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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.79

Alexandr Ciornii (3):
      typo from annocpan
      dump_headers can now use a file name as a parameter
      add WWW::Scripter to list of subclasses

Andy Lester (695):
      initial import of WWW-Mechanize 0.30 from CPAN
      import WWW-Mechanize 0.31 from CPAN
      import WWW-Mechanize 0.32 from CPAN
      import WWW-Mechanize 0.33 from CPAN
      import WWW-Mechanize 0.35 from CPAN
      import WWW-Mechanize 0.36 from CPAN
      import WWW-Mechanize 0.37 from CPAN
      import WWW-Mechanize 0.38 from CPAN
      import WWW-Mechanize 0.39 from CPAN
      import WWW-Mechanize 0.40 from CPAN
      import WWW-Mechanize 0.41 from CPAN
      import WWW-Mechanize 0.42 from CPAN
      import WWW-Mechanize 0.43 from CPAN
      import WWW-Mechanize 0.44 from CPAN
      Initial revision
      Fixed some POD
      Fixed extraneous files
      Fixed the $ok
      Dropped mech.t
      Added response() method
      Ignores tarballs
      Rearranged all the funcs, and added response()
      Now allows skipping of non-connected tests
      Rolling out 0.45
      Added MANIFEST to itself
      Added a note about being on SF
      Stuff I thought of in B&N
      New handy module that checks for XXXes
      Added a comment
      Checks for URI not getting updated if the call fails
      The uri() only gets set if the operation was successful
      Ignores .lwpcookies
      Added Mark Fowler's tick()/untick() methods
      Combined page_stack-local with page_stack, and added tick.t
      Ready to go with 0.46
      Referer tests from Corion
      Patches from Corion
      Tracks URI history properly after redirects
      Added requirement for FindBin
      Uses the status() method
      >       * find_link() now lets you pass n=>"all" to get back a list
      Releasing version 0.47; squawks if follow_link has a n=>"all"
      Skips all tests for now
      get() properly passes thru to LWP::UserAgent now
      Added find_all_links
      Ready to go with 0.48
      Fixed: All redirect requests were getting approved, regardless of what 
was redirectable
      Release 0.49
      Updated the copyright date
      Redirects change from POSTs to GETs
      Added first version of forms
      checks content type
      Renamed url to uri, and added the dump
      Renamed forms to mech-forms
      Changed the form_number() to say "no form numbered N"
      Comment applies to previous: Added conditional install of mech-forms
      Local copy of the file
      Fixed the POST test
      Releasing 0.51
      mech-forms now handles local files
      Added mech-forms.t
      Added parm-checking to submit_form()
      Ooops, shoulda been form_number, not form_button
      Put the plan on the Test::More list
      Bumped up the Test::Builder requirement to 0.17
      Bumped to 0.51, and made all warns carps
      Updated some versions, and made them more explicit
      Made the checking for target page platform-independent so the Windows 
stuff would quit crapping out (RT #2955)
      Explicitly stringifies URI::file to try to not have the thread problems.  
See RT #2874 and #2880
      Rolling out 0.53
      Added a CPAN search from Ed Silva
      testing mech-forms is now conditional
      Made extract_links() be an internal-only method
      Added proper behavior when a fetch fails
      Added a section called THINGS THAT MAY BREAK YOUR CODE
      Cleaned up some of the link extracting. Added a mention of the Perl 
Advent Calendar.
      Added checks and notes on IO::Socket::SSL
      Fixed 2811: behavior of extract_links() did not match docs
      Wrote tests for combinatorial link finding
      Now supports ANDing of parms into find_link
      Spiffed up the creation of the match function
      Bumped up to 0.54
      Added note about subclassing
      Created WWW::Mechanize::Link
      Spiffed up the accessors
      First version
      Added checks for the WWW::Mechanize::Link stuff
      Uses the new WWW::Mechanize::Link method
      WWW::Mechanize::Link now tracks the source tag name
      moved the deprecated methods to their own section
