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  replaces  upstream/2.03000
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Sat Oct 29 20:51:57 2016 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.05000

Adam Prime (1):
      Change _load_config to use the first instance of a config file that is 
found in

Ansgar Burchardt (2):
      Adds a description to those files missing one
      Adds pod to the dumpconf helper script

Brian Cassidy (4):
      Fix deprecation warning about Chained trait.
      Merge pull request #13 from colinnewell/master
      changelog/version update
      Merge pull request #16 from vividsnow/master

Carl Franks (1):
      Merge pull request #11 from bricas/master

Colin Newell (9):
      Prevent crash if checked property doesn't exist (issue 68)
      Added tests for fix for issue 68
      Updated repeatable control to update id_field used by DBIC::Unique 
      Added crude support for elements that aren't designed to work in Multi 
      Added tests for the id_field DBIC::Unique constraint fix
      Merge ../OpusVL/C/HTML-FormFu
      Added block into multi element to test new facility for non multi 
supporting elements in Multi elements
      Added a note about the Multi element change
      Merge branch 'master' of git://

Dan Dascalescu (2):
      Document regex format to fix issue #8.
      Issue #8: add POD code tag around regex.

Dean Hamstead (25):
      Add "label" functionality
      disabled attributes shouldnt be allowed
      Make this ready for Dist::Zilla version insertion
      Merge pull request #27 from vti/clean_unused_modules_and_functions
      Merge pull request #26 from vti/indirect_object_notation
      strip whitespace from Changes
      Merge pull request #29 from djzort/djzort
      add main_module to dist.ini
      make room for $VERSION insertion
      apply patch for RT76034
      Changes to shut up CGI warnings. See also
      Add more things to dist.ini
      Make space for dist zilla to add VERSION
      fix test
      mark as developer release
      tweak dist.ini
      dev release
      Changes for RT71948
      developer release
      closing tag for error_container_tag missing
      Merge pull request #33 from ferz/master
      Merge pull request #37 from karenetheridge/topic/callback_validator_params
      Merge pull request #38 from karenetheridge/topic/validator_errors
      Merge pull request #41 from karenetheridge/topic/prereq_simplification
      Update contributors list

Ferruccio Zamuner (1):
      I've used to fix adding more errors and improving previuos 

Florian Schlichting (1):
      fix pod errors "alternative text ... contains non-escaped | or /"

Gerda Shank (2):
      avoid uninitialized value in string eq warning
      handle subclass Moose attributes, particularly with 'init_arg'

Jens Gassmann (1):
      Remove needless meta->make_immutable unless Moose was added

Karen Etheridge (7):
      pass the $params hash to Callback validator subs
      preserve the exception message in case of validation error
      properly document core validators (RT#118022)
      fix some pod markup
      remove duplicate "use" lines
      remove unused exports
      use subs from List::Util preferentially (which is in core)

Mark A. Stratman (3):
      Added cookbook entry for multiple forms on one page (from Andreas 
Marienborg via list)
      Fixed cookbook example per updated API
      Merge pull request #21 from fschlich/patch-1

Matthias Dietrich (16):
      Added placeholder fields for types Text and Textarea with L10N support.
      Added Matthias Dietrich (me) to the contributors
      Merges current HTML::FormFu into branch
      Added prefix_loc to Date fields
      Added L10N support for 'prefix' attributes for type DateTime.
      Added 'attributes' support to types Date and DateTime
      Merge branch 'master'
      Fixed 'prefix_loc' for Date and DateTime fields: if 'prefix_loc' is not 
given, don't try to overwrite 'prefix' with non-existent values
      Fixing Copy/Paste error
      Merge current FormFu into branch
      Added docs and fixed a copy/paste error
      Missed adding the copy/paste fix ;-)
      Fixed a leak within HTML::FormFu::Localize
      Exporting _load_file in HTML::FormFu::ObjectUtil and importing in 
      Merge pull request #9 from sunnavy/master
      Merge pull request #10 from rainboxx/master

Moritz Onken (34):
      cannot put a constraint on a joined field
      more tests in xt/
      sorry, typo in test
      FormatNumber inflator and deflator\n->locale support\nDateTime 
in/deflator uses ->locale
      applied best practices for tests
      Inflator::FormatNumber is now a filter to work with number constraints
      added Element::Number
      fix for Element::Number
      Added Element::Label and test
      retain_default for Element::Label
      Added support for precision and trailing_zeroes in Element::Number
      Patch for Date (->default(undef))
      Fixes for Element::Label
      Added Element::Label to OTHER CORE ELEMENTS
      Model::HashRefs supports now empty repeatable elements
      fixed "undef value in string eq" warning
      placed the compoundjoin test inside a repeatable block
      fixed Model::HashRef, now loads data from $form->input, added test for 
      Fixed issue with Model::HashRef where form field with an underscore and 
overlapping name (e.g. foo and foo_bar) were causing problems
      fixed small bug in HashRef
      fixed regression
      tests aggregated
      disable Test::Aggregate on Win32
      skip aggregate.t on Win32
      tests fail with < 3.37, fixes #7
      require latest version of MooseX::Attribute::Chained

Nigel Metheringham (33):
      Additional pre-requisite needed to build and test
      Changed windows detection to avoid OS X
      Merge branch 'master' of git://
      Added documentation for pre_process method
      Removed dead website link
      Avoided warning due to undefined value
      Avoid warning of undefined return from split_name
      Tweak line to avoid warnings on precedence
      Dev Release v2.01_03 with travis CI support
      Set of packaging and release fixes
      Trial version bump to allow upload test
      Release of 2.02
      Set up for next round of fixes
      Bug fix: RT#112582 Date tests fail on leap day
      Bug fix: RT#109159 Number formatting tests can fail
      Automated version numbering using dzil/git
      On release check we have correct PAUSE permissions
      Ensure the extra files generated are committed
      Update Changes prior to release
      More packaging tweaks
      Spelling fixes - from debian packaging
      Merge pull request #39 from karenetheridge/topic/core_validators_and_pod
      Transition to not using Test::Aggregate RT117137
      Lets find out if travis will work with perl 5.24
      Updated the list of contributors
      Added missed dependancy for tests
      Suppress warning in when in test harness
      Change distzilla settings to use Starter not Basic
      Belated update of Changes
      Release process fixes for dzil @Starter transition
      Some windows boxes put spaces in number formats

Peter Oliver (1):
      Style Number elements in the example vertically-aligned.css.

Ronald J Kimball (4):
      Documentation cleanup: fix POD links and markup, add trailing =cut,
      Implement reverse_single and reverse_multi, for more control over 
      In Date element, prevent fatal error when default is empty string; treat 
      Update Changes file for changes made in r1668, r1669, r1670, which were

Shlomi Fish (1):
      Add a missing semicolon to an example.

