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      from  bf0bdff   update changelog
      adds  91c1ea6   New repository initialized by cvs2svn.
      adds  66a9f71   initial
      adds  cd671ef   Params::Validate now
      adds  7294fac   *** empty log message ***
      adds  2da6f4e   first working version
      adds  d834c53   *** empty log message ***
      adds  e9a51e7   *** empty log message ***
      adds  ac6abd5   *** empty log message ***
      adds  f5a0327   ready to release?
      adds  54bbf1f   *** empty log message ***
      adds  b3fd97d   better
      adds  7cbe42a   more
      adds  8b280c9   add
      adds  4d7dd66   docs tweaks
      adds  3a9758a   doc NO_VALIDATION
      adds  3f1b31c   fix POD
      adds  202b825   tweaks for 0.02
      adds  4727245   *** empty log message ***
      adds  daa5f2f   *** empty log message ***
      adds  a92469d   fixes for perl 5.00404
      adds  e46b810   *** empty log message ***
      adds  5879e9d   tests for Attribute::Params::Validate
      adds  3466aaa   so cool
      adds  1a8f9ef   add docs
      adds  b5ee62b   *** empty log message ***
      adds  6c3e21f   test ValidatePos attribute
      adds  4b25cd9   use validation_options
      adds  7db201c   make ValidatePos attribute work
      adds  31a1083   update exports, update docs
      adds  3cf6b43   _set_options => _validation_options fix prototype for 
      adds  4434493   0.05
      adds  0a4cf72   fix doc mistake
      adds  46f3be8   *** empty log message ***
      adds  8ef7f6f   0.06
      adds  0997986   fix tests for 5.6.0 make work for all modules 
under older Perls
      adds  c48e869   tests default handling
      adds  8e40f56   *** empty log message ***
      adds  c359f1d   0.07 add and document default handling improve docs and 
fix typos and such
      adds  e9fd2d2   doc tweak
      adds  93d0687   moved to
      adds  b927d8f   fix no-validate bits with defaults
      adds  8c07245   mo' tests!
      adds  e106a51   NO_VALIDATE => PERL_NO_VALIDATION
      adds  9278530   *** empty log message ***
      adds  6da4619   add Makefile.PL to MANIFEST!
      adds  965f42c   *** empty log message ***
      adds  4067a99   *** empty log message ***
      adds  9be2fde   restore set_options as valid (but deprecated) alias of 
      adds  b52d29e   *** empty log message ***
      adds  65658ff   minor micro-optimization (might have some benefit)
      adds  d8be886   *** empty log message ***
      adds  1b61e71   add BOOLEAN type
      adds  4a94a8b   lots of changes for speed
      adds  36ff563   *** empty log message ***
      adds  02a13c9   *** empty log message ***
      adds  2b54625   looks better
      adds  4200321   make sure validate_pos works with 1 element
      adds  e1efee5   exists on array elements only works with 5.6.0+
      adds  920708d   *** empty log message ***
      adds  c838bd8   0.14
      adds  60842ed   get options earlier
      adds  e00b412   fix
      adds  04c50a3   0.15
      adds  cb98785   add in release dates
      adds  9839a8c   more dates
      adds  9829894   *** empty log message ***
      adds  9542ca3   fix skipping with 5.6.0
      adds  9840085   skip tests if Attribute::Handlers not installed
      adds  e48c9f5   silence warning from 5.00503
      adds  8dbe6c6   new version
      adds  d2dc81f   *** empty log message ***
      adds  3bb6905   properly skip tests for less than 5.6.0
      adds  3ecea57   fix doc nit
      adds  d86d130   *** empty log message ***
      adds  b801ff8   added stack_skip option
      adds  e7bc0ab   added 06
      adds  ea313fd   added stack_skip
      adds  82675a9   fix grammar
      adds  c6c67eb   tests for new per-invocation options setting
      adds  c5f2553   add validate_with function
      adds  a2a3588   tests for validate_with
      adds  1c08045   new tests
      adds  d0f891e   fix func name
      adds  c614c40   *** empty log message ***
      adds  ae742ad   do nothing when no defaults need to be returned 
      adds  fb8898e   all sorts of crazy ugly (but effective) optimizations
      adds  a51619d   changes
      adds  f4b7cda   *** empty log message ***
      adds  b566d26   *** empty log message ***
      adds  c417aa3   up v num
      adds  501bd38   handle false default properly
      adds  49044fc   *** empty log message ***
      adds  314e34f   more optimizations (less copying of data, use more 
      adds  286e75d   fixes for validate_with and speedups/fixes for no 
validation mode
      adds  f5fc9bd   add more tests
      adds  0ba8788   make tests work regardless of current PERL_NO_VALIDATION 
      adds  f21944d   yadda
      adds  cd453c5   make sure optional & default can mix
      adds  d7384b6   check for defaults first!
