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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.030

GitHub Merge Button (1):
      Merge 077cd35a0b6c8a1edffeba49487f801758e6dc75 into 

Michiel Beijen (2):
      Correctly specify prereqs on MSWin32
      Two POD tests in CPAN dist

Paul Cochrane (13):
      Add initial Travis-CI configuration
      Fix "spurious =cut command" podchecker error
      Fix "line with only whitespace" podchecker warnings
      Fix POD type mismatch in item list
      Use warnings and strict pragmas in tests
      Replace string form eval with block form in tests
      Use three-arg form of open
      Replace bareword filehandles with scoped lexicals
      Generate META.json when building dist
      Fix typos found in POD
      Add apostrophes to nouns in the possessive case
      Use strict pragma wherever possible
      Purge trailing whitespace (#7)

Sebastian Knapp (2):
      avoid dzil warning
      9 simple tests for lite.t

Steve Simms (350):
      Bring the CHANGELOG file up to date.
      Remove the CVS $Log$ sections from the .pm files now that they're all in 
      Updated documentation for the synopsis, open(), openScalar(), and the 
first part of preferences().
      Update the formatting of the remainder of the Generic Methods 
      <?xpacket> allows a blank begin attribute value.  This lets me remove the 
non-ASCII characters from the file.
      Remove what looks to be an accidentally-added file
      Update all $VERSION strings to not require CVS.
      Rename LICENSE to PATENTS
      Update the Page Methods documentation
      Update the remainder of the documentation in PDF/
      Remove POD from files that basically didn't have any.
      Replace t/00use.t with a file that 'use's all of the distribution's 
      Minor changes to the documentation.
      Add Font::TTF as a dependency instead of embedding it.
      Remove ASCII art and adjust layout of P::A::Basic:PDF::* boilerplate.
      Remove the ASCII art and boilerplate license notices
      Remove two unused references to PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Font
      Refactor PDF::API2::Content::Text
      Move the Hello World example from HOWTO.pod to PDF::API2, and remove 
      Add some very basic functionality tests.
      Rename CHANGELOG to Changes
      Remove some redundant and/or out-of-date files
      Begin using Dist::Zilla
      Refactor PDF::API2::Outlines.
      Remove PDF::API2::Version
      Fix POD syntax errors throughout.
      Remove unnecessary "use utf8" statements.
      Remove references to Data::Dumper
      Rename non-packages to not have .pm extensions
      Use Dist::Zilla to provide a consistent $VERSION in each module
      Require Perl 5.8.1 or higher (Unicode).
      "use base" instead of @ISA, our instead of "use vars", remove BEGIN 
      Code Cleanup: PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Bool
      Code Cleanup: PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Null
      Code Cleanup: PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Name
      Update the Basic::Name docs, which incorrectly stated that PDF 1.1 names 
were being handled properly.
      Code Cleanup: PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Number
      Fix: PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Name didn't end with "1;"
      Code Cleanup: PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Utils
      Remove unpacku from PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Utils (never used)
      Code Cleanup: PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::String
      Replace references to PDF::API with PDF::API2
      Code Cleanup: PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::Array
      Replace UNIVERSAL::can with $object->can() in Basic::PDF::Array
      Typo fix and minor POD clarification.
      Remove a duplicate "use" statement.
      Increase test coverage
      Test variations on arguments for $page->mediabox
      Move unipaper.txt contents into a class
      DRY: Pull out duplicated code from media/crop/bleed/trim/art boxes
      DRY: Pull out duplicated code from get_media/crop/bleed/trim/art boxes
      Add some basic color tests
      Move unicolor.txt contents into a class
      Ensure Basic modules end with 1;
      Use a code generator to keep from having to parse uniglyph.txt (over 
500kB, with four copies of the data in memory at one point) every time the 
module is used
      Remove some extraneous code (after __END__) that was copied from another 
      Update the POD for
      Update braces and spacing to be more consistent in Content.
      More consistency changes, abstract away a check to see if the content 
object is currently generating a text object.
      Rewrite the POD for, and rearrange the functions in groups.  
No functional changes.
      Made the last commit without testing.  Oops.  Fixes enclosed.
      Add some instructions to help contributors contribute.
      Minor POD tweaks
      Update Changes in preparation for release.
      Added tag 2.016 for changeset d4875c9b3963
      Fix misspelled module name in POD.
      Fix RT #58386, Lite->create_egs() calls misspelled egstate function
      Fix string interpolation in contributed merge script.
