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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libdevel-confess-perl.

      from  edc9cdd   update changelog
      adds  c2a8843   initial commit
      adds  194e4fb   module working properly without Moo
      adds  255d7d0   packaging
      adds  b344584   fix pod
      adds  5875b6a   apply at import time, not compile time.  also provide 
      adds  46cf211   fix overloads added
      adds  6d9726d   call existing warn and die handlers
      adds  fe902a3   NoTrace is a better name than HaveTrace
      adds  ca4c30c   hacks module
      adds  d6d4bb8   better option handling
      adds  eb87a08   more exception hacks
      adds  87213ab   store exception data outside object
      adds  4f71ed9   enabled hacks on import, not load.  add hacks option
      adds  43d55eb   rename module
      adds  5597171   correct option parsing
      adds  adfbc4d   add Devel::Confess module
      adds  606a5cf   properly normalize Carp output
      adds  ba751dd   fix non-object output
      adds  8663bdf   more and working test
      adds  291fc37   update docs
      adds  dd375ea   test fixup
      adds  b91ccc9   docs for Devel::Confess
      adds  8b111da   fix compatibility with ancient Carp
      adds  8770ad4   remove load test
      adds  fac2fb4   correct DESTROY
      adds  9d14a51   move VERSION declaration
      adds  a22a61a   leak test
      adds  0cfa8c6   makefile updates
      adds  d63e43b   document %NoTrace and import options
      adds  d24f854   rename simple test
      adds  50f0efd   fix alignment in synopsis
      adds  b8ec89a   include Devel::Confess in ::AndRefs docs
      adds  ed396ec   Release commit for 0.001000
      adds  b218da5   rename again
      adds  bf11ba7   clarify documentation
      adds  2945b1a   fix use under debugger
      adds  dca3b49   update changelog
      adds  6c57c05   bump version
      adds  4ca9f9c   Release commit for 0.002000
      adds  9bef94e   Scalar::Util is a prereq
      adds  70b5e3d   normalize subprocess output newlines in test
      adds  933f523   changelog
      adds  2ffd79f   include version in all modules
      adds  fd24fca   bump version
      adds  da29acc   Release commit for 0.002001
      adds  86fedec   work around 5.8 issue when assigning to %SIG
      adds  2e313de   changelog
      adds  2b8fad3   bump version
      adds  d8711f6   Release commit for 0.002002
      adds  5e504bd   handle special values of %SIG entries
      adds  ddfab8f   simplify signal sub lookup
      adds  f5c7895   extract capture sub to be reusable
      adds  1e9bcf1   test Devel::Confess module
      adds  693d8e5   formatting cleanups
      adds  709a6e1   use Symbol to delete packages
      adds  6a92ec8   Ouch is subclassable now
      adds  6a0aec3   allow disabling hacks
      adds  594967c   rename to Devel::Confess
      adds  5e5f1e6   slight addition to hacks docs
      adds  5e6f3a8   update changelog
      adds  ae6c255   bump version
      adds  c7fb5ca   fix test module location
      adds  64afec0   Release commit for 0.003000
      adds  23d1e13   try does instead of DOES if available
      adds  61f207a   be slightly more careful about which overload we trigger
      adds  58a271b   be more careful about memory leaks
      adds  f980e9c   fix sig test in ancient perl
      adds  f1ec81b   fix test compatibility with old debuggers and protect 
against environment
      adds  0cbcefd   update changelog
      adds  26b3d94   bump version
      adds  16b76c7   Release commit for 0.003001
      adds  c894ba3   make sure we skip ourselves on ancient Carp
      adds  e80e7a5   disable hacks by default
      adds  6fd63c0   tweak handling of hacks option when not specified
      adds  c45a876   cleanup options docs
      adds  7d56ad8   add dump option
      adds  be40978   add color option
      adds  c1b27ce   add hack to support dump option on old carp
      adds  ae87ffa   move ugly Carp/Scalar::Util hacks to separate module
      adds  a6de4e9   allow forcing colorize if not a terminal
      adds  9c52d78   dump test
      adds  4c75672   color test
      adds  808daca   update changelog
      adds  d378f39   be more permissive of output in debugger test
      adds  a716a3f   make backup longmess implementation more consistent with 
modern Carp
      adds  59c9ae0   make stringification accessible outside magic subclass