      adds  9fccee2   *** empty log message ***
      adds  b18af67   *** empty log message ***
      adds  c45d1c9   updated
      adds  525a440   isolate _get_called
      adds  2723018   lots of comments about optimization wackiness doc 
      adds  87fccfb   more tests fix file names
      adds  c74fc9d   handle wantarray + defaults properly in no validation mode
      adds  146cc14   new version
      adds  60827df   *** empty log message ***
      adds  52e1ae6   rename some files
      adds  039443f   up to v 22
      adds  96f0d64   *** empty log message ***
      adds  7b2c35e   make sure test count appears before tests
      adds  9c49f64   *** empty log message ***
      adds  441336c   fix docs to show working examples
      adds  654375a   *** empty log message ***
      adds  fa12349   explicit return needed for 5.8.0 (i dunno why)
      adds  97e2f12   *** empty log message ***
      adds  cd0aa81   up v num
      adds  09f5da6   make it possible to export validation_options explicitly
      adds  a11c9ed   fix comment
      adds  dd45f5f   fix pod nit
      adds  032ba3e   additional tests from Ilya Martynov
      adds  95a517c   dual XS/Perl implementations
      adds  19f76c9   way to get stash name for Perl 5.00503?
      adds  cd1b11d   tweak loading of XS vs. PP
      adds  8a0df59   must defined version before trying to load XS
      adds  77c4f7f   basic benchmark
      adds  8919cf4   ignore test.c *.o
      adds  d99c07e   updated for XS version
      adds  773ab55   minor language change
      adds  219d1e2   todo
      adds  3454a31   tweak error message fix comment prefer av_store to av_push
      adds  1ca562a   now compiles and loads cleanly with 5.00503, but fails 
lots of tests!
      adds  3d4bcac   various fiddling with error-handling bits to get it 
working under 5.00503
      adds  217ad60   make validation_failure handle refs in $@ properly, on 
5.00503 and up
      adds  0144f64   test on_fail that throws a ref
      adds  62e93a2   spell license like a yank
      adds  1387448   add more tests
      adds  35ec609   mention how to skip XS compilation
      adds  e16d055   tweak wording
      adds  b86dcac   typo fix define CopSTASHPV if not already defined move 
dSP to prevent core dump
      adds  44f0bef   POD tweaks
      adds  4b515f2   pod tweak
      adds  9c6afdf   no need for typemap bits
      adds  c261b81   escape strip_leading option
      adds  7982058   end escaping
      adds  9cfd49d   add license and copyright info to each file version 0.51
      adds  6fd88d7   0.51 changes
      adds  ffb7192   mention XS failures with 5.6.0
      adds  9cef3ab   add LICENSE
      adds  05f3962   add dates
      adds  92fef65   testing commit email
      adds  4d903e0   testing commit email again
      adds  71a23cb   checkin email tests again
      adds  86f046d   ah - commit emails are working
      adds  bbadbfa   testing email ilya, you should get this
      adds  e6002fc   remove gratuitous change
      adds  7550100   should be authors (with s)
      adds  0d0c9b3   regex feature tests
      adds  25fdc32   add regex spec option
      adds  ebcfa1a   regex checking code
      adds  f2ec010   helper for regex checks
      adds  97098c6   defined PERL_MAGIC_qr macro if not available (new in 
      adds  a711634   changed
      adds  f8ac46f   Fix compilation error under gcc 2.95.4
      adds  016d6d0   Fix potential source of memory leaks
      adds  5d59194   move shared code to (exporter stuff), will 
make implementing :base easier add PV_TEST_PERL env var so we can run tests 
with pure Perl version more easily
      adds  953a7c3   fix comment
      adds  028c5f7   remove backslash (causes some compilers to give warning)
      adds  bc4dc50   fix some typos
      adds  f36b01c   there is no typemap file
      adds  385ad00   up to v 0.52
      adds  c11ae79   *** empty log message ***
      adds  57dc5fc   *** empty log message ***
      adds  7f5daa5   *** empty log message ***
      adds  a506f8f   *** empty log message ***
      adds  179200f   use nmake, not make, on Win32
      adds  9830c7d   skip some tests with Perl 5.6.0
      adds  0025def   *** empty log message ***
      adds  b957a02   *** empty log message ***
      adds  c50321a   %d in sv_catpvf seems to expect 32b ints and IV vars are 
not always 32b ints
      adds  945516a   Make sure that all integer values are converted to int 
when using sv_catpvf(..., "...%d...", ..., int_var)
      adds  6f49db1   Updated
      adds  55dc2a7   *** empty log message ***
      adds  ba02df1   Regenerate with Devel::PPPort from bleadperl
      adds  67b41e1   SvPV_nolen is defined in ppport.h now
      adds  e10c359   don't expect an integer back from callbacks, just 
evaluate SV returned for truth
      adds  10dbee8   *** empty log message ***
      adds  62aea88   more tests
      adds  afe3a96   new tests
      adds  faeda86   Fix perl warning when P::V called directly from body of 
perl program
      adds  41df56e   handle case of being called directly from main body of 
      adds  1556b2e   0.57
      adds  7463b6f   no need to create another SV to change string value of 
      adds  aadcbe2   *** empty log message ***
      adds  d30f073   Make sure that get_called() returns mortal sv. Not sure 
if it is really needed by better be safe than sorry
      adds  721f77a   Revert last change: it causes 'Attempt to free 
unreferenced scalar'
      adds  420277e   fix warnings about unused variables and signed/unsigned 
      adds  5d4f1d9   *** empty log message ***
      adds  465c7ca   new release
      adds  304634c   fix precious indentation
      adds  307093f   add META.yml
      adds  dae9859   test dying with blessed reference
      adds  9381228   test check for odd number of params
      adds  426d586   test pure perl version also
      adds  d0e39c6   turn on warnings for all tests
      adds  321f8a5   additional test
      adds  934b874   *** empty log message ***
      adds  f7764d6   add a few tests
      adds  6b184e0   add some more glob tests (probably useless since they 
don't catch bug Mason found. grr)
      adds  881a9c8   don't use exception::class
      adds  961b413   make sure array being converted to hash has even number 
of elements clean up "throw error" code (still doesn't fix segfault)
      adds  162c12a   do all tests with taint on
      adds  014af5f   up v num
      adds  e2c6f71   move exception throwing into Perl code to avoid segfault 
with 5.6.1
      adds  3cf14dc   no buffering
      adds  de95da7   no buffering turn on strict
      adds  a3b9dc2   Insane gyrations to avoid dying from inside XS code with 
5.6.x This fixes the segfault bug reported by Ken
      adds  49d4835   *** empty log message ***
      adds  5dcda7d   remove debugging cruft!