      Include the last two updates in the Changes file.
      Remove the DejaVu fonts from the distribution, since they were only used 
by one example script (and a test I created for the last release)
      Remove xmlMarkupDecl from  It doesn't appear to be referenced by 
anything in the module, and is undocumented.
      Removed the undocumented save_xml method, along with the supporting 
methods in Basic::*
      Remove 'use IO::File' from and add it to the modules that were 
missing it.
      Update .hgignore to ignore the built version of the module
      Remove the never-used asPDF* functions from Basic::Utils.
      Remove 'use POSIX' and 'use PDF::API2::Util' from UniFont (unneeded).
      Remove some old code that has been commented out since version control 
was first used.
      Remove unused functions from Matrix.  The rest are duplicated by 
Math::Matrix, so that could be a drop-in replacement later on.
      Code cleanup in Matrix.
      Indentation fix.
      Set some barcode defaults (to 0) to eliminate some warnings.
      Increase test coverage
      Only 'require' the barcode modules when they're needed, rather than 
'use'ing them every time.
      Refactor the pageLabel code (page numbering).
      Reference the manual pages used by Image/PNM instead of including them 
      Increase test coverage for fonts (if specified fonts are available on the 
      Remove the undocumented nettfont method and its supporting module
      Only 'require' the font modules when they're needed, rather than 'use'ing 
them every time.
      Fix typo in synopsis (RT #65458).
      Minor clarification to $gfx->linedash() arguments.
      Note that $gfx->linedash() can be called without arguments to cancel 
      Correct the $gfx->bogen() documentation ($reverse doesn't do what I 
thought it did).
      Fix: $gfx->bogen() with $move set didn't behave as described.
      [RT #66054]: I apparently forgot to update the code when I renamed the 
CMap files from .pm to .cmap.
      Add a bunch of code coverage tests for Content
      Remove the undocumented Content->textstate2 method
      Remove two never-used private methods from CoreFont
      Add sanity-checks for GIF, JPG, and PNG graphics
      Update Changes and dist.ini in preparation for 2.017
      Added tag 2.017 for changeset 37f19ea25ae7
      Remove the unused updateRef() from Basic::PDF::File.
      Fix test failures from trailing zeros showing up on some computers but 
not others
      Update Changes and dist.ini for 2.018
      Added tag 2.018 for changeset 419ad294874e
      [RT #66167] Fix a typo in the require statement for $pdf->xo_code128
      Increase test coverage (open, GD, TIFF, global boxes)
      Only require PDF::API2::Outlines when needed.
      Only require the image resource modules when needed
      Add LZW-compressed TIFF test
      Rename the TIFF-parsing package to be in the PDF::API2 namespace
      Update Changes and dist.ini for 2.019
      Added tag 2.019 for changeset 8bb4e433b25a
      Remove the undocumented and unused pdfkey2 function from
      Update style in PDF::API2::ttfont.
      Turn on -unicodemap for TTF files by default (so text will be searchable)
      Code cleanup, remove untrue documentation, and remove unused __release 
      Code style update to Basic::PDF::File->release().  Not sure why this 
isn't done by DESTROY instead.
      Give filters their own classes, instead of being in (easier to 
measure test coverage)
      Remove new_api from 4/6 ColorSpace subclasses where it's copy-pasted from
      Remove post-__END__ code from
      Remove a hash from WebColor that was set but never read.
      Add a couple of tests for the WebColor indexed color space
      Require ColorSpace modules only as needed
      ASCIIHexDecode didn't handle an odd number of characters properly.
      Add tests covering the ASCIIHexDecode filter
      Clarify and rewrite the ASCIIHexDecode filter
      Merge pull request #1 from giftnuss/master
      Code style update to Basic::PDF::Filter::ASCII85Decode
      Use Dist::Zilla plugin OurPkgVersion to generate the version lines.
      Remove an unnecessary sort.
      Sort dictionary keys during PDF output, for predictability.
      Give a better error message when cross-reference streams are encountered.
      Mention in the documentation that $pdf->stringify is destructive.
      Bump version number
      Added tag 2.020 for changeset 2536b4f02a3e
      Add a resources link to the BitBucket repository
      Rewrite the RunLengthDecode filter so that it actually works.
      Fixed numerous bugs in the string parsing code.
      Rewrote the literal string reader used when parsing a PDF file.
      Disable the Name object escape character in PDF 1.0 and 1.1.
      $str -> $string and other minor updates.
      Update coding style.
      Remove export of functions that no longer exist.
      Remove the unused PDFLiteral shortcut function.
      Change the random binary data in the file header
      Update code style, use more descriptive variable names.
      Remove documentation on the instance variables (accessors should be used 
      Update coding style.
      [RT #91822] Fix compression of GIF images wrt max code size
      Fix Code128 barcode switching from Code C to Code B in certain cases
      Remove /o from regexes
