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in repository libspecio-perl.

      from  730bcf5   Releasing package libspecio-perl version 0.29-1
      adds  d86a03b   First prototype for a new Type system to replace Moose 
builtin types and MX::Types
      adds  b9c0ca1   Remove some cruft
      adds  7e76379   Rework registry and declaration system
      adds  35798b4   Rework declaration and exporting some more.
      adds  cd47cb3   Add simple test of importing >1 type library - with no 
      adds  f06a268   Croak if we detect a type conflict
      adds  f5b4ad2   Add tests for conflicts between two libraries
      adds  21a13eb   No need for utf8 encoding
      adds  f4d523b   Not using Devel::PartialDump
      adds  0b23511   Add tests for re-exporting types from a library
      adds  d9aeb6d   Not using blessed
      adds  e3221b1   Not using undeclared type
      adds  c4fbd8a   Move install_t_sub to a shared Helpers module
      adds  14bed6a   Make all subs in Type::Registry exportable
      adds  492d64d   Small formatting tweak
      adds  f5f674e   Add test to ensure that t() sub is cleaned up
      adds  c058c5c   Add test for anon types
      adds  740ac9b   Fix _declared_at to actually work
      adds  112faef   Add a test for declared_at
      adds  548f366   No fancy keywordish helpers for type declaration
      adds  faa16cc   Implement optimized and inlined constraint generation
      adds  6401f49   Add $type->validate_or_dir which throws an exception
      adds  874ed1c   Avoid warning about not being able to inline constructor
      adds  22258e7   Move all code to Interface role
      adds  0260952   Add a .gitignore file
      adds  8eee7f8   Don't ignore Makefile.PL or inc
      adds  b957223   Update .gitignore
      adds  3a8a50d   Implemented all non-parameterizable builtins
      adds  a2cb58c   Allow passing a class to declare()
      adds  998189b   Fix types which expected $_ instead of $_[0]
      adds  0420052   Types can either have a coderef constraint or be 
inlinable, not both
      adds  15deda5   Lots of refactoring towards parameterizable types
      adds  1473e09   Parameteriz{able,ed} constraints are working.
      adds  f1fe68d   More tests for parameterizing types
      adds  fe07a9e   Fix and test declared_at for parameterized types
      adds  03a278a   Add HashRef builtin type
      adds  5f4768a   Add ScalarRef and Maybe types
      adds  0ea2503   Die if type does not exist
      adds  5ca50a6   Work in progress on object-isa and object-can types
      adds  00e233a   Just use plain old PkgVersion
      adds  be773bf   Add AnyCan and AnyIsa types which accept class names or 
      adds  14190bf   Remove extra nl
      adds  4e4cffc   Implement Enum type
      adds  f520df9   Type coercion registration is working.
      adds  ed37286   Rename coercion test
      adds  ca220b6   Add test for coerce_value method
      adds  20cbe0d   Big refactoring of inlining-related code into a role 
shared by constraints and coercions
      adds  5c76637   Test for failed coercion
      adds  27a8a20   Tweak coercion failure error
      adds  a71e4f6   Lots more work on inlining, especially coercions
      adds  3d619dc   Can inline all coercions and the type check
      adds  0b083a9   Rename T::C::Interface to T::C::Role::Interface
      adds  0b37e8d   More parameterized type tests
      adds  9e59e24   More docs
      adds  3d61fa0   Start docs for simple type
      adds  8df4697   Start treating overloaded objects as equivalent to the 
type they overload
      adds  bf0ef44   Add overloading handling for bool type
      adds  4863714   Add overloading support for Num & Int
      adds  db84cd8   Add overloading support for code refs
      adds  59c08b0   Add overloading support for ClassName type
      adds  8974e9f   Add overloading support for RegexpRef type
      adds  b28a286   Support globref overloading
      adds  4267a6f   Allow glob overload object to satisfy FileHandle 
constraint if glob is a file handle
      adds  1ea8f7c   Support overloaded object for ScalarRef constraint
      adds  f9246e5   Test all parameterizable types once as themselves, then 
parameterize with Any and test again
      adds  f07ad28   Support overloaded scalarref in parameterized ScalarRef
      adds  282ad89   Support overloaded object for ArrayRef type
      adds  605c4f2   Add overloading support for HashRef type
      adds  3688401   Parameterize with Item, not Any
      adds  9d4ae0a   Don't export a install a t() sub more than once in a 
given package
      adds  c434516   Add comment for future check
      adds  989dea0   Docs for Type and Type::Declare
      adds  dbdf162   Add $NEXT token
