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kanashiro pushed a change to branch master
in repository libnet-github-perl.

      from  1c14b80   update changelog
      adds  020bf87   add README
      adds  f814b1b   module-starter --module=Net::GitHub --author="Fayland 
Lam" --mi
      adds  1211071   update Makefile.PL
      adds  16582dc   start to work
      adds  6cbc313   init Net::GitHub::Source
      adds  725d3f6   update ma
      adds  694e875   test
      adds  a2ab321   remove t
      adds  42b2118   re-file
      adds  f13296c   rename file
      adds  d3804e4   new project file
      adds  c9db506   add some tests
      adds  dfd0737   bug fix to passs tests
      adds  270476a   source commits
      adds  5803380   single commit
      adds  12ce8fe   update source pod
      adds  75b7a2b   bug fix and init
      adds  9dee9b2   bug fix and init
      adds  3c5caad   add handle in for
      adds  a26e065   add user t
      adds  d74ba5c   add search function
      adds  de164cd   plug search function into main
      adds  45af5a5   add ALPHA WARNING
      adds  b8680ac   release 0.01 ver
      adds  745825d   Project Role
      adds  fce8888   version up
      adds  3a353ea   pod update
      adds  fcab7e5   make name and owner in project required
      adds  4d031b3   add Project::Creator
      adds  55ff1d0   remove Creator for Github-Import
      adds  6a6d679   use BUILDARGS in User
      adds  b7324e6   BUILDARGS for project
      adds  f16ea29   pod updates
      adds  cffcc9d   add login
      adds  edc0a4e   update Changes
      adds  e7f9be4   add company and email in User
      adds  2735b3e   add company and email in User
      adds  bb2339e   fix commits with branch name other than master
      adds  a30c7db   fix conflict
      adds  3daef06   0.03 ver released
      adds  ad851db   add init DOwnloads/Wiki and more infos for project
      adds  5c06aa4   add a mock downloads.html for test
      adds  b2dc5c8   Wiki new_page
      adds  b21678b   bug fix
      adds  232bdab   login
      adds  87525f4   wiki new_page
      adds  5ed322c   cleanup the code
      adds  902108e   cleanup the code part 2
      adds  b2cbf38   fix submit_form in
      adds  127b9bf   POD update
      adds  b5dc331   edit wiki page
      adds  3507fb2   add signin in edit
      adds  1530a02   fix get in
      adds  7509bc3   edit page works
      adds  f7f5f3a   update Changes and fix Makefile.PL
      adds  f3d5d5b   add edit_or_new in wiki
      adds  9b44169   not autocheck in WM
      adds  4e93404   wiki pod update
      adds  e577869   fix return value in new_page
      adds  fe8080d   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  142504f   start work on Downloads
      adds  1577160   Downloads->downloads
      adds  30b212a   pod fix
      adds  7690ee1   release 0.04
      adds  a2f5684   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  6d51bfe   release 0.04
      adds  c3a483c   update README
      adds  b377276   add repository in Makefile.PL
      adds  599634a   move V1 stuff to lib/Net/GitHub/V1
      adds  42c460b   bump all V1 ver to 0.06
      adds  6afc085   do all Net::GitHub::V2::Repositories
      adds  07623d9   add V2::User
      adds  4042683   add V2::Commits and Issues
      adds  3a78ed2   add V2::Network and Object
      adds  200d997   add network pod
      adds  0e2e9d4   pod on V2::Repositories
      adds  ee7ebde   a full POD for V2
      adds  90e3d44   it's for today
      adds  03179e1   some alias, some pod updates
      adds  33b98cb   part work
      adds  13a249d   at least, it works
      adds  438699d   it's for today
      adds  ce716d8   stupid stuff
      adds  f64fdf3   update README
      adds  f2fd93f   for a beta release
      adds  5b6e3b3   Net-GitHub-0.06_01.tar.gz
      adds  a0d0c71   for a 0.06_02 release
      adds  88a6f28   some more improves
      adds  b120b01   for a real release
      adds  85bcf1d   make 'owner' and 'repo' is => 'rw' for App::GitHub
      adds  f6736fb   bug fix
      adds  dc69890   bug fix
      adds  3383635   more detail on the pod of list method
      adds  e8a1e95   search/comment issues
      adds  7075c9c   make ro attrs
      adds  14352fa   pod on issue->list method
      adds  491735e   user update fix
      adds  a570c7f   deal with 404
      adds  554d1bf sub file default branch as 'master'
      adds  d7b3f97   typo fix
      adds  57a192e   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  93535b1   pod update
      adds  6e4a6db   Strip the leading '/' from paths provided to 
get_json_to_obj* methods
      adds  af71c13   update Changes
      adds  ddec046   inline_constructor => 0
      adds  ee4d244   inline_constructor => 0
      adds  2f07df7   Refactor the role system to be finer-grained based upon 
whether a class needs repo access or not.
