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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.30

Dave Rolsky (378):
      First prototype for a new Type system to replace Moose builtin types and 
      Remove some cruft
      Rework registry and declaration system
      Rework declaration and exporting some more.
      Add simple test of importing >1 type library - with no conflicts
      Croak if we detect a type conflict
      Add tests for conflicts between two libraries
      No need for utf8 encoding
      Not using Devel::PartialDump
      Add tests for re-exporting types from a library
      Not using blessed
      Not using undeclared type
      Move install_t_sub to a shared Helpers module
      Make all subs in Type::Registry exportable
      Small formatting tweak
      Add test to ensure that t() sub is cleaned up
      Add test for anon types
      Fix _declared_at to actually work
      Add a test for declared_at
      No fancy keywordish helpers for type declaration
      Implement optimized and inlined constraint generation
      Add $type->validate_or_dir which throws an exception
      Avoid warning about not being able to inline constructor
      Move all code to Interface role
      Add a .gitignore file
      Don't ignore Makefile.PL or inc
      Update .gitignore
      Implemented all non-parameterizable builtins
      Allow passing a class to declare()
      Fix types which expected $_ instead of $_[0]
      Types can either have a coderef constraint or be inlinable, not both
      Lots of refactoring towards parameterizable types
      Parameteriz{able,ed} constraints are working.
      More tests for parameterizing types
      Fix and test declared_at for parameterized types
      Add HashRef builtin type
      Add ScalarRef and Maybe types
      Die if type does not exist
      Work in progress on object-isa and object-can types
      Just use plain old PkgVersion
      Add AnyCan and AnyIsa types which accept class names or objects
      Remove extra nl
      Implement Enum type
      Type coercion registration is working.
      Rename coercion test
      Add test for coerce_value method
      Big refactoring of inlining-related code into a role shared by 
constraints and coercions
      Test for failed coercion
      Tweak coercion failure error
      Lots more work on inlining, especially coercions
      Can inline all coercions and the type check
      Rename T::C::Interface to T::C::Role::Interface
      More parameterized type tests
      More docs
      Start docs for simple type
      Start treating overloaded objects as equivalent to the type they overload
      Add overloading handling for bool type
      Add overloading support for Num & Int
      Add overloading support for code refs
      Add overloading support for ClassName type
      Add overloading support for RegexpRef type
      Support globref overloading
      Allow glob overload object to satisfy FileHandle constraint if glob is a 
file handle
      Support overloaded object for ScalarRef constraint
      Test all parameterizable types once as themselves, then parameterize with 
Any and test again
      Support overloaded scalarref in parameterized ScalarRef
      Support overloaded object for ArrayRef type
      Add overloading support for HashRef type
      Parameterize with Item, not Any
      Don't export a install a t() sub more than once in a given package
      Add comment for future check
      Docs for Type and Type::Declare
      Add $NEXT token
      Changes for first release
      Ignore .build dir
      Get dist.ini working - comment out tests that won't pass (yet)
      Fix spelling error
      Remove empty synopsis
      More release engineering
      Ignore build dirs
      Docs for Type::Exporter
      Make inline_environment have a builder, not a default
      Put a prefix on inline environment variable
      Starting work on docs for coercion objects
      Make declared_at an object
      Finish docs for Coercion API
      Refer to roles this class does
      List our roles first
      Docs for AnyCan class
      More docs
      Docs for Enum class
      Add pointers for role docs to the real docs
      Docs for Type::Constraint::Role::Interface
      Make coercion, constraint, inline_generator, and inline_environment attrs 
      Fix small doc typo
      Note that inline generator should reimplement parents' checks
      Docs for Type::Constraint::Simple
      Clarify how inline_environment works
      Test that inline environments are propogated properly
      Make message_generator attribute private
      Don't use MX::Aliases - we don't want aliases for attribute accessors
      Doc the declared_at param for Type::C::S constructor
      Docs for DeclaredAt class
      Add docs for Type::Exception
      Add minimal docs for Builtins library
      Add minimal docs for Type::Role::Inlinable
      Docs the roles that Type::Constraint::Simple does
      Remove extra newline
