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fsfs pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/0.10
in repository libio-pty-easy-perl.

        at  921caca   (tag)
   tagging  c945c1f01c6d1517120bc26686deba05bebd0253 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.09
 tagged by  Florian Schlichting
        on  Wed Oct 19 12:15:19 2016 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.10

Florian Schlichting (1):
      New upstream version 0.10

Jesse Luehrs (31):
      localize $@ and $? in the destructor
      change the class to be globref-based
      update some tests that accessed the hashref directly
      i guess i do want this to be defined
      not sure where this pod came from
      add a few accessor methods, to make the api cleaner
      namespace the hash slots i'm using, as noted in the IO::Handle docs
      update Changes
      stop explicitly depending on core modules
      add IO::Pty::HalfDuplex to SEE ALSO
      bump version to 0.06
      allow disabling the automatic $self->set_raw on spawn
      document the new raw option
      actually, the parent should never be automatically set raw
      update Changes
      switch to Dist::Zilla
      update Changes
      remove vim fold markers
      reformat a bunch of comments
      fix up doc links
      break some circular references
      changelog and bump version
      close the pty before killing the underlying process
      cleanups, dzil stuff, etc
      fix these docs
      skip flaky test for now

Stefan O'Rear (1):
      Fix BSD by draining the kernel pty buffer before waiting

doy (28):
      add failing test
      version bump to 0.04
      $self->close when the object is destroyed
      don't fail on multiple close calls
      minor nitpicks
      clean up signals a bit better
      move the wait() call from the SIGCHLD handler into kill(), and use IGNORE 
for SIGCHLD instead
      cleaner logic in is_active
      don't reset SIGWINCH if we didn't set it in the first place
      close the child ptys after tests that spawn things in them
      system() stuff should be fixed
      don't eat cpu while waiting for a process to die
      make test 004 timeout rather than hanging on systems where it's broken
      use waitpid rather than wait, and don't mess with SIGCHLD at all
      why was i using require here
      meh, no idea why this is necessary
      a few minor cleanups
      reformat Changes
      update changelog for 0.04
      no need for a changelog in README if i already have Changes
      update my email address
      various other 0.04 boilerplate updates
      call new directly, not indirectly
      need to preserve $pty->read returning undef on timeout
      add a test for read returning undef on timeout
      add a couple tests for write(), some failing
      we use POSIX too
      version bump to 0.05

jluehrs2 (42):
      probably should get this thing into version control... probably should 
have a while ago in fact
      add cpan stuff
      move the module into place, add some boilerplate pod stuff
      clean up the pod stuff
      change to carp for error messages
      add actual documentation
      add vim folds
      we don't need to explicitly specify a max for writing, since we can use 
the string length
      add some more to the synopsis
      make read() consistent with the documentation
      pod also requires newlines before commands
      various doc changes
      die if spawning a subprocess fails
      doc fixes
      we have tests
      write a readme
      getting ready for a release
      fix the changelog
      syswrite defaults to sending the whole string
      other doc fixes
      old tag: 0.01
      fix is_active to not rely on SIGCHLD, since it seems to create race 
conditions that i don't understand
      make kill block on the subprocess death by default, and allow sending 
signals other than TERM
      make spawn wait for the child to die before returning if there was an 
      don't know where this line came from
      comment formatting
      don't allow a subprocess to be spawned if one is already running
      this should have been a croak
      missed some PTY->pty changes
      this test also needs to make sure that the subprocess is dead before 
exiting (hasn't been an issue yet, but the situation is no different from 010)
      synopsis edit
      use the new kill() interface in the tests rather than the perl builtin
      doc changes for 0.02
      old tag: 0.02
      we can't handle the term size changes if STDIN isn't a tty, since then we 
have nowhere to get the size changes from
      this test is unnecessary, since sysread will return EOF if the process is 
dead... the pty object doesn't hold onto the stuff that came out on stdout
      print something on success and failure, so that the read call doesn't 
block, and make sure that the spawned script survives long enough for us to 
read from it
      update for version 0.03
      TAG 0.03


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