      adds  f0eab54   merge stuff from Chris Nehren
      adds  3ae0c78   pass tests
      adds  38e7e3c   pod fix
      adds  f41ed26   pod fix
      adds  3a1f226   Users pod fix
      adds  69f8be2   Net-GitHub-0.13.tar.gz
      adds  f52bc58   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  af4d1e6   from apeiron
      adds  a8d35e9   add list in
      adds  4ec35fd   update Changes for a release
      adds  e04a2c0   Fix the role.
      adds  03de6eb   for a release
      adds  419bb28   use 'https' for user->update, issue->comment etc.
      adds  b1f81e4   typo fix
      adds  e62283f   Net-GitHub-0.17.tar.gzNet-GitHub-0.17.tar.gz
      adds  c66f9b0   added ->coments for issues
      adds  1760fa1   test 2nd level dirs too
      adds  abf781b   tidy the ->comments pod
      adds  53a4a83   make format of comment's date be consistent with official 
      adds  090a21f   the issues page has all the comments, need to look_down a 
      adds  0c2311b   Make sure we always return an empty arrayref when we have 
no comments
      adds  acd132a   Switch from Moose to Any::Moose so we can use a much 
lighter-weight Mouse implementation
      adds  6f8a74d   Update changes and MANIFEST
      adds  f80895a   Turn on keepalives for improved HTTP performance
      adds  aae5103   make $issue->comments return [] if that issue does *not* 
exist, test and pod update
      adds  936c085   for a release
      adds  04c606c   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  697f41b   Bugfix: Send delete token to GitHub, not obj hash
      adds  1faea16   for another bug fix release
      adds  dcbdea1   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  49d0cfc   add languages support to repositories api
      adds  cea91c3   release for add languages support to repositories api 
      adds  2dcebca   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  7bedb19   fix POD typo
      adds  62c8202   check in .gitconfig if github.user and github.token are 
defined (see
      adds  09b5466   update POD
      adds  22cf5d0   update changelog
      adds  9f5a4dd   update POD
      adds  e274b0f   up version
      adds  08902a0   login and token are optional since they can be loaded 
from .gitconfig
      adds  a0a4ccb   update changes
      adds  0418ae7   update version
      adds  270c9b8   Fix some small typos.
      adds  865089c   Tabs to spaces. EOL at end of file.
      adds  9de6b24   Add basic .gitignore.
      adds  77477be   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  cd911ad   Moose has deprected 'excludes', '-excludes' is preferred
      adds  11361d4   bump version for a new release
      adds  92dc8bb   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  79bb560   add Organizations API
      adds  03f5c0d   Net-GitHub-0.24.tar.gz
      adds  ce6cebc   add basic pull request api
      adds  3c3a6e9   for a release (pull request from doy)
      adds  9b1b60a   after release
      adds  1cf995b   fix makefile
      adds  6cce853   requires HTTP::Request::Common
      adds  464a8d0   use comments API instead of (currently broken) 
screen-scraping method
      adds  c8e6da2   update documentation for 'comments' issues method
      adds  0b633a3   for a new release of comments issue
      adds  e77906d   JSON::XS
      adds  73f1518   remove useless html/test
      adds  522487c   update MANIFEST
      adds  4e40370   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  2978080   always send Auth header
      adds  fd84f42   Default to GET method if we've no data to POST
      adds  eefe415   Add repository update
      adds  8266488   Slow down with requests if we're approaching the rate 
      adds  cfe391d   Make it possible to turn API errors into exceptions
      adds  edc4996   Propagate has_api* properties
      adds  91291fc   Merge pull request #24 from lkundrak/master
      adds  0ffbc9d   for a new release, thanks to lkundrak
      adds  9bd63ae   Illustrate the owner and repo attributes being passed.
      adds  d778c1c   Use the details of this repo in the synopsis.
      adds  0f40480   Use $github_commits, not $commit, in doc examples.
      adds  b326ae7   Add pointer to Net::GitHub.
      adds  d22ff09   Slightly longer description with link to GH API docs.
