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gregoa pushed a change to annotated tag debian/0.450-1
in repository libur-perl.

        at  89dc013   (tag)
   tagging  ef4c7a5a4351947d66305d00b940bb680718f5d0 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/0.450
 tagged by  gregor herrmann
        on  Tue Nov 1 00:11:03 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging package libur-perl version debian/0.450-1


Niko Tyni (5):
      Fix UR::DataSource::File breakage with reused memory locations
      Add myself to Uploaders
      Make the package autopkgtestable
      Patch the test suite to fix a Perl 5.22 deprecation warning
      releasing package libur-perl version 0.440-4 to unstable

Olivier Sallou (37):
      Initial packaging by dh-make-perl
      set packaging data
      add runtime deps
      remove empty line
      add missing lib
      add missing lib
      add missing lib
      set to unstable for upload
      clean with debian clean files instead of rules
      add deps version and sort them
      fix copyright owners
      add additional upstream doc
      add overrride for bad what-is error while files are nice
      update TODOs after modficiations
      shorten size
      add wrong section override per Perl policy
      fix format
      add patch to fix pod2man errors
      fix some errors in descriptors
      update todos
      Merge tag 'upstream/0.400'
      new upstream release 0.400
      remove patch, fixed upstream
      add infos and an additional document
      remove .3pm renaming
      remove todos
      add missing index
      set for upload
      Merge tag 'upstream/0.430'
      new release
      add new dependencies and standards to 3.9.5
      remove from source minified javascript, not used in binary package
      update list fo docs
      update patches for new release (offsets)
      upload new release 0.430
      remove generated file
      add missing build dep

Salvatore Bonaccorso (4):
      Update Vcs-Browser URL to cgit web frontend
      update changelog
      debian/control: Use HTTPS transport protocol for Vcs-Git URI
      update changelog

gregor herrmann (54):
      use metacpan URLs
      d/watch: add uversionmangle to handle upstream version going back to 2 
      back to UNRELEASED, TODO added to d/changelog
      add missing build dependency on Module::Build
      remove versions from most (build) dependencies
      add a Comment to the license of Files: *
      debian/rules: don't rename *.1p manpages
      remove unused lintian override
      Merge tag 'upstream/0.410'
      New upstream release.
      Use canonical URL for Vcs-Git.
      Remove unused patch remove_failing_tests from source package.
      Drop fix*man* patches, applied upstream.
      Add spelling.patch to fix a new spelling mistake.
      releasing package libur-perl version 0.410-1
      Strip trailing slash from metacpan URLs.
      update changelog
      Update Module::Build build dependency.
      Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6.
      Drop unused lintian override.
      Update spelling.patch.
      releasing package libur-perl version 0.430-2
      Re-create UR::Object::Type.3pm manpage from .pm file.
      releasing package libur-perl version 0.430-3
      Add debian/upstream/metadata
      Update debian/changelog
      Imported Upstream version 0.440
      update changelog
      Update spelling.patch.
      Drop manpage re-creation from debian/rules.
      Add new build dependencies.
      update changelog
      Update years of upstream copyright.
      releasing package libur-perl version 0.440-1
      debian/copyright: change Copyright-Format 1.0 URL to HTTPS.
      update changelog
      debian/upstream/metadata: use HTTPS for GitHub URLs.
      update changelog
      Remove Olivier Sallou from Uploaders. Thanks for your work!
      update changelog
      remove Testsuite, added by cme, doesn't work as-is
      Use instead of MetaCPAN
      update changelog
      fix typo in d/changelog
      Merge tag 'upstream/0.440'
      Merge tag 'upstream/0.450'
      Update debian/changelog
      Use MetaCPAN URLs in debian/{control,copyright,watch}.
      Update years of upstream copyright.
      Drop version constraints in debian/control
      Drop patches which were cherry-picked from upstream.
      Refresh remaining patches (offset).
      Add more fixes to spelling.patch.
      releasing package libur-perl version 0.450-1

intrigeri (5):
      Honour-SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH-for-embedded-timestamp-in-genera.patch: new 
patch, for reproducibility of reverse-build-dependencies, such as 
      Declare compliance with Standards-Version 3.9.8.
      libur-perl (0.440-2)
      Honour-SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH-for-embedded-timestamp-in-genera.patch: output 
build time in UTC, for build reproducibility.
      libur-perl (0.440-3)


This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

       new  2ceb01d   Merge tag 'upstream/0.440'
       new  f0e5190   Merge tag 'upstream/0.450'
       new  86d4353   Update debian/changelog
       new  a297bf4   Use MetaCPAN URLs in debian/{control,copyright,watch}.
       new  84b63cf   Update years of upstream copyright.
       new  1d85656   Drop version constraints in debian/control
       new  b494227   Drop patches which were cherry-picked from upstream.
       new  d78cb4f   Refresh remaining patches (offset).
       new  ee52929   Add more fixes to spelling.patch.
       new  ef4c7a5   releasing package libur-perl version 0.450-1

The 10 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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