      adds  8864528   *** empty log message ***
      adds  1221631   new release
      adds  3876cfe   fix typo
      adds  01d5119   remove 2nd reference to Regexp::Common
      adds  7af0de9   remove warning
      adds  03fb1e2   new release
      adds  e519399   *** empty log message ***
      adds  f7d5d8e   *** empty log message ***
      adds  ceab39a   add tests for buig 2791 on
      adds  d841568   formatting changes fix bug 2791 on
      adds  6e51cf1   add comment explaining test
      adds  a3b21ef   *** empty log message ***
      adds  17ad694   fix compile problem with 5.6.1
      adds  7625fc9   *** empty log message ***
      adds  c302d5b   test runtime disabling of parameter validation
      adds  627f160   add global to turn validation on/off at runtime
      adds  6a98b65   *** empty log message ***
      adds  4e54101   fix 5.00503 compilation
      adds  639eb48   *** empty log message ***
      adds  8960d5f   rename
      adds  e23404b   get make from Config
      adds  d7d8ca4   Remove unused code
      adds  fc0c626   add SUPPORT section
      adds  083a7b5   skip more tests with 5.6.0
      adds  321b75f   include stringified var value in error message
      adds  ada19b5   require Test::More
      adds  dd68baf   more todo
      adds  901b4ab   normalize_keys feature doc tweaks
      adds  b4339e7   *** empty log message ***
      adds  a85d06f   use die, not Carp
      adds  1b5b144   new version
      adds  b7ae450   fix test count for 5.6.0
      adds  098233a   me so smart turning validation on and off at runtime is 
already documented
      adds  af7ae00   pass params as second arg to validation callbacks
      adds  ecaf93e   new version
      adds  7a9985c   squash uninit value in sub entry warning
      adds  a1c23ad   *** empty log message ***
      adds  a76a6cf   don't deref things over and over, just make a temp var
      adds  0eeea3a   depends feature
      adds  4028743   depends tests
      adds  db256d7   dates
      adds  c0abdff   redo indentation to match emacs c-mode
      adds  495e237   fix name
      adds  5623696   minor formatting tweaks simplify logic in depends 
checking a bit
      adds  05d4e1c   write makefile last
      adds  958e4a5   fix nasty memory leak
      adds  ec88caa   *** empty log message ***
      adds  403ed04   *** empty log message ***
      adds  7dce6c6   *** empty log message ***
      adds  aadfe9b   *** empty log message ***
      adds  cd78d1d   *** empty log message ***
      adds  651dd65   *** empty log message ***
      adds  fb4c207   fix another memory leak grr, XS is annoying
      adds  d92f508   new version
      adds  2feb057   *** empty log message ***
      adds  69deb00   *** empty log message ***
      adds  219b751   suppress warnings
      adds  2c56132   new version
      adds  233d924   catch if normalize keys returns the same key >1 time
      adds  fb6a0c4   fix pure Perl iterator problem error if normalize_keys 
returns the same value twice
      adds  1ac1d31   fix doc buglet
      adds  9b4f987   *** empty log message ***
      adds  9907512   update copyright years
      adds  3bb45d6   fix from Britton Kerin
      adds  61db6ee   preserve original shbang line (which might turn on 
tainting or something)
      adds  1913390   remove a newline
      adds  9fb05e3   add untaint functionality
      adds  2a67e85   require Test::Taint 0.02 (hopefully out soon)
      adds  9c03508   prepare for hopeful release
      adds  bd02b8a   release tag
      adds  b9a988d   move code to make string rep out of value to a subroutine
      adds  2058649   changes to glob stringification for 5.0050{34}
      adds  3b2bf42   fix formatting fix typo
      adds  5a34bd3   fix syntax errors
      adds  55dae5c   call ->can to check if something ->can do a method
      adds  819f58a   test handling of ->can for undef, make sure error message 
is consisten for XS and Perl
      adds  17bc9a0   these are not executables
      adds  a8b78ff   Makefile.PL fix
      adds  10f0e28   document move to svn
      adds  a8873b7   test that ->can testing works with objects & subclasses
      adds  d4ceb93   update to newer Test::Pod style
      adds  ed364bc   fix link in POD
      adds  746abe2   new version
      adds  3643b19   ignore .svn stuff
      adds  546ed27   maintainer mode indicated by .svn dir now
      adds  d87caff   remove no-longer-true comment
      adds  41618b4   add date
      adds  6a1d0fd   *** empty log message ***
      adds  b74a5ac   new version of ppport.h
      adds  70e17cb   tests for ->can on overloaded objects
      adds  3bfdd21   fix for overloaded object->can
      adds  05826b1   *** empty log message ***
      adds  71ab450   *** empty log message ***
      adds  d51e466   fixes for Readonly leading to 0.79
      adds  c630261   skip dist dir
      adds  a697b1d   tests lost in server crash
      adds  f84726b   ignore META.yml
      adds  082834a   don't ignore META.yml
      adds  009c90b   test for undef with regex check - make sure there are no 
      adds  19e270f   new version
      adds  3e7ea5e   apparently this warning no longer happens
      adds  d9db840   fix manifest cruft
      adds  b43887e   fix typo in var name
      adds  2ee4b10   inlined some functions or speedup changed no_validation 
path in XS to short-circuit much more quickly
      adds  fbea15b   Remove declaration of unused variable.