Yusuke Watase (1):
      fix Japanese typo in I18N::ja

bricas (35):
      put Carl as the sole entry in authors, add CONTRIBUTORS section. META.yml 
shows me as the author otherwise...
      build_requires => test_requires. use perl_version() as well.
      tiny doc fix
      first stab at checkboxgroup element. hurrah for copy+paste. :)
      fix require() for Template in tests.
      don't discriminate against pk columns
      fix ver in Changes
      fix javascript rendering in
      skip blocks with no nested_name for _fill_repeatable_many_to_many()
      allow generic arguments for get_* (elements, fields, etc)
      move Test::MockObject to test_requires();
      minor condition cleanup
      update auto_id to use nested_name for %n
      apply "today" patch. fix case of "DBIC" in warning.
      default_natural => DateTime::Format::Natural for the Date element
      forgot to add info to Changes
      allow label_loc for group options
      bump version so Model-DBIC will stop complaining during "perl Makefile.PL"
      link to proper DBIC integration module in SEE ALSO section.
      Kwalitee updates
      Pod fixes. (RT #49120)
      Pod fixes. (RT #49114)
      add RT ticket number to Changes
      Pod fixes (RT #46363)
      Fix YAML test files for YAML::XS compatibility
      depend on v0.26 of Data::Visitor; Data::Visitor::Callback does not have a 
      silence test suite by fixing reftype calls and trapping deprecation 
      tidy up Changes file
      silence another warning
      Fix test suite year issue.
      silence warnings
      Fix spelling errors in POD (Ansgar Burchardt)
      Bump Config::Any requirement to version 0.18 for YAML::XS support
      Use MRO::Compat before mro to support perl 5.8
      only require recaptcha 0.93 (from dist versioned 0.94). bump formfu ver, 
and add basic heading to changelog.

dandv (5):
      Fixed minor POD syntax errors (4 links, 1 missing '}' in an example)
      Added best practice from
      POD fixes: "it's" -> "its", numbered an ordered list, added basic POD for 
      POD fixed in Element::Repeatable
      Fixed POD typos reported by Octavian

diegok (3):
      - Added I18N Spanish support
      - fixed some accents on the spanish I18N file.
      Spanish I18N updated