      adds  9eb81e4   Changes for first release
      adds  73ec3aa   Ignore .build dir
      adds  b851eaf   Get dist.ini working - comment out tests that won't pass 
      adds  6a8bf2c   Fix spelling error
      adds  bdd2bde   Remove empty synopsis
      adds  b1666ce   More release engineering
      adds  c505e84   Ignore build dirs
      adds  9c2b604   v0.01
      adds  9ef7d81   Docs for Type::Exporter
      adds  5a28c48   Make inline_environment have a builder, not a default
      adds  72804e8   Put a prefix on inline environment variable
      adds  65c3aaa   Starting work on docs for coercion objects
      adds  2cc6faf   Make declared_at an object
      adds  0b04914   Finish docs for Coercion API
      adds  11c7ae6   Refer to roles this class does
      adds  0fcfa4e   List our roles first
      adds  d73ef56   Docs for AnyCan class
      adds  5668c80   More docs
      adds  0b70e04   Docs for Enum class
      adds  3509f9f   Add pointers for role docs to the real docs
      adds  bf0ca99   Docs for Type::Constraint::Role::Interface
      adds  7661f62   Make coercion, constraint, inline_generator, and 
inline_environment attrs private
      adds  f44429f   Fix small doc typo
      adds  9d8a625   Note that inline generator should reimplement parents' 
      adds  1ffb00e   s/semi-colon/semicolon/
      adds  7afb02f   Docs for Type::Constraint::Simple
      adds  8132c63   Clarify how inline_environment works
      adds  afdb091   Test that inline environments are propogated properly
      adds  a79add3   Make message_generator attribute private
      adds  f3363a1   Don't use MX::Aliases - we don't want aliases for 
attribute accessors
      adds  b3a1c8d   Doc the declared_at param for Type::C::S constructor
      adds  4edda69   Docs for DeclaredAt class
      adds  3d8c87f   Add docs for Type::Exception
      adds  7c045f4   Add minimal docs for Builtins library
      adds  f85fb14   Add minimal docs for Type::Role::Inlinable
      adds  9412b54   Docs the roles that Type::Constraint::Simple does
      adds  540d1b4   Remove extra newline
      adds  6b0db81   Add some words to the spelling whitelist
      adds  b6ab488   Spelling fixes
      adds  8313e91   Make attributes in Parameterizable class private
      adds  ecbadfc   Show example of declaring parameterized type
      adds  0a41a10   Add docs on parameterized types to Type::Declare
      adds  ab9ac2b   Minimal docs for Type::Helpers
      adds  b385626   Minimal docs for Type::Registry
      adds  fdd305d   Docs for Parameterizable and Parameterized types
      adds  6c3c620   Add distro to spelling whitelist
      adds  94555f6   Add docs for declaration helpers
      adds  2b134a6   Fix spelling
      adds  8351ae3   Implement real pod coverage testing now that we have docs
      adds  deebee0   Bump version
      adds  861ed85   Changes for next release
      adds  50c6d37   Add note about long-term plans for this code
      adds  7bd80d9   Add Throwable to spelling whitelist
      adds  e843164   Re-enable pod link check and 404 tests
      adds  5070272   Fix bad pod links
      adds  ffa9acd   v0.02
      adds  08eff25   Mention overloading support
      adds  b7d9bcf   Remove -Werror
      adds  5c22f3e   Maybe should be a subtype of Item
      adds  e805522   Non-inlined coercions were broken
      adds  3635cdc   A coercion must define either a coercion sub or an inline 
      adds  192ea27   Add tests for using Type with Moose
      adds  f9d8063   Add support for is_a_type_of
      adds  c84f27c   Add tests for types with native traits
      adds  ec7faba   Add ->is_same_type_as method to types
      adds  854bbaa   Add comment to _build_signature
      adds  d9e3df8   Message generator only received one argument
      adds  02f9d4c   Require Perl 5.10
      adds  3c448ce   Changed how message generators work
      adds  0665db8   If a value cannot be coerced just return the original 
      adds  eff15d3   Add a bunch of tests for native traits with Type
      adds  8999280   Ensure that inline environment uses unique names for each 
      adds  6d51089   Doc need to make inline env var names unique
      adds  aad7908   Skip Moose tests unless we're testing with a Moose repo 
in the path
      adds  50f9445   Fix inline env test to not expect specific names for 
internally generated vars
      adds  37e33d5   Doc is_same_type_as method
      adds  548b4c1   Changes for next release
      adds  29257b9   Ignore type_parameter method in 
      adds  5a32894   Bump versoin
      adds  dfbae87   v0.03
      adds  5b8ee47   Changes grammar improvements
      adds  d8dc515   Grammar improvements
      adds  89ff61b   Add support for does types.