      adds  fd075f3   Use "static inline" instead of "inline static", as the 
former seems to be proper C99.
      adds  623cd8b   Check isa and can by calling them as methods - wrap in 
eval in case they're not objects or class names
      adds  68d2757   call ->isa to check this, rather than using 
UNIVERSAL::isa add tests for this
      adds  1f515f2   disable inlining for MS compiler
      adds  5434187   Improve C compiler detection (should work on Win32)
      adds  2b61fff   Ver # to 0.83 Handle undef properly in regex checks 
Changes for 0.83
      adds  c2124c0   Add date of release
      adds  60c2c4c   Call Carp::confess, not Carp::croak
      adds  3d56e3f   *** empty log message ***
      adds  d13fd60   explicitly return true if we have a compiler
      adds  5f31508   0.84 fixing compiler detection
      adds  47bc090   Remove some unused variables.
      adds  5ae13e4   Shut up all warnings from -Wall
      adds  8287f1d   *** empty log message ***
      adds  91e8137   Turn off inlining for HP-UX Version 0.85
      adds  5a1bea9   release date
      adds  04b34e0   Use latest Devel::PPPort and make some changes it 
      adds  2eacc4d   Turn on -Wall for compiling when in maintainer mode
      adds  30195c1   Remove cruft
      adds  c40b687   More XS code fixes. No inlining for osf1.
      adds  930927a   MSVC hack for compiler detection
      adds  4cdc926   Reformat Changes. Add change for 0.86.
      adds  f98f48a   Only inline if __GNUC__ is defined.
      adds  153615d   Update Changes for 0.86
      adds  d21a9c9   Fix typo.
      adds  7556f7b   Add new test to MANIFEST
      adds  5ef12eb   Update SUPPORT & COPYRIGHT bits
      adds  226320c   Use caller() to figure out our caller, even in the XS 
      adds  c2661cd   Add date to Changes.
      adds  dea30e4   Handle values which are not objects or strings properly 
when doing isa and can validation in XS.
      adds  df6d459   Make Makefile.PL not executable.
      adds  da26a97   Don't make pp copies for files starting with 99-.
      adds  4056551   Define license.
      adds  5ecc5a0   Remove META.yml, which will be added when making a dist.
      adds  9ff0dcb   Add note of change I must've applied at some point (I 
can't remember doing this, but it's in there ;)
      adds  95f8ce7   Rename append_hash2hash -> merge_hashes
      adds  02548c8   Added pod coverage tests.
      adds  1045240   A long awaited test cleanup!
      adds  c5d4a30   Move tests to
      adds  9d800dd   Even more test cleanup. Moving shared tests into modules. 
Using Test::More.
      adds  6c1cb95   Update manifest
      adds  d4b9586   Update tests to use Test::More
      adds  e7980ea   Check $@ with is, not ok
      adds  18a3fb7   Fix bug ( "{}" instead of "q{}" )
      adds  6b1aa18   Fix warning for positional subs.
      adds  3918360   Make sure regexes are qr'd
      adds  34e7e5c   Still do check for number of parameters and turn refs 
into standard form so that normalization and default setting works.
      adds  56bfdcb   Update pod tests
      adds  5c455ef   Update manifest
      adds  f382dbb   validation_options is documented, really!
      adds  f91f83a   Add use warnings.
      adds  5cadefa   Run standard tests.
      adds  3e07ea6   Less gross handling of sub redefined warnings for PP code.
      adds  eeb1232   Suppress a warning from passing undef to 
      adds  a94df18   version 0.89
      adds  404cf1e   One more test converted to Test::More.
      adds  355c7f1   More changes.
      adds  5479785   Add release date.
      adds  147346d   Sort of handly new SV types in blead.
      adds  87ad7f5   Latest version of ppport.h
      adds  ecd7979   remove and ignore generated files
      adds  358322b   Oops, this readme is not auto-generated
      adds  2d81e4f   Add a .shipit file
      adds  793ed78   README is not generated
      adds  a00592d   add kwalitee test
      adds  e14da33   fix for regex objects under 5.11.0-to-be
      adds  5f9564f   Add missing variable declaration (the fact that it worked 
anyway was a coincidence).
      adds  c593920   Add explicit braces
      adds  4248ae9   Skip .shipit
      adds  4894225   Handle readonly-ness of @_ elements when constructing 
hash out of array.
