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js pushed a change to branch master
in repository libanyevent-rabbitmq-perl.

      from  1d2ac7d   releasing package libanyevent-rabbitmq-perl version 1.19-2
       new  4a9b498   Modernize Vcs-Git field: Use https URL.
       new  6af13be   Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.8.
       new  9d015f7   Update copyright info: Extend coverage of packaging to 
include current year.
       new  26baa28   Tidy rules file: Stop suppress versioned debhelper 
build-dependency: Handled by CDBS now.
       new  85851cb   Stop track upstream source with CDBS (use gpb --uscan).
       new  1872d1d   Update git-buildpackage config: Filter any .git* file.
       new  f490610   Update watch file: Bump to version 4. Use only MetaCPAN 
URL. Tighten to ignore prereleases. Mention gpb in usage comment.
       new  d500040   Temporarily use + as repack delimiter.
      adds  23e94c5   First commit.
      adds  e9ba12b   Added methods for get and ack.
      adds  3d66412   Added method for qos and recover.
      adds  fc283ff   Fixed README.
      adds  11a4d16   Added methods for transaction.
      adds  d9bf143   Fixed a publish method for basic.return.
      adds  71189ac   Fixed SYNOPSIS.
      adds  f84938a   Fixed SYNOPSIS.
      adds  7370ecd   Added a function for Queue.Unbind.
      adds  70e03ca   Fixed a spelling error.
      adds  7283cd6   Added AnyEvent::RabbitMQ. Fixed a bug.
      adds  6aa9832   Added test scripts for AnyEvent.
      adds  411d574   Fixed APIs.
      adds  8f8ca41   Used Coro.
      adds  299145b   Fixed commands.
      adds  bb7544d   Fixed a README file.
      adds  d55edfb   Fixed a bug.
      adds  0d77417   Fixed tests for the Coro.
      adds  7dd18aa   Fixed a bug.
      adds  6d26b15   Added a test for multi channel.
      adds  9b0db66   Fixed an argument for new and connect methods.
      adds  bb79130   Deleted a required module.
      adds  7c3e1eb   Fixed a function for close connection.
      adds  b55556f   Exclude the Moose form the RabbitFoot core module.
      adds  5fed508   Install rabbit_foot script
      adds  9e100de   Move the amqp spec XML somewhere it is installed and can 
be found. Provide a method to find it
      adds  8e9310b   Merge commit 'bobtfish/master'
      adds  398cce0   Local Queue was divided into the method and the content.
      adds  92343b4   JSON::Syck to JSON::XS
      adds  17c479d   Fixed a document.
      adds  40ea833   Fixed the rabbit_foot command.
      adds  e2522ca   Fixed module name.
      adds  7972d8f   Fixed a bug. Added tests.
      adds  e3205d1   Supported Channel.Flow method.
      adds  e5e912e   Fixed a callback process for disconnection.
      adds  759020b   Replace "print STDERR" with "warn".
      adds  57bd048   Fixed changes log.
      adds  ab6e2c8   Fixed a version number.
      adds  05ece7d   Pass the correct client version rather than a hard coded 
      adds  5e66b8b   Merge remote branch 'cooldaemon/master'
      adds  ab41ab3   Merge using package version
      adds  b1313b0   Hacky hacky way to get my own on_failure callback called 
when everything shits itself..
      adds  694482c   Revert "Hacky hacky way to get my own on_failure callback 
called when everything shits itself.."
      adds  4084856   Merge commit 'upstream/master'
      adds  d759969   Replace "print STDERR" with "warn".
      adds  f78d581   Fixed changes log.
      adds  2e74c05   Fixed a version number.
      adds  f2e20ac   Add extra paranoia WRT global destruction
      adds  972e039   Merge commit 'bobtfish/master'
      adds  9eda237   Another GD fix
      adds  55637b7   Another global destruction fix
      adds  04e1792   Close needs to fire the callback.
      adds  970907a   Merge commit 'bobtfish/master'
      adds  237ee32   Support draining writes..
      adds  530285b   Fixed a version number.
      adds  a8ad493   Do not set reply_to to an empty string in the header 
      adds  8af6858   Make this blow up obviously.
      adds  59eb2aa   Fix another case where we would never return.
      adds  e30432c   More helpful error
      adds  bcbde73   Merge remote branch 'bobtfish/master'
      adds  4e19c01   Use install_share and dist_dir to allow locating 
amqp_spec file without loading Coro.