fireartist (954):
      new directories for repos layout change
      moving all formfu /trunk files into /trunk/HTML-FormFu
      new auto_error_class() feature.
      new auto_error_message() feature.
      localise() moved from ObjectUtil to Form.
      new auto_constraint_class() feature.
      all code from field::render() is moved out to seperate subroutines.
      removed add_error().
      errors are now a child of a constraint, rather than a field.
      new submitted_and_valid() method
      some up-to-date documentation
      added support for 'type' arg to get_constraint(s), get_filter(s),
      some more docs
      populate() now returns $self, so it can be chained.
      when there's multiple inputs with the same name, and multiple values are
      defined check
      moving example into subdir
      deleted some unused code
      filters are now run *before* constraints
      removing test for deleted constraint replaced by
      make Preload use HTML::FormFu, so you don't need to use both.
      errors are now attached to fields, not the form.
      error classes now of the form 'error_constraint_required'.
      inflators can now return exceptions.
      file upload headers are now processed before filters are run
      changed $constraint->validate_value() to constrain_value()
      constraint_type() changed to type()
      reverting commit 101
      added first pass at validators
      moved a lot of code from to
      Transformer support - no tests yet
      handling of file uploads changed.
      fixed bug introduced in r114 - handling multiple inputs
      file upload interface changed again!
      transformers working properly now.
      changed render_method() and all render_class_*() methods to be inherited
      new insert_before() utility method
      block elements have a new content() method.
      added hr (horizontal rule) element
      moved delete_errors() from 'block' to 'Element', so that 'hr' inherits it
      reverted r127 and added an empty delete_error() to hr element
      had to add some more default methods to hr to stop fatal errors on 
      field and multi elements now have a container_tag() method.
      radiogroup template now uses field as a wrapper.
      updated Deploy's files
      if radiogroup's label_filename is legend, it gets rendered before
      added auto_inflator_class now imports some _render_*() methods from
      radiogroup's now use attributes() for it's inner span (was previously 
      example css improvements
      added a couple of dummy methods to FakeQuery so it won't croak on 
      added utf8 pragma to I18N file, as it contains utf-8 chars.
      new $form->form_error_message() for displaying error message at top of 
      new simple_table element
      simple_table table tag now gets a 'simple_table' class name added
      added odd_class() and even_class() methods for setting row class-names.
      the form_error_message div now gets a class-name to aid css
      added a Callback validator.
      moved form_error_message include from 'form' to 'start_form' template file
      added javascript() method to $form - fixes issue #1
      constraints, filters, etc. have a new localize_args() method, whose values
      changed from Module::Pluggable::Fast to Module::Pluggable
      simplified exception handling
      more docs
      all methods in lib/HTML/ now documented
      documentation submitted by Daisuke Maki
      short-circuited param(), params(), valid(), get_errors() and get_error() 
      some pod + typo fixes
      documented filters and constraints
      multi elements now display children's error messages
      multi's now get appropriate error class-names
      error logic not necessary in Render/Element/multi - it's now in
      documented remaining methods in
      AutoSet fix
      previously, passing multiple file names to load_config_file() did a 
      make sure multiple args to load_config_file() are processed in the same 
      removing some unnecessary code
      constraints weren't being run on file fields if there was no file 
      fields have a new render_processed_value() method, to override the default
      rearranged test files into subfolders - was becoming unmanageable
      radiogroup input/label pairs are now each surrounded by a span.
      hr now inherits from a new non_block element.
      more docs.
      updated from templates
      fixing broken pod that I seem to have accidentally reverted
      constraints, inflators, validators and transformers now have a common
      changed deflator_type() to type()
      changed $element->element_type() to $element->type().
      delete_errors() changed to clear_errors()
      Exception/Constraint->constraint() is now an alias to a base processor()
      the css child-selector '>' doesn't work with IE 6
      new $form->javascript_src() method
      L10N bug fix from Daisuke Maki - needs tests
      improved pod example
      when render_processed_value() is true, the field value will display the
      all constraints using others() method, changed to use new common 
      all Constraint sub-classes of now use mk_errors() method
      MinMaxFields constraint renamed to MinMaxFields.
      new force_errors() method which can be set per 
      changed mk_errors() to use named args instead of positional
      all constraints now honour forced_errors(1) setting
      new $form->force_error_message() method
      added field() alias to parent() for Contraints, Inflators, Validators and
      error->forced() logic was backwards
      forced errors are now ignored by has_errors(), get_errors(), valid() and
      field->as() now correctly copies errors.
      javascript_src() now accepts a list of file URIs
      updated from templates
      this time, fixed the pod error in the code which generates the .pm file!
      simplified url regex constraint example
      experimental constraints_from_dbic() method
      test lib files needed for previous commit
      expanded constraints_from_dbic() to support columns in other tables
      constraints_from_dbic() now expects a single class name, rather than an
      new element->process method, calling during $form->process.
      if the form has multiple fields with the same name, ensure that when the 
      added new method get_all_element(), which is to get_all_elements()
      moved render_attrs() to, so it can be reused
      added new value_range() method for 'group' elements.
      updated group->value_range() to allow more than 2 values.
      new setup() method called on all elements after their creation and
      optimised some regular expressions (unnecessary /e flags removed).
      inlined radiogroup_item and select_option_tag template files.
      documented slowdown caused by Catalyst::Plugin::StackTrace
      input fields don't get an empty 'name' attribute if the name is undefined
      updated pod + version for first cpan dev release.
      added perl version dependency to HTML/
      added YAML::Syck to dependencies.
      fixed Makefile.PL to run tests recursively
      reverted Module::Install tests() call until I figure out what's going on
      bumped version no. to 0.01000_03
      support for Template::Alloy via
      block tags aren't rendered if not defined.
      new add_render_class_args() variant
      pod fixed
      adding benchmark file
      another benchmark in progress no longer calls setup on child elements
      transformers process() method gets _processed_params() as a 2nd argument, 
      fieldset->legend() now has *_xml() and *_loc() variants.
      all elements' process() method is now called even if form wasn't submitted
      make blank elements work as expected within multi elements
      now using Class::C3 and next::method() instead of SUPER
      updated Makefile.PL
      documented select/radiogroup's options(), values() and value_range()
      new date element, comprising 3 select menus for day, month and year.
      renamed testfile
      new strptime() method for DateTime inflators to control stringification 
      fixed a bit of old code that doesn't seem to get run under the test suite,
      date element internals changed.
      test file for error msg problem reported by kewei xiao
      explicitly test Required constraint on Date element
      date element no longer dies on invalid dates.
      date element - if months() is not set, the list of month names is now 
      new methods on date element - year_prefix, month_prefix, day_prefix
      date element - new methods day_default(), month_default(), year_default()
      fixed 'uninitialized value' warning when select element has no name
      fixed date elements handling of input - was only working with FakeQuery 
      make Element/date::process_input() call next::method()
      added ENCODING option to TT args
      change internals of FakeQuery, so we don't accidentally use query() 
instead of input()
      temporary fix to ensure data from yaml files is utf8-decoded
      check for period starting yaml file extension.
      fixed YAML::Syck's utf-8 handling, correctly this time!
      changed methods/syntax of date options - see pod
      cleaned up date element internals - made subs shorter and easier to read
      date element now has a default() method which accepts either a DateTime 
      date element, day(), month() and year() all now use the 'type' value when
      change required to process() as Element/Dojo/Repeatable was broken.
      changed default auto_error_message() from "form_%t_error" to "form_%s_%t"
      added i18n for Imager classes
      added (fallback => 1) to all overloads.
      adding missing Scalar::Utils blessed() imports.
      submitted an empty string for day/month/year to a date element without a
      patch from Brian Cassidy to add missing Scalar::Util::refaddr() imports
      changed an unnecessary truth check to defined().
      renamed to, to,
      buttons no longer lose their value if that button wasn't submitted
      changed all element filenames to CamelCase style.
      patch from Adam Herzog, fixing fatal error with AutoSet constraint
      patch from Moritz Onken (with slight adjustments) to fix DateTime inflator
      all files run through perltidy
      support for no container tag around fields if container_tag(undef)
      new config_callback() to allow Data::Visitor::Callback processing of 
      run all files through perltidy
      updated Changes
      removed 'HTML::Widget' from Changes file!
      bumped required TT version no. to latest release - was getting test 
      fixed missing / unnecessary imports of _parse_args()
      removed 'use 5.8.1' - causing warnings under 5.9.x
      moving all code from to - no need to have 2
      bumped version no. for cpan release.
      removed 'warnings' from all modules
      add missing prereq.
      changed test file to use YAML instead of YAML::Syck
      undone r332
      updated vertically-aligned example to work with latest code