      Remove the out-of-date CONTACT file
      Replace a couple of non-ASCII characters
      Bump version number
      Added tag 2.021 for changeset 7f37dd093ec5
      Add tests for escape characters in strings.
      Correct test count (removed a test shortly before previous commit).
      Code cleanup.  Allow PDF::API2 parameters to contain underscores (for 
future development).
      Code cleanup.
      Call openScalar from open in order to eliminate a lot of duplicated code.
      Added $pdf->version() get/set method.  Retain an existing version number 
when opening a file/scalar.
      Rename openScalar to open_scalar (old name deprecated)
      Remove the setting of defaults that are never used.
      Remove "time" variable, which appears to be unused anywhere in the code.
      Code cleanup.
      [RT #69503] Fix -firstpage option to $pdf->preferences()
      [RT #47974] Accept malformed xref subsections containing extraneous 
spaces on the first line
      Update coding style.  Make the output file the final argument rather than 
the first one.
      Rename to
      Rename importpage to import_page
      Don't die if an Info key isn't present
      Rewrite UNIVERSAL calls
      [RT #77692] Eliminate a taint issue.
      Expand the end() documentation.  Note in saveas and stringify that memory 
is being freed.
      Update coding style.  Switch to Code B if FNC2-FNC4 are requested while 
in Code C.
      [RT #94505] Add some defaults and error-handling to Code128 barcodes
      Check POD validity if Test::POD is present
      Add missing module descriptions when POD is present
      Update coding style.  Merge new_api into new.
      Remove unused, undocumented "passthru" option
      Add type() accessor.
      Update coding style, remove duplicated code from base class.
      All of the code in this module was redundant.
      Update coding style, remove redundant code.
      Add a filter() accessor.
      Update coding style, remove redundant code, add to documentation, 
deprecate and rename a couple of methods.
      Removed unneeded dependency.
      Add strict and warnings.
      Add elements() as an alias to elementsof()
      Update coding style, add to documentation, remove redundant code.
      Update coding style.
      Make the new_api deprecation safer for when new() is overridden by a 
subclass but new_api() isn't
      Back out an unintended change in the barcode layout made during the code 
style update.
      Update coding style.
      Update coding style.
      Update coding style; add comments; prepend a zero instead of appending 
when an odd number of digits are encoded
      Update coding style, add comments.
      Consolidate the code for digits 2-7
      Pass a valid set of digits when testing EAN-13 barcodes
      Update coding style
      Reorder $code3of9 to eliminate the need for a separate (and slightly 
different) $code3of9_chk.
      Consolidate repeated code.
      Limit the Code39 extended character set and hide control characters from 
the text readout.
      Condense the extended character set map.
      Fix to hiding of non-printable characters.
      Use more descriptive variable names, plus a little code reorganization.
      Update code style.
      Simplify code, and allow rotate(0) to undo any inherited rotation.
      Start/stop codes don't get printed in Codabar.
      Don't issue a warning at the end of a string when checking for additional 
      Add calculate_check_digit to EAN13 barcodes (currently undocumented; for 
later use once input gets validated).
      Fix: Attempts to use EAN-128 barcodes resulted in an error.
      Add tests for each type of barcode in use.
      Add an informative error when text() and font() are called improperly
      Bump version number
      Added tag 2.022 for changeset d36ed0581814
      Fix regression introduced by [RT 69503]; add test
      Bump version number
      Copy all bounding boxes when importing a page [RT 104133]
      POD typo fix.
      Add an optional -caption argument for barcodes
      Fix documentation for psfont
      Change a die to a croak
      Speed up calls to width() in BaseFont [RT 105581]
      Eliminate some repeated code introduced by the previous commit.
      Minor POD fix.
      Switch from Mercurial to Git
      Bump version number
      Restore compatibility with Perl 5.8.x
      Update minimum supported Perl to 5.8.5, and use plenv to test against 
that version
      Bump version number
      Patch to support cross-reference streams, as received by Don Huettl of 
Grant Street Group
      Fix a couple of PNG and xref stream errors
      [RT #104133] An empty string is a valid Name
      [RT #98551] Rename 2A/4A/2B/4B to 2A0/4A0/2B0/4B0
      Add -mils and -color, reset linedash for barcodes
      Remove hard-coded version from patch.
      [RT #98549] Rename meterlimit to miterlimit
      Fixed an infinite loop when RunLengthDecode is used for output.
      [RT #98534] Rename hspace to hscale
      Update linedash documentation.
      Remove undocumented and unmaintained examples directory
      Remove a NOOP undocumented argument to nl().
      Update cr() documentation and fix internal text line matrix math.
      Remove the resource() method, which was effectively a NOOP.