      adds  7fa9022   trivial cleanups
      adds  33c9b23   disable debugging features unless required
      adds  15c8461   rename color test env var
      adds  1e93ef4   more strict check on debug flags
      adds  4d16206   only override Carp::format_arg if it exists
      adds  193a761   add DEVEL_CONFESS_OPTIONS env var
      adds  e23c411   colorize warns in evals
      adds  d92c872   enable better names for evals and anon subs
      adds  0449de7   clarify comment on debug flags
      adds  f55bc0a   trivial cleanup
      adds  91fe1f1   rename hacks to builtin
      adds  701a4a9   call outer __DIE__ if set, but still die afterward
      adds  6d8178e   force capturing variable in eval for 5.6
      adds  b33b96e   protect against Test::More setting a __DIE__
      adds  370da04   extra debug flags break @DB::args when perl 5.6 not 
started using -d
      adds  5bc1124   work around old Carp
      adds  df50e30   test that we attach trace when outer __DIE__ exists
      adds  0518178   also rename internals of Builtin module
      adds  b5821f8   fix Exception::Base builtin enabling
      adds  8939148   remove broken builtin support
      adds  a8dee02   builtin tests
      adds  3d938f0   make builtin test an author test, and require modules to 
be installed
      adds  cf5c2ef   update changes
      adds  d9744f8   bump version
      adds  6d2222d   Release commit for 0.004000
      adds  b1a2cbc   document DEVEL_CONFESS_OPTIONS
      adds  7b72dd2   add source option
      adds  6e0f497   source test
      adds  231f94c   implement source tracing internally instead of using 
      adds  6c805cc   enable source saving debug flag when using source option
      adds  ce67fe0   correctly enable source saving on old perl
      adds  06a4a15   bump version number
      adds  d7097cd   Release commit for 0.005000
      adds  0968a4f   fix typo in pod link
      adds  e489556   small reorg
      adds  25d60b0   fix version check when enabling source saving
      adds  c608a7a   on windows, use Win32::Console::ANSI for color option or 
disable it
      adds  6ce08c0   tiny options list
      adds  a844788   allow disabling for errors or warnings individually
      adds  9ed44a6   also try to use Win32::Console::ANSI for source 
      adds  7556d86   allow disabling informative names for evals/anon-subs
      adds  20ffdcc   don't disable in END
      adds  8bed1a4   use constant for informative names support
      adds  965b45a   support comma separated env var
      adds  3a284ee   minor cleanup
      adds  d944ef0   doc rewrites
      adds  8b13dbf   update changelog
      adds  a13025c   bump version
      adds  3d7e9b1   Release commit for 0.006000
      adds  3d6c9ef   skip color test on windows if required module not 
      adds  e715f9a   revise Makefile.PL boilerplate
      adds  badc92a   bump version
      adds  fe5faa4   update changelog
      adds  10bd5f8   Release commit for 0.006001
      adds  eb1203b   fix dist name metadata
      adds  59e2bac   fix issues when triggered in Safe compartment
      adds  1ce3aea   set Useqq for arg dumping to escape newlines
      adds  8b60d2c   controllable dump level, with default of 3
      adds  49b4cf3   changelog
      adds  e138227   bump version
      adds  777d13d   compare signal handlers as strings, not numbers
      adds  d20a747   Release commit for 0.007000
      adds  32d1920   don't attach to objects in Safe because it will break
      adds  d266d3d   add travis config
      adds  6521aee   travis test with new eumm
      adds  dd43635   only test 5.6 without author tests
      adds  4e84366   safe interation not reliable in 5.6
      adds  9b5ee3b   bump version
      adds  0767b6a   changelog
      adds  386368c   Release commit for 0.007001
      adds  d289485   work around ancient Carp not working in safe compartments
      adds  a1f41b8   travis test on 5.8.8
      adds  61a8fc6   make sure Test::More doesn't interfere with test error 
      adds  4321065   only work around Carp::Heavy on ancient Carp
      adds  6080499   changelog
      adds  fb6ff5c   bump version
      adds  502b948   Release commit for 0.007002
      adds  c9c7353   check Carp version with method call rather than variable
      adds  55d3c6a   Fix bad ternary in leak.t
      adds  89f5a48   changelog