      Add some words to the spelling whitelist
      Spelling fixes
      Make attributes in Parameterizable class private
      Show example of declaring parameterized type
      Add docs on parameterized types to Type::Declare
      Minimal docs for Type::Helpers
      Minimal docs for Type::Registry
      Docs for Parameterizable and Parameterized types
      Add distro to spelling whitelist
      Add docs for declaration helpers
      Fix spelling
      Implement real pod coverage testing now that we have docs
      Bump version
      Changes for next release
      Add note about long-term plans for this code
      Add Throwable to spelling whitelist
      Re-enable pod link check and 404 tests
      Fix bad pod links
      Mention overloading support
      Remove -Werror
      Maybe should be a subtype of Item
      Non-inlined coercions were broken
      A coercion must define either a coercion sub or an inline generator
      Add tests for using Type with Moose
      Add support for is_a_type_of
      Add tests for types with native traits
      Add ->is_same_type_as method to types
      Add comment to _build_signature
      Message generator only received one argument
      Require Perl 5.10
      Changed how message generators work
      If a value cannot be coerced just return the original value
      Add a bunch of tests for native traits with Type
      Ensure that inline environment uses unique names for each type
      Doc need to make inline env var names unique
      Skip Moose tests unless we're testing with a Moose repo in the path
      Fix inline env test to not expect specific names for internally generated 
      Doc is_same_type_as method
      Changes for next release
      Ignore type_parameter method in Type::Constraint::Parameterized
      Bump versoin
      Changes grammar improvements
      Grammar improvements
      Add support for does types.
      Fix tests to match docs
      Changes for next release
      Bump version
      Skip roles used in tests
      Fix abstract
      No need for XS when we can use re::is_regexp (5.10+ only)
      Changes for next release
      Bump version
      Add TODO file
      Don't use fallback for overloaded classes in test
      Rename Type to Specio
      Fix spelling errors
      Add words to spelling whitelist
      Changes for next release
      Formatting tweak
      Fix bug in SYNOPSIS code
      Fix typo
      Tidy all code
      Fix various doc typos
      Bump version
      Unconditionally skip tests that need Moose
      Changes for next release
      Bump version
      Add section on where the Specio name comes from
      Clarify root of species
      Add namespace to spelling whitelist
      Remove unused var
      Fix type in comment
      We still need to increment the counter
      Removed use of the encoding pragma, which is deprecated in 5.18
      Bump version
      Add missing semicolon
      Update TODO file
      Rename TODO to TODO.pod
      Fix branch names
      Don't load Specio::Constraint::Parameterized in 
      Remove use of BUILDARGS
      Step 1 of removing Moose
      More de-moosification
      Removed all Moose attrs
      No more "use Moose"
      Make sure all attrs are only generated once at module load time
      Split internal type checks into their own package and remove unused code 
in Specio::OO
      Remove support for Moose classes from Specio::OO
      Remove Moose from tests
      Use DROLSKY plugin bundle
      Remove a done TODO
      Various pod fixes
      Bump version
      Changes for next release
      Ignore README file
      Explicitly require Class::Method::Modifiers
      Remove manual accessor method
      Don't import from Class::Method::Modifiers since Role::Tiny already 
exports those functions
      Make Specio::OO inline all accessors & constructors
      mv $NullConstraint definition
      Make Specio play nicely with Moo
      Tidy and indent synopsis code in
      Use quote_sub in coercion_sub method for benefit of Moo
      Doc coercion_sub() method and overloading
      Indent & tidy all synopsis code
      Check params passed to Parametizable->parameterize()
      Explicitly overload stringification to avoid having use 
      When testing subrefification just make sure it accepts a value without an 
exception rather than returning true
      Various doc updates
      More detail on Moo compat in Changes
      Bump version
      Add a hideous hack to avoid breaking existing Moose tests
      Add parens for compilation sanity
      Update list of stopwords
      Fix pod typo
      Fix comment typo
      Can't use s///r
      Bump version
      Add missing paren
      Merge pull request #1 from karenetheridge/topic/no_lmu
      Add .travis.yml
      Tidy all code, add $VERSION, and update generated files
      Require Moose 2.1207 for with-moose.t
      Changes for Moose test fix
      Fix removal of Test::Synopsis
      More tidy & critic fixes
      Don't use Test::Pod::No404s
      Update generated files again