      Removed the TODO list because it is in RT
      No longer loads Carp unless and until it is needed
      submit_form() now uses the current form if a form_name or form_number 
parm is not specified
      Removed t/new-local.t
      Added the magic translated names for agent() method
      Releasing 0.55
      Added the agent_alias and known_agent_aliases methods
      Created a _carp method and passed everything thru it.
      First version
      Added a test that quiet() works
      _carp() now does Carp::carp if possible, or warn() if not
      Removed the Carp and Test::Builder dpeendencies
      Releasing 0.56
      Ignore distros
      Tweaked some docs
      Added links to RT
      Added tests for new area links
      Fixed the constructor docs
      Added the <AREA> tag for HREFs
      Releasing 0.57
      Added META.yml
      >       * The <AREA>-handling in extract_links() was incorrectly
      Added tests for the <AREA> tag
      Shuffled files around so we no longer have semaphore files to tell the 
live-internet tests how to run
      Shuffled files around so we no longer have semaphore files to tell the 
live-internet tests how to run
      Removed the SKIPLIVE semaphores
      Fixed the colon on t/live/get.t
      Cleaned up handling of the skipmechforms thing, and now uses the 
ExtUtils::Command functiosn where possible
      uri() method returns a straight string, not an object
      Removed the test on the $uri, because it is OK to be an object here
      Added checks for URI objectness
      Added check for non-objectness on URI
      Fixed the URI non-objectness
      form() functions now return HTML::Form object, not 0/1
      Newly generated
      Up to 0.58
      Upped to 0.58
      Squelched a warning in follow() if $l->[1] was undef
      Replaced mech-forms with mech-dump
      Added list of other modules that use Mech
      Renamed mech-forms to mech-dump
      Cleaned up the testing calls, and removed the skip_all
      Added dump_links, plus added the --absolute flag
      Got the page stack working!
      Readying 0.59
      Added some missing files
      Added WWW::Google::Groups to the the list of modules that use Mech
      Fixed how t/failure.t fails
      Publishing 0.60
      Up to 0.60
      Fixed missing File::Temp dependency
      Fixed markup
      More tweaks as I hunt down Waltman's problem
      Checks that we have one form
      Put the form name in double quotes, not single
      Added form-parsing.t
      Added a module version dump
      Added a module version dump
      Added heading on version dump
      Going down the path of making internal code use its own accessors.
      Removed an incorrect use of Carp.  Fixed some more accessors.
      Moved the FAQ into its own doc.  Releasing 0.61
      Trivial spacing cleanup
      Added FAQs from Gavin Estey
      Renamed _carp to warn
      Added optional parms for onwarn and onerror
      Added the die() method
      Added autocheck
      Removed t/carp.t
      mech-dump.t no longer fails if mech-dump isn't getting installed
      Fixed RT #3032.  Now detects invalid regexes passed to find_link()
      Fixed POD bummer
      Releasing 0.62
      Added tests to make sure test server fires up correctly
      linkified internal references in the POD
      Added docs about mailing lists for Mech
      No longer need version dumping
      Mech-dump now defaults to dumping forms
      Added name(_regex) and tag(_regex)
      Added name, name_regex, tag and tag_regex to find_link
      New tests from Jim Brandt
      Upped to 0.63
      Releasing 0.63
      Dfferent ExtUtils::MakeMaker
      New test for $mech->ct
      Added a test for the quiet=>1 constructor option
      Removed the -T check
      Added the form name, and made it more noticeable
      Big update of verison numbers
      Checks the $agent->response method
      Rudimentary checks on the aliases list
      Added the onClick="" functionality
      Releasing 0.64
      * Made some path naming use File::Spec->catfile so that
      Made a separate _parse_html method
      make clean is smarter now
      Smarter make clean;  Made _parse_html
      Releasing 0.65
