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      from  a67b142   release liblist-someutils-perl version 0.52-1
      adds  adc4a04   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.04.tar.gz
      adds  3403b21   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.05.tar.gz
      adds  d74d385   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.06.tar.gz
      adds  139b494   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.07.tar.gz
      adds  82dbb74   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.08.tar.gz
      adds  43895dc   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.09.tar.gz
      adds  96b7e89   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.10.tar.gz
      adds  f254d97   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.11.tar.gz
      adds  4dbd61e   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.12.tar.gz
      adds  a430b42   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.13.tar.gz
      adds  3596e11   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.14.tar.gz
      adds  ccffbcf   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.15.tar.gz
      adds  ebee931   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.16.tar.gz
      adds  30a4fcd   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.17.tar.gz
      adds  b0c06b1   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.18.tar.gz
      adds  7dfcb54   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.19.tar.gz
      adds  f11ba77   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.20.tar.gz
      adds  8861237   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.21.tar.gz
      adds  72c5943   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.22.tar.gz
      adds  5563dd3   Removing author tests
      adds  9ac03df   Various cleaning up
      adds  3f40c7b   Preparing for dev release
      adds  11afc33   Nudges
      adds  2f87e6f   Removed the version section
      adds  423e659   Updating to $VERSION
      adds  5b2bb9f   Whitespace nudge
      adds  ddb64d2   Whitespace nudge
      adds  15c7a37   Updating to version 0.26
      adds  60f8b54   Started on refactoring the duplicated test code into a 
common library
      adds  6d53784   Completed the refactoring of the test suite
      adds  420a608   Reapplied fix for the minmax bug
      adds  32b9042   Reduced test suite peak memory consumption by 5-10 meg
      adds  0fcbe76   Updating $VERSION
      adds  2b055dd   Added the distinct alias for uniq
      adds  fc0be6e     - Expanded test suite for the any() group of functions. 
        - The any() group of functions now strictly always return scalar        
  boolean true, false and undef to match the XS version.
      adds  c075273   Whitespace fix
      adds  988ed9c   Adding RT link
      adds  37a3f22   General house cleaning
      adds  cb8b456   0.27_04 Mon 6 Dec 2010    - The behaviour of 
any/all/none/notall has changed when           passed a null list to treat a 
null list as a legitimate list.           Instead of returning C<undef> the 
functions now return the      following: any {} == false, all {} == true, none 
{} == true,    notall {} == false.     Resolves #40905: Returning undef when 
none is passed an empty         - Disabled the leaking XS versions of part(), 
apply() and indexes()
      adds  8dae7fc   Updating version
      adds  e65d300   Applied the 0.23 refression test for RT 38630
      adds  74a429d   Adding the uniq undef tests, disabled initially
      adds  b7eaa2e   Noting the warning tests
      adds  e05f7f6   Preparing for stable release
      adds  c4f9685   Removed a careless Test::NoWarnings dependency
      adds  2c1c4e6   Fix the localisation warning bug
      adds  7f4d7b1   Tweak documentation of all() and none() to reflect their 
revised behavior when LIST is empty.
      adds  e045aae   Fix memory leak in natatime()
      adds  89849be   Add memory-leak tests for all functions
      adds  54b2fdc   Fix memory leak in each_array(), each_arrayref()
      adds  36b177a   Fix memory leak in pairwise().