      adds  4b0231c   fix ref counting bug
      adds  713b565   Require File::Temp for this test
      adds  26d374c   Add DONATIONS section
      adds  fa4e460   Remove conditional preproc bits for Perl 5.005
      adds  db79fbe   some small PP optimizations
      adds  3da7686   Simplify eval'd string a little
      adds  99da615   switch to Build.PL
      adds  30ed94a   fix skip
      adds  ff1523a   Update skip
      adds  569f56a   add todo test for taint problem
      adds  3304c24   Create traditional
      adds  3627440   Always require Attribute::Handlers
      adds  146dd62   get XS building properly
      adds  cd3016f   ignore more stuff
      adds  b9fc1da   Preserve taint in shbang for tests
      adds  debe7ab   Changes for 0.92
      adds  a67606d   fix prereq versions
      adds  b5e0364   ignore dist dir
      adds  221031e   Ignore .c and .o files
      adds  4d23894   Fix trustme
      adds  32b8552   fix bug in pure Perl code with hashref passed to 
      adds  157af5a   add MYMETA.yml
      adds  faca926   run everything through perltidy
      adds  d586a04   bump version and add release date
      adds  f7d485b   Run c code thorugh a pretty-printer
      adds  a70362c   Make sure we don't pass a function to the SvGETMAGIC macro
      adds  933e74e   Check AUTHOR_TESTING for author tests
      adds  034b632   Use DistTestExtra
      adds  fc9af4d   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.93.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  5424e0f   no more Makefile.PL
      adds  d178d6a   update tags
      adds  67fd918   Fix repo URI
      adds  dcfb08d   Skip flaky test
      adds  c2ea9a4   Changes for 0.95
      adds  44ee387   Bump version to 0.95
      adds  c42e49f   s/svn/hg/
      adds  61c416e   s/svn/hg/
      adds  b8680f3   Update .hgignore list
      adds  9f41cfd   Added tag 0.95 for changeset ad062e6950d7
      adds  c1a278d   Removed tag 0.95
      adds  e0cd6b6   Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.95.  
Changelog diff is:
      adds  43a52c6   Added tag 0.95 for changeset b92499f443a9
      adds  54e537e   Small typo fix
      adds  06e8266   modernize tests
      adds  1a8070d   ignore more files
      adds  e5ec2cc   Require Test::More 0.88
      adds  114d694   Turn taint mode on for untaint test
      adds  a192e56   Fix pp test rewriting to not expect shbang in most tests
      adds  d1e65fb   move and modernize author tests
      adds  23c0736   pod spelling fixes
      adds  fbbd071   Update dictionary
      adds  96e3b2f   Restore old trustme
      adds  76f47a0   require Perl 5.6.1+
      adds  aa66a3c   update ppport.h
      adds  fc32f29   Bump copyright in XS
      adds  72e03e1   Drop support for Perl <= 5.8.1
      adds  e3f50bc   Don't call Carp if we have a user-provided on_fail
      adds  f9794f4   Changes for 0.96
      adds  fb6b97b   Make changes suggested by ppport
      adds  02db2f9   Fix link to repo
      adds  166ad3c   localize $@ before evals
      adds  76bfa5b   Tidy all code in POD
      adds  2e0df7a   More tidiness
      adds  40a1328   Fix localization of $@ to not hide errors from loading PP 
      adds  4b0a3ce   Change for localizing $@
      adds  c434a20   validate validation spec
      adds  8a20556   Require 5.8.1
      adds  8cb6e61   Remove tabs
      adds  fe86076   Tidy code
      adds  262a61e   dzilize distro
      adds  9e9c4f2   dzilize each module
      adds  9a2910f   remove explicit $VERSION
      adds  ecdcf27   reformat changes dates
      adds  21a4411   use $NEXT marker
      adds  c5fc6fb   use our instead of use vars for most globals
      adds  4b88fcc   Update ignore list
      adds  7285236   do not assume $VERSION is defined
      adds  e069670   Make $NO_VALIDATION a "real" global
      adds  256d9d5   Bump version
      adds  c4c52f3   Fix release format
      adds  32f9d9b   Added tag 0.96 for changeset 483470ec574b
      adds  944bad1   Use done_testing()
      adds  5268a4a   Modernize file a bit
      adds  b611d05   Skip all spec validation tests for now
      adds  a83fe4c   Bump version
      adds  72d6898   Changes for 0.97
      adds  3b6ce16   temporarily disable spec validation
      adds  3672836   Added tag 0.97 for changeset 430f1a5fee33
      adds  90d32b2   Set version manually
      adds  b93d89b   Use SurgicalPkgVersion
      adds  65f6db0   Bump version
      adds  f1edc88   Changes for next release
      adds  fa5c3c0   Added tag 0.98 for changeset 878fbcb2e817
      adds  3388c1f   More changes info
      adds  cfe8f5e   Remove license bit
      adds  7012a6e   post hg conversion tweaks
      adds  3e2938d   post hg conversion tweaks
      adds  c13b3e9   post hg conversion - change repo uris in dist.ini
      adds  5335816   Fix bad Meta Resources
      adds  a3c5c67   Changes for 0.99
      adds  9f9b5be   Bump version
      adds  643242d   Fix changes test plugin
      adds  3cb7f98   Remove Signature plugin
      adds  8327f7a   Add more whitelist words
      adds  49e54a0   v0.99
      adds  adf59bb   remove docs from XS and PP files
      adds  40cd110   Bump version
      adds  e6ec5f4   Changes for 1.00
      adds  d6fcb6c   Restore some accidentally removed code
      adds  f13b192   v1.00
      adds  52aa424   Remove #define NEED_sv_2pv_nolen
      adds  532ff22   add authordep for Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ModuleBuild::XSOrPP
      adds  f067299   No need for do block
      adds  f12bfdc   Make sure VERSION is defined before using it
      adds  38cae4f   Only test pod coverage for Params::Validate
      adds  e4d1bf4   Remove unused module
      adds  7107bbe   Fix weird indentation
      adds  595ae35   Add more tests
      adds  2f6f91e   Add explicit versions to module use lines
      adds  af47784   Require Test::More 0.88+
      adds  787055e   Changes for next release
      adds  3ce43ca   Use AutoPrereqs
      adds  c0e6877   Use Test::Requires for File::Temp
      adds  a656f3b   File::Temp has been in core since 5.6.1
      adds  032fc5f   Bump version
      adds  7c46b30   Skip internal packages
      adds  1b41928   Skip Tie::StdArray and Tie::StdHash - they are in core 
but dzil doesn't know that
      adds  d8fdc79   Remove old reference to repo (just stick it in META.*)
      adds  8b3880b   More changes info
      adds  7e3c099   v1.01
      adds  b9ac6bd   Add some code so we can figure out which implementation 
of PV was loaded
      adds  5c95f54   Bump version
      adds  e94ff7d   Renamed PP & XS code into its own package.