      Gratuitous change so it will get indexed
      make clean is nicer now
      Added specific info about Spidering Hacks
      Explicitly calls File::Spec
      Renamed t/99.pod.t to t/pod.t
      Rolling with 0.66
      Releasing 0.66
      releasing 0.66
      COmment tweaks
      I don't know what blibdirs are, but I don't wanna CVS against 'em
      Fixed redirect_ok to work with LWP 5.76+
      Doc patches from Stosberg
      Bumped up LWP requirements.  Dropped the s/POST/GET/ in redirect_ok
      Doc patch from Jim Cromie
      >       * New warnings in find_link() for strings that are space padded,
      Parenthesized the condition building
      Releasing 0.69_01
      Shows the version
      Added a new .t file and releasing 0.69_02
      Removed the conditional stuff for Carp.
      Releasing 0.70
      Started adding T:M:C tests
      Added TMC tests
      Added new Test;:Memory::Cycle tests
      Added Test::Memory::Cycle tests
      Added TMC tests
      Added WWW::Bugzilla to the list of Mech-using modules
      Refers to the slashdot review of Spidering Hacks
      minor typo.  Thanks, Spoon.
      Ignore the cover_db from Devel::Cover
      Removed all the C<< >> from the =head*
      Redid all $a as $mech
      Redid all $t as $mech
      Added new constructor to WWW::Mechanize::Link for $base, in preparation 
for handling relative URLs
      Probably going to release a 0.71_01
      Made the tests less platform-dependent
      Added url_abs method
      Added another script to ::Examples
      Tests run under VMS now.
      releasing 0.71_01
      Fixed test count
      Moved the $base parm for WWW::Mechanize::Link->new() to the end
      Added t/link-base.t
      Bumping up to 0.71_02
      Added headings for warn and die
      Added warnings.t
      Fixed up the files that were missing
      Fixed up some filename stuff
      Test for initial falseness in res() and success()
      Added t/pod-coverage.t
      Added a require 5
      Rolling out 0.72, with the new set_visible
      Removed unnecessary returns
      Added a new FAQ
      Added W:M:Timed
      Started the cookbook
      Added the ccdl script
      Releasing 0.72
      Added link to Mike Schilli's article at
      Uses new Test::Pod::Coverage
      Added the new meta link stuff
      Fixed up whitespace
      Retabbed, and added some fake incorrect equivs
      Added stuff for the meta tag
      Whitespace cleanup
      No longer used
      Starting in 0.73_01, the http_proxy and HTTP_PROXY environment variables
      Deleted the vars that set the rpoxy
      Cleaned up the proxy vars correctly
      Now requires 5.6.1
      New t/taint.t
      Rolling out 0.73_01
      More startup testing on Test;:*
      Added the check for the missing files
      All tests run on localhost
      All tests run on localhost
      Releasing 0.73_02
      More fixes for DNS-less installs
      Killed a pointless comment
      No longer hits sites excluded by robots.txt
      Added a blank line for POD correctness
      Added comments
      Now respects robots.txt wishes
      Added click_button
      Added click_button() and select() methods.  The field() method
      Rolling 0.73_03
      Added some recipes
      Reshuffled the docs a bit.
      Whitespace cleanup
      Added new url_abs parm for find_link
      Releasing 0.74
      Moved mech-dump into bin
      Reshuffled all the stuff that uses localserver into t/local
      Moved all the local stuff into t/local
      Shows what server we set up
      Releasing 0.75_01
      Test files account for the new Google layout
      Added update_html method
      Releasing 0.75_02
      Fixed the cvs ignores
      Releasing 0.76
      Saved a dereference
      Added add_header() and delete_header()
      Uses the new add_header stuff
      Added new $mech->_modify_request($req) method to do all the
      Tests for the removal of headers now
      Removes headers flagged as undef
      More link fixage
      Another Google fix
      Upped to 1.00.  Removed old Compress stuff.
      Releasing 1.00
      One word fix
      Finally got the localhost stuff working oK for dwheeler
      Fixed the referer stuff and moved it into t/local