      adds  776be20   Fix memory leak in XS apply()
      adds  8165211   Fix memory leak in XS indexes()
      adds  4d68bde   Fix memory leak in XS part()
      adds  9dac096   Add passing test from RT#38699
      adds  30b6594   Add passing test from RT#48669
      adds  516f42b   Fix leak in uniq() when overloaded stringify dies
      adds  55d66a0   Preparing for new dev release
      adds  53414b2   Better XS detection
      adds  57800f5   fix the documented args to natatime
      adds  428411b   Prod release
      adds  2a01e23   Copying bug fix from Params::Util
      adds  dfa1b60   Fixing can_xs
      adds  1e4ec43   added sort_by, nsort_by function. documents are taken 
      adds  42ca53e   add initial filter for git commands
      adds  5c26253   bump version to 0.400
      adds  bddef5b   distribution improvements taken from refreshed one
      adds  f569c7e   Extract of CPAN dist VPARSEVAL_List-MoreUtils-0.24.tar.gz
      adds  3d5984c   Extract of CPAN dist 
      adds  156e42b   Extract of CPAN dist 
      adds  839e96c   Merge back some of Tassilo's work
      adds  4f9ce4e   dos2unix + bsearch test
      adds  0e47d28   remove generated file from repository
      adds  e80e6ad   bump minimum perl version to 5.8.3
      adds  99b0a67   correct some patterns
      adds  443955b   clean up (PREREQ, Repository)
      adds  924a7ee   improve support documentation
      adds  d151db8   remove test c file - switch to Config::AutoConf
      adds  877f3f9   rely on Config::AutoConf instead of EU::CB
      adds  5858840   adding autoconf extension for sanexs check
      adds  4d9ed80   remove inc/ (why was it in there?)
      adds  3e7aad0   change minimum reqd perl version to 5.8.1
      adds  6e8381a   remove generated META.yml from repository
      adds  8aa0d95   rework Makefile.PL for updated toolchain
      adds  8cb02b0   restructure source layout
      adds  08eec14   fix loading behavior (:all)
      adds  17a9fb7   EU::MM makes it to difficult to have different xs
      adds  21fd57d   local means local, and not from here til end
      adds  9f249b2   some alias funcs have no XS
      adds  2478b0d   cleanup and loading fixes
      adds  0da22a6   load XS in namespace of LMU itself
      adds  f181da0   fix package name
      adds  8794adf   ensure XS is loaded unless forbidden
      adds  7b826a3   reworking XS enabling check
      adds  8cbad42   prepare for Data::Dumbler based test generation
      adds  93cd57f   add some concerns
      adds  694c944   choose gt/ as target test dir
      adds  b9f75bf   convert existing tests to LMU::Test and Tumbler
      adds  b434c65   update MANIFEST.SKIP rules
      adds  66ea09e   first approach of pod harmonize
      adds  6bb8764   reactivate original behavior at tassilo any/all...
      adds  dbe68f7   add requirements for Tumbler
      adds  a691900   move pod for functions into implementations
      adds  f456a84   remove "first" from Modern's XS
      adds  5a5b70a   let M.PL control generated dir
      adds  cc00c61   name XSLoader and perform the load more explicit
      adds  09b8808   steal .travis.yml from dbi and add 5.8
      adds  17cb457   note changes for 0.400_002
      adds  1348b21   do not import XSLoader functions in LMU namespace
      adds  1a0a4f3   bump to 0.400_002 and manage XS load with dev ver.
      adds  334ac0d   add cpanfile which hopefully fixes travis
      adds  36acf6e   cpanfile doesn't work ... try direct method
      adds  11baff2   try with direct install call in .travis.yml
      adds  00f3e8b   trial and error on .travis.yml
      adds  d852dce   try with mymeta-requires
      adds  1265057   skip travis cfg, too
      adds  c20ddf0   and another fixup in travis configuration
      adds  456e618   looks as if it's difficult getting 5.8.9 with ...