      adds  a6db7ba   Merge pull request #26 from bigpresh/doc_tweaks
      adds  e741a2f   Remove some required attribute to support access_token 
only API access.
      adds  5ea3e05   Let basic access token api works. (show/user)
      adds  b1ea933   Merge pull request #28 from c9s/master
      adds  7f02728   remove V1 and init V3
      adds  5159737   V3
      adds  e2444f0   start users api
      adds  516609a   user update test passed
      adds  9f6cf1a   users part complete
      adds  24e7b69   fix follow/unfollow
      adds  2bc4f78   document query
      adds  62c3902   part of repos
      adds  767038d   pod2text and it's all for today!
      adds  1f20c10   collaborator API
      adds  4b36e55   Commits and Downloads
      adds  fbf6c24   repos keys
      adds  e300ddd   watchers
      adds  0c215e0   hooks
      adds  48b59ab   init issues
      adds  59ae6e6   issue labels
      adds  b4de326   finish issue
      adds  3debea2   pull requests
      adds  3c7cb33   finish pull requests
      adds  93892aa   for a dev release so that we can listen to some feedback
      adds  a6b788d   bug fixes
      adds  e56e10f   bug fix
      adds  f54aff2   all syntax fix
      adds  fb2825c   set_default_user_repo
      adds  ed60c6d   for a stable api
      adds  1efba85   pod fix
      adds  142a793   pod fix and sane set_default_user_repo
      adds  56588d7   small imp
      adds  8d536db   fix B<>
      adds  8a7f740   fix POD
      adds  c2c061b   update manifest
      adds  afb604e   init orgs, build methods on fly
      adds  ea3cc34   Orgs Members
      adds  3e0fc21   team API
      adds  a52b074   cleanup users
      adds  5a1faac   init git data
      adds  b635916   is_u_repo args in __build_methods
      adds  9b8e76c   is_u_repo args in __build_methods
      adds  a19205a   finish git data
      adds  adc46fd   gists
      adds  da84851   examples are old v2
      adds  8c144fd   cleanup pullrequests
      adds  b25198a   cleanup issues and gist comments
      adds  16a3fc1   cleanup is_u_repo
      adds  3d5c739   cleanup repos!!
      adds  ce35c9f   use plan skip_all instead of BAIL_OUT
      adds  77084be   FIX POD
      adds  aadaf0b   small updates
      adds  a1f42a4   Net-GitHub-0.40_02.tar.gz
      adds  f02e39a   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  ad25b0d   Use utf8 => 1 for JSON::Any by default.
      adds  853f4ce   Merge pull request #29 from bigpresh/utf8_json
      adds  ae9d9e9   release V3 with utf8 json fixes
      adds  27b0301   version bump
      adds  521095d   better for another _dev before mime-type supports
      adds  4b47264   bug fix for application/json
      adds  174f9b4   for a new _dev
      adds  5ba25f1   ver bump
      adds  18a090d   api_throttle work with unauthenticated requests
      adds  3cf8422   Fixed typo in that crippled 
      adds  11a198e   Merge pull request #31 from worr/V2-NoRepo-typo
      adds  15797f0   0.42
      adds  bfe204a   add OAuth
      adds  3b15e62   add test cases
      adds  5d902b4   add events
      adds  1518f39   beta release for warnings
      adds  bc6fb01   Fixed small typo that breaks is_following, follow and 
      adds  3ffb0f2   Merge pull request #32 from worr/V3-Users-typo
      adds  ea0866d   Added tree functions to Net::GitHub::V3::GitData
      adds  b1e333d   Merge pull request #33 from worr/V3-GitData-trees
      adds  50ea663   Added docs for gitdata tree methods
      adds  c71fd0f   Merge pull request #34 from worr/docs
      adds  6549f9f   another dev release
      adds  4c234f8   bump up version
      adds  25ebe17   Support pagination
      adds  eb791be   Merge pull request #35 from ioanrogers/master
      adds  1ab6e83   Improved pagination and documented it
      adds  ee54a47   Merge pull request #36 from ioanrogers/master
      adds  9e1de71   ver bump for pagination
      adds  dba1e38   fix pod
      adds  7d70b05   emails url in %methods hash should be /usr/emails
      adds  b562772   Merge pull request #37 from hdragolov/master
      adds  8852195   for a new version release
      adds  3fa5eaf   Documentation patch to demonstrate enterprise use
      adds  1fb3ee5   Fix @_ vs shift bug
      adds  eda4b02   Merge pull request #38 from nebulous/master
      adds  3a2e0a1   bump up version for a release
      adds  db124ca   update manifest
      adds  4bbfd30   re-package
      adds  0a7f4c7   add search api
      adds  042a097   add search.t
      adds  aca5afa   for manifest
      adds  1c52890   add merging and status, fix gist comments
      adds  324a00c   fix pod and mv pod.t to xt
      adds  7be5fe8   for a new release
      adds  c78d5ed   Fix argument handling for pulls
      adds  684b78f   Merge pull request #41 from 
      adds  462fd2a   for new release
      adds  162514f   Fix README
      adds  419d81f   Added support for listing all public repos.