      adds  109d2af   Fix tests to match docs
      adds  91469a1   Changes for next release
      adds  45874cd   Bump version
      adds  3633d98   Skip roles used in tests
      adds  9ef48e7   v0.04
      adds  805e66d   Fix abstract
      adds  b575e7e   No need for XS when we can use re::is_regexp (5.10+ only)
      adds  cc31070   Changes for next release
      adds  3aeb92f   Bump version
      adds  e073c38   v0.05
      adds  66a0978   Add TODO file
      adds  27a5a67   Don't use fallback for overloaded classes in test
      adds  c66a12e   Rename Type to Specio
      adds  fba5ffa   Fix spelling errors
      adds  d8a4f22   Add words to spelling whitelist
      adds  c29e525   Changes for next release
      adds  4fa30e0   Formatting tweak
      adds  5fd95e4   Fix bug in SYNOPSIS code
      adds  f7f1f92   Fix typo
      adds  421118f   Tidy all code
      adds  bbd8b20   Fix various doc typos
      adds  2493ae2   Bump version
      adds  df6424f   v0.06
      adds  40fd23b   Unconditionally skip tests that need Moose
      adds  c7c59fb   Changes for next release
      adds  4f70975   Bump version
      adds  0762bcd   Add section on where the Specio name comes from
      adds  9013499   Clarify root of species
      adds  2f97125   Add namespace to spelling whitelist
      adds  1e55555   v0.07
      adds  b1cd4a0   Remove unused var
      adds  f5bdf2e   Fix type in comment
      adds  3d11dd8   We still need to increment the counter
      adds  12e7971   Removed use of the encoding pragma, which is deprecated 
in 5.18
      adds  f3ede9c   Bump version
      adds  2b947d3   v0.08
      adds  6f5e898   Add missing semicolon
      adds  5d0f888   Update TODO file
      adds  0f84f74   Rename TODO to TODO.pod
      adds  55145a7   Fix branch names
      adds  49ff370   Don't load Specio::Constraint::Parameterized in 
      adds  828a01b   Remove use of BUILDARGS
      adds  40e659f   Step 1 of removing Moose
      adds  674476d   More de-moosification
      adds  3679d4f   Removed all Moose attrs
      adds  5e6f5d8   No more "use Moose"
      adds  2ee4786   Make sure all attrs are only generated once at module 
load time
      adds  b47bcc5   Split internal type checks into their own package and 
remove unused code in Specio::OO
      adds  412dd33   Remove support for Moose classes from Specio::OO
      adds  a70e926   Remove Moose from tests
      adds  801292a   Use DROLSKY plugin bundle
      adds  ae1b4e1   Remove a done TODO
      adds  aaf8610   Various pod fixes
      adds  9542ee2   Bump version
      adds  074d657   Changes for next release
      adds  797924c   Ignore README file
      adds  cc3f144   v0.09
      adds  f8e5b55   Explicitly require Class::Method::Modifiers
      adds  9bd347e   Remove manual accessor method
      adds  b84ba3e   Don't import from Class::Method::Modifiers since 
Role::Tiny already exports those functions
      adds  3868944   Make Specio::OO inline all accessors & constructors
      adds  2bd310e   mv $NullConstraint definition
      adds  fffacb0   Make Specio play nicely with Moo
      adds  ddd286a   Tidy and indent synopsis code in
      adds  c29a562   Use quote_sub in coercion_sub method for benefit of Moo
      adds  ac6ca45   Doc coercion_sub() method and overloading
      adds  2b68432   Indent & tidy all synopsis code
      adds  247f035   Check params passed to Parametizable->parameterize()
      adds  f04a3c4   Explicitly overload stringification to avoid having use boolification
      adds  7bc98e1   When testing subrefification just make sure it accepts a 
value without an exception rather than returning true
      adds  8449f80   Various doc updates
      adds  3cfcde8   More detail on Moo compat in Changes
      adds  4f071d4   Bump version
      adds  7d32c7e   Add a hideous hack to avoid breaking existing Moose tests
      adds  a2cd508   Add parens for compilation sanity
      adds  331b429   Update list of stopwords
      adds  7ed3ad1   Fix pod typo
      adds  4c4e4a8   v0.10
      adds  8ff713f   Fix comment typo
      adds  6e2c556   Can't use s///r
      adds  a79040b   Bump version
      adds  95660f7   v0.11
      adds  cdb222d   Add missing paren
      adds  c35022e   use List::Util instead of List::MoreUtils
      adds  552aac1   Merge pull request #1 from karenetheridge/topic/no_lmu
      adds  79b2bd6   Add .travis.yml
      adds  e899e8e   Tidy all code, add $VERSION, and update generated files
      adds  d3a127c   Require Moose 2.1207 for with-moose.t
      adds  d1942ac   Changes for Moose test fix
      adds  b87e34f   Fix removal of Test::Synopsis
      adds  11f5c28   More tidy & critic fixes
      adds  b6a2051   Don't use Test::Pod::No404s
      adds  809fb5f   Update generated files again
      adds  25f8b7f   Fix some old docs that referred to Moose incorrectly
      adds  8d70a36   Add Moo & Moose to develop requires
      adds  64f4788   v0.12
      adds  ef6302e   Bump version after release
      adds  f215c16   Fix typo in Specio docs