      css example fix
      mini-fix for Date element
      make auto_constraint_class test clearer
      ensure parent is always weakened, to stop circular references / memory 
      tests for circular references.
      always use parent() - don't pass to constructor
      File elements expected parent in new(), so undo r341 and do it a 
different way
      fixed bug when building list of valid names that stopped filters adding
      new Default filter
      remove some docs describing a now-fixed DBIx-Class-HTML-FormFu issue
      documented Select optgroups
      fixed error introduced in r343
      bumped required version of DateTime::Format::Builder - fixes mem leak
      fix all pod references to lowercase element names
      make AutoSet constraint work with optgroups / subgroups
      remove unused Class::Data::Accessor from Makefile.PL
      merged all changes from branches/optimize
      add Task::Weaken to prereqs to ensure Scalar::Util has weaken()
      fix uninitialized warning
      fix warning - name is required for all fields
      some doc improvements
      changed a couple of confusing idioms
      further documentation on the internal template files, and how to deploy.
      added vertically-aligned example files back into distribution.
      bumped version no. for cpan release.
      updated Makefile.PL to install bin/
      new support for "output processors".
      don't process the contents of textarea tags
      new StripWhitespace output processor (realworld tests needed)
      adding .perltidyrc file
      run perltidy on all .pm files in lib dir
      run perltidy on all .t files in t dir
      updated MANIFEST.SKIP
      use an array to reduce repetition of processor names.
      add test for using add_valid() on an unknown fieldname
      missed an instance of substituting an array for a repeated list
      refactored some method builders in to explicitly exported 
      updated Changes
      updated MANIFEST.SKIP for .perltidyrc
      bumped version no. for cpan release
      documentation fixes from Thomas Shinnick
      ensure forced errors are passed to the render object
      callback filters, constraints and validators now all support a subroutine
      clarified load_config_file docs
      load Template::Constants at runtime, so Template::Alloy users don't load 
      new portuguese I18N translation from Ruben Fonseca
      added Ruben Fonseca to authors list
      removed link to HTML::FormFu::Dojo from docs, as it's not released to 
cpan yet
      adding new unicode example catalyst application
      adding formfu templates
      added Plugin::Unicode
      sqlite database (and sql file to create and populate it)
      fix typo in basename
      adding dbix-class schema
      adding TT view
      form yaml config
      TT template.
      removing TT view
      adding TT::Alloy view
      added unicode to template file
      adding TT view again.
      DBIC model
      everything working so far (with my patched Template::Alloy)
      some more visual tests
      added docs for Template::Alloy caching.
      made all pod code-blocks 4-space indented
      documented add_render_class_args()
      change of behaviour:
      set ENCODING in app yml, rather than controller
      new unicode docs
      date element - ucfirst all month names from DateTime::Locale
      can now check unicode in error messages and input params by submitting 
      added default_values() method, docs + tests
      change to populate() needed by default_values()
      moved FAQs to Cookbook, and shaken it about a bit.
      added link to YAML spec page
      edit docs - no longer need gmail account, can get project membership with 
      removed overwrite_default() method from Element/
      remove OutputProcessor/StripWhitespace from MANIFEST.SKIP
      reverting r489 - unnecessary
      updated Changes file
      oops - had added recent changes to v0.01005 section - now fixed
      bumped version no. for cpan release
      Indent output processor was wrongly indenting closing textarea tags if
      elements parents were being incorrectly set, if auto_fieldset was used
      fix error in Cookbook - reported by Ruben Fonseca
      merging nested-params branch back into trunk
      updated Changes file
      removed 'nested_max_array' - unnecessary as we ignore input that doesn't
      renamed nested_hash_value() to get_nested_hash_value()
      set _expand_hash() to set_nested_hash_value()
      renamed _hash_name_exists() to nested_hash_key_exists()
      get_nested_hash_value(), set_nested_hash_value() and
      new 'share' directory
      new directory
      new directory
      template files now instaled into @INC by Module::Install's 
      updated Changes file
      removed a bit from Cookbook
      support pre-expanded nested input
      let *_loc output accessors accept an arrayref of arguments, to allow 
      tests for skipping block tags
      support multiple yaml documents in a single file
      bigfix: constructor references from a Catalyst-Controller-HTML-FormFu 
      fields have new non_param() method to allow them to be ignored by param(),
      tests for nested name on blocks without nested_name set
      don't allow periods or square brackets in field names
      make default_values() use nested_name rather than name.
      test for non_param() feature
      basic repeatable() feature for Block elements
      increment_field_names() method for repeatable blocks
      make consecutive calls to $block->repeat() do "the right thing"(tm)
      reimplemented block->repeatable as a Repeatable element.
      Repeatable elements:
      new query_param() method for Repeatable element - this parameter name is
      repeat($count) now creates $count total repetitions - not $count /more/.
      documented auto_id() and content()
      merged remove-render-object branch into trunk
      merged benchmark fixes from branch/model-dbic into trunk
      removed core modules from prereqs
      changed self.form_error_message.defined to self.form_error_message
      fixed conflicted file
      merging serialize branch back into trunk
      fix for Date element under TT
      make default render_method 'string'
      fixed use of File::ShareDir.
      merged Model-DBIC branch back into trunk
      test setting an individual element's render_method to 'tt' while the rest 
      Checkboxgroup sets multi_value(1) so it can be used by Model-DBIC for 
many_to_many rels
      fix so everything is parented properly after cloning - including 
constraints + errors.
      some more tests for parents after cloning
      stop warnings if 1 value is undefined
      make constraints with others() within a Repeatable block work + tests
      changed 'unrelate_if_true' to 'delete_if_true' for many_to_many 
      renamed vertically-aligned example for clarity
      new 'empty_first' option
      provide support for db->{resultset}.
      moved db logic from Select to _Group.
      save column changes to db before doing relationships.
      don't create a new has_one/might_have relationship if all fields are 
      delete_if_empty feature
      fill columns before rels.
      fix Deploy when using svn files
      renamed Repeatable->query_param() to counter_name()
      ensure Repeatable many-to-many works under Catalyst - when process() has 
already called repeat(1).
      run .pm files through perltidy
      ensure process() is called on Repeatable's children.
      new options for the Select DBIC integration: condition, attributes and 
      some docs fixes / updates
      renamed values_from_model() to defaults_from_model()
      docs updates
      bumped version no. for cpan release
      remove some non-ascii chars
      updated Changes
      merged config-any branch back in to trunk
      skip some dbic tests if DateTime::Format::MySQL is not installed
      oops - fix broken test files
      bugfix required now that pk's aren't skipped
      bugfix for save_to_model
      bumped version no.
      some bugfixes required for perl 5.10.0
      defaults_from_model() has-many fix from Henning Kulander.
      added TT back to prereqs, as form->start() and end() still need it
      more save_to_model tests
      Repeatable element, increment_field_names() is now true by default.
      change nested_name check to defined()
      _Group element: added attrs and label_attrs shortcuts, and _xml varients
      updated Changes for cpan release
      merged revisions 761 and 762 from cpan branch back into trunk
      new param_value, param_array, param_list methods to provide more reliable
      need to hard-code list of years, to stop it changing when localtime 
changes year
      need to hard-code list of years, to stop it changing when localtime 
changes year
      $upload->headers() now returns a HTTP::Headers object, instead of a 
      remove INCLUDE_PATH from all tests files that don't actually use 
      changed tests to use dbic's succinct create() method
      provide a self.form attribute for forms (render_data)
      fix for has_many repeatable blocks with nested_name.
      defaults_from_model() refactor by zbigniew
      .pm files run through perltidy
      render_data - weaken(self) is unnecessary
      make constraints support file uploads (only Required is explicitly 
      new File::Size Constraint, with min() + max() settings
      new File::MIME Constraint with types() and regex() methods.
      some more file tests + doc update
      allow field->{db}{accessor} = 'method-name', for DIBC schema methods 
which aren't really columns.
      save_to_model() now supports $field->{db}{accessor}
      defaults_from_model() test to ensure DBIC column inflators are run
      make defaults_from_model() use direct accessors again, so that dbic 
inflators are run
      File::MIME bugfix from Вячеслав Тихановский
      ensure date sub-fields get their names changed correctly within a 
Repeatable block
      call internals as methods, not subs, so sub-classing works
      document db{accessor} option
      bump version no. for cpan release, and update Changes file
      save_to_model() many_to_many multi-value fields where 'default_column'
      merging multi-page branch into trunk
      changed MultiPage to MultiForm.
      removing 2 unwanted files
      removed unnecessary 'use' line
      with combine_params, if field's have the same name, don't clobber more 
recent values with older ones
      fixed some multiform test files
      make add_valid() work with nested-names
      tests for multiform with nested_name
      first form doesn't need the hidden field
      all files run through perltidy
      change form counter to public accessor current_form_number()
      if multiform_hidden_name() is not set, automatically add the hidden field
      new params_ignore_underscore() method.
      documented param_ignore_underscore()
      ensure stash is merged from MultiFormConfig action into multiforms
