602a2   Avoid stupid uninitialised value warnings
      adds  ed6eeec   Add database_connected hook.
      adds  83c0891   Acknowledgement for mdom
      adds  ea70d85   Updated README (using pod2readme)
      adds  ae3c9ce   Bump required Dancer version to 1.3050.
      adds  9f6f35b   Bump version to 1.60 and update Changes
      adds  af038f9   small fixes in POD
      adds  7410772   added reminder about using "quote/quote_identifier" in 
      adds  5a8425a   Merge pull request #16 from bor/master
      adds  42a8ef5   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  c90ce5b   Starting to add new additional query options.
      adds  93fd45f   POD fix.
      adds  2385e8e   New tests to test selecting specific columns.
      adds  53e6acc   Support adding LIMIT clause if specified in options
      adds  8c3616a   Don't leave behind old LIMIT-setting code.
      adds  3b52a2d   Test user-supplied limit param.
      adds  4c69024   Add support for ORDER BY clauses via order_by option.
      adds  e512839   Tests for order_by option.
      adds  0db9e89   Bump version on D::P::D::Handle
      adds  e776808   Tiny typo fix in comment
      adds  a59534f   Update DBD:SQLite 'database' alias comment
      adds  5abdc63   Bump copyright year.
      adds  57f4b94   Acknowledgement for Andrey Inishev.
      adds  c6e0ffe   Clearer ref to full D::P::D::Handle docs.
      adds  b9eac18   Merge branch 'feature/additionaloptions'
      adds  0e88651   Bump version, preparing for developer release
      adds  938a152   Update README (using pod2readme)
      adds  79a033f   Er, let's ship the new t/02-handle.t
      adds  fe8e858   Bump version for another dev release.
      adds  ee16c18   Adding MANIFEST.SKIP.
      adds  8f0c931   Bump version to 1.70 ready for release
      adds  39f65a5   Bump version to 1.70, preparing to release
      adds  477c405   Minor doc tweaks.
      adds  3fad92b   Adding new hooks, as requested in GH-24.
      adds  900427e   Test that database_connected hook fires correctly
      adds  b5feb60   Test that database_connected hook receives handle.
      adds  72af0ac   Test that database_error hook fires
      adds  e82c80d   Test that database_lost_connection hook fires
      adds  efc0509   Rename database_lost_connection and implement it.
      adds  8f0cbcd   Test that database_connection_failed hook fires.
      adds  8bcfec9   Acknowledgement for @knutov.
      adds  f9b20aa   Support blessing DB handle into alternative class.
      adds  74d2004   Test ability to override class of database handles
      adds  bab03fe   Test handle class which subclasses D::P::D::Handle
      adds  84ff5ba   Document handle_class option
      adds  bcb1ce1   Ensure the handle class requested is loaded.
      adds  de92f57   Requested handle class is now loaded automatically.
      adds  3783e0a   Bump version to 1.70_01, ready for developer release
      adds  50c0b8e   Shipping TestHandleClass would be useful.
      adds  ccbead1   Preparing to ship 1.70_02 for more test reports
      adds  60414be   Add repository/bugtracker/homepage to META.yml
      adds  9c9d2d5   Bump version to 1.80, update Changes
      adds  0a0373f   Update README (using pod2readme)
      adds  a66cf21   Minor typo fix.
      adds  3a5cb1f   Test to expose bug from PR-27.
      adds  0087709   Bugfix: Make ORDER clauses work when using WHERE clauses 
(missing space)
      adds  18f490e   Merge pull request #27 from mstap/patch-1
      adds  d33969b   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  e2d5c54   Extra test records for test for PR-27.
      adds  1081370   Indent fix
      adds  0f323e5   Update tests to reflect the two new test records
      adds  52f7ecb   Indent fix
      adds  a25a41a   Capture log output rather than printing it.
