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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
libcbitcoin-perl Debian release 0.2-1

Joel De Jesus (14):
      putting in XS code
      more work on creating makefile
      finished copy and pasting info over
      finished copy and pasting info over, part 2
      finished copy and pasting info over, part 3
      split up modules into separate pieces
      split up modules into separate pieces, part 3
      adding debian folder
      adding debian folder, part 2
      adding debian folder, part 3
      adding debian folder, part 4
      making 5 separate packages
      redoing folders
      annoying debian folder changes

Joel DeJesus (28):
      creating perl module for cbitcioin
      virgin status
      finally got perl module to work properly
      changed CBHD to object oriented thing
      got deriveChild fixed
      added public key function
      initial commit, debianizing
      adding debianizing script
      finally can compile cbitcoin perl modules
      almost done with deb packaging
      installing perl modules
      doing libperl deb packages
      fixing CBHD makefile
      dependency troubles
      scripts done
      got perl modules ready
      fixed hideous perl perllocal.pod problem
      getting perl modules working finally
      found out how to merge multiple modules
      merged package works
      reworking chaining code
      finally got one single deb package
      changing perl module name
      finally fixed linking problem
      beefed up README
      beefed up README, part 2
      fixing line in README
      fixing version number and spv test

Joel DeJesus (Work Email) (178):
      Imported Upstream version 0.01
      Imported Debian patch 0.01-1
      updated license info and readme
      updated license info and readme, part 2
      adding message
      got XS hash with scalar and integers working
      got XS, working with SV args
      got ip addresses to convert fully
      fubar spv code
      version code acknowledged by wireshark
      working on verack, part 1
      working on verack, part 2
      working on verack, part 3
      got complete handshake and ping/pong
      moving to spv brain, part 1
      moving to spv brain, part 2
      moving to spv brain, part 3, file based peer db
      starting block header downloads, part 1
      funky stuff happening
      funky stuff happening, part 2
      got headers to work
      moving to email01
      got public extended cbhd keys, without private bits, to work
      adding function to export public extended keys
      export public extended cbhd keys
      prepping to change to libev for event loop
      prepping to change to libev for event loop, part 2
      prepping to change to libev for event loop, part 3
      adding p2sh
      fixed address script issue
      working on p2sh transaction signing, part 1
      working on p2sh transaction signing, part 2
      added p2sh transaction test
      added p2sh transaction test, part 2
      added p2sh transaction test, part 3
      doing deb package
      Merge branch 'spv-test1' of 
into spv-test1
      starting on peer stuff
      got blocks to come in, but doing tooooo many getdata requests, connection 
being closed on other end
      got one block to come in
      working on chain,  p1
      got some blocks to come in
      Merge branch 'spv-test1'
      getting blocks via getdata, no block callback yet
      working on callback for block, p1
      working on callback for block, p2
      working on callback for block, p3
      getting blocks, p1
      discovered message bug, p1
      got blocks to download
      got blocks to download, p2
      got blocks to download, p3
      Merge branch 'spv-test1'.  Can scan the block chain.
      got blocks to download, p4
      changed control file
      prep deb package
      fixing configure script
      added tor addresses
      broken spv, p1
      broken spv, p2
      broken spv, fixed now, p3
      broken spv, added adjustable buffer, p4
      fixing merge
      fudged event loop, p1
      fudged event loop, p2
      got flexible buffer sizes working
      got flexible buffer sizes working, p1
      working on moving spv blocks to txserver, p4
      working on moving spv blocks to txserver, p4
      moving to picocoin
      got picocoin to compile and do some work
      more slow progress
      more slow progress, p2
      switching to callback based logic, p1
      jessie compile, p1
      Merge branch 'spv-test1'
      adjust version
      Merge branch 'master' of
      added tidbit on spv client
      fixing script tests, p1
      added functions to serialize public keys, p1
      added functions to serialize public keys, p2
      hd key work, p1
      hd key work, p2
      hd key work, p3, bad base58 decoding
      hd key work, p4, bad base58 decoding
      hd key success
      got script to compile
      serialized and deserialize script works
      adding script functions
      finished txinputs
      added TransactionOutput
      working on Transaction, p1
      working on Transaction, p2
      working on Transaction, p3
      working on Transaction, p4
      working on Transaction, p5
      one step closer to signing p2pkh
      got a signature
      having trouble verifying signatures, p1
      sig hell
      successful transaction!
      successful transaction, cleaned up test
      added read me, and completed change to picocoin as the library
      changed readme
      fixing weird bug with exporting constants from module, mismatching 
version numbers
      bug fixes
      spv stuff
      added Block c code
      adding message subroutines
      des block, working on transactions
      can parse blocks now
      adding block tests
      work on spv, p1
      spv stuff
      more progress
      figured out spv problem, CBitcoin::Block prevBlockHash is faulty
      fixed bad block hashes
      can finally download blocks
      added bloom filter
      can deserialize bloom filter
      got filtered block done
      downloads longest chain from one trusted node
      doing hooks, p1
      more work
      slowing moving to peer structure
      more work
      adding default worker
      adding default event loop, p2
      trying to get new blocks after scanning in checkpoints
      trouble restarting with checkpoint
      preparing usr bin scripts
      default loop, p1
      added getheaders, but having trouble downloading chain with multiple 
      building command line infrastructure
      building command line infrastructure, p1
      added log4perl
      adding mqueue
      updating package
      added code to do ecdh
      added code to do ecdh, but shared secret not matching
      added code to do ecdh, fixed
      added code to do ecdh, fixed, p2
      have encrypt/decrypt subs for DCBHD
      adding offset private/public keys
      adding offset private/public keys, done
      starting work on multisig transaction
      modified transaction
      make ecdh easier to debug, remove kdf
      fix bigint
      sharedsecret changed, added kdf
      fixed random nonce generator
      finally got TxServer and General to read extra MQ
      more spv work, need to fix start up procedure and single peer throttling
      prepping to add chain database
      working on spv chain database
      working on spv chain database, p2
      somewhat working chain db
      somewhat working chain db, p2
      got chain to download, p1
      got chain to download, p2
      prepping new deb package
      working on tree
      testing new accounting structure
      tree test successful
      got broadcasts working
      starting work on file locking
      adding file support
      tangible progress towards on disk wallet
      added bloomfilter to tree
      finished bloom filter work
      fixed cbhd network bytes
      working on bloom filter for transaction inputs
      bloom filter input scans implemented
      moving test data
      moving debian folder to contrib
      adding spv, bloom filter, and wallet code


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