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kanashiro pushed a change to branch master
in repository libsession-token-perl.

      from  f70a449   update changelog
      adds  0aebb59   initial import
      adds  81247f1   mark encoding
      adds  c2db4fd   docs
      adds  e36d244   docs
      adds  8eae750   docs
      adds  2a9b8da   docs
      adds  427c0d0   document seeding
      adds  fab043b   make utility C functions static
      adds  4f5fab5   error check: you can't specify both length and entropy
      adds  a8fd4a1   docs
      adds  57d673e   repo link
      adds  74bc28d   docs
      adds  06292bc   docs
      adds  1f4d97a   docs, preparing for CPAN
      adds  9ec8f6e   docs
      adds  a028537   seed coverage test
      adds  6939c04   win32 note
      adds  79ffc39   Record reference output differences in error reports
      adds  cef0dbe   Test for core assumptions, include some system 
information in test output
      adds  c445d25   Open /dev/urandom as :raw. I think CRLF translation is 
breaking tests on Mac OS
      adds  5ffca90   releasing 0.8
      adds  4bc1a68   Make reference test work on big-endian machines, split 
system vs reference test
      adds  0bd25a8   Support LLP64 (for future win64 support)
      adds  a6ae594   re-add endianess check in reference test
      adds  634a7cc   Experimental windows support
      adds  3af1d66   endian check not necessary
      adds  7f0ece6   releasing 0.9.0
      adds  b362ee5   docs
      adds  9c0f5ec   docs
      adds  98a9abf   releasing 0.10
      adds  f109b65   last version fix
      adds  a3ffe74   Improve no-mod-bias test, update docs
      adds  eb488b4   New test to verify kernel seeding is working
      adds  a18d43c   docs
      adds  c0bc313   docs
      adds  4969094   releasing 0.82
      adds  cbb1c1c   docs
      adds  f783485   More see also notes, expand variable-length token 
      adds  abf05a1   Inconsistent semi-colon usage
      adds  ad1be8f   docs
      adds  16df507   docs
      adds  f93e6d4   Makefile update for github meta info, license, and don't 
include README.pod in distribution
      adds  82e0717   releasing 0.900
      adds  2f57adf   docs
      adds  b9185ab   Better example in alphabet size limitation section
      adds  81e2170   Don't inclue MYMETA files in CPAN distribution
      adds  b096466   kernel-seeding test was missing in manifest
      adds  0a47a3e   Note in greek alphabet example that both forms of 
lowercase sigma are included
      adds  4734b42   Require minimum perl 5.8 because we use :raw
      adds  839b4d4   Render docs
      adds  d88833d   Releasing 1.006
      adds  437c3c6   docs, update year
      adds  2d8d54e   remove confusing bias example in the docs
      adds  d612a29   docs
      adds  c56e174   update description of Bytes::Random::Secure
      adds  feadd18   render docs
      adds  c392932   Support passing constructor args in as a hash-ref as well 
as a list
      adds  8d3df72   docs
      adds  0079917   releasing 1.007
      adds  e8dd036   B::R::S entropy comment is pointless: very few modules do 
      adds  dd7a3be   docs
      adds  a0a5401   Make podchecker happy
      adds  36ce20c   docs, another reason for discouraging variable length 
      adds  11c920a   Clarify some docs, add a few more modules to see also 
      adds  c0f3361   Defensive check in case our destructor is called twice
      adds  78efb7d   docs
      adds  24b3cdd   releasing 1.008
      adds  c3a541a   Add dist tarball to MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  a7b3e0b   symlink README.pod
      adds  2f3a085   docs
      adds  215e753   no longer need to render README.pod
      adds  95b7001   Link to Leo's CL implementation
      adds  33a199e   Fixed transferred spelling mistake
      adds  893cf4d   Merge pull request #2 from hemmop/master
      adds  dc9d90b   mention App::Session::Token in docs
      adds  8d1b9cb   document token template example requested by Andrew 
      adds  7f9546c   releasing 1.009
      adds  b53f618   fix pod
      adds  472c842   releasing 1.010
      adds  281f0ec   remove perl sub from get method calls (about 40% faster)
      adds  2c83ae6   releasing 1.500_01
      adds  4c9e6dd   typo
      adds  0122d6f   add token template benchmark example
      adds  1541bdf   releasing 1.501
      adds  1906d6d   use like instead of ok in alphabet test
      adds  01b16b8   releasing 1.502
      adds  2886339   add quote from RFC 4122 about UUID security
      adds  a1c8ab7   Improve documentation regarding urandom
      adds  045ddf9   bump copyright year
      adds  65a74a1   TODO notes
      adds  81f6999   link to my presentation on youtube
      adds  4736d28   todo note: consider using chacha20 instead of isaac
      adds  20c9b84   releasing 1.503
      adds  ed69e46   New upstream version 1.503
       new  6832a5c   Merge tag 'upstream/1.503'
       new  e04e48a   Update debian/changelog
       new  49060d3   Update years of upstream copyright
       new  e16d10f   Declare compliance with Debian policy 3.9.8
       new  c065db5   debian/rules: enable hardening=+bindnow
       new  8add5f4   debian/control: fix typo in long description. Thanks 
       new  a327e1c   releasing libsession-token-perl version 1.503-1

The 7 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes              |  4 +++
 META.json            |  5 ++--
 META.yml             |  5 ++--
 README               | 73 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------
 debian/changelog     | 13 ++++++++--
 debian/control       |  4 +--
 debian/copyright     |  2 +-
 debian/rules         |  2 ++
 lib/Session/ | 26 ++++++++++++++-----
 9 files changed, 91 insertions(+), 43 deletions(-)

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