      adds  dc27033   Merge pull request #44 from kimmel/master
      adds  90f4322   0.53
      adds  3e9863c   grab contribution calendar for a user
      adds  0ac609e   Merge pull request #45 from mikegrb/contribution_cal
      adds  95fc9fc   documentation for the $user->contributions method
      adds  a7f3326   Merge pull request #46 from mikegrb/contribution_cal
      adds  d05a9c0   for a new release
      adds  1dae6e2   remove JSON::XS requierements
      adds  3a970cf   NG_DEBUG
      adds  898e3a3   Add in some Subscription methods.
      adds  ae9d214   Merge pull request #47 from jibsheet/master
      adds  d8c3b1b   for a new release
      adds  6850e28   POD FIX
      adds  984d8f2   release api
      adds  1b4175a   upload_asset
      adds  31c0a26   text update
      adds  ca20f75   typo fix
      adds  03902b9   typo fix
      adds  1261eab   typo fix
      adds  ce1b073   typo fix
      adds  9d51aa3   supports args in commits
      adds  a3704ea   update gitignore
      adds  eec286c   convert to Moo
      adds  3f9057b   ending newline cleanup
      adds  e401c97   correct test dependencies
      adds  f88839b   sync versions
      adds  e8a7f8a   make LWP usage more sane
      adds  6916e8a   Merge pull request #49 from haarg/moo-convert
      adds  f8ff00c   cleanup and for a beta release
      adds  7269576   bug fixes
      adds  6d3ef4d   fix tests
      adds  0b6f3b5   formal release
      adds  03b6d2f   fix pulls
      adds  f65aa25   The ->content of the response is on the HTTP::Response 
object, not the LWP::UserAgent
      adds  a8669a7   Merge pull request #50 from alexmv/master
      adds  a7848d2   use decoded_content
      adds  bcd5cf7   for a release
      adds  1053ba7   fix glob ref issue for perl < 5.14
      adds  ab59895   for new version ship
      adds  f28f786   fixes
      adds  4790cd9   add example create repo utf8
      adds  d85fea7   rewrite search api
      adds  4d90a84   update manifest
      adds  4bdbe83   per page
      adds  fec8d5c   Fixed URI encoding issue
      adds  aa6108f   Merge pull request #52 from sillymoose/master
      adds  7b2e71a   for a release
      adds  0f571e5   new version for note to proxies
      adds  031b1c6   Even the order is not matter, but it looks better
      adds  13460bf   Add per_page
      adds  2bdcee8   pod for per_page
      adds  740cc2c   Fix the author tests to work with any given authorization.
      adds  14ae6f2   Verify the result of creating an autorization and delete 
      adds  d382321   Remove unnecessary code.
      adds  bec6ed0   Merge pull request #54 from 
      adds  fef3291   Include additional error information from the API when 
      adds  948b595   Merge pull request #55 from neilbowers/master
      adds  4953a9d   Make User-Agent header conform to RFCs
      adds  bbe7b7e   Merge pull request #57 from zw/patch-1
      adds  a7fef6c   for a new ship
      adds  f5eb023   Net::GitData::V3::GitData's update_ref() method is now 
parsing its parameters correctly.
      adds  762016c   Merge pull request #58 from 
      adds  8080b5e   for a release
      adds  f4bf04d   Update to use JSON::MaybeXS instead of deprecated 
      adds  3726dae   Merge pull request #60 from tvroom/master
      adds  b39dd27   new version
      adds  4fce3a8   use Object
      adds  aaddb2f   Fix
      adds  094cf89   Closes fayland/perl-net-github#62 - Corrected the 
documentation of IssueLabels-API to $labelsName
      adds  004ea95   Merge pull request #63 from hoppfrosch/IssueLabel_Docu
      adds  bc8f3f3   new release
      adds  4398139   bump up ver
      adds  1dc5930   Added rate_limit, rate_limit_remaining, and 
rate_limit_reset variables to Net::GitHub::V3::Query as a way to expose the 
rate limit information GitHub sends back in the response headers.