      adds  6b31eba   Update Changes
      adds  1df3105   Version bumpage, preparing to release 1.81
      adds  aa3c180   Mention MySQL sql_mode in the docs.
      adds  93b4eea   Accept a single string as on_connect_do value.
      adds  85e8cd0   Cache a ref to settings hashref so it doesn't go out of 
      adds  dff5242   Bump version
      adds  616cf3e   Update Changes
      adds  5f9afea   some POD fixes
      adds  4fd9ee1   Merge pull request #30 from bor/fix/POD
      adds  de45161   In the way for a Universal DPD
      adds  68e23c5   Nothing relevant
      adds  3f449c5   More passing tests
      adds  9f93979   Nothing relevant
      adds  ab7a1c8   Almost ready for 2. need to test again with 1
      adds  02c0f18   Clean up code
      adds  0033787   Clean up some more
      adds  1a2d844   Better var naming
      adds  4aa52a1   New Dancer 2 way for hooks
      adds  98f67a7   Use last commits on dancer 1
      adds  9f0f8f1   Merge pull request #32 from bigpresh/universal
      adds  761682d   Bump Dancer version required to 1.3099
      adds  ff00fbb   Set version for a dev release.
      adds  761ab14   Quote identifiers more intelligently.
      adds  b90c778   Update Changes
      adds  d1e86fb   Fix minor typo in Changes
      adds  1075ba3   Accept limit offset,count syntax too.
      adds  11c1eb4   Update changes to reflect limit arg validation change
      adds  e391fab   Be more consistent.
      adds  01a3a78   Allow a false value for connection_check_threshold to 
disable checking.
      adds  4741aba   Update acknowledgements section
      adds  5c5d85e   Update README (via pod2readme)
      adds  cef2169   Bump version for another dev release
      adds  80ca8c8   Update Changes
      adds  e0a77fe   Bump version - 2.00!
      adds  0961276   Fix horrid crashing bug.
      adds  c8cfc8c   Update Changes
      adds  ffe8fa6   Bump version to 2.01
      adds  e996d6d   Muppetry - don't reuse the same var name, that's silly.
      adds  b15a657   Add Travis CI config
      adds  ec7b37a   Merge pull request #34 from bigpresh/use-travis
      adds  01e1feb   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  8a571a4   Log more helpful error if asked for non-existent default 
      adds  8e91202   Bump version
      adds  d995bcc   Update Changes
      adds  3b5e671   Remove left-over debugging warning
      adds  219b67f   Bump version to 2.03
      adds  27ba143   Update Changes
      adds  b3f4cbf   Permit "sid" in DSN for Oracle support.
      adds  8664d9b   Document Oracle sid param (and give SQLite example, too)
      adds  581898c   Update Changes
      adds  cb20617   Update README (via pod2readme)
      adds  5ad00db   Bump version
      adds  806ab54   Move test files
      adds  22b8daa   More moves
      adds  b9f42fb   Last moves
      adds  f4d851d   Empty Shared module
      adds  fe33cfb   Moved Handle
      adds  5212921   More main methods
      adds  6cef349   Move complete. Now test
      adds  b928680   Mostly done
      adds  50f0a79   Fixed
      adds  ffcfb37   Trying to fix travis
      adds  855824f   Fix2?
      adds  25acd0e   Creating Dancer2 version
      adds  b04106b   Dancer 2 version passing tests
      adds  7cc5002   Try to test two dists
      adds  2569a83   Fix bad yaml
      adds  501a410   And test Dancer 2 as well
      adds  308dd39   Test the correct thing
      adds  f5c8a9a   call other execute_hook
      adds  603edd8   Fix Changes
      adds  e8579c9   Fix changes
      adds  8800670   Fix dependencies
      adds  b50692e   Update Changes
      adds  707a7dd   Update changes
      adds  718c816   Release split version
      adds  0f9cf6e   Merge branch 'pr/split'
      adds  341936b   2.06
      adds  6e13281   Fix TestHandleClass
      adds  34ab57b   Fix TesthandleClass base class
      adds  c1f13f9   fixes
      adds  d750660   Fix nasty bug
      adds  41b9d40   quick_count($table, $where);
      adds  a9993fc   Quick Count tests added.