      Releasing 1.02
      Added taint checking
      Added -T flag
      Added taint checking
      Bumped up the T:P:C version
      Releasing 1.03_01
      Added listmod to examples
      Added FAQ on frames
      Added John Beppu's photobucket uploader
      Updated examples with Nat's plague_of_coffee
      Removed the 98.rules.t file
      Fixed mech-dump.t for LWP>=5.800
      Minor doc tweak in find_link()
      Releasing 1.03_02
      Added Simon's modules to the list
      RT #6443 clone fix
      Fixed bad formatting
      get() can take a WWW::Mechanize::Link
      Referer gets stringified
      Added stack depth tracking
      Releasing 1.04
      Added -w
      Fixed a typo
      Fixed spacing
      Cleanup of spacing & capitalization
      Releasing 1.05_01
      Added save_content
      Added Jan Pazdziora
      Added Dominique Quatravaux
      Updated all the deletions for paths
      Releasing 1.05_03
      Releasing 1.05_03
      Reorganized the link hanlidng
      _match_any_parms now uses the proper accessors on link
      _match_any_parms now uses the proper accessors on link
      Fixed indents
      Fixed links
      Updated copyright
      Created WWW::Mechanize::Image
      Tab cleanup
      Improved the regex on the URL for META tags.
      Broke out the _link_from_token
      Added name() docs
      Added WWW::Mechanize::Image extraction, not that I have tested it at all
      Starting new tests
      renamed image.t to image-new.t
      Working on image parsing
      Reorganizing functions
      Shuffled objects around
      Finished the basics of link extracting
      Added --images to mech-dump
      link dumping now uses the object methods correctly
      Releasing 1.05_04
      * Now uses the C<base> pragma instead of setting C<@ISA>.
      Added another isa_ok
      Releasing 1.06
      Importing 1.06 from CVS on SourceForge
      Set ignores in svn
      Added note about the Svn repository
      DRYed some regex checking
      Refactored the parms cleaning into its own func
      _clean_keys now takes a regex
      Specified _find_any_link_parms
      Fixed comments
      got the find_image stuff working
      Fixed regex .?.?.? to be .{0,3}
      Fixed the dot regex
      Fixed the dot regex
      Fixed pragma name
      Shortened message
      Rleeasing 1.08
      Added Ed Silva's authentication handler
      Added Ed Silva's authentication handler
      Added Jason Gilmore's article
      fixed spacing
      Added links to Leland & Linda's articles
      * Fixed test failures because of Google changes.  Thanks to
      Eats the non-existent field warning
      Fails to find an image inside a link.  See RT #11290.
      Another FAQ entry, this one from Joshua Gatcomb
      Updated to handle new pages from google
      * Fixed bug where images inside of links would not be found.
      added discussion of live tests
      Releasing 1.10
      Updated version number retroactively
      Removed deprecated _update_html() method
      Added t/link-relative.t
      * Was incorrectly looking for INPUT tags TYPE="SUBMIT" as images.
      Releasing 1.11_01
      * Fixed RT #9026: hang in t/local/back.t under Windows XP.
      Made the LocalServer spawning cleaner
      Should no longer complain about not deleting a file when destorying
      Releasing 1.11_02
      Releasing 1.12
      Added an example of using credentials
      Uses ISA
      no cuddling allowed
      submit_form now fails with bad form_name or form_number
      Got rid of META.yml
      1.13_01 released
      Added notes re: WWW::CheckSite
      Notes about mech-dump
      Added more JavaScript stuff
      Fixed to use new google page
      Updated to handle Google page changes
      releasing 1.14
      added a FAQ about memorry usage
      random notes
      added some requirements
      Got the lazy image extraction working
      More lazy parsing work
      put use_ok() calls in BEGIN blocks
      releasing 1.16
      fixing typo
      * Makefile.PL lied when it referred to the --skiplive switch,
      Releasing 1.17_01
      made "make clean" clean better
      I can't count
      Added some little warnings
      added a comment