      adds  ec6ad7d   hide undef warning on &part but checks for it
      adds  d42f160   improve insert_after* being silent and reuse stuff
      adds  b128160   rewrite README from recent state
      adds  ed301c7   initial approach to fix RT#93207
      adds  557d577   add more tests additionally covering uv- and ivmax
      adds  ae7b3f5   add prove for comparing UV with IV
      adds  953590d   introduce ppport.h
      adds  9740e36   internally rely on Perl5.18's SvIV_please_nomg
      adds  ce090f4   deal with new accessors from modern perls
      adds  1ba625a   moving from self-contained tumbler to CPAN version
      adds  54d2fa4   redo resources in meta-spec v2
      adds  e0aca6e   note what's been done so far
      adds  5b0a34f   fix compile error on threaded perls (RT#93934)
      adds  982cc50   fix exporter configuration (RT#93929)
      adds  f600fc0   bump version to 0.400_003
      adds  1b6ad03   add test for RT#76749 - pairwise issues warnings
      adds  df561a2   add changed for 0.400_003
      adds  4b97779   bump version to 0.400_004 for next shots
      adds  a02a254   use Exporter::Tiny
      adds  44a1ed3   oops... update dependencies
      adds  b67339c   also test whether alias funcs are imported correct
      adds  9684965   add a note about switch to Exporter::Tiny
      adds  8eeb275   explicitely name Module::Runtime as prereq
      adds  0b183de   add test for RT##41494: memory leak in indexes()
      adds  0f82884   add Test::LeakTrace to recommended test reqs
      adds  a986af4   prove whether leak_free_ok has been executed
      adds  e64a6ea   apply fixes from RT#86347 (spelling)
      adds  94ca42a   define CvISXSUB to compile on older Perls, too
      adds  33fb818   fix RT#94013 in conjunction with RT#93995
      adds  155b94e   prepare Makefile.PL+inc/ for older perls
      adds  ad2ba1f   note changes of 0.400_004
      adds  d754cb1   bump version to 0.400_005 for upcoming criticals
      adds  c5a793c   improve on implementation names and precedences
      adds  c057671   fix issue LMU#3 reported by tobyinc
      adds  6d77ecf   hack down changes in 0.400_005
      adds  750602f   delete implementation 'sno'
      adds  e338b17   try to cleanup - seems there are relics from ...
      adds  b1eab5e   fix remaining relics of old implementation names
      adds  89f8371   seems travis build clean - my fault
      adds  3f0a605   bump version to 0.400_006 for next dev release
      adds  19e7fb8   fix typos in documentation (also RT#87490)
      adds  2e5f64d   doing change as discussed with xdg
      adds  c9215d1   add credits for 0.400
      adds  14f7b8e   fix loading XS
      adds  02ad093   remove depreciated runtime dependency
      adds  e35c513   remark all the other List::*Util* packages
      adds  eda320b   write down Changes for 0.400_006
      adds  af81aba   don't die on XS load error to respect missing cc
      adds  5d4d403   cut out exporter-related cruft; it was only necessary 
when needing to choose between multiple implementations
      adds  ad54608   bump version to 0.400_007
      adds  a697d5c   Reorganize and clarify documentation
      adds  6212db7   revise SYNOPSIS and DESCRIPTION for revised export model
      adds  0728e03   introduce ":like_*" import tags as suggested
      adds  23a8166   note changes for 0.400_007
      adds  43a92b0   clean up configure dependencies
      adds  f37417e   add dependency update to Changes for 0.400_007
      adds  15aca7b   bump version to 0.400_008
      adds  aa0a33a   fix none for 0.24 and clarify API tag documentation
      adds  9daaf0e   refactor import tags for clarity
      adds  fdbd38c   fix typos and whitespace
      adds  1ef1633   fix version 0.22 function list
      adds  20df1df   one style for brackets and spaces
      adds  6f26f51   bump version to 0.400_009
      adds  6ebe23e   add Changes for 0.400_008
      adds  9514d17   spread more thanks to people who deserve it
      adds  77cb0b6   remove biting back hint
      adds  8b1e0d5   clarify "right of support"
      adds  65e1cc5   tweak titles of export documentation
      adds  e2b129e   add MAINTENANCE section
      adds  4ea667e   create bundle
      adds  f69e2ba   bundle non-core using ExtUtils::BundleMaker 0.005
      adds  258ac64   travis needs bundlemaker ...
      adds  81f200d   try figuring out why EU::BM's dependencies missing
      adds  160448b   bump required EU::BM version to 0.006
      adds  97d835e   note Changes 0.400_009
      adds  b84209e   bump version to 0.400_010 for remaining issues
      adds  9933e2b   remove unused variables, modifiers, labels ...
      adds  8e3fca8   "port" codelike check from Params::Util and prove
      adds  91f5b71   remove requirement of bundling
      adds  39ef8ae   for ribasushi: lower minimum perl to 5.6 ...