      [RT #65582] Fix embedding of OpenType (CID-keyed) fonts
      Remove calls to the NOOP resource method.
      [RT #67767] Allow an empty page to be imported into a PDF using 
      Merge pull request #2 from mbeijen/podtest
      Fix: Read the entire Index array, not just the first pair of values.
      Whitespace (indenting).
      Condense and rename _unpack to _unpack_xref_stream
      If DecodeParms is present for a filter, pass it to the filter class.
      Add support for PNG predictors to FlateEncode.
      XRef streams no longer need a special filter.
      Revert changes to PNG so special-case filter can be removed.
      Remove special case predictor filter
      Update for compatibility with Perl 5.8
      Merge branch 'xref-streams'
      Update Changes
      Use First rather than a regex to split object stream mappings from the 
objects themselves.
      Fix and add tests for ASCII85Decode
      Various fixes to LZWDecode, plus support for the EarlyChange DecodeParm.
      Update Changes
      Bump version number
      Add strict and warnings to core font resource files
      Include a sample barcode when testing codabar
      Add strict and warnings
      Code cleanup
      Update code style.
      Note the XRef table's position.
      Create a low-level PDF browser.
      Use Basic::PDF::File instead of the top-level PDF::API2, and handle some 
      Fix: Missing last object when Index isn't present on an XRef stream file.
      Fix: Ensure large XRef streams are read into memory.
      Fix: Stream starts a character early when near the end of a file.
      Fix: Ignore white space between items in dictionaries and arrays when 
they're in object streams.
      Fix: A previous refactor broke four-byte XRef stream fields.
      Add some detail to XRef stream read errors.
      Fix: Don't trim the remaining buffer when parsing a hex string.
      Remove unnecessary purging of whitespace.
      Add an environment variable to force printing of a stream when there are 
non-printable characters.
      Remove the Objects summary line since the basic reader doesn't pre-read 
them all.
      Add debug support for objects other than dictionaries.
      Code style update.
      Fix: Don't break if a large stream requires more than one call to 
      Die sooner if an invalid depredict algorithm is requested.
      Update Changes
      Bump version number
      Ensure compressed object stream objects are read into memory.
      Remove some commented-out code.
      Update Changes.
      Add support to pdf-debug for null objects.
      Don't show the non-printable character warning if stream length is 0.
      Don't show the non-printable character warning for whitespace characters.
      Add support to pdf-debug for nested arrays.
      Update code style; enable strict and warnings.
      Correct help text.
      Remove an unused variable.
      Code style update
      Code style update
      Eliminate an infinite loop when reading a corrupt dictionary
      Bump version number
      Fix: Set maxobj properly when reading cross-reference streams
      Remove arguments to readval that are never used
      Don't call update at the beginning of readval if $update is false
      Merge pull request #14 from paultcochrane/pr/fix-typos-in-pod
      Merge pull request #5 from paultcochrane/pr/add-travis-config
      Merge pull request #6 from paultcochrane/pr/fix-podchecker-issues
      Merge pull request #8 from paultcochrane/pr/use-strictures-in-tests
      Merge pull request #9 from 
      Merge pull request #10 from 
      Fix: close() was only being called on one of the two file types
      Merge pull request #13 from paultcochrane/pr/add-meta-json
      Connect to
      Handle TIFF images with strips that are wider than the image
      Merge pull request #1 from mbeijen/win32prereq
      Increase test coverage of PDF::API2::Content
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Fix dash and renderingintent in ExtGState
      Critic: ProhibitExplicitReturnUndef
      Critic: RequireLexicalLoopIterators
      Eliminate a warning
      Critic: ProhibitSubroutinePrototypes
      Critic: ProhibitMutatingListFunctions
      Critic: RequireBarewordIncludes
      Switch to single quotes for easier readability
      Critic: ProhibitStringyEval (allow_includes)
      Critic: ProhibitConditionalDeclarations
      Critic: ProhibitNoStrict
      Rewrite FONTDATA so strict refs doesn't need to be turned off
      Replace $self with $obj where it might matter, and remove it where it 
      Remove no strict subs (doesn't appear to be needed)
      Fix: Switch \@opts to \%opts in corefont and synfont
      Critic: RequireUseStrict
      Move the # VERSION placeholder to be after "use strict"
      Add Test::Perl::Critic
      Remove unused variable
      Allow GIF, PNG, and PNM files to be added using filehandles
      Remove a testing aid
      If $VERSION is missing, indicate that the producer is a development 
      [RT #33970] Fail fast when a referenced file can't be opened
      Add Duplex options to the ViewerPreferences dictionary
      Bump version number
      Prepare for the next set of changes
      Fix a font naming issue introduced while satisfying Perl::Critic
      Bump version number; stop testing dependencies in Travis