      Renamed 00.load.t to 00-load.t
      Moved mech-dump tests into their own directory
      Releasing 1.18
      fixed a parm in constructor docs
      Fixed some Perl::Critic precedenc stuff
      Lots of little Perl::Critic fixes
      Added warnings
      Do the > stuff with the longer format without the escapes
      Do the > stuff with the longer format without the escapes
      Cleaned up spacing and wordwrapping
      added some warnings and fixed some POD
      Uses warnings
      Releasing 1.19_01
      releasing 1.19_02
      getting ready for 1.20
      adding tags and critic targets
      critic cleanup
      More P::C cleanup
      P::C cleanup
      Lots of P::C cleanups
      more P::C cleanup
      more P::C cleanups
      Releasing 1.20
      updated tags
      added article
      documented the PUT method
      releasing 1.21_01
      Fixed a typo
      cleaned up some quoting
      Fixed up how stack_depth works
      make sure there is no stack
      releasing 1.21.02
      Cleaning up whitespce
      making things happy with Perl::Critic
      Perl::Critic cleanup
      more critic happiness
      removed a lot of lexcials from the constructor
      more removing of temporary variables
      Removed form() and follow() methods
      more quote translation
      I love ternary operators
      Stringified redirected_uri
      No longer uses UNIVERSAL::isa
      Releasing 1.21_03
      more whitespace and critic cleanup
      Made the order of parms to $mech->content() not matter
      content( type=>text ) was not freeing memory
      redid some indents in content()
      add thanks to Cat
      Releasing 1.21_04
      Typo in the name of the %fields parm
      Perl::Critic cleanups
      Added a test for the fields like opt[name]
      Removing interpolation of literals
      More Perl::Critic cleanup
      Perl::Critic updates
      Perl::Critic cleanup
      releasing 1.22
      fixed a note in the docs
      Trying to make it more readable
      RT #26593
      Fixed repeated field doc in submit
      Cleaning up POD
      Resources for support
      fix trailing whitespace
      Putting in explicit returns
      fixing literals
      fixing literals
      Fixed test labels
      Fixing critic notes
      *   RT #24354: find_link now handles http-equivs with quoted URLs.
      Adding more debugging questions
      starting find_inputs
      First find_all_inputs() and find_all_submits()
      added checks for text=>//
      Done adding find_all_inputs
      wrap the skip in a begin
      no longer needs Test::LongString
      Added test for save_content()
      Removed last $agent
      removed the stuff where we use  decoded_content
      Releasing 1.24
      Releasing 1.24
      re-added conversion stuff
      skip_all for these tests I dont understand
      Adding agent-alias
      Added taint checking again
      Mech-dump is no longer optional
      Added some doc fixes
      Overhauled how tainting is done
      Added vi modeline
      remove the skip_all
      Added a slightly more helpful message
      Works correctly w/wikipedia
      fetch many different wikipedia front pages
      Falcone's patch for handling the decoded content
      Ready to put out 1.29_01
      minor doc fixes
      Simplified version of Steinbrunner failure
      Added t/live/computers4sure.t that fails
      Added a little comment
      Updated test wording
      more scraps
      spelled out the aliases we know about
      Releasing 1.30
      Fixed a typo
      fix spelling
      Added FAQ on checkboxes
      Repo has moved.
      Fixed RT #27380
      Thanks Miyagawa for DNS test
      Searching for base href is now case insensitive
      gratuitous commit to test the commit messages
      Handle Test::More 0.71
      rebuild with 5.6
      rebuilt with ctags 5.7
      typo cleanup
      mech-dump now has --user and --pass
      set the timestamp
      critic notes
      adding class and id lookup
      Fixed a compile error
      Added dump methods to mirror mech-dump:
      releasing 1.32
      use a require that it can recognize
      add a little bit of docs about :content_file
      Point at the new queue
      test suite fixes
