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js pushed a commit to branch master
in repository libanyevent-xmpp-perl.

commit 7afcf09af57e44f30b16270cabb60e7dba59e20b
Author: Jonas Smedegaard <>
Date:   Sat Sep 3 18:57:16 2016 +0200

    Sync with control: Update Vcs-Browser URL. Fix spelling error in 
long description. Declare conformance with Policy 3.9.6. Mark package as 
 debian/ | 7 ++++---
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/debian/ b/debian/
index 10b5471..87c0946 100644
--- a/debian/
+++ b/debian/
@@ -4,10 +4,11 @@ Priority: optional
 Build-Depends: @cdbs@
 Maintainer: Debian Perl Group <>
 Uploaders: Jonas Smedegaard <>
-Standards-Version: 3.9.5
+Standards-Version: 3.9.6
 Vcs-Git: git://
+Testsuite: autopkgtest-pkg-perl
 Package: libanyevent-xmpp-perl
 Architecture: all
@@ -17,7 +18,7 @@ Depends: ${perl:Depends},
 Description: implementation of the XMPP Protocol
  AnyEvent::XMPP is an implementation of XMPP in Perl, formerly know
  under the name Net::XMPP2, it allows you to easily write Clients and
- Components. In comparsion to Net::XMPP it offers a event based API and
+ Components. In comparison to Net::XMPP it offers a event based API and
  is independent of an event loop with AnyEvent.
  The following XEPs are implemented:

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