      adds  9ec0560   More doc fixes for Specio
      adds  a0a3ea3   Tidy with latest Perl::Tidy
      adds  f3e70e3   Small doc updates
      adds  bae9ff1   Update generated files
      adds  d9cb512   Remove "is => 'bare'" from attribute declarations
      adds  8608a0e   Require that a type parameter be inlinable if the 
parameterizable type is inlinable
      adds  dbb2ed6   Remove Test::CleanNamespaces plugin
      adds  e5b7f7f   Remove generated doc sections
      adds  3d65e54   Fix grammar in Changes
      adds  246aa9d   v0.13
      adds  46ffd29   Bump version after release
      adds  2f6bc0c   Test with Perl 5.24
      adds  274f076   Test coverage with 5.24
      adds  78460c9   Implement inline_assert method for constraint objects
      adds  018d962   s/foreach/for/
      adds  03ae630   Generate a name for parameterized types based on the 
parent & parameter if they are not anonymous
      adds  e34f887   Add much better tests of parameterized types
      adds  44e6973   Rewrite all inlining code to try to be more efficient
      adds  4291e5d   v0.14
      adds  fddef05   Bump version after release
      adds  fc20975   Update tidyall.ini to include Test::Vars
      adds  1b949c2   Remove unused variable
      adds  2101072   Don't index any libs under t/lib
      adds  e820baf   Update .gitignore
      adds  0a1bfff   Move most of sanity test code into a library
      adds  dedd2ad   Fix description of number + newline
      adds  255c104   Remove use of Try::Tiny - we can use Test::Fatal in tests 
and it's not used lib
      adds  4722072   Remove use of Lingua::EN::Inflect
      adds  15b6bfd   Remove () from method calls
      adds  a5bd422   Rename $last => $final for critic
      adds  a737d7d   Really remove use of Try::Tiny
      adds  ccefeac   Don't let Moo get added to prereqs
      adds  f7b899c   Changes for prereqs
      adds  12a9db8   First stab at string & perl type tests
      adds  4e41dad   Remove Devel::Dwarn
      adds  6d9dca2   Remove remaining try/catch
      adds  2c7092c   Remove use of Params::Util
      adds  2f10b72   Add docs for String types
      adds  a0abe0d   Add more types to the Perl library
      adds  2478db5   Add more stopwords to spelling whitelist
      adds  1fac391   Only use Test::Vars on modules
      adds  c5b72da   Move "use B;" to the right place
      adds  a034f97   Accept Num and Int values in scientific notation form
      adds  46e518b   Wrap all variable assignments in do blocks when 
generating inlined TC checks
      adds  4ff79d9   Reorder module use lines in String lib
      adds  69f30a4   Add Numeric types
      adds  0db92ad   Doc new type libs in Changes
      adds  acd3256   Tidy new code
      adds  11c9d90   Move spelling stopwords to a file
      adds  e15ab41   v0.15
      adds  b3592df   Bump version after release
      adds  41037b7   Remove use of Class::Load and Module::Runtime
      adds  f106e01   Make critic happy
      adds  ef7dd91   v0.16
      adds  9af1406   Bump version after release
      adds  8514034   Forget to mention removal of Module::Runtime in Changes
      adds  ed7233c   Replace "use v5.10" with "use 5.010"
      adds  7c92004   v0.17
      adds  c3a0049   Bump version after release
      adds  afa0c14   Small doc fix for Enum class
      adds  c90494d   Require Test::More 0.96 instead of 0.88
      adds  f943ba6   Doc fixes for *_does_type and *_isa_type declaration 
      adds  0fd964f   Mention Perl library added 0.15
      adds  605f8a5   Fix grammar in library module abstracts
      adds  8b09378   Note that all Perl name types allow Unicode
      adds  b3a5a47   Clarify use of named subtype without additional constraint
      adds  330d3c9   Implement union types
      adds  56178f0   Handle an anonymous type in Test::Types
      adds  fc03886   Skip the union.t test on Perl < 5.14
      adds  88402f5   Fix cloning of Union type objects
      adds  17f94af   Override _has_parent for Union as well and test 
parent-related methods
      adds  9931bd6   Fix inlining of empty subtypes when the parent can be 
      adds  b5690ac   Make code compatible with Perl 5.8
      adds  af038df   Remove _set_constraint method which was used exactly once
      adds  0bcb971   Remove need for Class::Method::Modifiers
      adds  8394027   v0.18
      adds  e360baf   Bump version after release
      adds  51883d2   Remove dependency on Devel::PartialDump by borging a 
chunk of its code
      adds  5c4f795   Add Yuval Kogman to stopwords
      adds  02daccd   Update generated files
      adds  329db0c   v0.19
      adds  d739d72   Bump version after release
      adds  b67581d   Don't require namespace::autoclean for tests
      adds  39eac06   v0.20
      adds  07378b4   Bump version after release
      adds  047ddca   Don't load Sub::Quote so it doesn't show up in our deps
      adds  5b93723   v0.21
      adds  a8dce6e   Bump version after release
      adds  b635e3f   Require version 0.83+
      adds  a0533b2   v0.22