      adds  1b3b68f   bump prereq of Config::AutoConf to 0.305
      adds  ecb798d   add all available Perl's to travis config
      adds  cbdf2a5   remove Perl 5.8 from .travis.yml because 
      adds  fe3ef22   add tests and fixes for coredumps when bypassing
      adds  b381426   use inc::latest for bundling
      adds  7c26c05   add some extra author tests
      adds  1b7aad2   reflect Changes for 0.400_010
      adds  4e38737   after release bump version to 0.400_011
      adds  8e3e0ad   bump version to 0.401 for release
      adds  affda85   reflect for release 0.401
      adds  753a429   also clean generated tests
      adds  b2cd8b6   update ignorelist for git
      adds  4e29edc   update ppport.h to 3.25 generated one
      adds  a5940af   bump version to 0.402 after release
      adds  66f9d67   perl 5.6 is minimum requirement, expect multicall
      adds  383d1e4   Perl 5.6 is minimum - remove unused workarounds
      adds  9a97b8f   fix RT#101067 - GIMME vs. GIMME_V
      adds  d80d221   add some 5.6 compatibility stuff
      adds  92b685c   reflect Changes
      adds  8133415   fix bundle requirement
      adds  4999274   update hard coded configure stage reqs for travis
      adds  413765e   bump version to 0.403 after release
      adds  1cd02c6   remove recent stable perl recommendation from meta
      adds  bb1fe67   update copyright date
      adds  9a2cbd2   reflect changes
      adds  93c642f   ensure AUTHOR is a string on older toolchains
      adds  dfd16c9   reflect changes
      adds  50b389a   bump version to 0.404 after release
      adds  ee81244   fix metadata for older toolchains
      adds  d8de589   reflect Changes
      adds  d5f2972   fix accidently remaining TEST_REQUIRES on ancient
      adds  4ed976f   fix repository url for non-github-users
      adds  d28b4b4   apply perl-tidy rules
      adds  81b1775   reflect Changes
      adds  cb0dd5a   improve TEST_REQUIRES backward compat line
      adds  f06e65a   remove duplicate .travis.yml line
      adds  05a8a97   fix bugtracker mail-address
      adds  ed63ea4   bump version to 0.405 after release
      adds  c2fcde6   fix configure requirements
      adds  5e692fb   Perl::Tidy Makefile.PL after configure fixes
      adds  48641c3   Move variable declaration to the beginning
      adds  1787503   Update README from David Goldens heavy doc improvements
      adds  8b035b6   create markdown readme - cpan websites should rely on POD
      adds  51e36b1   fix RT#78527 - clarify first_val/first_value
      adds  04adfe7   reflext RT#78527
      adds  cabe0d1   remove obsolete Drand01 definition
      adds  b778a10   remove portability stuff done by ppport.h
      adds  f112344   reflect Changes
      adds  d0f3be2   bump version to 0.406 after release
      adds  e4a032c   add new functions firstres and lastres
      adds  f5dcfe2   reflect Changes
      adds  a2fdbf6   bump version to 0.407 after release
      adds  d33f81d   deal with RT#49800 - docs of how uniq() compares
      adds  a46b167   ignore some more build results
      adds  36a19f0   add support for junction "one"
      adds  68621a7   fix port of codelike check - local cv hides API's
      adds  f28af40   test whether first/last... do return undef
      adds  dfd8511   increase code-reuse for common loops
      adds  8abbb52   re-order search-routines in XS
      adds  e5afc4b   re-order search-loops in PP
      adds  059791e   add 2nd part of RT#73134 - only
      adds  8b921d9   add bsearchidx to satisfy RT#63470
      adds  9d12b62   add func "singleton" to satisfy wish in RT#94382
      adds  996fe9a   reflect Changes
      adds  ef82cd6   apply Perl::Tidy
      adds  51ab372   add fix for RT#82039 - uniq changes the type ...
      adds  ef7ac52   reflect Changes
      adds  0515b56   port Tassilo's fix for RT#44518 to modern perl
      adds  ea556f8   reflect changes
      adds  fa91e18   fix behavior of uniq/singleton wrt. undef values
      adds  f521f95   ensure that no counter overflow happens
      adds  3d9a16e   Fix a spelling issue (thanks to Ilmari)
      adds  9ecf519   prepare release with collected changes until now
      adds  360f395   bump version to 0.508 after release
      adds  fe05387   fix RT#102840 - feed uniq with temporary values...
