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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/1.0042
in repository libplack-perl.

        at  94352ff   (tag)
   tagging  4792903dd96bce2ff046ec6bb955e20feea945f5 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.0039
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sat Oct 22 23:42:07 2016 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.0042

Akzhan Abdulin (2):
      More information about wrong headers.
      Add tests for information about wrong headers.

Asato Wakisaka (8):
      Test Plack::Middleware::AccessLog::Timed properly records taken_sec
      Pass microseconds order `time` to logger so that `%D` will be recorded 
      %T is not floating but integer
      Bump Apache::LogFormat::Compiler to 0.33 so that 
Plack::Middleware::AccessLog::Timed can record `%T` properly
      clear log before 2nd test
      bump Test::MockTime::HiRes so that perl 5.8 can run tests
      kick ci?
      Bump once again

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (2):
      Add listen_sock option to HTTP::Server::PSGI
      Use test_tcp(listen => 1, ...) in tests

David Schmidt (1):
      add note regarding content-type header

Fabrice Gabolde (1):
      Document the default value of the FCGI handler's backlog size.

Graham Knop (1):
      stop relying on . in @INC

Marco Pessotto (1):
      Correct conditional get logic

Masahiro Nagano (6):
      replace HTTP::Body with HTTP::Entity::Parser
      set HTTP::Entitiy::Parser buffer length via an environment variable. 
related HTTP-Entity-Parser/issues/3
      requries HTTP::Entity::Parser 0.16. improve Content-Disposition header 
      requries HTTP::Entity::Parser 0.17 and WWW::Form::UrlEncoded 0.23.
      Use Cookie::Baker for parsing cookie
      add tests that was added in #564

Richard Simões (1):
      Allow log4perl.t and log4perl-category.t to run in parallel

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa (31):
      Merge pull request #538 from kazeburo/use-http-entity-parser
      Increased the request buffer to 64k for unbuffered, 1MB for buffered 
      Merge branch 'header-hotfix'
      Add a test for HTTP::Headers compatibility
      Merge pull request #542 from smcmurray/blessed_app
      Suggest CGI::PSGI or CGI::Emulate::PSGI
      Merge pull request #545 from rsimoes/master
      add URL
      Merge pull request #547 from notbenh/doc-fix-plack-test
      Merge pull request #551 from astj/fix/accesslog_timed_format
      Merge pull request #550 from ilmari/listen
      remove IO::Handle::Util. Fix #553
      add Log::Dispatch. Fix #554
      Fix deps to move deps that are actually used by modules to runtime.
      run the test in parallel on travis
      do not require Test::MockTime::HiRes - sleeping will just work
      Merge pull request #556 from 
      Merge pull request #557 from domm/master
      Merge pull request #558 from davewood/master
      Merge pull request #559 from akzhan/patch-1
      Merge pull request #563 from haarg/no-dot-inc
      Merge pull request #567 from kazeburo/use-cookie-baker-for-parsing-cookie
      Simplified the logic without nested ifs
      cleanup the test
      Merge pull request #569 from plack/conditionalget-fix
      Revert "Add listen_sock option to HTTP::Server::PSGI"
      add Gazelle to the downstream test
      Revert "Use test_tcp(listen => 1, ...) in tests"

Thomas Klausner (1):
      doc fix: the http header is called Cookie (singular)

ben hengst (2):
      white space issue causes failing test if run
      extra S, thanks Miyagawa

gregor herrmann (1):
      New upstream version 1.0042

smcmurray (1):
      Allow PSGI apps to be blessed coderefs, etc.


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