      adds  28396d5   bump version
      adds  66b6e8d   Release commit for 0.007003
      adds  b9d46d1   update Makefile.PL boilerplate
      adds  63d9c6b   make sure we test for debugger before doing anything else
      adds  71f6f0a   changelog for early debug flag disable
      adds  b04e918   bump version
      adds  d3c2cbb   Release commit for 0.007004
      adds  a00e4d2   better diagnostics for bad DEVEL_CONFESS_OPTIONS
      adds  98897d3   clean up formatting of authors in pod
      adds  ea5f8d4   minor pod formatting nit
      adds  3f1cfc3   warn/die hooks only take one argument, so join our output 
before calling other handlers
      adds  5d5d1dd   changelog entries
      adds  be70903   bump version
      adds  c6fc161   Release commit for 0.007005
      adds  e87f36f   test for passing full warning on to outer handler
      adds  37107b0   load external modules before saving __DIE__ we want to 
check against
      adds  2f67774   re-bless to original before deleting package
      adds  24da150   changelog
      adds  4b37e76   simpler travis config
      adds  9a9a725   travis docker builds
      adds  4a2f970   simplify travis config further
      adds  145b353   bump version
      adds  01db3e0   Release commit for 0.007006
      adds  af5135f   use globals for exception info to survive better in 
global destruction
      adds  40b5129   Add test for behavior in global destruction
      adds  56c7798   test for maintaining exception info across threads
      adds  e678484   verbose testing
      adds  1d0a3c0   don't use Test::More in global destruction test
      adds  49c1643   drop fatal warnings
      adds  a72a24a   format stack traces better in global destruction
      adds  c7e2cd4   changelog
      adds  4715085   bump version
      adds  e6b0cbc   Release commit for 0.007007
      adds  8b0e50f   protect against machines with broken threading
      adds  4faab69   update changelog
      adds  41ed39a   bump version
      adds  3ac95d5   Release commit for 0.007008
      adds  aea8519   fix CLONE handling of weakened refs
      adds  c98792b   updating refs as separate sub from CLONE
      adds  0159f4c   move global destruction detection to _Util
      adds  3a4d046   Protect against bad DESTROY behavior on cloned objects in 
some perls
      adds  3c27a6d   test some threaded perls
      adds  7d550d3   test for CLONE not strengthening refs
      adds  92f1969   update changelog
      adds  2c486ff   be more specific about 5.6 version to test
      adds  605a104   bump version
      adds  0462645   Release commit for 0.007009
      adds  e54b537   fix version comparison
      adds  d31ada9   update changelog
      adds  60459ed   more robust and quieter threads check
      adds  22b3daa   fix version check for enabling debug features at runtime
      adds  000c70c   split CLONE from periodic leak cleanup
      adds  76aef15   separate checks for bugs clearing namespaces vs reblessing
      adds  b91cac6   test DESTROY dispatching and package cleanup in threads
      adds  dc3558b   provide our own routine for Carp to stringify refs
      adds  83a9df9   use GLOBAL_PHASE to detect global destruction when 
      adds  7789d6c   travis test on 5.8.8 with threads
      adds  746cdb6   fix removing sig handlers on unimport
      adds  1c2024f   work around delete not working on %SIG in old perl
      adds  5f4c56d   test for better_names option
      adds  3a5692d   changelog
      adds  aa6b31d   bump versions
      adds  2d12a9f   Release commit for 0.007010
      adds  7a0f962   don't trigger overloads when fixing up refs
      adds  588c1a7   localize __WARN__ inside warn handler
      adds  24c9eaf   changelog
      adds  5949885   bump version to 0.007011
      adds  17904c9   Release commit for 0.007011
      adds  9c2b441   move constants after use strict where possible
      adds  e68840f   track global destruction by phase
      adds  0ab9c39   avoid re-throwing errors inside a END under DEBUGGING perl
      adds  db9b5f5   test under debug perl
      adds  dedef32   changelog debugging+END fix
      adds  ad54a95   Bumping version to 0.007012
      adds  1ba144f   Release commit for 0.007012
      adds  deb0f5f   fix DEBUGGING detection on newer perls
      adds  716ebbf   stop using localized global for capture args in test
      adds  2da437f   clean up debugging detection code