      adds  6b6d3d5   Bump version after release
      adds  bec882a   Implement intersection type
      adds  937efc8   Fix some typos in the Union docs
      adds  70d7074   v0.23
      adds  77d954f   Bump version after release
      adds  efa3bc5   Skip intersection.t on Perl < 5.14
      adds  7ffa7dc   v0.24
      adds  33b8744   Bump version after release
      adds  55e3f14   Clarify in Changes
      adds  3658067   Fix two underscores in some Specio::PartialDump sub names
      adds  af6c781   Remove a few stray parens on method calls
      adds  aad8ee4   Allow {any,object}_{isa,does}_type to be called in single 
arg form repeatedly in the same package
      adds  b9ed30b   v0.25
      adds  127a68d   Bump version after release
      adds  2bc4911   Fix SYNOPSIS for enum()
      adds  60fb622   Require Role::Tiny 1.003003 to fix overloading issue
      adds  23a9101   v0.26
      adds  1e27750   Bump version after release
      adds  fa97f4d   Fix bug when cloning type with a coercion
      adds  b61066a   Fix bug when generating an inline constraint for an empty 
subtype of a special type
      adds  20b5be8   Document all builtins types (and remove Any)
      adds  ca05882   Make critic, tidy, & pod coverage happy
      adds  b9f42d2   v0.27
      adds  5f1c7b9   Bump version after release
      adds  6def354   Make a public Test::Specio package
      adds  b6301b0   Fix another bug with inlining a subtype of a special type
      adds  4498407   v0.28
      adds  9c29d1c   Bump version after release
      adds  6c080bf   Clarify that RegexpRef accepts objects which overload qr
      adds  df2e6f8   Doc Specio::PartialDump
      adds  e518cf9   v0.29
      adds  7d3349e   Bump version after release
      adds  90f237a   Small code reformatting
      adds  098dfd5   Fix a nasty heisenbug with the Sub::Quoted sub for 
      adds  a945871   v0.30
      adds  5659e35   New upstream version 0.30
       new  075f5a1   Merge tag 'upstream/0.30'
       new  8774988   Update debian/changelog
       new  7355978   releasing package libspecio-perl version 0.30-1

The 3 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:                          |  2 +-
 Changes                                  |  8 +++
 META.json                                | 86 ++++++++++++++++----------------
 META.yml                                 | 86 ++++++++++++++++----------------
 Makefile.PL                              |  2 +-                                |  2 +-
 debian/changelog                         |  7 +++
 lib/                            |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/                   |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Constraint/          |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Constraint/         |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Constraint/          |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Constraint/            |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Constraint/    |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Constraint/       |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Constraint/      |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Constraint/       |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Constraint/ |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Constraint/   |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Constraint/Role/    |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Constraint/Role/   |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Constraint/Role/  | 22 ++++----
 lib/Specio/Constraint/Role/    |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Constraint/          |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Constraint/           |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/                    |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/                 |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/                  |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/                   |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/                    |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Library/           |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Library/            |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Library/               |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Library/             |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/                         |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/                |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/                   |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/Role/             |  4 +-
 lib/Specio/                 |  4 +-
 lib/Test/                       |  4 +-
 t/with-moo.t                             | 55 ++++++++++++++++++++
 41 files changed, 235 insertions(+), 163 deletions(-)

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