      some whitespace to help readability
      options_from_model() refactored to use either a schema or context from 
the stash
      cleaned up some options_from_model tests
      new 'condition_from_stash' option for options_from_model()
      new element method post_process() called on all elements after input 
processing, before $form->process() returns.
      new 'stash_valid' form option
      new 'persist_stash' feature
      copy t/multiform to t/multiform_hidden_name.
      fixed test broken in r842
      t/multiform now doesn't use explicit hidden field. - was documented in 
r842, but wasn't working
      tests for multiform accessors
      Upload changed so filehandles are stored in a new, minimal object, so we 
do as little as possible in our own storable hooks.
      new form method, tmp_upload_dir()
      some rearranging of test files
      was globbing incorrectly.
      change handling of upload headers, so when a QueryType::Catalyst is 
freeze/thawed as a QueryType::CGI it doesn't break
      don't add query to next_form(), it causes problems.
      make QueryType::Upload size() work after freeze/thaw
      make QueryType::Upload filename() work after freeze/thaw
      make QueryTypes a bit more generic
      changed $element->db() to $element->model_config->{DBIC}.
      fix save_to_model() and defaults_from_model() calls on Block objects
      save_to_model() can now create a new row for you, using a schema from the 
form stash, and a resultset name from model_config
      test that constraint L10N strings with positional parameters are properly 
      silence warnings when column->{data_type} is undef
      Date element - ensure _add_elements() isn't called during render() - 
process() should always be getting called anyway
      added plugin architecture.
      plugins() can now be called on a form, block or field.
      docs update
      remove pre_render left in
      save_to_model() many-to-many select - make sure rels are removed if all 
options are unselected.
      make sure Date element process() calls next::method()
      refactor methods
      ensure Element/_Group::post_process() calls next::method()
      some whitespace fixes
      _Group::options() if given no arguments returns the current options. 
documented + tests.
      options_from_model() is now only run if options aren't already set.
      tests for label_loc in Select element
      models are now objects that inherit from HTML::FormFu::Model
      save_to_model() and defaults_from_model() methods on $form now issue 
'deprecated' warning.
      moving save_to_model tests to new model-dbic dist
      moving defaults_from_model tests to new dbic dist
      moving deprecated tests to new model-dbic dist
      moving deprecated tests to new model-dbic dist
      moving options_from_model tests to new model-dbic dist
      moving Model/ to new dist
      moving test lib files to new dist
      moving test lib files to new dist
      moving test lib files to new dist
      updated Makefile.PL and MANIFEST.SKIP after model-dbic moved to it's own 
      switched model compatability method to use renamed methods
      fixed warning method names
      make load_config_file() dclone the config, so it can't get clobbered
      changed field's default container_tag from span to div.
      ensure get_errors arrayref is dereferenced, or tests will always pass
      new Split filter to split a single input value into an arrayref
      add support to _Group elements for label_xml, value_xml + value_loc.
      fix inflator handling of multiple values.
      reverting files that shouldn't have been changed in r773.
      changed some test comparisons from is(a,b) to ok(a==b) as my version of 
Test::Builder is causing unnecessary calls to render()
      adding client-side-constraint working files.
      changed to vanilla JS - no dojo required.
      some constraint calls were missing from onsubmit() - fixed now
      fix bug with Bool constraint
      ensure Email::Valid->address() is called in scalar context
      switched field names in Constraint::Equal docs
      fixed inheritance issues with Multi and Date elements.
      Date now overrides value()/default() so process() doesn't need to be 
explicitly called again
      realised that Date->year->{default} never effects the list of years,
      Repeatable->increment_field_names() wasn't working on Date fields
      don't need to override name() in Date; Repeat will find and change any of 
its child fields
      added some explicit imports needed by perl 5.10.0
      make dclone() work with code-refs.
      changed element() to do a shallow clone, rather than clone()
      $block->filters() was broken
      make _Field export 'constraints' as well as 'constraint'
      Filter::Callback routine now gets $params as a 2nd argument.
      don't bother checking for errors before filtering input - there can't be 
errors yet
      new CompoundDateTime inflator and deflator
      first pass at a Filter::CompoundJoin and Deflator::CompoundSplit.
      add support for 'field_order' to Deflator::CompoundSplit and 
      fix bug in model cache lookup.
      fix new test files to work with HTML_FORMFU_RENDER_METHOD=tt
      fix problem reported by "Kiki" on mailing list
      insert_before() and insert_after() first removes the object if it's 
already a child.
      require Module::Install 0.75 to avoid a bug in 0.74
      fix error storing a sub-ref in element_defaults() - reported by Michele 
      fix bug introduced in r835 when field name eq "0"
      change documentation, now that Field's container_tag() defaults to div 
instead of span
      fix another couple of bugs introduced in r835 when field name eq "0"
      documented _Group's empty_first_label() method
      changed to new model_config->{} instead of model_config->{DBIC}{}
      removing defaults_from_model() and save_to_model() from Block element.
      removing an unnecessary import
      change _Group options_from_model to run during process() instead of 
      provide default stubs for Model's default_values(), update(), create() 
and options_from_model() which just croak if called.
      moved dev tests into new xt/ directory
      some changes necessary for the last commit in HTML-FormFu-Model-DBIC
      model_class() changed to default_model() in MultiForm
      updated 'Changes' file with all changes since v.02004
      document that Model-DBIC is moved out to separate distribution
      document Date element default_natural().
      skip MultiForm tmp_upload_dir() tests under MS Windows
      documented plugin system
      update MANIFEST.SKIP
      multiform, server-side file upload test:
      bump version no. for cpan upload.
      updated Changes file
      add DateTime 0.38 prereq, for string overloading support
      fixed test count
      bump version no. for cpan release.
      fix old documentation that stated that process doesn't need to be called 
before render()
      moved common functionality out of Filter/CompoundJoin into a new 
Filter/_Compound baseclass.
      new Constraint/DateTime.
      updated I18N/en with messages for all current constraints + inflators
      updated Changes
      added I18N/en strings for callbacks
      new I18N::fr file sent by Benoît Galy
      moved form setup to external yaml file, to read more easily
      new field method default_empty_value()
      test that the new default_empty_value() solves Michele's problem in
      adding I18N::da, sent by Adam Sjøgren
      fix for Inflator::DateTime when regex is a string - sent by Will Hawes
      rearrange prereqs for better build order
      stop errors trying to delete files
      new default_args() method.
      check we've got a hash-ref in get_nested_hash_value
      update docs, with lists of core constraints and other processors
      bumped version no. for cpan release.
      run files through perltidy
      check circular-reference on render_data, not render
      Form and elements inside template files now have access to original
      set min version of which exports import()
      fix some broken email links - patch sent by "Ansgar"
      Having a named Multi block within a Block with nested_name set, now works.
      test for a filter on a named Multi-block within a Repeatable block with 
nested_name set (whew!)
      removing tests from xt/ no longer needed
      run .pm files through perltidy
      fix $field->nested, after Multi->is_field() change in r1123
      bump version no. for cpan release.
      add Filter/CompoundDateTime to MANIFEST.SKIP - it's not in svn, and 
there's no tests - so it shouldn't be released
      fixed bug in new implementation of $element->nested().
      Filter::CompoundJoin - ignore empty values - patch from Moritz Onken
      doc patches from Ansgar Burchardt - better pod NAME sections
      pod fixes from Ansgar Burchardt
      added tests for a "combo box" - a Select + Text within a Multi
      add some aliases, so $multi->default() goes to the correct value() routine
      new pt_br I18N translation from Daniel Nicoletti
      patch from Daniel Nicoletti to support languages() not being an arrayref
      new reCPATCHA element and constraint.
      make process_attrs() change undefined values to the empty string - stops 
      There was too much duplicated code between Radio + Checkbox, and 
Radiogroup + Checkboxgroup.
      updated Changes file with all changes since 0.03003 release
      added to prereqs
      'use utf8' was missing from several I18N packages
      changed shbang lines to something more universal
      new load_config_filestem() method
      update examples/unicode to work with latest formfu and use latest 
template files.
      make sure all internals can handle languages() not being an arrayref
      improve one of the benchmarks
      Manual-Unicode cat. config examples changed to use MyApp->config() - 
requested by mst.
      document in Manual-Unicode that .conf files are decoded by HTML-FormFu too
      new eval() setting for Regex filters
      merged pbp branch back into trunk
      moved check for valid name from to
      profiling showed form() taking 5% of runtime.
      profiling shows methods in get called a *lot*.
      new script for checking how a config file is 
      changed _Field::nested_names() to use {parent} insted of parent().
      new method builder mk_item_accessors() for values that will never be a 
      changed all use of "!any" to "none" for consistency
      profile timing
      bumped version no. + updated Changes file
      added website + to support section of docs
      removing combo_box tests - they're no good
      new ComboBox element
      added tests for ComboBox with Require constraint
      ComboBox->options() as a getter is now compatible with Select fields.
      changed notice about C-P-StackTrace - requested by rt #39018
      don't use Pod::Help - remove from prereqs
      bump version no. for cpan release.