      adds  d72c72d   Bring back ValidateXS && ValidatePP files as stubs
      adds  f63be1c   Make ValidatePP & ValidateXS actually load cleanly
      adds  9277910   Saner implementation of Validate{PP,XS}
      adds  46a99fe   Fix XS code
      adds  30c6dd3   Make failures to load an implementation visible during 
release testing
      adds  78936ab   Test that a regexp object is treated as a SCALARREF
      adds  78b99a1   Various wackness to deal with taint mode
      adds  fefaae2   Changes for next release
      adds  f5aeb6b   v1.02
      adds  8249737   Fix bug tracker mailto metadata
      adds  e935521   Use Module::Implementation
      adds  86a77bc   Bump version
      adds  1cfc23f   Changes for next release
      adds  8f4ba44   v1.03
      adds  c483f54   Changes for next release
      adds  151fd63   Fix implementation tests
      adds  238191e   Bump version number
      adds  8c7f37c   Bump copyright year
      adds  bd47b77   Credit Ilya for XS copyright
      adds  3bdcae6   Remove unused variable
      adds  dd6c347   Turn on warnings and make them errors for local testing
      adds  db1d2f1   v1.04
      adds  8d63ac0   Update ignore list
      adds  9ee836d   Add a test for possible segfault
      adds  df0ae14   Always pass a format string as the first argument to 
      adds  51b005e   Changes for next release
      adds  3e47910   Bump version
      adds  f110915   v1.05
      adds  0a546ba   Remove unneeded bootinit
      adds  8430435   Changes for next release
      adds  097aa58   Changes for next release
      adds  bd1287b   Bump version
      adds  453eafc   v1.06
      adds  7a5de54   Just use PkgVersion
      adds  deacf31   Fix bad example of state
      adds  3cb5aa5   -Werror isn't helpful
      adds  358f025   Update to latest ppport.h
      adds  1e5d979   Don't overwrite $@ when XS code looks up per-package 
      adds  dda79f9   Doc $@ clobbering fix
      adds  96e3c90   Doc state POD fix in Changes
      adds  f7829e2   Bug for recursive validation failure with pure Perl code
      adds  b75c091   Run this mess through perltidy
      adds  52c003d   Small formatting tweaks
      adds  889b078   Bump version
      adds  2b5a499   No more need for explicit $VERSION
      adds  742c127   This test will fail
      adds  a417e9c   v1 is a syntax error (stupid version syntax)
      adds  9ff51e8   v1.07
      adds  a797248   Remove weird cruft
      adds  0750721   Fix small typo in example code
      adds  100590e   Add ABSTRACT to Attribute::Params::Validate
      adds  6ff64d5   The XS code did not apply defaults properly
      adds  b74cd21   Bump version
      adds  497be0e   Add onwards to spelling whitelist
      adds  088a4e2   v1.08
      adds  b9d239f   Make sure code handles large arrays of params
      adds  cae4efc   Readonly::XS is obsolete
      adds  95b3566   Use Test::Requires
      adds  6cfa921   Add test which segfaults
      adds  6c855a4   Use Test::NoTabs instead of NoTabsTests
      adds  dc81d38   Doc state() pod fix
      adds  6417c05   Fix bug with Readonly hash as spec - check that value is 
not 0x0 before using it
      adds  4f41941   Remove pointless call to SvTAINTED_off
      adds  f9fa55e   Add more taint tests including test for tainted params
      adds  63bc5a4   Fix taint errors with tainted params and XS code for Perl 
      adds  64da2bc   Fix a segfault with weird magic hashes and stuff
      adds  89a9aad   Try to make the code a bit more robust against NULLs
      adds  8166234   Bump version
      adds  7f5f08f   Reorder changes
      adds  64f8fba   v1.09
      adds  cf6fddf   Require Readonly 1.03+ for tests
      adds  0c78f17   Add note about taint mode issues to docs
      adds  2caee88   Require Scalar::Util 1.20+ for readonly test
      adds  be5aa57   Changes for readonly test
      adds  34e6a17   Bump version
      adds  ccf5bf8   Tweak author metadata
      adds  81fd1cc   Fix typo in pod
      adds  85d965c   v1.10
      adds  42a2438   MSVC Compiler Compatibility
      adds  200de26   Merge pull request #1 from jrmash/master
      adds  15b5eb8   Add MSVC change to Changes
      adds  c4b43f8   Bump version
      adds  ce64fbe   v1.11
      adds  7a48d6c   Avoid compiler warning with newer Perl
      adds  da53c1f   Avoid compiler warnings from Perl < 5.14 too
      adds  59dd14e   Skip Readonly tests with Readonly 1.50+
      adds  cf639c2   Bump version
      adds  cd22231   v1.12
      adds  8659e00   Fix compilation on 5.14
      adds  dd8e139   Bump version