      adds  87b7b9c   Updated POD to reference quick_count
      adds  b171097   Use array instead of hashref
      adds  ed2c6d1   Update changes
      adds  0061964   Bump Handle version
      adds  94a36bb   Fix my latest commit on using selectrow_array
      adds  5812912   Merge branch 'Casao-master'
      adds  dc49e53   Release Dancer::Plugin::Database::Core 0.04 with 
      adds  643fc27   Release Dancer::Plugin::Database 0.08 with quick_count
      adds  213cb22   Release Dancer2::Plugin::Database 0.09
      adds  3172bde   Moved TestHandleClass from place
      adds  13b7134   Dancer2 no longer searches for 'lib'
      adds  782053c   Require recent Dancer2
      adds  801346e   Bump version
      adds  15b59b2   Check for defined vals, not only exists
      adds  d3cda33   Merge pull request #45 from e11it/master
      adds  85b631d   Save a reference to the new handle when reconnecting
      adds  52d9026   Merge branch 'patch-1' of 
git:// into pr/44/cache_after_reconnect
      adds  4dfc20d   Test for caching after reconnect (see PR-44)
      adds  cd98134   Update Changes for shared core
      adds  37249ed   Updating Changes for Dancer1
      adds  2468f2b   Bump version for Dancer::Plugin::Database
      adds  d973d54   Bump version for shared core to 0.05
      adds  c2feec9   Offset item description
      adds  27a562a   Offset item description(fix formate)
      adds  1297dac   Merge pull request #48 from e11it/master
      adds  fa81367   POD syntax fixes
      adds  b9318bf   Join the reconnection and connection codepaths
      adds  74f4eae   Merge pull request #49 from jmazon/patch-1
      adds  82d73e9   Add server config opt
      adds  338b639   metadata for metacpan
      adds  1e8be0b   Added dsn_extra options
      adds  ee82ab5   Update makefile for new prerequisites
      adds  7c5272e   Fixed t/01-basic.t
      adds  f9e3689   Changes
      adds  a055ba1   Fix dep
      adds  2b82461   RT #101180
      adds  6422ab6   Fix indentation
      adds  48e0749   Refactor SQL generation into own method
      adds  527c430   Handle SELECT queries with no WHERE clause provided.
      adds  6644429   Tests for SQL generation
      adds  a9a2724   Support scalarrefs for untouched data in INSERTs.
      adds  9f65646   Don't add scalarref values to bind params.
      adds  d7581eb   Expect no space here.
      adds  f2640ca   Include sqlgen tests in plan.
      adds  b550998   Document use of scalarrefs for untouched values
      adds  eb2ff74   Allow scalarrefs for UPDATE values to be untouched.
      adds  c5f8407   Support testing for expected bind params.
      adds  fe9884d   Test simple WHERE hashref values and bind params
      adds  edd591b   Test for lack of bind params when not expected too
      adds  fe2e8ae   Merge pull request #60 from 
      adds  ea30ad2   Bump version to a new testing release
      adds  8cd3129   Use keys in alphabetical order for predictability
      adds  a066bc0   Bump to second dev release for cpantesters
      adds  c38bea7   Uh, actually sort by keys here.
      adds  1291115   Bump dev release version, another try at cpantesters.