      adds  5b98c6f   not actually using testbase
      adds  ec13602   workaround "DESTROY created new reference to dead object" 
      adds  61d23f1   Followed up the RabbitMQ 2.3.1
      adds  db4c9d5   Explode loudly if the user is dumb
      adds  d32a40d   Avoid (more) errors on shutdown
      adds  9e66586   Drop the dependency on Coro
      adds  cdea368   Clean up exit logic to be nicer
      adds  664f14d   Debian compatible copyright statement
      adds  88dddbf   Start some docs for the Channel
      adds  65ca047   Some more docs
      adds  5cdde61   More docs
      adds  e6ed54e   Merge remote-tracking branch 'bobtfish/docs'
      adds  c223e29   Use auto_install instead of auto_include in Makefile.PL.
      adds  e97cab5   Implement the reject method.
      adds  fcdf648   Set things we dont know to undef instead of to an empty 
string in the content header.
      adds  33de65e   Store server properties so we can check against server 
product and version in tests (probably later even in the implementation itself).
      adds  612f4e8   Be more careful in DESTROY block of the channel.
      adds  bd433ef   Be more careful in DESTROY block of AnyEvent::RabbitMQ 
      adds  4ba4f01   Make accessor for AnyEvent::RabbitMQ in Net::RabbitFoot.
      adds  59f6e7e   Shutdown the AnyEvent handle using push_shutdown.
      adds  be76608   Raise version.
      adds  24da08e   Update Changes.
      adds  db64419   Fix bugs in SYNOPSIS.
      adds  a460738   Merge remote-tracking branch 'plu/master'
      adds  c13186c   Separate AnyEvent::RabbitMQ from Net::RabbitFoot.
      adds  db41070   Added a date-time to the Changes file.
      adds  4bcba8f   Fixed a SYNOPSIS.
      adds  83f016d   Added a test for multi channels.
      adds  44f9a2d   Support for consuming large messages
      adds  3d738c9   Merge pull request #1 from masto/master
      adds  007a014   Fixed a POD.
      adds  db885a4   Added a test for consuming large messages.
      adds  b51f15b   Fixed a compiling error.
      adds  e369f99   Increased the version number of this module.
      adds  d0d0f2e   Allow multiple RMQ connections in the same process
      adds  278f889   Merge pull request #2 from bobtfish/master
      adds  54f402a   Fix memory leaks
      adds  a14951f   Fix the ->new_channel ->close race
      adds  8cc40ab   Fix S=>C Connection::Close
      adds  51cd3a0   Add MYMETA
      adds  a0bc123   revert 8cc40abc22ae0fd1e1b8aec01a0f68f69f90ba61 which 
breaks tests
      adds  0cc8595   Add repository metadata
      adds  aaf5720   Add maintainer
      adds  343b6c4   Version 1.06
      adds  75c59c3   Update MANIFEST.SKIP
      adds  1816ee8   Fix indexing fail
      adds  13e5cc8   Version 1.07
      adds  b2d8a30   More thoroughly eliminate memory leaks on incoming 
      adds  6626914   Properly handle channel close: Ensure pending requests 
fail immediately
      adds  337cd29   improve Data::Dumper options for protocol dumps
      adds  aff55a9   fix spelling errors
      adds  abf9c97   Fix to UK spelling, as I am british ;P
      adds  055ce24   Changelog
      adds  493dd04   Version 1.08
      adds  0d79a27   Partial fix for RT#79511
      adds  9bc9819   heartbeat handle & response
      adds  863f63c   Merge pull request #4 from vvoronin/master
      adds  5244d52   Update .gitignore
      adds  7e7ee5e   AMQP 0.9 support, ->confirm, more care that all on_close 
callbacks will be   called correctly, and potential memory leak fixes
      adds  b462a26   include amqp 0.9.1 spec, duh
      adds  a31379e   finish on_return at message, channel, and connection level
      adds  b867a9b   Handle flow control (do not throw messages away!) Handle 
out-of-order CancelOk Handle server-sent Nack Add missing accessors, e.g. 
is_open and is_active and verbose Fix a potential memory leak
      adds  fccb0da   Update tests to work with all new features, and test some 
of them.
      adds  2ca7219   Document spec xml files
      adds  96ffbcd   fix on_return for non-confirm publish
      adds  a66a809   Fix spelling test
      adds  192b417   Fix use of a condvar in the close method
      adds  5902f38   Fix spacing/tabs
      adds  03f4730   Fix test
      adds  7df4da1   Version 1.09
      adds  4116b9f   Add TLS connection support. RT#81729
      adds  dd25a0b   Clarify relationship to Net::RabbitFoot. RT#71099
      adds  dc90d10   Fix Pod spelling
      adds  c0ec26b   Version 1.10
      adds  cc0dbc3   Ensure the on_success handler gets called on close if 
there are no channels.
