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 tagged by  David Precious
        on  Wed Aug 17 00:58:23 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Version 3.10, released 2016-08-17
Version: GnuPG v1


Artem Krivopolenov (3):
      Latest warns about using param() in the list context. Try to use 
multi_param() instead if it's available.
      Fixed misprints.
      Actually there is no harm to retrieve the params' names with param()

David Precious (6):
      Add Changes/INSTALL/MANIFEST/README from CPAN dist.
      Merge branch 'master' of into 
      Merge branch 'netangel-master' (GH-5)
      Bump version to 3.10, update Changes
      Bump version here too.
      Bump version to 3.10 for all files.

Nate Wiger (43):
      first readme
      first readme
      readme cleanup
      fix RT#40148 and update copyrights
      fixed permissions, moved runtests to top level
      imported lost utils from previous svn dump
      fix for RT#55789
      integrated patch from Victor Porton for invalid radio JS
      closes RT#41555
      fixes RT#33241
      github tracker readme
      prep for v3.06
      modernize build script to work with git
      modernize build script to work with git (2)
      further updates to mkpkg script
      fix for comments in source file and HTML5 field types c/o Wolfgang Radke
      integrated patches from Victor Porton
      added support for "charset: utf8" in source file
      missing Makefile.PL in mkpkg script
      updated changes and readme
      readme and website link changes[1]
      more copyright updates[2]
      fixed failing template tests due to JS bugfix in 3.06
      Merge branch 'master' of
      added HTML5 field type modules
      bump to 3.07
      added missing error messages
      bump to 3.07 and fix Mac ._ problem
      changed locale modules so that missing messages fallback to English
      fixed tests so failures are properly seen in dev
      Merge branch 'html5_field_pms' of into 
      removed svn $Revision$ tag from all files
      lang modules now use __PACKAGE__->define_messages vs %MESSAGES hash
      removed failing template tests that were in fields.t for some reason
      updated mkpkg so it forces a testall to package
      fixed $ENV{LOGNAME} being undef on Windows
      fucking PAUSE indexer needs $VERSION in every file *sigh*
      had to restructure default/base messages due to Perl loading constraints
      bump to 3.08
      had to convert to ::default->messages when loading defaults
      Patch for Perl breaking backwards compat.  Nice work.
      collosal waste of time (1):
      Javascript validation snippet is actually negative !=,

nwiger (2):
      initial move to Google code
      revert codebase to known-good 3.0501 (25):
      A checkbox (or radio) is now separated from the label by  
      Added add_before_option and add_after_option field options
      Added CGI::SSI template engine
      Added forgotten
      Added Russian language support
      Now (using JS) value returned by submitted() can be different than the 
button label.
      Bug fix
      Bug fix in handling IDs of submit buttons.
      Corrected the case of JS turned off in handling of values/IDs of submit 
      Updated JS submit button code to use getElementById instead of this.form.
      Added TODO file - the future tasks to be implemented
      Added new TODO item.
      Made @OURATTR ordered alphabetically again
      Added disable_enter form option
      Removed a done task from the TODO file
      Added references to CGI_SSI where forgotten
      New version of CGI::FormBuilder::Template::CGI_SSI which should be 
compatible with current FormBuilder code.
      I moved Makefile.PL up one dir level as otherwise it does not work with 
my version of Perl software.
      Some test files are updated. It seems that more tests are passed.
      Now all tests are passed.
      Added tests for CGI::FormBuilder::Template::CGI_SSI
      Bug fix. It was non-working with objects used as templates.
      Added note in the docs about future changes of the IDs of submit buttons.
      Our webmaster insisted that I should revert to not use   to separate 
checkboxes and radiobuttons from labels
      Corrected handling of IDs of submit buttons.


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