      adds  10f8b21   avoid Test::More in threads test
      adds  b158179   changelog
      adds  4bb45af   promote -d: invocation over -M
      adds  10bf490   fully anchor regexes in tests
      adds  3d796d9   use original stack trace for rethrown refs
      adds  c6c6e14   protect against DEVEL_CONFESS_OPTIONS in tests
      adds  d37d818   dump option: dumper ref exceptions if non-object or 
      adds  7228b7a   detect if we can stringify more reliably
      adds  2c113fd   changelog
      adds  083ec2e   make sure we don't corrupt $@ when searching for sig 
      adds  f22b93f   don't stringify refs when handing to a different sig 
      adds  2c79405   minor optimization of stringifying
      adds  2f1d33b   changelog
      adds  500e65c   Bumping version to 0.008000
      adds  0c1c257   Release commit for 0.008000
      adds  8c3cdce   doc refresh
      adds  54d2af9   ignore pod conversion temp files
      adds  3188210   note why we are using package variables
      adds  6cbe592   clean up open3 in tests
      adds  1f80ace   refactor test quoting
      adds  b661dc2   allow coderef-ifying signal handlers to break, like they 
do in %SIG
      adds  48e9701   test _find_sig in isolation
      adds  a420cce   test _find_sig with stubs
      adds  6bab39b   avoid undef warning on 5.8
      adds  f2f4976   no warnings on uninit signal handlers
      adds  d6ca3cd   remove extraneous code from Makefile.PL
      adds  aa51efd   test empty string in %SIG
      adds  e4b3262   revise option parsing
      adds  96fdbe7   fix pod error
      adds  4134a24   force color with option in test
      adds  277f544   stop relying on . in @INC
      adds  12f6719   allow specifying lines of source context
      adds  bd282b8   only enable debugger features in Source on import
      adds  1369aa7   add evalsource option
      adds  3252506   properly prevent re-attaching trace on rethrow
      adds  8429f10   fix rethrowing duplicating source trace
      adds  a6a94eb   improve warning messages when source unavailable
      adds  b57e8e5   changelog
      adds  5e374d0   Bumping version to 0.009000
      adds  5633218   Release commit for 0.009000
      adds  610d3d8   fix infinite options
      adds  97950d2   use debugger for evalsource option
      adds  6d3ed36   changelog
      adds  9c481ad   Bumping version to 0.009001
      adds  c147c12   Release commit for 0.009001
      adds  0847bc7   New upstream version 0.009001
       new  12c4fe8   Merge tag 'upstream/0.009001'
       new  77e93a9   Update debian/changelog
       new  ce62fb4   Update years of packaging copyright.
       new  e0d91c3   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.8.
       new  3a81bbc   releasing package libdevel-confess-perl version 0.009001-1

The 5 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                          |  14 +++
 MANIFEST                         |  10 +-
 META.json                        |   5 +-
 META.yml                         |   5 +-
 Makefile.PL                      |   3 -
 README                           |  63 +++++++---
 debian/changelog                 |   7 +-
 debian/control                   |   2 +-
 debian/copyright                 |   2 +-
 lib/Devel/             | 249 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
 lib/Devel/Confess/     |   2 +-
 lib/Devel/Confess/      |  22 ++--
 t/color.t                        |  28 ++---
 t/confess.t                      | 122 +++++++++++--------
 t/devel.t                        |   9 +-
 t/end-debugging.t                |   3 +-
 t/evalsource.t                   |  45 +++++++
 t/find_sig.t                     |  94 +++++++++++++++
 t/lib/{ =>} |   6 +-
 t/lib/{ =>}   |   2 +-
 t/lib/            |  48 ++++++++
 t/lib/           |  43 -------
 t/options.t                      |  45 +++++++
 t/rethrow.t                      |  34 ++++++
 t/sig.t                          |  27 +++--
 t/threads.t                      |   5 +-
 xt/builtin.t                     |   3 +-
 27 files changed, 652 insertions(+), 246 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 t/evalsource.t
 create mode 100644 t/find_sig.t
 rename t/lib/{ =>} (86%)
 rename t/lib/{ =>} (97%)
 create mode 100644 t/lib/
 delete mode 100644 t/lib/
 create mode 100644 t/options.t
 create mode 100644 t/rethrow.t

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