      adds  ad8f04b   Changelog
      adds  ab4eadc   Version 1.11
      adds  af7c313   Spontaneously emit hearts as per amqp 0.9.1 spec.
      adds  ae00a80   Fix RT#84222, continue reading AMQP packets after a 
      adds  9d049c5   Don't call goto without settin @_.
      adds  a043753   Changelog
      adds  05a46f0   allow AMQP client to adjust tuning, e.g. heartbeat
      adds  618d6b8   Changelog
      adds  b4482d8   Version 1.12
      adds  ff0a889   Require Net::AMQP 0.06 to:   get consume cancel 
notifications (e.g. queue deletion);   properly encode user-provided header 
strings that look like numbers. Fix race between server-sent and client-sent 
cancellation. Expect server to send heartbeats as promised.  If it doesn't, go 
President   Madagasgar on its ass and SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING. Rearrangeme many 
things and weaken many references to eliminate bad circular   references.  Some 
circular refs are actually good, t [...]
      adds  3a3e472   v1.13
      adds  e314282   Fix paper-bag bug in heartbeat - always lost heartbeat 
even on active connections
      adds  873fdb2   on channel close, automatically call on_return callbacks 
for any publishes that are waiting
      adds  bae05e8   pass frame to publish on_ack and on_nack callbacks, 
because why not
      adds  8129835   on_return is called in *addition* to on_ack/on_nack
      adds  cafa70f   document ->publish
      adds  62cc38c   update docs for remaining branch changes
      adds  e89bfaf   don't immediately recycle channel ids; this helps avoid 
protocol misunderstandings
      adds  5a49919   harden channel close against races; obey spec: ignore all 
incoming packets after sending Close
      adds  54df40d   use Devel::GlobalDestruction to protect Channel
      adds  8d6842a   use Devel::GlobalDestruction to protect connection
      adds  54ed4a3   implement full state machine around connection closing
      adds  97e3e46   add doc for close state fixes
      adds  f1fab1a   Version 1.14
      adds  063ba03   Fix paper-bag bug in connection close - calling 
nonexistent method.
      adds  42528b4   Version 1.15
      adds  306a4ec   doc patch to fix what looks to be a circular reference
      adds  ade578c   Merge pull request #10 from n0body-/master
      adds  33aabf6   Actually close things when $ar->close() is called
      adds  8057fda   Tiny doc tweaks for missing commas
      adds  39d7c64   Tidy up close() test
      adds  85f1405   Merge pull request #11 from pmh1wheel/close_leak
      adds  0152873   Version 1.16
      adds  ea490e1   Chunk up payload into discrete Body frames
      adds  8323207   negotiate tune parameters with the server
      adds  5b4b853   simplify body fragmenting
      adds  ee64424   test messages are getting chunked up
      adds  335b4b0   use negotiated channel_max
      adds  17edf79   Changelog
      adds  67fbe92   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.17.
      adds  5fcd8a1   Added support for the RabbitMQ 
bind_exchange/unbind_exchange extension to AMQP 0-9-1 (which is already 
provided for in the included XML spec).
      adds  cc636dc   Trigger first Travis build
      adds  107dbaa       Override the failed default Travis cpanm setup
      adds  8330770   Finalised the Travis setup with tests passing.
      adds  96b5961   Merge pull request #4 from keithj/master
      adds  6f3124c   Changelog
      adds  109c119   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.18.
      adds  cdc56ba   Fill in some missing docs
      adds  d6c6ba7   Merge pull request #14 from noris-network/more-docs
      adds  967ecd1   Added 'no_ack' as an optional arument to 
AnyEvent::RabbitMQ::Channel->consume method
      adds  6d9673b   Merge pull request #15 from perljedi/master
      adds  a9409d8   Allow no_ack to be set to zero.
      adds  e6b2a2c   Tidy up white space.
      adds  598d1be   Add perldoc for no_ack.
      adds  f06a720   Cut a new release!
      adds  4b3d542   I added defined-or.
      adds  8daf2cd   New upstream version 1.19+dfsg
       new  7b4a632   Merge tag 'upstream/1.19+dfsg'
       new  df25e3f   Revert to use ~as repack delimiter.
       new  174403e   Sync with control: Mark package as 
       new  3df6a1b   Prepare for release: Update changelog, control file and 
copyright hints.

The 12 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 debian/changelog       | 21 +++++++++++++++++++++
 debian/control         |  6 +++---
 debian/      |  5 +++--
 debian/copyright       |  2 +-
 debian/copyright_hints | 16 ++++++----------
 debian/gbp.conf        |  2 +-
 debian/rules           | 16 +---------------
 debian/watch           | 10 ++++------
 8 files changed, 40 insertions(+), 38 deletions(-)

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