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        at  78816b6   (tag)
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  replaces  upstream/2.00
 tagged by  Florian Schlichting
        on  Mon Oct 10 00:20:52 2016 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.02

Alastair McGowan-Douglas (1):
      Fix documentation to say primary key rather than foreign key

Ansgar Burchardt (1):
      Add whatis entries to man pages

Charlie Garrison (5):
      Add `method_name` attribute to Constraint::DBIC::Unique to use custom 
method from ResultSet
      Allow updating $row with array values from $form if column has `is_array` 
      apply upstream changes
      Add missing `resultset_class` for tests
      Add missing POD

Florian Schlichting (1):
      New upstream version 2.02

Moritz Onken (9):
      - added support for new_empty_row_multi
      Typo in docs
      typo in model::dbic
      Added read_only support with test. See Element::Label
      fixed test for read only
      Demonstrate failing test where empty_rows: 0
      Bumped prerequisite DBIC to 0.081 (as of the "the primary key and foreign 
key man not be the same" problem)
      added link_values and additive support
      belongs_to fix

Nigel Metheringham (10):
      Merge pull request #8 from Altreus/doc-fix-has-many
      Merge pull request #6 from fschlich/master
      Packaging and release config updates
      Maybe I have been too strict :-)
      Release version 2.01
      Moved the version number handling to dzil/git
      Fix warnings from many_to_many relation updates
      On release check we have correct PAUSE permissions
      Merge branch 'nm_warn_on_mm_fix'
      More minor packaging fixes

Peter Shangov (7):
      Add support to create required belongs_to rels
      Add support to create required belongs_to rels
      Merge branch 'upstream_bel_to'
      All belongs_to relationships are saved in advance
      Tests and documentation for null_if_empty
      Manual merge
      Revert to proper

Tim Rayner (1):
      Added tests for Constraint::DBIC::Unique; updated Changes file and 
removed the line for this module in MANIFEST.SKIP

Wolfgang Kinkeldei (1):
      added a read-only check for checkbox groups

bricas (2):
      add existing dbic condition from field config when saving many_to_many
      shhh. testing in progress.

dandv (3):
      Typo fix
      POD update: create() doesn't take a row parameter; updated '$row' to be 
consistent with '$dbic_row'
      Fixed a minor typo