      adds  bb3b34f   v1.13
      adds  acdf9ac   Renumber test
      adds  29084e4   Add t/36-exports.t: check exports
      adds  b30e00b   Simplify initialization of @EXPORT_* variables for 
      adds  a55d1bf   Merge pull request #2 from dolmen/optimize-exports
      adds  b31884e   Rename test file
      adds  f2c6203   Tidy code and update style a bit to match mine
      adds  e6757e5   Add .travis.yml for this repo
      adds  27e11f7   Fix reference to old package in comment
      adds  733eed7   Update to DROLSKY plugin bundle
      adds  e36d8ae   Check in generated files
      adds  2439765   Add Test::Taint 0.02 to DevelopRequires prereqs
      adds  8f7e02e   Add Readonly & Scalar::Util to DevelopRequires
      adds  db16939   Replace ... with a comment for synopsis tests
      adds  f8e02cd   Update cpanfile
      adds  a55ec9a   Allow callbacks to provide custom error messages or 
      adds  51c56e7   Add generated files
      adds  8cfe105   Be more specific about Perl versions
      adds  0d602e2   Some C code tidying
      adds  7e421fb   Can't localize $@ and $SIG{__DIE__} from XS with 5.8.x
      adds  b1794c3   One space after period
      adds  e6e71db   Bump version
      adds  c2acec9   v1.14
      adds  b3d5aa9   Bump version
      adds  5997ba2   Changes for next release
      adds  8d54c1b   Update copyright_year
      adds  d0a118d   v1.15
      adds  e5a09c1   Make sure to decrement the refcnt for the err var if 
we're not throwing an error
      adds  a413483   Always mortalize the value passed to validation_failure
      adds  4bd3297   Add peek() helper to XS code
      adds  4d267c9   Rename get_called() to get_caller()
      adds  d250e0c   Add test for memory leak
      adds  8bd6d07   Bump version
      adds  eb3e2ad   Changes for next release
      adds  d43b871   Add Test::LeakTrace to develop requires
      adds  4b03255   Remove unneeded #define since we only care about 5.8+
      adds  bba94ed   Work around ERRSV no longer being a simple scalar in Perl 
      adds  fa90b77   Don't try to load Test::LeakTrace with blead
      adds  a16ed23   Wrap all dSP calls with braces so it has its own scope
      adds  924e8d4   Fixed a few bugs in get_caller
      adds  9f02cba   v1.16
      adds  e371ea7   Fix how we set ERRSV to ""
      adds  457b527   Bump version
      adds  6872fd7   v1.17
      adds  2fad5a8   Require Test::More 0.96 for development
      adds  843d78b   Remove $SIG{__DIE__} handling for callbacks
      adds  50aba28   Set $VERSION in repo, not dist.ini
      adds  f2180e2   Don't run TidyAll tests for now
      adds  0990326   Ignore .tidyall.d
      adds  da79bee   Tidy all code
      adds  c0fe035   Update generated files
      adds  70d8b52   v1.18
      adds  fda2626   Bump version after release
      adds  50e7051   Remove Test::Version plugin
      adds  ca7e7a4   Don't assign undef to $SIG{__DIE__} - this causes 
warnings on 5.8.8
      adds  6c15d55   v1.19
      adds  8ca15d4   Fixing incorrect Perl code in POD
      adds  02aa764   Merge pull request #7 from bessarabov/fix_pod
      adds  3898e04   Avoid memory corruption on stack growth
      adds  0aca9b0   Fix INLINE for gcc -std=c89
      adds  808663c   Try using container infrastructure on Travis
      adds  1615cae   Add 5.22.0 to travis tests & switch from 5.20.1 to 5.20.2
      adds  afc626c   Delay stringification until we need it for error messages
      adds  3ad5f37   Bump version to 1.20
      adds  dc5e9b2   v1.20
      adds  0c91cf5   Bump version after release
      adds  93def1a   Small .travis.yml reformatting
      adds  6589e7a   Add aspell package, add dev perl, allow blead failures, 
add coverage, use travis-perl --auto
      adds  79e99a2   Include aspell-en package for .travis.yml
      adds  2ed7d35   Quote Perl versions so 5.20 is not interpreted as 5.2
      adds  a4133e1   Cannot specify dev-thr as a Perl version for travis-perl 
      adds  449677e   Test::LeakTrace works for 5.22+
      adds  dcd8ce2   Allow blead-thr to fail the build too
      adds  8f233eb   Remove Attribute::Params::Validate - it now has its own 
      adds  343b766   v1.21
      adds  8c49f34   Bump version after release
      adds  cb75615   Test with dev-thr on travis too
      adds  adcc826   Add a test for re-entrant validation
      adds  c2af098   Remove /a flag on regex - this doesn't work with older 
      adds  eb7235f   Add more tests for the error message returned from a 
callback dying
      adds  3135387   Update generated files