      all makefiles should clear http_proxy
      added find_frame tests
      releasing 1.34
      more meta keywords
      can now NOT have the proxy one
      autocheck is now ON by default
      releasing 1.36
      fixed a typo
      fixed internal links
      fixed a doc bug
      mmmm, readability cahnges
      Done with Schwern's refactorings
      fixing the no_plan
      commmiting the fixes
      Remove a skip_all
      Rleeasing 1.49_01
      fixed up the sites we test
      add a japanese site
      1.36 never excisted
      new autocheck
      releasing 1.50
      be more precise in what we check for
      starting on cookie stuff
      more helpful notes
      getting the cookies happy
      properly encapsulating the dispatch now
      about to make the failing test case
      new test to fail
      added a failing test!
      overhaul history to use less memory and not preserve cookies
      fixed test count
      move ok_click_success() to the end
      released 1.51_01
      rquires 5.8.0
      updating versions
      up to LWP 5.819
      failing credentials tests
      fixing credentials API
      updated the links() method to get <link href="">
      little fluff cleanups
      trying to debug the submit problem.
      releasing 1.51_02
      clone cookie jar correctly
      specs on back() failure
      Added form_id
      save_content saves in binmode if necessary
      follow_link() respects autocheck
      releasing 1.51_03
      add a new heading for FIELD METHODS
      fix some markup
      releasing 1.52
      removed computers4sure
      removed reference to test
      starting to convert ot new test server
      handle index.html
      put in the 1.54 changes
      use object constructors
      use object form constructors
      fixed formatting and constructors
      fix constructors
      fix some docs
      combining the two
      adding diagnostics
      no need for lib dir
      new server randomizes its ports
      use the correct signal on Windows
      fix META.yml buidling
      packaging for 1.55_01
      proxy fixing
      added ->submit_form( form_id )
      fix stack_depth docs
      slighly more granular tests
      Only kill if we have started it
      more MakeMaker fixes
      releasing 1.55_01
      Update how encoding is discovered
      added docs about keep-alive
      updated docs about redirectable POSTs
      add some notes to the FAQ
      fixed some incorrect docs
      updated the FAQ
      hoist up common tasks
      localizing checks for Test::Memory::Cycle
      re-enabled Test::Memory::Cycle tests
      now requires LWP 5.829
      first pass on dump_headers
      dump_headers now works
      Releasing 1.56
      Remove HTTP::Response::Encoding as a prereq
      releasing 1.58
      fixing some POD
      removed spaces before semicolons
      adding some markup
      more POD markup
      releasing 1.60
      Added clarification to docs for $mech->select that tripped me up
      $mech->follow_link() no longer dies with an inappropriate error if
      $mech->click_button() now checks to see if a form is selected.
      more stuff in the faq
      fxied a declaration in the Movable Type example
      Quiet warnings if %ENV has undef values
      change the taintbrush map to a grep
      added to the FAQ
      Added a FAQ about following redirects
      updated summary
      no longer throw warnings if form_name or form_number fail
      updated to 1.62
      get rid of an undef warning
      releasing 1.62
      starting NEXT
      fix a typo
      updating docs
      Starting a branch for lazy FORM evaluation
      optimizing forms and title parsing
      delay parsing forms
      Add --cookie-file arg to mech-dump
      releasing 1.64
      credit to Damien Clark
      fix requirements on HTTP::Server::Simple
      fix requirements on HTTP::Server::Simple
      make explicit returns
      updates to docs
      Check for non-existent domains better
      more DNS checks
      add some docs
      adding ->text
      added mech-dump --text
      releasing 1.66
      releasing 1.66
      added prereq for HTML::TreeBuilder
      use C4 instead of W4 for IP addresses

