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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/0.21
in repository libdata-dmp-perl.

        at  aced40d   (tag)
   tagging  ab9f47795bad632046f938865362ef55e1f1c7d6 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.20
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sat Oct 29 19:06:47 2016 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 0.21

gregor herrmann (1):
      New upstream version 0.21

perlancar (@netbook-zenbook) (10):
      Initial commit
      Rename file
      Inline qqquote (double_quote), fix fixups
      Some wording and fmt changes
      [doc] Add Benchmarks and FAQ section
      Release v0.05
      Merge branch 'master' of /mnt/home/s1/repos/perl-Data-Dmp
      Add comment
      Merge branch 'master' of /media/seagate2/mnt/u1/repos/perl-Data-Dmp
      Make sure bench scripts uses dev (lib/) version

perlancar (@netbook-zenbook-ux305) (4):
      Return original result in the case of $var = dd $foo (previously it will 
return 1 which is scalar(@_))
      Release v0.20
      Add option $OPT_DEPARSE which can be set to 0 to disable deparsing
      Release v0.21

perlancar (@pc-home) (21):
      Release v0.04
      Add coderef dumping support to Data::Dmp::Simple also
      Dump regexp object as qr/.../ instead of bless(...)
      Release v0.06
      [Bugfix] Fix regexp pattern
      Release v0.07
      Add benchmark devscript, show the result in POD
      Release v0.11
      Set default for $OPT_PERL_VERSION to 5.010, dump code references using 
      Release v0.13
      By-pass Data::Dumper and use B::Deparse directly to dump coderefs, add 
      Release v0.14
      [Bugfix] Quote 0123 as "0123" to avoid perl interpreting it as octal 
      Release v0.16
      [Bugfix] Fix quoting criteria of hash key
      Release v0.17
      [Bugfix] Stricter quoting of numbers (only number literal that would not 
be normalized is dumped without quotes)
      Release v0.18
      [Bugfix] Quote inf/nan because perl doesn't recognize these numeric 
literals and they will choke under 'use strict subs'
      Release v0.19
      Add FAQ about the possibility of multiline dump

perlancar (@pc-office) (25):
      Handle dumping ref of ref
      Avoid perl undef warning
      Release v0.01
      Bugfix: localize %_subscripts
      Add module: Data::Dmp::Simple
      Release v0.02
      Dump coderef as "sub{'DUMMY'}"
      Release v0.03
      Use Regexp::Stringify, add setting OPT_PERL_VERSION
      Release v0.08
      [Bugfix] Forgot to update Data::Dmp::Simple to use Regexp::Stringify
      Remove Data::Dmp::Simple (unused)
      Produce more compact output (remove whitespaces)
      Add tests
      Release v0.09
      Tweak description
      Release v0.10
      [doc] Mention Data::Dumper::Limited & Data::Undump
      Release v0.12
      [dist] Re-pass lint-prereqs (core modules must now be listed)
      [doc] Tweak description
      Release v0.15
      [dist] Add nytprof* to .gitignore


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