      removing unnecessary call to model_config in _Group
      use Test::Aggregate to speed up tests - lots of tests moved to new 
t-aggregated dir.
      changed from requires() to test_requires()
      fix Constraint::DateTime documentation - was titled Inflator::DateTime.
      Russian and Ukranian I18N translations from Oleg Kostyuk
      more specific I18N (en) strings.
      Checkbox element (and Radio, which inherits from it) now defaults to 
      updates to + I18N files
      fix bug in deprecated db() compatibility method
      delete_nested_hash_key() now works - though it's still commented out(!)
      a transformers return value is now handled in process(), so a transformer 
can override it, and not return a value
      new config_file_path() used for load_config_file() and 
      make constraint 'when' feature work with nested_names
      make sure tests for templates never have the render_method set in ENV by 
the caller
      document preferred patch method
      new field_order() method for Date element.
      new File::Size constraint methods:
      updated German I18N file from Kiki
      new Romanian I18N translation from Octavian Rasnita
      changed Date element's @known_fields var to an object accessor, so it can 
be changed by sub-classes.
      call _build_name() as a method, not a sub
      new DateTime element
      MinMaxFields - allow others() to be a scalar, rather than an arrayref.
      MinMaxFields constraint - changed docs for attach_errors_to_others() to 
match code
      remove from MANIFEST.SKIP so it gets pushed to cpan.
      updated Romanian translation, sent by Octavian Rasnita
      updated $VERSION for cpan release.
      moved some tests into t-aggregated
      updated Changes
      remove duplicated subs
      ensure tests run without warnings
      bump required version of Test::Aggregate - it fixes problem of trying to 
run tests during `perl Makefile.PL`.
      temporarily remove Test::Aggregate - seeing failures under perl 5.8.x
      added plugin() alias to plugins() for fields
      tests started failed when clock changed from 2008 to 2009 - fixed
      need to use $self->form->locale() - not $self->locale()
      Group element subclass (used by Select + Checkboxgroup) now runs 
deflators on $self->default()
      added tests for setting languages() to use different translations
      add test for Filter::Regex with a perl regex object defined in a yaml 
config file
      add config-callback similar to Catalyst-Controller-HTML-FormFu's for 
Filter::Regex tests
      fix doc error reported in rt#42227 by Jens Schwarz
      added tests for DateTime default where hour < 10.
      removing test files I just added in r1287
      fix problem of some errors incorrectly being marked as forced(1).
      moved all files from t-aggregated/ back to t/
      updated Filter::FormatNumber + Deflator::FormatNumber to reflect project 
coding standards.
      fix ComboBox docs
      tests for ComboBox within a Repeatable.
      Inflator + Deflator Callback modules.
      fix problem with attach_errors_to_base() and attach_errors_to_others(),
      fix deprecated message in element_defaults() - should be default_args(), 
not defaults()
      fix vertically-aligned css for vertical radiogroups + checkboxgroups.
      Constraint/_others->mk_errors() changes to ensure forced-errors get 
attached to correct fields.
      change Equal constraint, so that when not(1) is set, there's no errors if 
all values eq "".
      remove debugging code from tests
      equal constraint - check for defined, before empty string
      fix add_localize_object() - RT #42928
      add 'no strict refs' to Constraint::CallbackOnce, so subroutine names can 
be used
      _Group::options() - support for 'container_attributes' in each item's 
      Repeatable blocks already correctly handled updating the 'others' in 
constraints, where the name was the short name.
      a constraints 'when' condition no longer demands a 'value' or 'values' key
      Repeatable blocks now rename the 'field' in any constraint's 'when' clause
      ensure constraint 'when' hashref is dcloned
      within a Repeatable block, ensure all fields' plugins are correctly 
      update / fix docs of Element/
      pre_process() method added to elements, so elements plugins' 
pre_process() method gets run.
      Button element, retain_default(1) changed to force_default(1).
      docs - add a couple of explanations of necessity of calling process() 
after changing the form
      _Group elements - ensure 'empty_first' gets set before any 'options', 
'values', 'value_range'
      add css for form-level error message
      update example client-side-constraint css file with vertically-aligned 
example css
      make sure all test files that trigger render() have INCLUDE_PATH set,
      fixed Constraint/DateTime docs to use native perl regexp in config example
      bu fix - field's pre_process() method wasn't being run
      re-enable delete_nested_hash_key() method.
      document Element::Password->render_value()
      fix config so all IDs are unique
      move docs for get_field above get_element
      run through perltidy
      fix load_config_file() - if config_file_path() isn't set, default to pwd
      add doc link to Filter::FormatNumber in
      replace all tabs in .pm files for spaces
      run all .pm files through perltidy
      change Element::Number so changes to precision() and trailing_zeroes() 
are passed to the deflator.
      add doc link to Element::Number from
      give all processors + deflators a locale() inherited-method.
      add doc link to Deflator::PathClassFile to
      add Element::Label to MANIFEST.SKIP - not going in next cpan release
      update Changes.
      update Changes
      add t/elements/label.t to MANIFEST.SKIP
      update css for Date element
      fix for failing Filter::FormatNumber test from Moritz Onken
      make sure extra args to plugin() are set /after/ new() is called, so they 
override anything set in new()
      adding test file for repeated calls to render()
      update version no. for cpan release.
      in Element::Repeatable->repeat(), don't default $count to "1" - allow 
zero reps
      in a repeatable, don't set a field's original_name, if it's already set - 
allows a Repeatable within a Repeatable to work
      don't use nested-names in 'counter_name'
      Element::Repeatable->process - call childrens process() before 
      undo r1454 - it breaks the test suite
      set version required for prereq Data::Visitor::Callback - stops Squirrel 
      prereq version needs to be for Data::Visitor - not Data::Visitor::Callback
      change to regex escaping
      make sure plugins are cloned
      revert r1484 - mixed syntax/whitespace changes with intended changes
      bump version no. for cpan release.
      update version no. + Changes file for cpan release.
      fix sprintf bug when $form->model->default_values() is called for a 
DateTime element, where hour or minute is < 10
      update Changes file
      new add_localize_object_from_class() method that accepts a Class-name, 
with tests
      fix failing test
      remove Element::Label from MANIFEST.SKIP
      add .prove dir to MANIFEST.SKIP
      bumped version no. for cpan release.
      fix handling of 'counter_name' values is nested-repeatables
      added 'constraint_args' method to reCAPTCHA element - based on suggestion 
by "und3f"
      document app-wide defaults using Catalyst myapp.yml
      use test count - not done_testing
      in Model::HashRef, change $form->render() to render_data() - does the 
same setup, but less expensive
      bump version no. for cpan release.
      update Changes file for cpan release
      bumping version no. for cpan release.
      change all uses of eval() to test for array/hash-refs to use 
      updated Changes and contributors list for last commit (r1622)
      Date element, year menu now supports 'reverse' option to reverse order of 
year list.
      tests for Date field year->reverse option
      add tests for setting group-type field's empty_first() from a config file
      minor pod fix - googlecode issue 48
      require v0.26 of Data::Visitor::Callback - when it moved from Any::Moose 
to Moose
      update Changes file
      after submission, group-type fields were getting the wrong value when 
multiple fields had the same name.
      documented that '%r' in auto_id() is replaced by the repeatable_count()
      New Element::Block method auto_block_id()
      add tests to check output of repeatable with errors is as expected
      more tests for error handling within a repeatable
      If a field in a Repeatable block had an error, all copies of that field 
were displaying the error.
      New get_parent() method that traverses the parent hierarchy, returning 
the first parent that matches the supplied options.
      change all uses of YAML::Syck to YAML::XS, as Config::Any now prefers 
that for YAML files.
      New only_on_reps() method for constraints on fields within a Repeatable 
      first stab at a Repeatable::Any constraint that will pass if at least 1 
repetition of a field is filled in
      Repeatable elements inside a Repeatable element, now works without having 
nested_name set.
      make Repeatable::Any constraint work within Repeatable-Repeatable elements
      New Repeatable::Any constraint
      document that Constraint::AutoSet works on Checkboxgroup fields - RT 
      bumped version no. + updated Changes file for cpan release
      update version no. and Changes file for cpan release
      document cols() and rows() methods
      new 'default_datetime_args' method on Date elements
      support for 'second' select menu in Element::DateTime
      refactor some common code out into a helper routine.
      Change of behaviour: default_args() values are now applied to any object
      change form Class::C3 to mro, to get built-in support in perl >= 5.9
      change handling of default_args - instead of iterating through its keys, 
use mro::get_linear_isa(), so values are applied in order of inheritance
      RT#57390 replaced Storable with Clone, as Storable doesn't work with perl 
5.12 - patch from
      updated Changes
      new Bulgarian translation
      updated version no. for cpan release
      updated version no. + Changes file for cpan release
      remove Regexp::Copy from prereqs
      overload comparisons no longer assume both arguments are blessed objects
      bug fix: Date and ComboBox elements need to run deflators before trying 
to use any default value - reported by Matija Grabnar
      DateTime::Locale deprecated the methods we were using - use different 
methods now
      fix tests for default_datetime_args
      updated Changes file
      Group element now escapes each items attributes, label_attributes and 
container attributes (based on by patch by Jeff Dairiki).
      If using default_natural, use default_datetime_args{set_time_zone} if 
it's also set (Radek).