David Precious (1):
      Recognise application/xhtml+xml as HTML.

David Steinbrunner (5):
      typo fixes
      Repo and homepage changes
      repository metadata fix
      Repo and homepage changes
      repository metadata fix

Flavio Poletti (6):
      linkified URIs in POD documentation
      extended content with new args
      more robust save_content
      save_content is more backwards-compatible
      better "straight" binary handling
      made binmode a bit more intuitive

Florian Schlichting (1):
      document use of a proxy with bin/mech-dump

Gabor Szabo (6):
      gitignore generated files
      another example for follow_link
      gitignore swap files as well
      better error message when invalid parameter was passed
      gitignore generated MANIFEST file
      fix POD

Jason May (3):
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.69_01.
      Test that the application/xhtml+xml content type is supported
      Typo correction: optionaly -> optionally

Jesse Vincent (10):
      Author/Repo updates
      Further updates for the new repo
      added .shipit file
      MANIFEST updates
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.67_01.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.68.
      1.70 - disable live tests by default
      MANIFEST updates
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.71.
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.72.

Karen Etheridge (32):
      Merge pull request #13 from markstos/master
      Merge pull request #15 from dsteinbrunner/master
      Merge pull request #17 from szabgab/master
      changelog for merged commit
      bump version to 1.73
      Merge pull request #20 from oalders/master
      ignore some more common cruft
      fix metadata to use metaspec v2
      fix license metadata
      bump version to 1.74
      changelog for 1.74
      tighten up these entries
      commit a MANIFEST file, as it is necessary for tests to pass
      remove use of global warnings in tests, and "use warnings" instead
      fix executable bit on files
      add contributors to metadata
      do not permit pod tests to run for normal user installs
      remove unneeded shebangs in tests
      no non-ascii characters here - "use utf8" is not needed
      bump $VERSION to 1.75; add $VERSION to modules that lacked it
      Changes entry for encoding pragma fix
      Changes entry for warning fix
      release 1.75
      bump the version to 1.76
      add a README that is auto-generated from the main module pod
      rename these tests to indicate they are for authors
      always run these tests in the local repository
      add an author test for checking the MANIFEST
      ensure that dumped diagnostics show up inside todo blocks
      fix bugtracker links - Google Code is now offline
      ignore the auto-generated README
      fix declaration of test prereqs (RT#48949)

Kirrily 'Skud' Robert (2):
      initial import of WWW-Automate 0.10 from CPAN
      import WWW-Automate 0.20 from CPAN

Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ 迪拉斯 (1):
      Improve docs about support of JavaScript

Mark Stosberg (48):
      t/mech-dump.t is now more portable (RT #7690)
      * WWW::Mechanize::Link has a new, easier to remember constructor
      * When links are extracted from <area> tags, the ALT attribute will
      * t/local/follow.t has new tests to confirm that 'follow*' functions
      simple typo fix of the variant I make most often: leaving a word out.
      file upload security patch. Fixes rt#7843, patch by Jan Pazdziora
      * Improve taint-safeness on Perl 5.6.1 (RT#8042, patch by Dominique 
      * Require URI 1.25, fixing bug which exposed itself in WWW::Mechanize 
      * Move select() to better location in docs. Document and test the return 
      > Anybody what to sign up to provide some [tests for click_button()]?
      patch from DOMQ which allows test to pass on his box and mine.
      more taint patching from DOMQ
      * select() has new option to select an option by number (RT#5789, Scott 
      * content() has new options to return the page formatted as text, with a
      doc clarification I meant to include in the last patch.
      * Possible matching tags for the find_link() 'tag_regex' attribute are now
      refining the docs for which tags and attributes we look at to avoid 
duplication of documentation.
      * refactored find_link() to avoid use of eval(). This should improve 
      * WWW::Mechanize::Link now has support providing all the attributes of the
      * Behavior of back() fixed in a number of cases (RT#8109  reported by
      simplify  synopsis-- ::Image never was exposed as an array.
      fix docs for ::Link and ::Image tag() method to match code.
      new (failing) test which exposes that although that find_all_images() is 
      added proposed docs for find_image() API. (please comment).
      applying Dom's refactoring patch.
      * Fix Taint-mode warnings with Perl 5.6.1 (RT#16945)
      Fix clone ourselves, since LWP::UserAgent hasn't fixed it in over a year.
      Really fix uri().
      garden variety typo fix.
      pod formatting fix.
      minor code comments
      another pod formatting typo.
      document the return value of set_visible().
      Texan-style POD needs whitespace, according to perldoc perlpod.
      clean up form_number and form_name
      milestone for new form_with_fields work. See 'Changes' for details.
      submit_form( with_fields => \%fields ) is ready for peer review, and
      bump changes for 1.19_01 release.
      test suite no longer fails when Test::Warn is missing.
      Peter Scott's credentials patch.
      I simplified the documentation related to credentials. The 'Cookbook' 
entry was way
      Remove live tests.
      Update MANIFEST reflect removal of live/ tests.
      It turns out the negation of "is_success" is not "is_error".
      Transparent gzip decoding!
      Fix Gzip vs Zlib doc typo. (The code did the right thing.)
      Correct Link to Git repo.