      Fix some old docs that referred to Moose incorrectly
      Add Moo & Moose to develop requires
      Bump version after release
      Fix typo in Specio docs
      More doc fixes for Specio
      Tidy with latest Perl::Tidy
      Small doc updates
      Update generated files
      Remove "is => 'bare'" from attribute declarations
      Require that a type parameter be inlinable if the parameterizable type is 
      Remove Test::CleanNamespaces plugin
      Remove generated doc sections
      Fix grammar in Changes
      Bump version after release
      Test with Perl 5.24
      Test coverage with 5.24
      Implement inline_assert method for constraint objects
      Generate a name for parameterized types based on the parent & parameter 
if they are not anonymous
      Add much better tests of parameterized types
      Rewrite all inlining code to try to be more efficient
      Bump version after release
      Update tidyall.ini to include Test::Vars
      Remove unused variable
      Don't index any libs under t/lib
      Update .gitignore
      Move most of sanity test code into a library
      Fix description of number + newline
      Remove use of Try::Tiny - we can use Test::Fatal in tests and it's not 
used lib
      Remove use of Lingua::EN::Inflect
      Remove () from method calls
      Rename $last => $final for critic
      Really remove use of Try::Tiny
      Don't let Moo get added to prereqs
      Changes for prereqs
      First stab at string & perl type tests
      Remove Devel::Dwarn
      Remove remaining try/catch
      Remove use of Params::Util
      Add docs for String types
      Add more types to the Perl library
      Add more stopwords to spelling whitelist
      Only use Test::Vars on modules
      Move "use B;" to the right place
      Accept Num and Int values in scientific notation form
      Wrap all variable assignments in do blocks when generating inlined TC 
      Reorder module use lines in String lib
      Add Numeric types
      Doc new type libs in Changes
      Tidy new code
      Move spelling stopwords to a file
      Bump version after release
      Remove use of Class::Load and Module::Runtime
      Make critic happy
      Bump version after release
      Forget to mention removal of Module::Runtime in Changes
      Replace "use v5.10" with "use 5.010"
      Bump version after release
      Small doc fix for Enum class
      Require Test::More 0.96 instead of 0.88
      Doc fixes for *_does_type and *_isa_type declaration helpers
      Mention Perl library added 0.15
      Fix grammar in library module abstracts
      Note that all Perl name types allow Unicode
      Clarify use of named subtype without additional constraint
      Implement union types
      Handle an anonymous type in Test::Types
      Skip the union.t test on Perl < 5.14
      Fix cloning of Union type objects
      Override _has_parent for Union as well and test parent-related methods
      Fix inlining of empty subtypes when the parent can be inlined
      Make code compatible with Perl 5.8
      Remove _set_constraint method which was used exactly once
      Remove need for Class::Method::Modifiers
      Bump version after release
      Remove dependency on Devel::PartialDump by borging a chunk of its code
      Add Yuval Kogman to stopwords
      Update generated files
      Bump version after release
      Don't require namespace::autoclean for tests
      Bump version after release
      Don't load Sub::Quote so it doesn't show up in our deps
      Bump version after release
      Require version 0.83+
      Bump version after release
      Implement intersection type
      Fix some typos in the Union docs
      Bump version after release
      Skip intersection.t on Perl < 5.14
      Bump version after release
      Clarify in Changes
      Fix two underscores in some Specio::PartialDump sub names
      Remove a few stray parens on method calls
      Allow {any,object}_{isa,does}_type to be called in single arg form 
repeatedly in the same package
      Bump version after release
      Fix SYNOPSIS for enum()
      Require Role::Tiny 1.003003 to fix overloading issue
      Bump version after release
      Fix bug when cloning type with a coercion
      Fix bug when generating an inline constraint for an empty subtype of a 
special type
      Document all builtins types (and remove Any)
      Make critic, tidy, & pod coverage happy
      Bump version after release
      Make a public Test::Specio package
      Fix another bug with inlining a subtype of a special type
      Bump version after release
      Clarify that RegexpRef accepts objects which overload qr
      Doc Specio::PartialDump
      Bump version after release
      Small code reformatting
      Fix a nasty heisenbug with the Sub::Quoted sub for coercions

Karen Etheridge (1):
      use List::Util instead of List::MoreUtils

gregor herrmann (1):
      New upstream version 0.30


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