      adds  b8e5834   Use croak instead of confess in the PP code
      adds  eacb4a2   Use (unknown) for failures without a sub name in PP code
      adds  68fc600   Doc PARAMS_VALIDATE_IMPLEMENTATION env var
      adds  92b5302   v1.22
      adds  0f48586   Bump version after release
      adds  171d3e5   Move xt/release to xt/author
      adds  2820823   Manually bump version in Build.PL
      adds  9d1790f   Fix test descriptions in 35-default-xs-bug.t
      adds  c1505ce   ensure the local SP is refreshed
      adds  e51a4bb   Add a PUTBACK before any calls to validate() or 
validate_pos() to match SPAGAIN calls afterwards
      adds  08d5210   Add braces for if statement
      adds  fd91efb   Add more PUTBACK/SPAGAIN pairs per Tony Cook's 
      adds  cf72835   Remove Test::CleanNamespaces plugin
      adds  c6baa70   Add stack fixes note to Changes
      adds  a566b27   Fix tests for Carp 1.01 (perl 5.8.3)
      adds  989e6b1   Remove SUPPORT & DONATIONS section from docs
      adds  6d79146   Fix typo in docs
      adds  e9aa90e   Require v0.06 of PurePerlTests plugin
      adds  0684c03   v1.23
      adds  71bab4d   Bump version after release
      adds  073dc37   Update generated files
      adds  65e23f9   Update perltidy and perlcritic rc files
      adds  841a1dc   Update generated files
      adds  9a6c206   Changes for next release
      adds  a9b69c7   v1.24
      adds  4e20f4f   Bump version after release
      adds  afbac89   Test with Perl 5.24
      adds  1b3fdc7   $VERSION is always defined
      adds  e9d3847   tighten .gitignore
      adds  d0e0af3   move ppport.h to where [PPPort] places it
      adds  6e69500   switch to ExtUtils::MakeMaker
      adds  f2381fd   commit updated autogenerated files
      adds  c712831   Merge pull request #12 from karenetheridge/topic/eumm
      adds  e379c2d   Changes for next release
      adds  0e5ab2c   v1.25
      adds  34fd09f   Bump version after release
      adds  36445c0   Fix Changes for last release
      adds  d96cd71   Use XSMULTI from EUMM 7.12
      adds  cacf9ac   Revert "Use XSMULTI from EUMM 7.12"
      adds  384e4d0   Revert "Merge pull request #12 from 
      adds  e78c950   Changes for next release
      adds  a818898   Specify location for generated ppport.h
      adds  5bfb1d3   Let ppport.h be autogenerated all the time
      adds  e04ee9c   v1.26
      adds  5bc0fd5   New upstream version 1.26
       new  5fa9137   Merge tag 'upstream/1.26'
       new  7e58d2c   Update debian/changelog
       new  798c624   debian/copyright: bump copyright years for c/ppport.h.
       new  1a4f8e9   releasing package libparams-validate-perl version 1.26-1

The 4 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Build.PL                              |    2 +-                       |    6 +-
 Changes                               |   10 +
 INSTALL                               |   14 +-
 MANIFEST                              |   10 +-
 META.json                             |  301 +++---
 META.yml                              |  260 ++---                             |   21 +-
 c/ppport.h                            | 1740 ++++++++++++++++++++++-----------
 cpanfile                              |    8 +-
 debian/changelog                      |    7 +-
 debian/copyright                      |    2 +-
 dist.ini                              |    1 +
 lib/Params/                |   12 +-
 lib/Params/Validate/      |    2 +-
 lib/Params/Validate/             |    2 +-
 lib/Params/Validate/             |    2 +-
 lib/Params/              |    2 +-
 lib/Params/              |    2 +-
 t/00-report-prereqs.dd                |   78 +-
 t/00-report-prereqs.t                 |   10 +-
 tidyall.ini                           |    2 +
 xt/author/eol.t                       |    2 +-
 xt/{release => author}/pod-coverage.t |    0
 xt/author/pod-spell.t                 |   77 +-
 xt/{release => author}/portability.t  |    2 -
 xt/{release => author}/synopsis.t     |    0
 xt/release/cpan-changes.t             |    9 +-
 xt/release/pod-linkcheck.t            |   20 -
 xt/release/pod-no404s.t               |   21 -
 30 files changed, 1676 insertions(+), 949 deletions(-)
 rename xt/{release => author}/pod-coverage.t (100%)
 rename xt/{release => author}/portability.t (95%)
 rename xt/{release => author}/synopsis.t (100%)
 delete mode 100644 xt/release/pod-linkcheck.t
 delete mode 100644 xt/release/pod-no404s.t

Alioth's /usr/local/bin/git-commit-notice on 

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