Martin H. Sluka (5):
      implemented ->form_with()
      addressed Olaf Alders' recommendations regarding ->form_with()
      refactored multi-line grep in ->form_with()
      added tests for ambiguous call of ->form_with()
      factored out check for equality in ->form_with()

Matt S Trout (4):
      remove last manual fork() to create a server in t/local/back.t so win32 
stops emitting black smoke
      move LocalServer env kill earlier and add more variables
      update MANIFEST.SKIP and remove MANIFEST
      bump version for dev release

Max Maischein (9):
      Win32 fixes for RT #3308 and RT #4643
      + Fixed a minor Win32 niggle in Makefile.PL, now all tests are run
      Fixed a warning about $url being defined twice in Test::HTTP::LocalServer
      Always send 'Accept-Encoding:identity' headers, support for 
Compress::Zlib is there but disabled
      Removed 'compress' encoding, as Zlib dosen't do 'compress'
      Test::HTTP::LocalServer did not work if $FindBin::Bin contained a space
      t/referer.t didn't cope with spaces in $FindBin::Bin (shouldn't we be 
able to simply use 't/referer.t', assuming that the 'current dir' is the dist 
      Update the Test::HTTP::LocalServer files (and tests) to a recent version
      Add a somewhat more descriptive error message when ->request is called 
without a parameter

Olaf Alders (43):
      Adds WWW::Mechanize::Cached::GZip to "Other modules that use Mechanize"
      Update bad links in Pod.
      Document that form_id warns in addition to returning undef when a form
      Merge pull request #38 from oalders/document-form-id-warning
      Merge pull request #18 from fschlich/master
      Add .travis.yml
      Merge pull request #44 from rjbs/get-history
      Merge pull request #41 from dakkar/clone-unshare-headers
      Convert to Dist::Zilla.
      Fix warning in click_button test.
      Don't use MANIFEST for file upload tests.
      Explicitly add CGI as test dep.
      Remove MinimumPerl dzil plugin.
      Only perform live tests if there's access to the outside world.
      Updates Makefile.PL and cpanfile.
      Tidy .gitignore.
      Disable most tidying tests for now.
      gitignore .tidyall.d
      Disable Test::CPAN::Changes plugin until release dates in Changes file 
can be fixed.
      Merge pull request #45 from libwww-perl/oalders/dzil
      Fix encoding of Changes.
      Add 1.76 entries to Changes.
      click_button() now accepts ids.
      Allow for an id of 0 when clicking buttons.
      Fix copy/paste error in click_button test.
      Make TODO test less verbose.
      Merge pull request #46 from libwww-perl/oalders/click-button-by-id
      Merge pull request #21 from Corion/master
      Update Changes.
      Remove Data::Dumper from deps.
      Skip Wikipedia tests if LWP::Protocol::https is not installed.
      Bumps version to 1.77
      Files updated by dzil.
      gitignore more files.
      Bumps version to 1.78 for a non-development release.
      Merge pull request #47 from Varadinsky/new_dump_tests
      Merge pull request #48 from fany/master
      Adds LICENSE to repo.
      Bumps version to 1.79

Ricardo Signes (3):
      history methods: history, history_count
      Test::More 0.87 is needed for done_testing
      methods should be documented with =head2, not =head1

Varadinsky (2):
      added tests for all dump methods
      add Test::Output to Makefile.PL and cpanfile

Ville Skyttä (1):
      Merge pull request #16 from dsteinbrunner/patch-1

Zefram (2):
      fix encoding warning new in 5.22 (RT#91971)
      fix warning when CGI::param() called in list context (RT#103096)

dakkar (1):
      unshare custom headers on ->clone

gregor herrmann (1):
      New upstream version 1.79

sunnavy (3): is in utf-8 now
      locally test euc-jp encoding
      Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.71


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