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gregoa pushed a change to branch master
in repository libdata-dmp-perl.

      from  5f09eb7   update changelog
      adds  49cd9ee   Initial commit
      adds  8127f38   Rename file
      adds  8da79a7   Inline qqquote (double_quote), fix fixups
      adds  1893152   Handle dumping ref of ref
      adds  f0fdf75   Avoid perl undef warning
      adds  6e57312   Release v0.01
      adds  a91e5ff   Bugfix: localize %_subscripts
      adds  6c74d01   Add module: Data::Dmp::Simple
      adds  cec51bc   Release v0.02
      adds  33e3b7e   Dump coderef as "sub{'DUMMY'}"
      adds  769260a   Release v0.03
      adds  d2f7d82   Some wording and fmt changes
      adds  fe431a1   Release v0.04
      adds  f29142e   [doc] Add Benchmarks and FAQ section
      adds  3fb343d   Release v0.05
      adds  5cb78f7   Add coderef dumping support to Data::Dmp::Simple also
      adds  d73548e   Merge branch 'master' of /mnt/home/s1/repos/perl-Data-Dmp
      adds  409eafe   Dump regexp object as qr/.../ instead of bless(...)
      adds  78bee17   Release v0.06
      adds  6527a59   [Bugfix] Fix regexp pattern
      adds  03482b8   Release v0.07
      adds  4501a99   Use Regexp::Stringify, add setting OPT_PERL_VERSION
      adds  7ab370e   Release v0.08
      adds  34bb886   [Bugfix] Forgot to update Data::Dmp::Simple to use 
      adds  405c8cf   Add comment
      adds  5847d1f   Remove Data::Dmp::Simple (unused)
      adds  2fa6ae3   Produce more compact output (remove whitespaces)
      adds  f043ce3   Add tests
      adds  33f685b   Release v0.09
      adds  18a327d   Tweak description
      adds  26d37c1   Release v0.10
      adds  49862ee   Typos
      adds  37a86c5   Merge branch 'master' of 
      adds  34cad8b   Add benchmark devscript, show the result in POD
      adds  2ee0e21   Release v0.11
      adds  86e4b3f   Make sure bench scripts uses dev (lib/) version
      adds  660f3ae   [doc] Mention Data::Dumper::Limited & Data::Undump
      adds  41b22ef   Release v0.12
      adds  bc4c95f   Set default for $OPT_PERL_VERSION to 5.010, dump code 
references using Data::Dumper
      adds  cd9a2c6   Release v0.13
      adds  615fa17   By-pass Data::Dumper and use B::Deparse directly to dump 
coderefs, add option $OPT_REMOVE_PRAGMAS
      adds  298b8cd   Release v0.14
      adds  db0740f   [dist] Re-pass lint-prereqs (core modules must now be 
      adds  6efbd9c   [doc] Tweak description
      adds  685cb8b   Wording
      adds  740ae35   Release v0.15
      adds  429ac36   [dist] Add nytprof* to .gitignore
      adds  caea966   [Bugfix] Quote 0123 as "0123" to avoid perl interpreting 
it as octal literal
      adds  e381c2c   Release v0.16
      adds  9db9eb7   [Bugfix] Fix quoting criteria of hash key
      adds  9c1ad2a   Release v0.17
      adds  b367ff5   [Bugfix] Stricter quoting of numbers (only number literal 
that would not be normalized is dumped without quotes)
      adds  a2569cd   Release v0.18
      adds  bb25f20   [Bugfix] Quote inf/nan because perl doesn't recognize 
these numeric literals and they will choke under 'use strict subs'
      adds  91fa854   Release v0.19
      adds  25c1629   Return original result in the case of $var = dd $foo 
(previously it will return 1 which is scalar(@_))
      adds  ff31180   Release v0.20
      adds  391dc4e   Add FAQ about the possibility of multiline dump
      adds  7c46c95   Add option $OPT_DEPARSE which can be set to 0 to disable 
      adds  7792c02   Release v0.21
      adds  ab9f477   New upstream version 0.21
       new  172c197   Merge tag 'upstream/0.21'
       new  11b3964   Update debian/changelog
       new  cb3dc5d   releasing package libdata-dmp-perl version 0.21-1

The 3 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 Changes                 |   8 +++
 MANIFEST                |   2 +-
 META.json               | 128 +++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------
 META.yml                | 123 ++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------
 Makefile.PL             |   4 +-
 README                  |  10 ++++
 debian/changelog        |   6 ++-
 dist.ini                |   2 +-
 lib/Data/         |  41 ++++++++++------
 t/01-basics.t           |   4 ++
 t/author-pod-coverage.t |   4 +-
 t/author-pod-syntax.t   |   4 +-
 12 files changed, 191 insertions(+), 145 deletions(-)

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