fireartist (147):
      new dist dir for model-dbic
      new test dir
      moving save_to_model tests to new model-dbic dist
      moving defaults_from_model tests to new dbic dist
      moving deprecated tests to new model-dbic dist
      moving deprecated tests to new model-dbic dist
      moving options_from_model tests to new model-dbic dist
      new lib dir
      moving Model/ to new dist
      new t/lib dir
      moving test lib files to new dist
      moving test lib files to new dist
      moving test lib files to new dist
      fixing tests so they work in new locations.
      adding Makefile.PL and MANIFEST.SKIP
      removed BEGIN blocks - all modules are properly listed in 'prereqs' now
      don't die on fields with no name
      changed defaults() to default_values().
      deleting tests again
      reverting r930 on
      skip repeatable many-to-many blocks with no nested_name
      ensure multi-value man-to-many correctly handles all options being 
      new test from Moritz Onken, which tests the fixed behaviour in 
HTML-FormFu r994
      changed behaviour back to that of last CPAN release
      adding Changes file
      new test for setting options_from_config to zero.
      new pod.t test file in new xt/ directory
      provide a temporary compatibility layer, so old model_config->{DBIC} 
style will still work
      bumped version no. for cpan release.
      updated Changes file
      adding multiform tests
      fixed multiform test
      fixes rt#35861.
      add support for model_config->{label} for setting field label from DB
      add model_config->{label} support for multi blocks
      check the block has a label() method (a multi)
      instead of following nested_base only on rels, also follow for non-column 
      make update() handle nested_base blocks for (non-col, non-rel) accessors
      change update/_save_relationships to use new_related() instead of 
create_relationship(), so that (as yet) missing NOT NULL cols don't cause an 
      adding new schema file that should have been included in r1081
      update Changes file
      bumped version no. for cpan release.
      run .pm file through perltidy.
      updated formfu prereq
      fixed incorrect pod code sections
      change required after is_field/is_block changes in trunk/HTML-FormFu@1123
      run .pm file through perltidy
      bump version no. for cpan release.
      ComboBox field tests
      options_from_model - if the schema isn't available, just the cat-context 
- accept a 'resultset' config as well as a 'model'
      if a checkbox/radio value isn't submitted, and the column is NOT NULL, 
set it to 0 (zero), not DEFAULT VALUE.
      fixed documentation of how to call model methods
      bumped version no. for cpan release.
      remove auto_install().
      creating directories to move Constraint::DBIC::Unique from 
/trunk/html-formfu-dbic to this dist.
      moving Constraint::DBIC::Unique from html-formfu-dbic to 
html-formfu-model-dbic dist.
      fix prereqs - require HTML-FormFu 0.03006
      require html-formfu version 0.03007
      silence a warning
      update MANIFEST.SKIP
      test that default_values() on a ComboBox selects the correct select option
      in _get_resultset() as a last resort, if there's a context but no model 
      change needed after config file was changed in r1304
      make options_from_model() use get_column() to isolate from internal DBIC 
      document options_form_model()'s localize_label setting
      minor cleanup - no change in logic
      remove $dbic->result_source() call in default_values() - it's never used
      test change required after HTML-FormFu change r1321,
      merging "deprecate-new_empty_row" branch back into trunk (-r1319:1347).
      new 'ignore_if_empty' model_config setting - patch from Moritz Onken
      tests for empty_rows(0)
      fix test count
      improve search for field matching a Repeatable's 'counter_name' - 
required for Repeatable within a Repeatable
      make Select fields in a Repeatable work - default_values() now calls 
$rep->process() after $rep->repeat()
      don't need to do $rep->process() after r1454 in HTML-FormFu
      undo r1453 - need to call $rep->process()
      some doc improvements
      bumped version no. for cpan release.
      add Plugin::DBIC::NewRowPK to MANIFEST.SKIP
      allow a multi-value field to select a has-one/might-have row.
      fix broken tests
      bumped prereq HTML-FormFu to 0.04002
      bumped version no. to cpan release.
      fix typo in warning.
      make options_from_model() 'label_col' work again with non-column accessors
      removing line accidentally added in r1513
      patch from Moritz Onken to fix "primary key and the foreign key may not 
be the same column" errors in latest cpan release
      updated version no., Changes file, prereqs for cpan release
      fix our prereqs after changes to DBIx::Class
      schema() method removed - not used.
      remove test dependency for Test::MockObject - looks like its' dependency 
UNIVERSAL::isa was causing test failures
      bump version no. for cpan release.
      bump version no. for cpan release.
      document new_rows_max config setting
      tests exercising repeatable-repeatables - sent by Ascii King
      bump version no. for cpan release.
      added many-to-many checkboxgroup tests
      tests now use in-memory sqlite db, so tests can be run in parallel.
      update Changes + Makefile.PL prereqs
      bumped version no. + updated Changes file for cpan release.
      fix some pod headings / links.
      $dbic->$rel(undef) was causing changes, though haven't managed to narrow 
it down for a test case,
      added 'repository' to Makefile.PL
      document option_from_model() config option condition_from_stash.
      bug fixes: primary_keys() should be primary_columns().
      new others() method to support compound unique keys.
      Fix: Was trying to pass undef to NOT NULL columns - changed check from
      removed all previously deprecated methods!
      YAML::Syck was missing from prereqs
      DBIx::Class::ResultSource->compare_relationship_keys() has been made 
private and issues a warning - so we've just copy/pasted the code we need
      bumped version no. + updated Changes for cpan release
      bumped version no. after failed pause upload
      bumped version no. after failed pause upload
      make Constrain::DBIC::Unique and Plugin::DBIC::NewRowPK work under new 
Moosified HTML-FormFu
      run through perltidy
      pulled halaszg's fork, broken out new tests into new files
      wrap call that may die, in an eval{}
      Merge branch 'master' of
      updated Changed + prereqs
      updated version no. for cpan release
      add .git to MANIFEST.SKIP
      update Changes file
      update repo to github
      Merge branch 'master' of
      manually merged
      shouldnt have pulled this in -tests dont pass
      options_from_model support for ENUM values
      support belongs_to with ComboBox
      localize_label works with non-column label accessors
      fix syntax error in last commit
      clarify docs - has_many/many_to_many - empty_rows/new_rows_max
      move munging of Constraint::DBIC::Unique's 'id_field' from 
Element::Repeatable into the constraint
      fix module name in pod
      support nested-names in 'others' and 'id_field'. fix id_field test
      update version no. / Changes for cpan release
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'wki/master'
      move new tests into separate file
      skip MultiForm tests if HTML::FormFu::MultiForm isn't installed
      change HTML in tests for HTML-FormFu v1.00 changes
      skip MultiForm tests if not installed
      switched to Dist::Zilla
      fix tests
      Changes version no.
      version 1.01, updated Changes
      switch from MooseX::Attribute::Chained to MooseX::Attribute::FormFuChained
      update test prereqs
      version 2.00, updated Changes file

halaszg (3):
      condition_from_stash now accepts hash from stash, but not from config.
      DBIC::Unique now detects prefilled and unchanged fields via optional 
id_field attribute.
      Forgotten to commit.

mariominati (1):
      Improved the way of building names for repeatable elements.

nigelm (7):
      Modified delete_if_true example to no longer use "delete" as a form item 
      Fix delete_if_true to work inside a surrounding block
      Made DBIC deletes conditional on row being in_storage - this prevents an 
      Many-to-many with restricting condition handling
      Extend many-to-many with restricting condition handling to work with 
      Reworked many-to-many with restricting condition
      Removed debugging code accidently left in

omega (4):
      r23330@andreas-marienborgs-computer:  andreas | 2008-02-27 13:52:14 +0100
      r23333@andreas-marienborgs-computer:  andreas | 2008-02-27 15:05:09 +0100

zby (8):
      typo fixed
      not relying on the value of ids of created rows
      test for deleting a second row added
      Not setting primary key to null - for PostgreSQL SERIALs
      parameter number mismatch fixed
      some decoupling - checkbox parameter wiped out
      some refactoring
      fix for creating rows with empty id, plus refactoring


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