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  replaces  upstream/0.203000+dfsg
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sun Sep 4 15:08:44 2016 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.203001+dfsg

Alan Berndt (2):
      Add documentation index to dancer2 docs
      Remove import and example from docs

Daniel Perrett (4):
      Make clearer how params merging works
      Example was misleading
      Explain warnings against params and be more consistent about recommending 
      dancer2 -a produces different files now; in examples, Consistently use 
MyApp instead of mywebapp / MyWebApp

James E Keenan (3):
      Correct bad brackets in Dancer2::Manual display of views/
      Provide correct arguments for 'set views' and 'set public_dir'.
      Introduce 'appdir' terminology before its first use.

Jason A. Crome (58):
      Spelling fix (thanks, Gregor!).
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'fix-spelling-in-plugin'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'fix/refuse_bad_client_cookie'
      Require accepted version range for
      reflect changes
      Fixed YAML prereq.
      Update contributors.
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'docs/params-patch-1213'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'move-to-maybe-xs'
      Remove old unused env var DANCER2_SHARE_DIR.
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'gh-1215'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'introduce_appdir'
      Per request, remove xdg from core dev list.
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'update-core-devs'
      Add Masaaki Saito to the list of contributors.
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'fix_logger_linenumber'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'fix/gh-1192'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'pr/add-yaml-xs-to-recommends'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'plugin2_immutable_config'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'docs/make_manual_consistent_1222'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'feature/xs_cookies'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'fix/register-plugin'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'plugin-keyword-attribute'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'fix/gh-1226'
      Add documentation for how Plugin2 changes work.
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'fix/gh-1230'
      reflect changes
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'bugfix/body_data_parse'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'feature/change_session_id'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'http-codes'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'bugfix/use_module_runtime'

Masaaki Saito (1):
      fix logging shows wrong linenumber

Nuno Carvalho (6):
      Fix config option name
      Fix POD in documentation
      Move serializer from JSON to MaybeXS
      Update dist requirements
      Require JSON in test file
      Changed tests to use encode_json instead of to_json.

Peter Mottram (31):
      Session::YAML should not accept bad session cookie value from client
      remove some cruft from session_bad_client_cookie.t
      Simplify YAML version range dep using != 1.16
      prune t/sessions using PruneFiles dzil plugin
      Revert feature/type_tiny so we use MooX::Types::MooseLike (see #1180)
      Don't add specific message for core dancer object type checks
      Add back tests for Hook and ReadableFilePath
      Merge if statements into a single compound statement in Request::_decode.
      Add ability to decode Hash::MultiValue to _decode method in Request
      Update parameters tests to expect *_parameters keywords to decode params
      The various *_parameters keywords should decode values.
      Add YAML::XS to Recommends.
      update pod noting that plugin's config is immutable after 1st read
      select crush_cookie flavour during complile of Core::Cookie
      Dancer::Test must push Cookie set in request_from_env back into $ENV
      update dancer-test.t to run header test with and without XSCookies
      add initial `change_session_id` method to `Dancer2::Core::App`
      change_session_id returns the new session ID
      test with Simple and YAML in session_lifecycle.t
      add new change_id method to SessionFactory role
      add _change_id method to Session::Simple
      add _change_id method to Role::SessionFactory::File
      update App to use new change_id method in SessionFactory
      add test class Dancer2::Session::SimpleNoChangeId
      add new hooks for change_session_id to session_hook.t
      add hook tests for session engine that has no _change_id method
      Document change_id method in Role::SessionFactory
      clear_destroyed_session immediately after destroy_session in change_id
      In change_session_id fallback don't copy id key into new session.
      Revert "clear_destroyed_session immediately after destroy_session in 
      add comments explaining method call order in change_id fallback code

Peter Mottram (SysPete) (4):
      add HTTP::CookiesXS to prereqs/recommends
      Optional use of HTTP::XSCookies in Core::Request
      Use HTTP::XSCookies in Core::Cookie if available.
      add tools/ for cookie performance testsing

Russell Jenkins (13):
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'jkeenan/manual_set_views'
      Move @syspete to core dev team
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'docs/list_syspete_in_core'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'bugfix/revert_type_tiny'
      Test case for #1232.
      Deserialize body when request object instanciated.
      Specify minimum version of List::Util required
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'dzil/minimin_list_util'
      Replace Class::Load with Module::Runtime

Sawyer X (30):
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'fix/config-option-name'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'fix/pod-docs'
      Merge branch 'fix/error-msg'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'cleanup/session-dir'
      reflect change
      Merge branch 'feature/show_privates'
      Merge changes from unindexed version
      Add test case for GH #1216:
      Call DSL from plugin on the consumer class:
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'fix/gh-1216'
      Add a test for memory cycles with plugins:
      Fix memory leak with cyclic references:
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'fix/plugin-memory-leak'
      Clean up tests:
      Allow register_plugin() to pass @_ properly:
      Add tests for GH #1266:
      Refactor consumer finding functions:
      Provide "dsl" method to access the DSL object:
      Remove redefined warning
      Make it work on proper D2P2 syntax:
      Do not require plugins loaded from apps:
      Tests for GH #1230:
      Allow import of plugins' DSL into other plugins (and more):
      Safer version:

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) (2):
      Fix "actully" typo in migration manual.
      Mention method to retrieve whole session hash in migration documentation.

Yanick Champoux (3):
      Bring the dealing with sub attributes in the BEGIN stage
      sub attribute doesn't work with 5.10
      add code_mapping, status_mapping and all_mappings

ambs (8):
      Merge branch 'yaml_dep_change'
      Add test supplied by SysPete
      Update changes
      added show_privates option
      Reflect changes
      Merge branch 'jkeenan-dancer2-manual-login-tt'
      reflect changes
      Merge branch 'bentglasstube-master'

exercism-1 (1):
      include failure reason in error message from open_file (#1187)

gregor herrmann (1):
      New upstream version 0.203001+dfsg


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