      adds  b6d8b1a   Fix docs
      adds  e93e700   use an on_plugin_import block
      adds  e016afb   Merge pull request #61 from hvoers/master
      adds  f5f3c9b   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  5f1943e   Bump version to 0.09
      adds  2885917   Update Changes
      adds  bf75196   Fix SQL building and params handling for updates
      adds  3cf35b1   Merge pull request #63 from nunorc/update-bug
      adds  32d6412   Bumped version
      adds  91cced7   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  b71e653   Update Changes for 0.10
      adds  08cd601   Bump version to 0.10
      adds  76cc9b0   Regenerated README via pod2readme
      adds  4f6dd7d   Bump version, and changelog
      adds  466aa4f   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  cadb850   Fix license and bump version
      adds  cfe7aa6   tickets
      adds  fca5b6e   Die informatively if we have no settings.
      adds  d5ffc98   Fix logger usage, hopefully
      adds  2e9c560   Merge pull request #71 from bigpresh/fix/logger
      adds  7ec84cb   bump version
      adds  0c46dfb   Require latest Core
      adds  8ed3d94   New version, some reverts, seems to work
      adds  31ad769   Fix documentation POD
      adds  f66277b   Merge pull request #72 from nunorc/fix-pod
      adds  617ef41   Version++
      adds  6332aa5   Run POD coverage tests only for authors.
      adds  2d50565   Merge pull request #79 from racke/pr/pod-coverage
      adds  58c0689   Ugly fix for plugin2 compat
      adds  7609bd8   hide plugin2 compat DSL from pod coverage test
      adds  405b836   Merge pull request #78 from SysPete/plugin2-compat
      adds  fe1653a   Prepare 2.14 release
      adds  e14f0ba   Bump required Dancer2 version
      adds  9243a8f   wrap ping in eval.
      adds  478de17   update logic for eval.
      adds  3ba8241   return 0 on some on the eval check.
      adds  0a1bc36   Merge branch 'master' of into jamesrusso-master
      adds  bf7e3b1   Merge branch 'jamesrusso-master'
      adds  5de8126   Rewrite PR code
      adds  0b67c48   Core v0.14
      adds  f111b37   Update changes before is forgotten
      adds  6344359   D2 v2.15
      adds  6a31fd3   Update MANIFEST.IGNORE
      adds  96cc885   Release
      adds  c478e36   POD Updates, work on #43
      adds  6bf1882   Merge branch 'stevieb9-master'
      adds  a144385   use $dsl->config instead of plugin_settings for plugin2
      adds  3b424f3   syspete-- plugin2 check should use $dsl->app->can
      adds  384165a   Changes
      adds  a12c29c   Merge branch 'SysPete-plugin2'
      adds  d724055   Prepre new relese
      adds  6b511bd   - Fixed the cpants issue:
      adds  9fc3a24   update changes
      adds  377d930   Merge branch 'Manwar-fix-cpants-issue'
      adds  754fb31   factor out generate_where_clauses() for
      adds  3034f3c   Merge pull request #87 from 
      adds  9171c4d   Credit Josh and update to today in changelog entry
      adds  c6731c4   Getting no WHERE clauses is not necessarily an error.
      adds  f2e3e34   Bump to 0.16 and update Changes
      adds  c5ed816   Er, bump version here too
      adds  5c279b4   Require core 0.16 for D1 version
      adds  efde810   Bump D1 version to 2.13 and update Changes
      adds  a56d652   Imported Upstream version 2.13
       new  89e27c8   Merge tag 'upstream/2.13'
       new  b819d25   Update debian/changelog
       new  6fb381f   Update years of upstream copyright.
       new  cfb4021   Bump versioned (build) dependency on 
       new  971b0ac   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.8.
       new  d5f1a6a   releasing package libdancer-plugin-database-perl version 

The 6 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                       |  4 ++++
 META.json                     |  7 +++----
 META.yml                      |  7 +++----
 Makefile.PL                   |  2 +-
 README                        | 30 ++++--------------------------
 debian/changelog              |  9 +++++++--
 debian/control                |  6 +++---
 debian/copyright              |  2 +-
 lib/Dancer/Plugin/ | 35 +++++------------------------------
 9 files changed, 31 insertions(+), 71 deletions(-)

Alioth's /usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice on 

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