      adds  6ff09f4   Pod updates
      adds  3ae76d8   Merge pull request #65 from kimmel/headers
      adds  364a92f   Merge branch 'master' of
      adds  fa85e7b   bump up ver
      adds  1aef42a   update POD
      adds  aeaa31e   deploy methods
      adds  a6f219d   quotes
      adds  29e3106   pod and other methods
      adds  dac307d   no args for list_deployment_statuses
      adds  5131ae1   fix link
      adds  65ec3c0   Merge pull request #67 from jdorweiler/deploy-methods
      adds  074667c   for a release
      adds  bd90c2a   depricated GET contributions_calander_data
      adds  28b416d   Merge pull request #68 from 
      adds  14cabe0   for a release
      adds  d35fbee   Support Cache
      adds  d8622e9   Merge pull request #69 from hiroraba/cache
      adds  b8f2f00   release
      adds  fa505a1   Fix typo
      adds  0e33317   Merge pull request #70 from hiroraba/typo
      adds  f785f1e   move to repos and added pod
      adds  e3c663b   Merge pull request #71 from jdorweiler/master
      adds  320d311   bump version for a releasE
      adds  ca0b7b3   pod fix from Lucas Kanashiro
      adds  dc77a22   for pod fix
      adds  a910fa2   Add the API for .gitignore templates
      adds  5253e4c   Merge pull request #72 from SkySymbol/gitignore
      adds  a8eec3c   a new release
      adds  396cbff   Starting a bit of refactoring
      adds  5f30106   Minor grammar fixes
      adds  29df098   Latest available
      adds  eceb4be   Does not work either
      adds  f1cf9ef   Sorted lines
      adds  364a3ff   Merge pull request #74 from JJ/master
      adds  208c567   Smal fix
      adds  109ccad   for milla
      adds  7caa314   more files
      adds  415cfda   small change
      adds  9ee0b00   added support for passing permission to add_team_repos
      adds  4331aba   Merge pull request #75 from allandrick/master
      adds  a05e504   release
      adds  189767e   for milla release
      adds  3912240   0.85
      adds  9843ea2   New upstream version 0.85
       new  382b416   Merge tag 'upstream/0.85'
       new  22ac1a5   Update debian/changelog
       new  1ef7789   Update d/u/metadata
       new  db3ac7f   Declare compliance with Debian policy 3.9.8
       new  9799aef   debian/copyright: remove unused paragraph related with 
inc/ directory
       new  bfdb6ab   release libnet-github-perl version 0.85-1

The 6 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                                            |   7 +
 LICENSE                                            | 379 +++++++++
 MANIFEST                                           |  26 +-
 META.json                                          | 112 +++
 META.yml                                           |  81 +-
 Makefile.PL                                        |  79 +-
 README                                             |  60 +-
 Makefile.PL => cpanfile                            |  18 +-
 debian/changelog                                   |  13 +-
 debian/control                                     |   2 +-
 debian/copyright                                   |   6 -
 debian/upstream/metadata                           |   4 +-
 dist.ini                                           |   7 +
 .../{ =>}     |  11 +-
 inc/Module/                          | 934 ---------------------
 inc/Module/                              | 470 -----------
 inc/Module/Install/                  |  93 --
 inc/Module/Install/                         |  83 --
 inc/Module/Install/                          | 154 ----
 inc/Module/Install/                        |  93 --
 inc/Module/Install/                      |  34 -
 inc/Module/Install/                     | 418 ---------
 inc/Module/Install/                     | 722 ----------------
 inc/Module/Install/                        |  64 --
 inc/Module/Install/                     |  63 --
 lib/Net/                                  |   2 +-
 lib/Net/GitHub/                               |   2 +-
 lib/Net/GitHub/V3/                          |   5 +-
 lib/Net/GitHub/V3/                         |   2 +-
 t/author-pod-syntax.t                              |  15 +
 30 files changed, 710 insertions(+), 3249 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 LICENSE
 create mode 100644 META.json
 copy Makefile.PL => cpanfile (54%)
 create mode 100644 dist.ini
 copy examples/{ =>} (71%)
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 delete mode 100644 inc/Module/Install/
 create mode 100644 t/author-pod-syntax.t

Alioth's /usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice on 

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