      Update _merge_hashes() so it can also merge arrays and hashes into a new 
array. This is necessary to allow default_args() to define a different ref-type 
than the element or processor which uses its values.
      Update Element::reCAPTCHA tests after changes to Captcha::reCAPTHCA (bump 
dependency version)
      added 'repository' to Makefile.PL - RT#59920
      updated Changes for cpan release
      authors on MS Windows now need Module::Install::PerlTar installed - fixes 
problem of tar files containing world-writable files
      bump required version of DateTime - required for latest Test::More
      commit 3068bcbfc07457fff35c511544a27dc1f9c4e003
      updated Changes file for last commit (1736) accidentally committed with 
no message
      test files for r1736
      removing empty dir
      Fix: Constraint::Equal with not(1) set no longer sets an error when both 
field values are empty strings.
      Constraint 'when' condition now supports new 'fields' and 'any_field' 
      fix bug with r1745 - Constraint::Equal with not(1) passes is all values 
are empty strings
      debug() - handle undef
      Constraints that inherit from HTML::FormFu::Constraint::_others have a 
new 'other_sibling' option, which auto-generates the 'others' list.
      typo in Changes
      removed all previously deprecated methods!
      Deprecated passing multiple arguments to many methods, where they were 
being implicitly converted to a hash-ref or array-ref.
      File uploads under Catalyst no longer have copy_to(), link_to() and 
catalyst_upload() methods
      updated version no. and Changes file for cpan release
      bumped version no. after pause upload failure
      bumped version no. after failed pause release
      merged moose-roles branch back into trunk
      added make_immutable() as per Moose best-practices
      move slurp() from QueryType::CGI to Upload, so all QueryType classes 
inherit it.
      fix bug when value submitted for Label element (called 
delete_nested_hash_value instead of deleted_nested_hash_key).
      fix failing test
      remove unused import
      create methods properly with Class::MOP
      new interval option for minutes/seconds
      Filter::Split shouldnt return value if one wasnt submitted. RT#65728
      Element::Date now uses default() in preference to default_natural(). 
      remove beta comment in docs
      updated Changes and prereqs
      updated version no. for cpan release
      Merge branch 'Hu' of into 
      die if older installation is found
      update repo link to github
      update docs with github links
      prompt for action instead of dying when old install is found
      test for reverse_single with checkbox
      add .git to MANIFEST.SKIP
      improve legacy-file detection
      update Changes file
      require() IO::Interactive, not use()
      bump version no. for cpan release. update Changes file
      pimp lacuna expanse
      use MIs include() instead of bundle()
      bump version no. for cpan release. update Changes file
      still hadnt removed use() line!
      remove a "use Class::C3" accidentally left in
      Merge branch 'master' of into 
      Merge branch 'master' of into 
      Merge branch 'master' of into 
      fix package-name bug from Test::Aggregate refactor
      file-post test data must be opened binmode() for MS Windows
      add all previously implied or core dependencies to explicit prereqs
      select multi_value tests
      multi defaults_values test
      Merge branch 'gshank-master'
      Merge branch 'colinnewell-master'
      use private methods, as rest of class does
      make CopyValue filter work with nested_names fields
      public getters for ComboBox select/text field names
      new Fieldset->legend_attributes() attrs method
      new form_error_message_class form method
      constraint/when/callback received $constraint as 2nd argument
      updated Changes for cpan release
      bumped version number after failed cpan upload
      Repeatable constraint munging
      Don't assume constraint when/field is set. Also handle when/fields
      catch remaining constraint others/when with refactoring in 40f7c84c and 
      stop debug() printing line numbers
      move all munging of names out of Element::Repeatable into constraints
      some constraint debugging info
      fix all broken pod links/names of elements/constraints which were moved 
to roles
      run all .pm .t files through perltidy
      update version no. and Changes for cpan release
      Checkboxgroup/Radiogroup new '%v' option for auto_id()
      test for google issue #10 - errors on fields with same name
      multiple checkbox with same name retain submitted checked state
      Element::Number no longer generates type="number" attribute
      experimental new roles() form method
      mk_inherited_accessors() now also creates a ${name}_no_inherit() method
      error messages now have a 'for' attribute for use by jQuery validation
      fix form_error_message_class in TT template
      Merge pull request #17 from shlomif/master
      add tt_args/INCLUDE_PATH to all test constructors which strigify so tests 
      fix form_error_message_class in TT template
      Label element now outputs same markup under tt renderer as the default 
string renderer
      Revert "Added crude support for elements that aren't designed to work in 
Multi blocks"
      Revert "Added a note about the Multi element change"
      Revert "Added block into multi element to test new facility for non multi 
supporting elements in Multi elements"
      update Changes
      Multi element docs
      param_value() form method now matches documented behaviour
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop'
      updated Changes file
      new Czech (cs) I18N translation from Jan Grmela
      document *_no_inherit methods
      v0.09011 was never released - so remove mention in Changes file
      new auto_label_class() field method
      new auto_comment_class() field method
      auto_comment_class() test files
      new auto_container_class() field method
      new auto_container_error_class() field method
      Merge branch 'master' of
      experimental roles() method now also available on all elements
      cleanup roles tests
      Constraint::Regex has new anchored() accessor
      New Element::Email HTML5 email field
      Form and Elements have new title(), title_xml() and title_loc() attribute 
      New Element::URL HTML5 url field
      New Input attribute accessors
      switch Element::URL to use new pattern() accessor
      Support for HTML5 datalists for Input elements
      minor Cookbook tweaks
      form methods start(), end() respect render_method
      new DEBUG_CONSTRAINTS_WHEN and _OTHERS constants
      New message() method on Element::URL
      Constraints have new experimental method fetch_error_message()
      All field elements have new method error_filename()
      move field error generation out of _string_field_start() into new 
      remove 'for' attribute from errors
      Fix use of Test::Aggregate::Nested
      fix populate()
      default_args() now support 'Block', 'Field', 'Input' pseudo elements
      require Test::Aggregate::Nested v0.371. #rt bug 87240
      default_args() gets '|', '+', '-' modifiers
      move definition of auto_datalist_id from Input to Field
      default_empty_value isn't inheritable
      auto_label_class: %t expands to $field->type for consistency with other 
      mk_attr_accessors() no longer attempts to make 'short' variants - was 
never used
      MultiForm->crypt_args() shouldn't be generated with mk_attrs()
      new Field inherited accessors
      move some more methods into Role::FormAndElementMethods
      move common methods into new Role::FormBlockAndFieldMethods
      move config_callback() into Role::FormAndElementMethods
      use single list for shared Form/MultiForm attributes
      MultiForm gets title() from FormAndElementMethods
      move attributes() to FormAndElementMethods
      Revert "Added placeholder fields for types Text and Textarea with L10N 
      adding attr-accessor 'placeholder' back into Element::Textarea
      add Element::Textarea attribute accessors: autocomplete(), maxlength()
      del_attrs() on empty attribute no longer sets attribute
      change mk_attr_accessors() to also generate *_loc() variant
      all attribute accessors generated with mk_attrs() now have *_loc() 
      remove method we already get from Role::FormAndElementMethods
      process auto_error_container_per_error_class() correctly - needs tests
      redo some of the form / field docs
      bump version no. to 1.00
      fix: error tags always closed with 'input' instead of error_tag()
      auto_error_class() no longer has a default value
      auto_container_error_class() no longer has a default value
      add error message for Repeatable::Any constraint
      auto_container_per_error_class() no longer has default value
      auto_comment_class() remove '%t' substitution.
      auto_label_class() no longer has default value
      auto_comment_class() no longer has default value
      auto_container_class() no longer has default value
      convert to Dist::Zilla
      removed Element::reCAPTCHA - moving to its own dist
      removed HTML::FormFu::MultiForm - moving to its own dist
      start() + end() now respect render_method - no longer force use of tt 
      remove TT from prereqs - skip when necessary in tests
      don't exit() in tests - just die()
      changed behaviour of both auto_label_class() and auto_comment_class().
      add test for config to generate HTML identical to v1.00 changes
      add localization for Constraint::DBIC::Unique
      remove dzil @GIT
      Merge pull request #19 from fschlich/patch-1
      update Changes for version 1.00
      new Filter::ForceListValue addresses rt bug #90813
      render_label() and render_field() no longer require TT
      remove 'nested_name' method from SingleValueField role - duplicated Field 
      moved as() method into Coercible role
      fix test file when running under 'tt' render_method
      remove unused TT file
      'string' render-method changed to use new layout() for all fields
      handle deprecation on reverse_single and reverse_multi. docs
      TT render-method passing all tests
      Merge pull request #20 from ywatase/fix_ja_typo
      render_label() and render_field() no longer require TT
      Merge branch 'layout'
      change remaining uses of 'base' to 'extends'
      update docs to use 'extends' instead of 'base'
      Bundle our own (renamed) copy of MooseX::Attribute::Chained to avoid 
warnings under perl 5.19.x
      don't require/use MooseX::SetOnce - it's not used
      remove unused prerequisites
      update Changes file
      update Changes and version no. for cpan release
      kwalitee - ensure all non-Moose modules load
      avoid 'uninitialized' warning
      update version no. and Changes file