areibens (112):
      revision workaround for SF cvs import not to screw up CPAN
      revision workaround for SF cvs import not to screw up CPAN
      revision workaround for SF cvs import not to screw up CPAN
      revision workaround for SF cvs import not to screw up CPAN
      revision workaround for SF cvs import not to screw up CPAN
      revision workaround for SF cvs import not to screw up CPAN
      fix for 0.51
      fixed unicode lookup to use actual encoding rather than default
      fixed ToUnicode cmap greneration to use actual encoden rather than the 
      modified escaped string conversion
      added cid map
      version 0.52
      added details
      removed dup sub
      fixed compress vs. Compress::ZLib subs
      prepairing dejavu font inclusion
      added dejavu fonts
      moved "use io-file" to begin section
      fixed wxByGlyph
      applied untested fix for acrobat 8 "<ident> TJ" bug
      fix acro 8 fix
      fixed [ #24203] Incompatibility in Wide character handling
      fixed version update for interoperability
      updated versioning to PDF::API2
      fixed advancewidth for space calculation
      updated default encoding to that used by bold
      fixed default encoding with bold
      changed import* methods to check its first arg -- thanks
      fixed trailer detection to be more tolerant (towards pdf-spec 1.7)
      applied improvements to encodeByData proposed by
      applied improvements to release proposed by
      removed eval from state calls
      fixed -twocolumnright option typo
      added pageLabel method
      update copyright
      removed open_swallowed since it is not nedded anymore
      removed silly grey-level handling
      release update
      replaced IOString dep. with scalar IO.
      fixed build/release versioning
      release sync
      fixed open to CORE::open
      release sync
      replaced IOString dep. with scalar IO.
      fixed version print
      fix for wxByGlyph not honoring cidfont width arrays
      fixed fix for wxByGlyph not honoring cidfont width arrays
      added lorem ipsum page
      added lorem ipsum page
      fixed unicode caos handling for some broken fonts having no unicode for a 
      added upstream fix for 5.8.7 bugs
      tag release 0.60
      fix subsetting
      fix tounicode option
      removed changelog
      fixed bogen
      renamed compress to compressFlate
      fixed page insert with upstream text-pdf 0.29a version
      added note on importintoform and importpage for existing pdf-file
      fixed importpage doku bug
      fixed pnm bitmap decoding
      preparations for abbyy finereader fix
      fixed %%EOF/startxref detection to be done in chunks
      genesis from contribution
      added contributor email
      fix exporter warnings of IO::File
      sync with dejavu 2.18
      sync with dejavu 2.18
      fix BOM in info strings
      added wantarray choice for paragraph,
      added use lib
      updated ms_table election algo to support newer apple and m$ unicode 3.1+ 
glyph cmaps
      also read Tiff Tag 296 and make it available as resUnit
      update docs for tiffTag
      added -printscalingnone option
      make trailer detection more tolerant for reported ghostscript and swets 
      added movie annotation
      fixed noisy undef handling of isvirtual
      changed undef safeguards for wx* methods
      fixed width encoding for wrong advance codes
      added 022_truefonts_diacrits_utf8
      make startxref detection more tolerant
      added noembed option
      added non-embedded truetype font (8-bit only) support
      fixed relative page insert
      added non-embedded truetype
      fixed -noembed option
      added -noembed option
      apiname fix
      flag fixes
      fixed catalog update and infohash utf16 from
      added -spillover param to paragraph and sub-methods
      update dejavu to 2.25
      *** empty log message ***
      added relative use lib
      fixed [ #40648] Unicode text prints text on top of text before 
      *** empty log message ***
      perf #42524: strange space size after update on 0.72.003 from 0.71

convert-repo (1):
      update tags

gregor herrmann (1):
      New upstream version 2.030


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