      adds  bc6ecd4   fix compilation error on 5.8.1
      adds  35c68f4   fix regex to catch Perl 5.8.1 warning on ...
      adds  155077b   fix RT#102833: Compilation error with perl 5.21.7+
      adds  314f964   reflect changes
      adds  73f5bae   bump version to 0.409 after release of 0.408
      adds  d375d99   steal from Tux' .travis.yml for more tests
      adds  cab00af   add tests for RT#102885: uniq bug broke tied array
      adds  fd04c78   fix new macros used to work with MS VC 2013, gcc
      adds  16c3b08   reflect Changes with recent fixes
      adds  dce9619   bump version to 0.409_001 to catch cpantesters
      adds  6ba4c10   Update ppport.h from 3.25 to 3.31
      adds  54939c4   use base instead of parent, cause parent isn't
      adds  03c38e0   avoid multiple calls to mg_get (thanks, leont)
      adds  8226509   reduce author test noise for deprecated perl's
      adds  9afe6fd   fix test run using PERL5OPT=d:Confess (thanks
      adds  bb67067   reflext Changes
      adds  d054b8a   bump version to 0.409_002 because of 2nd dev to
      adds  9a976e4   fix spelling and add stop-words for names etc.
      adds  953ffa4   bump for next dev-release after seeing undeclared
      adds  341a303   prove for loadable xs earlier to allow extra check
      adds  3b5331b   fix compile issues on 5.8.8 and below
      adds  f9d29fe   reflect changes
      adds  aa538b1   bump version to 0.410 for release
      adds  0b1be23   reflect changes
      adds  e2eaa57   bump version to 0.411 after releasing 0.410
      adds  3f33cf0   Fix compilation errors under cl
      adds  a1a36ca   fix rt#103251 to avoid removing bundled stuff
      adds  dcc1a93   add a rough guide for contributors to
      adds  91f51ea   move generation of test endpoints to author stage
      adds  f7a7e29   Re-introduce inc:latest dist support accidently removed 
in 91f51ea
      adds  684c42a   refine distinguish between author and user mode
      adds  c119764   tidy code
      adds  6df9d3a   reflect changes
      adds  31bfc83   bumping version to 0.411_001, because changes look
      adds  650f02c   re-add xt/ to run tests and remove gt from clean
      adds  c5c20b3   Bump version to 0.412 for release after a week
      adds  9b2e4d5   reflect changes
      adds  12f8b5f   Fix some c++ related compile errors
      adds  204a0e1   reflect Changes
      adds  849e28e   Bump version to prepare release
      adds  4e36000   Rename from List::MoreUtils to List::SomeUtils
      adds  b063d7a   Remove XS code and add a dynamic prereq on 
List::SomeUtils::XS if the system has a compiler
      adds  502f092   Add generated files
      adds  1dc6f18   Fix license and s/Prereq/Prereqs/
      adds  195ad80   More generated files
      adds  86b86cc   Remove List/SomeUtils/
      adds  535c753   Add .travis.yml
      adds  4448c06   Remove xt files - dzil will make these for us
      adds  348bcf0   All tests pass
      adds  955160d   Remove PerlCritic from tidyall.ini
      adds  995b2dd   Remove Sandbox::Tumble
      adds  e77f882   Ignore .tidyall.d
      adds  201eee6   Tidy all code except List::SomeUtils::PP itself
      adds  0503ee2   Remove Contributing docs
      adds  938c937   Some doc cleanups
      adds  065b82b   All dzil tests passing
      adds  c173bf1   More doc updates
      adds  9f92d3f   Update develop requires
      adds  6390edf   Don't fall back to JSON::PP over Storable
      adds  95a08b7   Update generated files
      adds  910ecaf   Add some docs for PP
      adds  be74c40   Set version to 0.50
      adds  cd41f75   Fix spelling tests
      adds  df73363   Update generated files
      adds  0cb956a   Bump version after release
      adds  abf941d   Add Changes for 0.50
      adds  f05638e   Add Changes for next release
      adds  f720a1a   v0.51
      adds  b446561   Bump version after release
      adds  1af6701   Force PP implementation for tests in this repo