fschlich (2):
      fix typo
      fix ForceListValue whatis entry

gregor herrmann (2):
      spelling mistake according to lintian
      New upstream version 2.05000

halaszg (1):
      Hungarian transtaltion.

lestrrat (14):
      Filter to encode/decode strings
      s/HTML::Widget/HTML::FormFu/g in the docs
      incomplete list of Japanese localication
      vi garbled my encoding!
      Add FAQ about uri
      missing dependency
      small fix to set the proper error message
      more i18n::ja
      compare against a regex
      more ja localization
      Hash::Flatten is required
      accept multiple config_file_path, and attempt to find the config from one 
of them
      oops, remove curdir
      Add case for non-existent file

lordarthas (14):
      Allow to provide a callback to "when" inside a Constraint
      Forgot to patch Changes
      Transformer callbacks now get $params as second arguments (as Constraints 
aready were getting)
      Fixed when constraint so that now a callback can now be provided as as 
string as well as a coderef
      Added Italian I18N file
      Documentation improvements for "when" Constraint attribute
      Added time_zone support to H::F::Inflator::DateTime
      Forgot to change Changes :-)
      Removed strange high-code chars which were cluttering parts of the 
      Added a minimum v1.05 requirement for YAML::Syck, as tests were failing 
on my system with a previous (unkown version, now :-() release
      Doc fixes
      Doc improvements for default_empty_value
      UTF-8 docs for non-Catalyst users
      Unicode doc improvements

marcusramberg (3):
      Add norwegian translation
      Fix norwegian translation
      Fix minor typo in da translation

mariominati (36):
      removed webaddress constraint as it is replaces by generalized regexp 
      added size attr_accessor to select Element
      typo in Exception class
      fixed bug to allow custom elements
      extended localisation: formfu is trying to find a localisation in an 
array of localisation objects
      minor fix to avoid runtime warning on undefined value in TrimEdges filter
      minor patches to make validators work from yaml
      new constraint 'MinMaxNeeded' to ensure you have filled n out of m 
fields, e.g. only one from two fields may be filled
      corrected handling of undef values in filters
      adjusted the nameing of css error class for foreign constraint modules to 
match validators, etc.
      docs enhancement from Bernhard Graf about the usage of deploy
      new FAQ about render_processed_value
      added force_default to create support for non editable field
      fixes and tests for 'force_default' feature
      corrected parameter name of 'process_value'
      changed default value of max to a more intuitive behaviour
      extended constraints with a 'when' condition to run a constrain only when 
a field (not) contains a specific value,
      more FAQs in FormFu
      some more FAQ
      new function 'overwrite_default'
      new CopyValue Filter
      an other FAQ entry
      better checking for template not found errors
      an other FAQ on speeding up FormFu
      add caveats section to doc about the yml config being a hash not an array
      minor fixes to make HTML::FormFu::Preload work again
      cleared problem with encoding of characters in lines 352-354 and 365-366 
which can be seen on CPAN in HTML-FormFu-0.01006
      fixed bug with double nested_names through an inherited accesor
      label_loc allows the translation of item and option group labels
      fixed bugs with undefined strings to localize and  external localisation 
      make model die if form has repeatable elements without nested_name 
      added test for repeatable without nested_name attribute and hashref model
      Improved the way of building names for repeatable elements.
      added support for searching elements with regular expressions
      added support for custom/derived Repeatable and Multi classes
      fixed bug in Label element not rendering with render method 'tt'

nigelm (1):
      Extended HTMLScrubber functionality

omega (10):
      issue #21: added empty_first_label accessors to _Group, with some tests 
for empty_first with label
      issue #22: add END-block to remove t/test.db
      Added support for methods to the DBIC-model defaults_from_model
      Add method support for save_to_model
      Fix save_to_model and defaults_from_model for more cases
      Add model_config to HTML::FormFu. Use model_config in LDAP model to allow 
decoding on the way out of ldap
      Seems model_config is inherited
      If the field-type is checkbox, we should also mangle the value some for 
non_column. We set undefined / not checked to 0, since most accessors only 
update on defined values. This might not make sense in anyone elses head but 
      Test checkbox method save_to_model
      commit 10d696c91f4cf735bb3bb4bbc8187fd3ffbcc93e

sunnavy (1):
      i18n for zh_cn

vividsnow (1):
      Fieldset doc

vti (2):
      cleanup unused modules and functions
      fix indirect object notation

wdh (12):
      add initial draft of Cookbook
      fix overly long line in Cookbook
      add Cookbook examples: load config from string, force element to retain 
value, populate several fields at once, add popup hint to field, check Date 
fields for errors, constrain one field based on the value of another
      add Cookbook example: how to insert new a new field before existing fields
      fix typo in standalone script example
      expand multiple config file cookbook example to demonstrate use of 
load_config_file somewhere other than at top level of yaml file
      explicitly state that params can be passed to get_all_elements
      fix typo
      fix punctuation typo; make process() call repeat() only if not called 
already, so changes are not overwritten (see
      add small example to demonstrate use of config_callback()
      add YAML example and expand description for Deflator::Strftime and 
mention it in the Inflator::DateTime docs
      add cookbook example showing how to style fields with constraints

zby (11):
      Multi Select - fix for rendering without processing.
      test for loading options from model
      Test::MockObject added as dependency
      options_from_model extracted from _Group to model
      all model code moved to the model
      Fixed recursing in defaults_from_model for non-relations (like dates). 
Added some additional tests
      added Type2 table needed for tests
      comment added
      stupid bitwise & bug in defaults_from_model fixed, saving an inflated 
object fixed (DateTime for example)
      Select boxes for lookup tables
      Fix for accessors in nested blocks


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