      adds  5174f34   Add PP only comment
      adds  b4b338b   s/LMU/LSU/g
      adds  dc7109a   Tidy all with latest Perl::Tidy
      adds  426cf42   No need to specify patch level for Perl versions
      adds  b8f7ba3   Specify Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MakeMaker::Awesome as an 
      adds  b7ec39c   Remove Test::CleanNamespaces plugin
      adds  dd32020   Update generated files
      adds  e4eabee   Inline latest ExtUtils::HasCompiler via [DynamicPrereqs]
      adds  d1476c9   Remove weaver.ini
      adds  ed8d8e1   Ignore inc/ when tidying
      adds  afe0001   Skip coverage build
      adds  ff85f09   Update tidyall.ini
      adds  8530197   Update tests and tidy
      adds  e0c573d   Update perlcriticrc
      adds  1193090   Require latest XS version if we require it at all
      adds  7ca7af2   Copy docs from latest LMU
      adds  88015a6   Changes for HasCompiler change
      adds  87f2801   Fix Pod generation
      adds  d755208   Remove space at end of lines
      adds  0c69218   Fix bad pod link
      adds  ac45753   Remove Test::Synopsis plugin
      adds  cb56ef6   v0.52
      adds  4cec83b   Bump version after release
      adds  3fa1efe   Require latest DynamicPrereqs
      adds  1568a29   Add ExtUtils::HasCompiler to develop requires
      adds  0cd68bc   Install ExtUtils::HasCompiler before dzil build in travis
      adds  13751f0   Revert "Install ExtUtils::HasCompiler before dzil build 
in travis"
      adds  e4f520b   Test with Perl 5.24
      adds  c587e54   Use 5.24 for coverage
      adds  a60c319   Coverage doesn't work well with LeakTrace
      adds  24505f1   Replace Exporter::Tiny with Exporter
      adds  56dbeef   Remove pointless use of Scalar::Util
      adds  529cca5   Update tidyall.ini and perlcriticrc
      adds  5e081c1   Really remove Exporter::Tiny
      adds  abbfae4   Update travis config
      adds  e6ba17c   v0.53
      adds  d99541f   New upstream version 0.53
       new  94e301e   Merge tag 'upstream/0.53'
       new  b23d4c3   Update debian/changelog
       new  062b346   Remove (build) dependency on libexporter-tiny-perl.
       new  00f645a   releasing package liblist-someutils-perl version 0.53-1

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repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
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 Changes                               |   3 +
 INSTALL                               |  14 +--
 MANIFEST                              |   8 +-
 META.json                             | 200 ++++++++++++++++++++--------------
 META.yml                              | 185 +++++++++++++++++--------------
 Makefile.PL                           |  16 +--                             |  40 +++----
 cpanfile                              |   8 +-
 debian/changelog                      |   8 ++
 debian/control                        |   4 +-
 dist.ini                              |   3 +-
 inc/ExtUtils/           |   6 +-
 lib/List/                 |  10 +-
 lib/List/SomeUtils/              |   6 +-
 perlcriticrc                          |   5 +-
 t/00-report-prereqs.dd                |   8 +-
 t/00-report-prereqs.t                 |  10 +-
 tidyall.ini                           |  10 ++
 xt/author/eol.t                       |   2 +-
 xt/{release => author}/pod-coverage.t |   0
 xt/{release => author}/pod-no404s.t   |   0
 xt/author/pod-spell.t                 |   2 +-
 xt/{release => author}/portability.t  |   0
 xt/author/test-version.t              |   2 +-
 xt/release/cpan-changes.t             |   9 +-
 xt/release/tidyall.t                  |  11 +-
 27 files changed, 326 insertions(+), 248 deletions(-)
 rename xt/{release => author}/pod-coverage.t (100%)
 rename xt/{release => author}/pod-no404s.t (100%)
 rename xt/{release => author}/portability.t (100%)

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